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Looking into anonymity on the Internet is one of my hobbies.



You can be anonymous in order to wreak mischief. Pretend to be an "insider" or someone with a lot of talent or knowledge, and people will start guessing who you are and chattering with each other.


You can be anonymous because you want to stay out of the spotlight. I like this reasoning best.


c.f. John Mullan, Anonymity: A Secret History of English Literature

Is anonymity a bad thing or a good thing?


In my most widely propagated essay written before the launch of ESK, I advocated for no-holds-barred anonymity, using logic based not on any deep experience but on common sense. However, it's been shown that the Internet often runs contrary to common sense, so I will have to take a few steps back right now.

I didn't write this yet but I will get around to it someday.

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