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This website is an archive. It ran from 2006-2010. Virtually everything on here is outdated or inaccurate.


Everything Shii Knows is not a collaborative wiki, although it runs on MediaWiki software. This website is written entirely by me. It is a set of factual articles, but it may include such things as opinions and judgements. It is similar to a "bliki" but entries are undated and non-temporal.

Creative Commons

Because I hope you will enjoy reading this website just as much as I enjoyed writing it, my writing is licensed under an Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike license (except where otherwise noted). That means you can mirror it on your website, record a spoken word version, or distribute the whole site on a CD as long as you don't make money from the exchange and you note that I am the author. This excludes the "Shii drawing" logo which you must get permission to use.

However, I take the "noncommercial" bit very seriously. If you use advertising anywhere on your domain you may not host anything I write there. You may of course quote me but that is not the same thing as setting up a mirror! If you would like to do something beyond what the Creative Commons license allows, you can contact me for permission.

There have been rumors on the Internets that caring so much about non-commercial use is a detriment to the free culture movement. A single teardrop falls from my eyes for the cause of the Google spammers who would love so much for me to make my work a common good for their exploitation. Sorry, folks, I wrote this, not you. It is not my intention to donate my thoughts to the malicious content harvest. If any money is made from these articles it should go to Y.T. so I can spend it on candy.


Although I don't often think of myself as a creative person, this is because I so often sit in front of a screen and submerge myself in other people's ideas--be it a television or a computer. When I am by myself, I think of many wondrous things, and for some strange reason I am compelled to transcribe exactly how I understand everything in the world onto a public website, for the edification and amusement of others, and possibly for my own interest thirty years from now. I am not calling upon you to read everything in this wiki, but when writing for a mass audience you are supposed to at least imagine a reader who is attentive and devoted.

Many people write down their thoughts in a blog, but this is folly. A blog is designed to report day-to-day news, and thoughts are timeless. And what if you change your mind? Editing a blog entry is a faux pas because it is dated. Editing a wiki entry is fine-- it's nothing more than an article on the subject, after all, and the old version is in the revisions.

Additionally, running a wiki of nothing but your own writing gives you something neat to look at. It's like your own miniature Wikipedia, but composed solely of your own opinions. Don't like something? Well, there's no gremlins hiding in the works to stop you from fixing it then and there! It is my belief that everyone with a website should run their own personal wiki of opinions. It is empowering and inspires you to write more.


Some of the articles on this website date to 2002, 2004, and 2005. I just like to write articles, apparently. However, you won't be able to see the proper page history for these!

This wiki was founded in September 2006 and I moved it to MediaWiki in February 2007, scrapping the useless pages on the way. Originally this was supposed to be a wiki about my life and I had articles for all my friends. When I moved it, I decided that that is useless information to present to the general public.

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