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Philosophy is the highest form of thought.

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WARNING: The formatted article ends here. Past this point, the foundations are still being poured and you run the risk of falling into a logical pit or getting trapped under a sentence fragment.


Ideologies are distractions from high philosophy

marxism, libertarianism, etc.

I didn't write this yet but I will get around to it someday.

Philosophy compared to other goals of life

The homeless man looking for a job is looked down by the working-man looking for security.

The working man is easily laughed at by the scientist or artist, ignoring material security and seeking a higher accomplishment

The scientist and artist are appreciated by the philosopher, attempting to integrate everything people do into a framework.

As a philosopher frees himself from ideologies, he comes up against linguistic barriers. Language unavoidably reifies. It is impossible to understand, or explain, human nature perfectly because you are always making a generalization. The philosopher comes to understand the unknowable yet knowable, that is called God; and with this, after so much intellectual fuss, comes the practical understanding of religion.

Major philosophical questions

  1. Why does human nature suck, and is it helpful or possible to "fix" it?
  2. How do you measure success for an individual, community, or culture?

The goal of Buddhism is not Buddhism but perfect unfiltered understanding.

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