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Human nature runs as follows.

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Dealing with external world

People are generally compassionate but have a sociopathic capacity given a sufficient motivation. Limits on compassion are as follows:

Dealing with themselves

Many people find themselves difficult to explain. This is because much human activity is in fact irrational, but operates on a murkier and less logical level, mainly related to a cause-and-effect reaction the brain expects. Sometimes people angst over this quite a bit but really this aspect of human nature is nothing to worry about since it is one of the easiest things to predict. It is when people operate with a clear, conscious goal in mind that they become less predictable and more independent.

Reaction to control

Of all the animals people are by far the most difficult to control, and next to sociopathic tendencies this is the single most cussed thing about human nature. However, it often has celebrated results and is thus held with honor by many civilized nations, even though rebellion is usually "counterproductive".

Even when the basic rules of human nature are taken into account people will look for those patterns and consciously work to break free from them. This impulse means that it is quite impossible to impose a system on people if they are uninterested in accepting it.

However, if people find that control makes their lives on average more comfortable and easier, they will willingly accept outside control and conform themselves to it.

Reaction to pain

People want to avoid pain and seek comfort or peace whereever possible. This is generally not pursued in a rational way. See tanha.

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