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Futaba Channel (ふたば(双葉)☆ちゃんねる), or Futaba for short, is one of Japan's series of bulletin board systems. It is considered one of Japan's most populer imageboards dealing in otaku and underground culture. Futaba provides net fads, personifications, laughable crazy collages and new jargons.



Futaba Channnel is a so-called-'mega bbs', being a matrix of 52+3 imageboards, 50 bulletin board systems each board for each catagory, anything from daily life problems to junkfood, sports, and porno. There is also an uploader to store nichy files. It is basicaly anonymous. It is mistakenly called 2chan in some foreign areas, for it rents the servers 2ch provides. Futaba uses free board scripts, later customised by the board operator. Futaba scripts had been open for use for a while and many Japanese underground sites and moe sites uses Futaba Scripts to this day.







Futaba culture

Nijiura style

There are several unsaid rules that are more or less in ineffect. Some are taken seriously, some are not taken seriously. here are several:

Futaba characters

Some of the characters that appear on Futaba Channel have entered the real world in the form of various real-life goods, such as figures, dolls or images printed on pillows. Such items are mainly produced by Japanese dōjin artists and groups.

Foreign Affairs

The Futaba bulletin board system being popular, it has small followers abroad. American, Chinese and Taiwan Futaba brotherin were acknowledged. Due to traffic restriction and protection against DoS attacks, non-Japanese people are not allowed to post on image boards. American created "4chan", which is similar to Futaba except that the major board divisions are between pornographic and non-pornographic content as well as two-dimensional and three-dimensional content, and the primary language is English.

Non-Japanese internet users sometimes refer to Futaba Channel as "2chan," due to the url of the site. It is frequently unclear whether this is intended to mean Futaba Channel or 2channel, and sometimes it even refers to both, as if they were a single website. To eliminate confusion, the names "Futaba" and "2ch" are preferred by Toshiakis who have grown grudges agaist 2ch counterparts over the years.

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