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4chan is a horrible website. Members of 4chan have perfect anonymity, so of course they use that for libel, racism, and unspeakable things. Of course I post there myself. Probably the only vaguely interesting thing to come out of 4chan is Nurse-kun.

4chan is in fact the home of an easily angered creature named Anonymous, and you can read more about 4chan's purpose in that article, or go to the Wikichan article to see some of Anonymous' creations.


Shii's relationship to 4chan

Officially, I had just a little to do with 4chan. I wrote the suck-ass anonymous message board software that they still use today, despite never having taken a programming class ever. Most of it was later rewritten by MrVacBob. I also got 10MGET, "hazukiget", out of pure whimsy.

Unofficially, I was moot's own prophet of 2channel who helped distinguish Futaba Channel (2chan.net) from 2channel, I wrote an influental essay about anonymity, and I was among the multitude of early regulars on 4chan who made Anonymous who he is today. I don't visit it so much anymore. It's a scary place.

4chan history not covered in the newsposts

So it goes.

Failed moot projects

Moot is somewhat like the Ponzi of the Internet world, he thinks of an idea and just says "LET'S DO THIS".

List of people 4chan mostly likes

It's a small list.

List of people a smaller but significant portion of 4chan users like

Question not actually answered in the 4chan FAQ


There is a special type of ban from /b/ called a /z/ ban, which forwards you to /z/ when you try to look at /b/. When /z/ was deleted it was replaced with this picture of a penis (not work safe) and the message "OH NO THE BOARD IS GONE". I don't know if the /z/ ban is used anymore; I was a moderator c. 2005.

List of 4chan memes from when it was good

(if you don't recognize ALL of these memes you cannot rightfully call yourself an "oldbie")

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