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This website is an archive. It ran from 2006-2010. Virtually everything on here is outdated or inaccurate.

My thoughts are my own.

What I put on this page is exactly what I want to show people, in the most direct form possible. I do not try to distract you from bad writing or immature thoughts with glitz and makeup. I respect my reader enough to treat him as a reader, not a sheep that has to be herded to my page for any other purpose than an honest talk.

In advertising, there are no readers. There are only eyeballs, which flow into the page via content routes, and then flow out via links and ad clicks. For this reason, the more an ad can distract you from the normal reading process, the better. There are companies that even hijack the links within text in order to subvert the best-trained eyes.

Advertising instructs readers in distraction and disinterest. It teaches authors the doctrines of doing anything to be famous, "monetizing" your writing, and writing "content" instead of creating ideas. In its worst form the copywriting done for ad-sponsored pages resembles robot-generated nonsense. At best, advertising is a concession of your creativity to people who have other interests in mind-- perhaps a necessary concession to pay the bills, but never a happy one.

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