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A personal wiki is a collection of articles that you wrote yourself.

What do personal wikis replace?
Personal wikis are a replacement for blogs, static websites, and hopefully Wikipedia (see Shii's Solution to the Problem of Wikipedia).
What are you supposed to write?
The same things you write on blogs: factual articles, opinions, fiction, and humor.
It's not collaborative. What makes it a "wiki" then?
It's easier to use wiki software because it is quick and easy to link or edit.
Isn't this called a "bliki"?
Isn't that the worst name for anything ever? Besides, that seems to be a rather vague term.
Why would anyone want to read this?
Why do people read blogs? Other people's writing, undiluted by group editing, can be fascinating. This is merely a different (better) way of organization.
This is awesome. How do I get started?
I have a really short page on how to make a personal wiki. You'll have to e-mail me additions for that page.
I don't have web hosting...
You can always use or something like that.

Things you can use a personal wiki for

Some good examples

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