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Takahiro Awatake is one of the foremost artists of the early 21st century.


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All the other animes cower in fear. Suzukishiki is here.

This is the homepage of the Suzukishiki Denjikiteki Kokudo Kakuchouki Hon'yaku Keikaku 鈴木式電磁気的国土拡張機翻訳計画. Those willing to translate, QC, scan, or edit this book please apply to [email protected]


Suzuki Type Electromagnetic Country Expansion Device
Takahiro Awatake




  1. Floodhusk
  2. Suzuki Type Electromagnetic Country Expansion Device
  3. Model 3 expanded room
  4. Extraterrestrial structure
  5. Pylon at the knickpoint
  6. Ueuchi knickpoint
  7. Antenna
  8. Mohemohe
  9. Garden bathtub
  10. Eshuunada coastal cube
  11. Fifth-form irrigator transformation
  12. Dike pool

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