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Tummo is a special form of Buddhism meditation which has been scientifically proven to slow metabolism and raise one's body temperature. Ram Bahadur Bomjon likely learned a form of tummo, which is why he is attempting to seclude himself in his meditation. The goal of tummo is to manifest wisdom and compassion.

Traditionally tummo is only taught during the highly protected three-year three-month three-day retreat of the Kagyu school in Tibet, in order to safeguard the teachings. Tummo is quite dangerous as it emphasizes the link between mind and body, and it can induce a psychotic state. There are Tibetan teachers in the United States today who offer shorter tummo courses but it is not clear if they are as powerful.

Brief overview of the practice

Tummo has a set of preliminaries that it shares in common with tantric practice such as guru yoga, prostrations, mandala offerings, and vajrasattva meditation. In addition there are typically uncommon preliminaries associated with purifying the body and winds. There are many techniques for the actual practice of tummo but the most common is the practice of the vase breath. In the vase breath the upward life-supporting wind and the downward voiding winds are joined together. When properly performed this process is certain to mobilize the red drop. This is not enough information to try to practice the vase breath. Practicing the vase breath is very subtle and in my opinion requires one-to-one instruction with an adept.

Reiki Tummo

Reiki tummo is a name given to a completely different practice which was invented in the 20th century. It seems to be some sort of New Age thing, I have not looked into it very much.


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