The Awakening of Nurse-kun, Chapter 21

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The Awakening of Nurse-kun, Chapter 21
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Part 21 (April 26th, 2007)

Posted under the tripped name Nurse-kun !!hPl7vWPKR+W.


Hey, /b/. I know I've been absent for a bit lately, but, well, stuff's been happening. I was going to try and update you last weekend, but /b/ seemed to be busy being raped by MySQL, so, hey. As previously mentioned, stuff has, in fact, been happening, but I won't bore you with the details, not just yet, anyway. Instead, I suppose I'll tell you what I was doing yesterday, instead. See, she'd been...'injured' the torso during the accident, as well as the limbs and her head. It'd been a pretty serious injury, as well, in the vicnity of her liver and surrounding organs. They managed to repair the damage to a sufficient extent at the time, but some of her bloodwork had been showing some troubling numbers since then, and X-rays didn't show much, and an MRI wasn't very feasible (hard to take one when the patient is freaking out with a PTSD flashback...) so an ERCP was scheduled for yesterday.


Now, understandably, she wasn't too thrilled about this prospect. I mean, firstly, she's sick of hospitals in general, with the rehab facility only being tolerated out of necessity, but without much love. Secondly, who really wants a multiple-foot tube tentacle-raping your throat/upper digestive tract? And thirdly, well...she was a bit afraid, even if she didn't admit it out loud. Even falling asleep isn't something she finds comforting anymore, and she associates being anesthetized or sedated with the initial surgical work just after the accident, so... Still, it did need to be done. The specialist in charge of the procedure and monitoring these problems was meeting resistance from her, and where normally a young patient would have their parents to help calm them down and convince them that it would be okay, and that it needed to be done, she...well, doesn't. So her social worker suggested me, instead.


I was a bit surprised, but pleasently so, on the whole, really. I mean, it seemed to show that her worker recognized that I was probably the person she trusted most in the world, which was nice on the level of a bonus to my adoption score (so to metaphorize), but also nice on a personal sort of level, that I might be able to help her a bit more. Anyway, once he (the specialist) got in touch with me, we discussed her situation beyond what he knew on paper (he'd never actually met her yet, go system go), with me filling him in on her fears and issues, and then offering to try and help smooth things over.


Of course, saying was, as it usually is, easier than doing. Due to the problems I've already mentioned, convincing her wasn't a simple task. She seemed to understand the medical issues and their urgency, understood that this was the only feasible way to figure out what was going on so that they could treat her properly, but as is human nature, her knowledge and logical comprehension didn't automatically overcome her feelings on the subject. We sat up and talked for a long while about her fears and distaste for the procedure, the primary amongst their number being in a surgical environment again, laying on a table, IV hooked into her remaining limb, surrounded by masked doctors and nurses, then being 'put to sleep'...putting yourself in her position and remembering her not-so-distant past, wouldn't you be afraid, too?


She actually started crying when she was describing her memories of the last time she was in just that situation, which is very unusual for her general withdrawn state, outside of nightmares. I comforted her as best I could, and offered to go with her, and stay by her side the entire time, to make sure they treated her right, and to protect her. I know, of course, that I couldn't really do much to do so, but what was important was that she believed it, or believed me saying it, rather than the 'facts'. We spoke a bit longer, but she eventually agreed, tentatively, to consenting to the procedure. That was a few weeks ago, and the time finally came yesterday. I showed up at the nursing home at around 6:30, still not quite fully awake but practically chugging coffee, as the procedure was scheduled for 8, and she needed to be at the hospital by 7...


She was in a barely-controlled state of panic when I got to her room, finding her already dressed and ready to go, wearing all her limbs and an assortment of some of the spring clothing we picked up on an earlier outing; she must've folded at least five cranes in the two or three minutes I took upfolding her chair and double-checking with her nurse on duty out at the station in the hallway. She was still fidgeting when I got back, looking out her window and generally acting restless...not kicking her feet or such, of course, but her good hand and her myoelectric alike were twisting her skirt in her lap, as she bit her lip...I kneeled in front of her and did a bit of head-weaving to catch her eye, and tried to smile as confidently as I could, reassuring her that it'd be all right, and we'd go out and have some fun afterward.


She looked down a bit, then eventually nodded, and I helped her up into her chair...she's started insisting lately on my merely helping hold onto her as she walks to it, which is still great to see every time. Once she was in it, we wheeled on out to the facility's van, got loaded up, and headed on out, taking my old position of holding her hand as she filled her ears with music and shut her eyes, something that we haven't done for a while, with me doing the driving on our outings (though I do reach over to hold it while we're stopped at lights, as she sits up front with me). Once we arrived, we wheel-walked our way into the hospital and headed for the GI unit, arriving a few minutes early. It was still pretty empty at that point, with only one woman already waiting, and a man showing up a few minutes after we did, while we were waiting to be called.


We were playing some Ouendan to pass the time, with her beating me considerably more handily, still, than with EBA. Of course, I only had one earbud in to keep one open for her name to be called, and we were only halfway into our third game when just that happened. We wrapped things up, and I wheeled her in after her prep-nurse, a nice older woman with 'Kiffy' on her nametag (turned out to be short for Katherine, which she claimed nobody had ever called her). I introduced myself and explained my credentials and position in the matter, and was quickly accepted without wrangling or 'I'll need to check that...', thankfully. We were shown to an ERCP recovery room consisting of a small room with three beds, which Kiffy explained they'd stolen from Cardiology, since they weren't using it much. Took me back to my own days in a hospital, that did. Then she asked me to help our girl disrobe, our common nursehood and my position with her in the home brushing right past any societal squeamishness toward a grown man doing so with a young girl, thankfully, since she'd also been unhappy about the thought of more strange nurses doing such things with/to her.


I helped her, with curtains drawn around us, to change out of her clothes and into a gown, tying it up in the back...then there was a small debate about whether her prosthetics could stay on or need to be taken off...she wasn't very happy at that possibility. I argued on her behalf, pointing out that it wouldn't affect her BP or any other readings pre-procedure, and that it'd do just the opposite, in fact, helping her stay calmer and more relaxed, instead. In the end, I won out, and on they stayed. Next came the cuff and the finger-clamp, which aren't much fun, with both her BP and pulse being a bit high as expected, but didn't last too long, as they were only preludes to IV insertion to the back of the hand, anyway. Thankfully, Kiffy was an old hand, and a good one, too. I mean, our girl doesn't like needles, particularly, but she's had enough of them that she isn't going to freak out, either; all in all it went as smooth as could be expected, with a smooth thrust, a wince, and an all clear. She got taped up, hooked up to an IV for some fluids (she'd had to fast since five the day before, and nothing to drink since midnight), and then we more or less chilled for a bit.


It seems that her specialist was MIA, so the nurses that'd be handling the procedure showed up and introduced themselves (Lorraine, and, um, the other one escapes my memory, sorry lady), while the junior doctor came in as well, a young Asian woman whose name I cannot remember either, for the life of me. She ran through the checklist of allergies, previous surgeries (that took a while), medications, etc. I did my best to provide the answers, having studied up on her charts to memorize the exact list of procedures she'd been through already, though I already had her meds occupying grey matter real estate. She isn't allergic to anything, so that wasn't any trouble, at least. The doctor wandered off again, while an additional bag of cipro was added to her drip just in case, to provide a safeguard against infection, one of the risks of the procedure. We played some more Ouendan for another twenty minutes or so, trying to keep her mind off of what was coming up, a second reading of her BP and pulse revealing she was still rather anxious, if not in critical levels just yet.


Finally, the doctor manifested, a guy in his mid-forties that looked about as bland as anonymous could hope for, strolling in and introducing himself before he even layed eyes upon her behind me, was I was sort of between her and the door. He extended his right hand forward just as he did so, then it sort of hung there as he took her in, and apparently remembered just which of her hands were missing. Then she did her awesome, and silently raised her myoelectric right hand in return, and moved to slip it into his, for a shake. I think she squeezed just a bit harder than she 'should' have, really, from the slight wince I saw on his face, but not hard enough to pulp or anything (a metal motor-powered claw underneath cosmetic sheath can do a fair amount of damage, even if it's little-girl sized). Better than throwing her DS at him, so I'm thankful she restrained herself to a minor protest, really. That done, he said something about seeing her again in a bit, and quickly walked back out, rubbing his hand a little as he went, and I could swear I saw her smile a little out of the corner of my eye as he did so. And then, within a few more minutes, it was time to go...


The side-rails came up, I stowed our DSs (DSi? DS as in Ninja?) away, and it was off to the procedure room. She managed to stay very well composed, all things considered, as we wheeled down the hallway, but that changed once we got into the room itself. Said room was dimly lit, had a large lamp above the bed, an imaging robotic arm at one end of it to slide up and surround her, and assorted surgical paraphenelia (barring actual sharp cutty tools); all in all, it looked VERY much like an actual OR. Poor girl just started to approach freaking out, her breathing speeding up, fidgeting, eyes (well, good one, but the bad one was moving too) looking back to the door we just came in for escape...I could practically hear her heart thudding in her chest from a foot away. I squeezed her hand with my own, where I'd been holding it since we started moving, and murmered soothingly as I leaned down beside her, telling her it'd be all right, that I'd be right here...and stroked her hair with my other hand, trying my repertoire of nightmare tactics, short of giving her a hug.


The two doctors did their best to ignore all this, going over some forms and a computer in one corner of the room, while the two procedural nurses looked concerned, but seemed to get that I had some idea what I was doing, so they just hung back. It took a few minutes, but she eventually managed to calm herself down, to my pride. I helped lift her up and over to the procedure table from her bed (a fully-limbed person scoots over themself, but not really feasible for her); the IV line was adjusted, somewhat unusually in her case as they're generally placed into the right hand, and I helped her shift herself onto her stomach (the other nurses kept using 'tummy', but she's had a distaste for 'childish' language like that for a while now, so I won't use it), her head turned to the side, facing the right...not the best position for her, eliminating her peripheral vision entirely as it did.


They 'hooked up' her nasal oxygen tubes as we fine-tuned her body position...they wanted to bring up the imaging arm around her, but I took a quick break from holding her hand to have a word with them 'aside', telling them it really wouldn't be a good idea while she's conscious...after a couple of stories about her place in the accident and an attempt at an MRI in the past, they agreed to hold off on that. I resumed my place at her side to her right so that she could see me, my arm stretched up and over her to hold her left, as the Jr. Doctor decided that a spray to her throat might be a good idea. I played a bit of twisted to clear the way, and she administered a numbing spray to our girl's open mouth via her WD-40+spray-tube container, which, judging from the expression she made, tasted horrible. Fortunately, perhaps, it also distracted her from one of the nurses adding the sedative cocktail to her IV from three different syringes, her lack of peripheral vision and activity elsewhere keeping her from noticing and beginning to panic over the upcoming sedation.


I was still stroking her hair and holding her hand as the effects began to take hold; trying to stay the center of her vision, to block out the doctors putting on their coats and masks, and other unnessecarily worrying images...she was slurring a bit due to the numbing agent by then, but murmered a 'Feel sleepy...don' go...'...and her eyes slipped shut just as I was telling her 'I promise'. The procedure went as well as could be hoped for, with my donning a mask as well and staying out of the way to her left to hold onto her hand, as the nurses pointed out that, even sedated, a patient that isn't comfortable will shift around, which is a bad thing...and in this case, my letting go might just do so. The fact that I'm a professional as well probably helped with that, so yay for 4 years of school! The specialist seemed to be good at his job, at least, and his hand wasn't mangled, thankfully, so no messups due to manual dexterity on his part. Once it was over, she was wheeled back to the recovery room, and remained 'asleep' for another two hours before she first stirred.


She only woke up for a minute or so, disoriented and still quite groggy indeed, turning her head slightly to look at me, asking me if it was done, to which I replied that it was, and she should sleep some more, it was all finished, all good. She nodded a bit at that, sleepily, and closed her eyes again, drifting off. She slept for another hour and a half after that, various other patients coming into the room after their procedures, nurses coming and going, prepping patients and helping discharge them; her doctor came in and said that they'd be examining the results and getting back to us with answers 'soon'. Not exactly Team House speed here, but then, it's not the most realistic show at times anyway, as much as I may enjoy it. He said she could go when she was ready, then strolled back out again, la de da. She finally woke up and was more or less coherent, letting go of my hand to reach up and rub her eye tiredly, looking more or less all right, being a bit out of it aside. Happy to see this, and with the blessing and IV-removing of Kiffy, I helped her get dressed again, and with a 'Let's go' from her, helped her into her chair, and out we went into the spring sunshine.



>>25546844 We did some things after that...but I'm not sure I'm ready to type all of that out just yet as well, maybe in a bit.

Any questions in the meantime, /b/? If I missed you earlier and you MUST have an answer, you can repost, because I'm not crawling back through the thread for each of them, sorry.


Is Nurse-kun storytime over?

I'm still here, just not telling part 2 yet. Need to make dinner and such rather than saving it for too late in the evening as I tend to.

More to the story


Anyway, enough of this aimless faggotry, I'll try and relate what happened after we left, now. Disclaimer: I made one thing up. (This thing applies to part 1 as well). So, we'd left the hospital, into a pleasent spring day, sun shining without being overpowering. The van from the facility was waiting for us, so we loaded up, and headed 'home'. However, once there, as I'd cleared ahead of time, rather than depositing her back in her room, we headed for my vehicle, and off into the day, not even noon yet, still plenty of time to make it a pleasent one, not just an ordeal.


We headed for a park that wasn't too far away, where we'd been just a few weeks earlier, but which would hopefully be a bit less crowded than before, lacking cherry blossoms this time around. Thankfully, it turned out to be just that way, and I parked, then stepped out and moved to unload her chair...

...when she stopped me, having opened her own door, saying she wanted to...walk, instead. I was a bit alarmed, unsure she was entirely up to it, particularly after having just been under sedation a few hours earlier. But she had a certain look in her eye that I've come to recognize, so I knew that refusing her wouldn't end too well. As such, I just sighed and shrugged with a smile, shutting the door on the chair and moving to hers instead, and extending a hand to her, as if I were helping a celebrity out of a limo onto the red carpet.


She seemed somewhat amused by this, and took it with her right hand, reaching up with her left to take tight hold of the shithandle, then swivelled to extend first her right, then her left, foot out over the side of the door. Then, after a moment of concentration and focus, she pulled herself up with her left hand, pulled against my own with her right, and used her tensed abdominal muscles and thighs to help pull herself up to an upright position outside the car...and wobbled...and steadied herself, standing in triump, with a small smile as she did so. Smiling rather larger myself, fuelled by the surge of pride I felt, I shifted to her side and helped her take a step out of the way of the door, moving to close it behind her, my right arm linked with (being clung to by) her left. I made a little joke about her not slacking off even when her rehab was cancelled for the day, to which she replied by (I think) jokingly saying it'd be good training for her, walking on more 'real' ground.


And with that, off we went. We stuck with the bike path for the beginning, as she hasn't had any real practice walking on grass or dirt just yet, and didn't want to trip her up (perhaps literally) before she'd been 'warmed up'. I stayed by her left side, with her hanging onto my arm with her good one and her artificial one as well, moving at a slow, but not glacial, pace, which I matched as best I could. But she was walking...walking on a warm spring day, outside, without a half-dozen people ready to pounce if she fell. Just the one, instead. We garnered more than a few stares from the people that we passed by, which she did an admirable job of mostly ignoring, as she did the whispers from the closer ones, despite her excellent hearing. She didn't leap on any of them to rip and tear, didn't throw my wallet at any of them, didn't pause to say things that drove them into a foaming rage. Her self control and dignity brought up an even bigger lump of pride into my chest than seeing her stand did, and helped quell my own desire to shout certain unpolite things at some of them, myself.


Well, we only got about a mile or so before she started getting tired, which is quite understandable, considering she uses about three or more times more energy just to walk than I do. Fortunately, it was near a relatively isolated spot, free of gawkers or jerks, so I suggested we head to that spot, off the beaten path, to rest a bit. She agreed, then struggled up the slight incline of the grassy hill, clinging to me more tightly for support, and we eventually made it up there to the slight dip behind it next to a tree, and down we (carefully) flopped, onto the just-starting to re-green grass. I took off my jacket and bunched it up a bit for her to use as a pillow, as we laid on our backs, and stared up at the sky, her breathing hard, me being an empty-headed boob.


We spent a good ten minutes or so just laying there, watching the clouds drift by, I folded my hands behind my head, then realized it might be insensitive, somehow, to do so...and glanced over to the side at her, only to see that she'd gone and done the same, artificial hand underneath her good one; having caught my look (as I was to her left, in her peripheral vision), she looked to me as well, and as I smiled ruefully, feeling kind of dumb, she actually...laughed. It was wonderful, even if it only lasted for a couple of seconds, but it was a laugh, unforced and genuine, and it lit up her whole face in a way the sunlight couldn't do on its own. That just led to my grin going from rueful to uncontrollable, and I started laughing as well. She only laughed for that moment, but I couldn't keep it quite so brief; she just watched as I got it out of my system, smiling faintly all the while. Once I did, looking a bit embarassed, I told her how proud I was of how brave she'd been that morning, how I'd known she could do was just a matter of it actually having time to happen to prove me right. She looked somewhat embarassed at that herself, then, flushing a bit, then after a moment of silence, simply thanked me for keeping my promise.


We lapsed into silence for a while longer after that, just watching the clouds drift by, each of us lost in our own thoughts. Finally, after about ten minutes more, she moved to sit up, looked over at me, and said 'Let's go'. Remembering her use of the same words that morning, I just smiled and nodded, moving to stand up and brush my butt off (stray dead grass, you see), then turned to face her...not making an offer to help, knowing her as I did, but just waiting, receptive without being too obvious about it. In response, she raised both her own hands up toward me, and I nodded, then took them...and with a quick but gentle tug, pulled her right up onto her feet, as she kept her legs straight and just arced right up onto them. I knelt to retrieve my jacket as she did some brushing off of her own, then slung it over my shoulder, and offered her my hand again. And off we went. I asked her if she'd like to just retrace our steps, or take the long way around; she thought about it for a bit, then seemed to straighten a bit, and picked the 'long' way, which would be about a mile and a half or so to get back to the car. Since we still had a fair amount of time left before she had to go 'home', I figured that we could take a few more rest breaks, if need be, so I just smiled and nodded.


Thankfully, this route was actually more level than the initial path we'd taken, placing less of a strain on her, due to her less than robust robot knees. We just took our time, walking through skeletally dappled areas underneath barely-blooming trees, paused to take in some of the plaques on benches dedicated to philanthropists that have helped fund the park in the past, and around the halfway mark, took a seat on one of those benches and watched a family of ducks swimming on a pond. She looked as relaxed and, well, happy, as I've seen her in a long time, leaning against me, which was what made me notice that the temperature had dipped a few degrees. That noticed, I retrieved my jacket from its position, and slipped it around her shoulders. She didn't say anything about the act, which was fine by me, but didn't sit up on her own again, either. Guess I was just a convenient pillow.


After a few minutes more (we'd been there for around ten or so already), we got up once again, with her managing to do so on her own, as it's considerably easier going from a sitting position with armrests and a back and such than from laying on some grass. She moved to remove my jacket to return it to me, but I held up my hands, palm outward, telling her that if she was cold, she could keep it, if she liked, since I was already wearing a long-sleeved shirt...she seemed conflicted for a moment, I'm guessing weighing whether she wanted to seem dependant or not, then finally shrugged and offered a casual smile, simply saying: "Thanks.". We started off again onto the return leg of the trip, making it about a quarter mile or so, just past the tip of the pond in that direction, when I felt the first raindrop hit. Mentally cursing inept 'meteorologists', I increased my stride without thinking about it...and almost dragged her into falling onto her face as she was hanging onto my arm, but her legs couldn't quite keep up with that speed increase, letting out a small startled cry. I stopped immediately and moved to help her steady herself again, apologizing profusely...and she said it was all right after a moment, though I could see that she felt at least a bit bad about it, about the fact that she *couldn't* keep up suddenly...


Apologizing one more time, and telling her it was my fault entirely, I asked if she was ready to go again, and with a small nod as she kept looking down at her feet. I felt like crap, but didn't want her to be exposed to conditions like this when she just got out of the hospital this morning, reasons irrelevant, I started walking again, a bit more brisk than our earlier leisurely stroll, but not greatly so...and she was able to keep up with me, though just a glance and working ears suggested she was pushing herself to do so, even as the rainfall continued to grow in intensity. We made it about another quarter mile before her slowing pace and labored breathing made it clear she was reaching her limit, even as the shower was beginning to become a I slowed, then stopped. And moved to kneel, turning my back toward her. "Hop on, I'd like to give you a ride.". I tried to phrase it so that it was something I wanted to do, rather than something I needed to do because of her 'weakness', turning slightly to face her and smile as I did so, despite the water pouring down my face, which had already soaked both of us; leaving her looking both waterlogged and somewhat miserable with both exhaustion and a feeling and having 'failed' somehow...


It was hard to tell, as the rain was pouring down her face just as it had been down my own, but I think she was crying again, though she was making a heroic effort not to. Her good fist was clenched tightly enough at her side to turn her knuckles white...even her myoelectric hand was clenched, powered by subconciously symmetrical muscles and impulses. It was hard for me to maintain my own false composure, but I drew on my one drama class from high school, and smiled cheerfully, half-turning, then reaching out to touch her cheek gently, applying a very light pressure to have her look up at me again. "Please?", I said. "It'd make me really happy." She averted her eyes to the side, biting her lip...then finally gave a ghost of a nod without saying anything, and I turned back again, shifting a bit to be right in front of her; a moment later, I felt a mismatched pair of arms hooking around my neck, and reached back with my own, to a pair of plastic and flesh thighs, then stood up, and started walking again.


I could feel her breath on my neck and left ear, her head tilting to that side naturally, her hands clutching at my shirt to augment her grip, while I adjusted my own hands further up and back to provide better support for her, particularly since her torso and my own aren't exactly the same length. I was already walking at this point, feeling her heart beating like a caged bird against my back and the rain dripping off her hair onto my shoulder, when I asked her if she'd like to run. She drew in a shuddering breath when I said that word, her heartbeat stepping up the pace...and as soon as I heard her whisper "Yes", I did. I ran as quickly as I could without risking falling onto our faces, faster than I had since I was in college, as fast as I could go, for her.


Somehow, miraculously, I managed to make it back to the car without falling and breaking my, and or her, fool neck. I'm not particularly well coordinated, so I can only guess that the fates of fluid dynamics were with me that day. When I finally got there I bent forward at the waist slightly so she could rest on my back, fumbling in my pocket for my keys and door opener. I managed to beep them open, then finally moved to kneel again, and let her slip off me to lower herself to the ground. She was still breathing a bit hard when she stood on her own, her legs wobbly. I looked her over for a moment to make sure she was ok, feeling her wrist to find that while it was elevated, her pulse wasn't at dangerous levels, then brushed some of the stray droplets off her bangs, before I moved to help her into the car, then hustled around to take my own seat.


Despite the lessons my father taught me when I was a callow youth, learning the rules of the road, rules I've followed diligently since then, 10 and 2 in particular, I drove one-handed that afternoon. My left hand had to suffice, a lesson I'd learned from her, as my right was busy, wrapped up around her own, as she curled up in the passenger seat; robotic knees, plastic shins and feet drawn up atop it, her eyes shut as usual, but not quite so tightly as usual. We arrived at the home some time later, taking longer than we'd spent travelling from it to the park earlier, then just sat in the parking lot for a couple of minutes in silence. Finally, I broke it, and my own indecision, by leaning over and placing a kiss on top of her still-wet head. I didn't say anything, because I felt it'd sound dumb no matter its content, but just moved to get out, gently releasing her hand, to fetch her chair.


I got it out and unfolded, then opened her door and unbuckled her...I could see the distaste in her expression at the sight of the chair, but I half-jokingly told her that I might get in trouble if they saw me letting her walk in front of them, even if I knew she could. She seemed to accept this, sighing a bit, with a touch of theatricality, then assented, and let me help her take her seat. From there, I wheeled her inside, both of us somewhat more wet than a dash from the car might indicate, as our friendly neighbourhood Indian Security Professional noted with a laugh, then we headed straight for her room, leaving a trail for janitorial to mop up in our wake. My colleague on duty at the station made a comment about going swimming, and we were back in her room.


Since she was back in the home, she was now legally under the care of her nurse on duty, rather than all I could really do was gather a few towels from her bathroom and place them on the edge of her bed before helping her up and over to take a seat helping her dry off, even I'd be the one in that position in just a few hours. Still, I did use the corner of one of them to dry her face and ruffle her hair just a little...and offered a smile as I did. "You're important, you know that?" She looked faintly embarassed when I said it, not making much of a response, but that was fine by me, and I just kept smiling, then told her I'd see her later, that if she felt tired, she shouldn't feel bad about getting some more sleep. And, finally, that'd I'd had a good day, and I'd hoped it'd been at least not a bad one for her, then stood up to get going, so her nurse could come in and help her dry off. I paused, then, as I felt a slight tugging on my pants, glancing down to see it was her good hand, with her looking up to me. And then, after a moment's silence, "...I did. Thanks...again." I just smiled again, and brushed a tenacious lock of wet hair out of her eyes and behind one of her ears, then headed out.


And...well, that's about all the salient details of that. I hesitated in telling it, thus the gap between the two, because I know it sounds sappy and, well...but all the important things did happen. And I didn't put any words into her mouth that she didn't say herself. Anyway. Um. Yeah. I suck.



>>25548141 (Ouendan 2)

Already ahead of you there. Have two copies preordered. But thanks for the thought!


do we know Nurse-kun is American? for all I can see, he could be from Canada

Is this about how I spell some things? Because a friend of mine mentioned some people playing Jr. Detective with that. Okay, here's why: My mom is from England, originally. She and my dad got married shortly after they met when he travelled there in the early 70s, and they moved back here afterward. She taught me how to read, and we've all picked up some queen's eccentricities: I actually nursed them (haha, nursed!) when I was in school and teachers would 'correct' me. Grey! Armour! Theatre! Blow me!

25546100 and 25547514

Dear Nurse-Kun,

I have recently noticed that the front of my underwear (on the inside) has orange-yellow crud in it. These are not the simple yellow stains that one gets from not shaking enough, there is sometimes actual crust. However I have not had any pain during urination, and have not observed any actual discharge happening. This crust has no smell, I've never actually seen it when it's gooey, and has a very slightly salty taste, I am inclined to not think it is semen because it doesn't taste like semen and the stains aren't similar to any other semen stains I've ever had. Please help.


I am extremely embarrassed to say this. But this is totally anonymous.. The only sexual partners I've had in 4 months are my dog and my little sister. Can I get sick from either of them?

See a doctor. Bring your sister with you. They totally have a patient confidentiality thing, so it'd just be between you three. The dog isn't much of a threat, due to most diseases not being very inter-species interested.



Thank you, Do you think if my sister told *HER* doctor he'd see me too? I am too old for medical coverage.


I'm sure he'd love to see you if she told him! Pediatricians are very compassionate towards all other ped-types.


Dear Nurse-Kun, I am incurring enormous bills from keeping my father in an assisted living facility. I honestly had only planned on him being alive a short while longer, but he was a tough old man who served in the 5th Ranger Battalion in Europe and was a decorated and respected war hero. My wife has been nagging me to get a bigger house and is on the verge of leaving me if I don't. I really need him to die and have taken to switching out his Urocit-K, Norpace, and Razadyne with over the counter supplements, painkillers, and antihistamines. For awhile I even replaced his insulin with dextrose I purchased at a farm supply store. This seems to have done VERY little, He's remained sharp, active, and hasn't complained or gotten sick at all. His doctor did however raise questions about his high blood sugar and the ineffectiveness of his "insulin", which prompted me to switch it back before someone noticed. He's so tough! Please Nurse-Kun save my marriage for my little boy's sake. How do I kill dad without anyone finding out?


You can't. He's made a pact with Nurgle, and will be there to laugh over your pathetic weakness while raising your son to be the real man you couldn't be for a long time to come.

Sorry, dude.


Nurse-Kun, if you're still here, how would you respond to rumours of your apparent encounter with a /b/tard whilst out with...her?

That was no male nurse and was a weather balloon.

A weather balloon.


Nurse-kun plays 40k? Shit sux.

Just a few times in college. I don't have the time or money or friends interested in it or willingness to put up with catpiss men in gameshops to do so now. /tg/ is good for some time to waste every now and then.



Your writing and story telling skills are exceptionally brilliant. What is your writing/educational history? And as such a great writer, why are you working at a nursing home?

Eh, they're really not that great...I mean, I'm just trying to put into words what I've experienced and felt. I took some english courses in college and did all right with it in highschool, but it's never been my big 'thing', you know? And I'm working in a nursing home because I'm a nurse. Uh...y'know? (Ok, why I'm in the home rather than another area of the field is another story, but not one I'm going into right here)


i think if there ever was a random encounter with a /b/tard nothing would happen,they would watch from afar if anything.

if it was me, I'd take pics with my camera cellphone for sure. and not post them on /b/, but keep them for my own personal perusal.

Well, I have pictures, but they're not getting onto /b/...


if amputee-chan wasn't cute and pretty but instead deformed and horribly ugly-looking, or old, do you think you'd even give her a passing thought?

I like to think I would. But she isn't. So I can't really say for certain, can I? I make no attempts to paint myself some sort of saint, either to myself or to others...


also,a gift idea,maybe she'd like a copy of the new Pokemon for ds?

i don't think it'd be to hard to handle,place it on her lap,she can hold it steady,and use her other arm to press 1 button at a time.

I've considered it, but it seems that since I didn't preorder, I can't find a copy now. Guess I'll be waiting for the second shipment?

25548157 and 25548490

Dear Nurse-kun,

I've had an infection on my hand lately. It's really concentrated on the palm and it's sorta like little freckles on the skin. It's full of pus when I break one and it peels often, as in little circular pieces of skin fall off at the top of each little dot. There's probably about 50 or so on my palm and it's been spreading to ever part of my body. My local skin doctor has told me to put Topicort on it but it doesn't work. What do you recommend? Thanks, I love your stories.

See another doctor. Second opinions are good things. (Sometimes third opinions, too.)


Aw great, another biopsy...

Sucks, but if something isn't working, you can either keep trying it and hope for the best, or try to get an opinion on whether you should try something else...medicine is rarely much fun.


Nurse-kun is a lucky man. It must feel great to be needed by someone else. Meanwhile Anonymous wastes away in front of his computer.

God damn I envy you.

Keep up the good work.

Well, I could say something about anonymous being able to go out and mentor a kid in need or volunteer or something, but who pays attention to shit like that?

Of course, I could say that, because I've found it really is a good thing to do, not just for yourself, but clearly for others, but hey. No one can bear the weight of the world on their shoulders, but a kid doesn't weigh that much at all.


how exactly does her prosthetic arm work? does she control it with her muscles on her stub, or what?

Best thing to come out of Utah since...well, ever.


So did you tell her about the preorder[Ouendan 2] or are you gonna surprise her?

Surprises can be fun.


Hey Nurse-kun, how goes the idea of adopting ampu-tan? You still considering doing it after she gets out of rehab?

The process is still ongoing. I'm scheduled for some parenting classes as part of it, and a woman from DCFS came by my place to get an idea of what my 'lifestyle' is like and such, though I (as I told her as well) plan on moving to a new place if things go well. Seemed to go okay. They're going to be interviewing my parents and such soon too. Not an easygoing life these days, but hey, it's mine.


Dear Nurse-kun,

Nurse-kun, we always get to hear about the exciting times you spend together with ampu-tan, but what about all the other times?

In other words, what are the less dramatic days with Ampu-tan like?

With Love, Anon.

Well, they're less dramatic. Since I can't post every day now, and people didn't like that much when I did, I can't fill you all in on everything that happens. Though the second half of yesterday was pretty 'uneventful', so I suppose you can see it there, if/when I get around to posting it later today/tonight...

25549447 and 25550673

So, when's the Damaged Goods manga coming out?

well, there's already a visual novel

when's the anime adaption coming out, we should say?

A what now?



...huh. Well.

25549692 and 25550221


If you mean sexually, I'm not attracted to her.

Not that I expect people that believe otherwise to believe me. We make our own reality and all that, it's just a matter of how much we allow our shared reality to affect our personal one.


Yeah, her "gymnast's body" has nothing to do with it. You're too afraid to admit that you're hard for her because you don't want all this ego-stroking to go away. Does it feel good knowing that the only reason people like you is because you're deceiving them?

She did gymnastics. You know...with her...body. I've already admitted, I was trolling a bit at first, dropping in terminology like that, the whole pooper thing, etc; using the situation I was in to try and get a laugh out of /b/, since I didn't really expect useful or helpful advice to my situation of caring about this kid, because, well, /b/. I've already explained how a friend of mine in RL, who has also frequented /b/, suggested I do so, when I was telling him about my quandry.

But hey, if it helps you with your fapping to say it's all totally a lie and I'm totally a pedo, go for it. It isn't exactly going to hurt my feelings.


Hmm. An unusual amount of saging in this Nurse-kun thread. While it's sufficiently small-scale to be from a few habitual trolls, it does mark a certain downscale in his popularity. Could this be interpreted as that the true nature of Anonymous is starting to show through, when the novelty of the story at hand is beginning to wear out? Meh, well, whatever. I just hope a decent conclusion comes out, instead of the Nurse-kun threads just drowning out into apathy over time.

This isn't much saging at all, compared to some other threads. At least it's shifted to a more creative form rather than mindless cut-paste-flooding. Sage away, if you can do it in an entertaining manner, people!


Nurse-kun, I love your threads, though I've only seen two myself. I read the rest on Wikichan.

Anyways, how much does Ampu-tan know about these threads? What do you think her reaction would be if she knew how many people followed her story?

She doesn't. And I'm not sure about that, really...she doesn't like...attention. I mean, she seems to enjoy my paying attention to her, but that's more because it's not just my job, or because she's a 'freak' or something...attention of those sorts, she doesn't enjoy. So form your own conclusions?


I can see that knowing her paedophile doctor is bragging online about what a great person he is might be a little bit uncomfortable for her. But hey, who cares about her, right?



25551049 and 25551854

Nurse-kun, I think I'm pregnant.

Home pregnancy test says negative, but I'm nearly continuously nauseous, hungrier than usual(which usually results in puking), really tired all the time, and when I poke where my uterus is, it feels weird.

Seeing a doctor = good idea?

Not sure how to phrase this delicately, but this is /b/, so what the hell: Are you so fat you wouldn't have noticed if you DID get pregnant?

If not, and those symptoms continue, you probably should. Heck, even if you are, and they continue, you probably should.

You probably should.


If I am I'm only like two months along, a bit early to show. :P

I'll go see a doctor.

Sounds like a good idea. The home-tests are hardly infallible, after all, better to know early than too late, after all, as it's a rather large 'thing'.


Nurse-kun, what do you think it is about your stories that made /b/ have a heart?

Is it the writing? Is it the good you're doing for this girl?

I'm not sure. Why do we have Caturday? Why do we not see more Yotsuba porn? It is a mystery.


 :: I love Nurse-kun threads. What really draws me into them is the fact that it has the "ideal reality" aspect that makes many tales great. The characters seem to say the right things at the right time, as if it were out of some sort of novel; however, the emotions of the characters are very real, so it doesn't have the sort of contrived, cliche effect that such dialogue would have in many Hollywood movies today. I'm not accusing Nurse-kun of having made up the story, instead, this seems to be a testament to his skill as a storyteller. Because of this, I imagine Nurse-kun to be a very charismatic person face-to-face. Anyone else get this impression?
No, I get the impression that he's deliberately manipulating the facts of the story in order to make himself seem better than he really is. If you can't see that then you've been drawn in by his manipulative bullshit.

Well, I don't think I'm doing so, personally...I mean, I'm not perfect, but I don't go around kicking kittens and mugging nuns, either. I don't abuse my patients, I don't act like a dick with my coworkers, I'm not stealing my sister's car.


90% of rational people believe there is nothing inherently immoral with pedophilia. 97% of rational people censor their own opinions because they know speaking the truth will get them sent to jail or fired from their job.




hey Nurse-kun, are you planning to insert some more fanservice occasionally like the suppository story? Or have you decided against that for ethical reasons or for fear of being more labeled as a pedo.

i thoroughly enjoy your tales by the way. hope everything works out for yor two.

and everyone who really things nurse-kun wants to pooper amp-chan..common everyone knows the whole pedo thing on /b/ is a big joke....OR IS IT?

Well, that was more or less a one-time joke inspired by a real-life situation that I knew could have different meaning on 4chan. I don't generally make things up, so 'inserting fanservice', well, not really. I mean, I might make a joke about something that really happened , but, well.


as much as I read through the wiki, I could not find info on when did her accident happen. When did it? How long did she stay in the hospital afterwards?

A while back. Months. Vagueness is a defense against internet toughguys, sorry. Less than a year, I'll say in a definite way.


oh, also, another thing that would be nice, is for you to post schedules of when you're going to be posting on /b/, so i can catch the thread. I try not to spend all my time on 4chan, but I hate it when I miss your posts!

My 'schedule' is practically nonexistent these days...I can generally manage to arrange an outing with her a few days in advance, but taking care of my dad and helping my mom is often something that can come up at any time...I've tried to keep tuesdays free, but even then, sometimes things happen, as they did last week, and this one. I suppose I could try posting a notice if I have a day free the night before, if someone plans on putting this up for 'advertisement' somewhere, but...


Nurse-kun I'd like to say your threads really touch me personally. My girlfriend of 15 is missing 3 limbs (left arm, right arm, right leg) and while it has been a while since her accident and she's doing better, she's still struggling to live a "normal" life. I hope amputee-chan hangs in there!

Geez, really? Well, good luck and best wishes to you both then, I hope the sun shines bright on both of you.


Nurse-kun, does she draw at all?

A little, but not much outside of therapy, and even that's grudgingly done. It's very...disturbing things, and I'm not going to try and steal one to scan for you all, if that's what you're alluding to.


Has Nurse-kun ever mentioned specifically what instruments Amputee-chan played before the accident?

Requesting this information from the collective Anonymous (or Nurse-kun, if he has time to humor me).

Piano, Violin, was learning Guitar and Shamisan, tried a few of the woodwinds, I believe.




25560305 and 25562164

Nurse-kun, what did you make up? (In both parts.)

That is a tactical secret that must be kept from spies.

Ahh. So, you changed some part of the story, that, if left unchanged, would have given anonymous a dangerous detail that could give him the needed information to track you down. Right?



Nurse-kun, when you talk to her does she ever talk about or hint at what keeps her going in life? I mean not wanting to die or just become a vegetable and not have to suffer through life anymore. What does she have to look forward to in life? All the things a normal girl takes for granted... boyfriend, social life, fun, family, entertainment; she has it horrible in every respect. Yet is still alive and still here, why?

Also what major medical procedures have you taken part in / assisted with? Surgery? Emergency room stuff?

...not really. I haven't brought it up, and she hasn't said much either, aside from the occasional darker moment in which she expresses a doubt that she has any future at all, which I do try to help with, as best I can.

ICU, ER, then a stint in Neuro...then the home.


Nurse-kun, I'm currently reading Nabokov's Lolita and it struck me that your writing style sort of reminds me of it. You should be more evil and scheming and thinking about rape like Humbert though.

Funny thing is, he also got his loli as the result of a car accident.

The day I start thinking like Humbert Humbert is the day I take some .50 asprin.

But Nabokov is amazing, so good taste there, anonymous.


Okay, Nurse-kun, I know this is fucking old. I'm the guy reading the archives. But I felt I should add this:
Would you be interested in a girl/woman missing three limbs and an eye, even if she used her arm prosthesis really well, covered up her leg prosthetics with stockings or something and was good enough with them to walk or even run almost normally, was good enough with makeup to cover the scar over her eye...? Excluding 'god stumps maek me hard' answers from the sickos out there, asking the non-fetishests here...would you be romantically interested in someone like her, with a great body (that's still intact) and a more or less healed psyche and a fascinating mind? And not just romantically, but sexually, as well?
That's from the archives. I just thought I'd mention that I semi-dated a girl in highschool that had a dead arm... I don't know the medical term, but she couldn't move it by itself. Suffice to say, it didn't cause any relationship problems or anything of the sort. So there certainly is hope.
Sorry, I'll shut up now.

No, thank you for answering it, even now. Really.


My actual question is, does it snow there in the winter? Well, you don't really even have to tell me that. Just say if it had or hadn't snowed recently when you first met her.




Here's a question; you've said she was a really smart kid, gifted school and all, but did she enjoy learning? I know you'd have to get her some (home)schooling if the adoption went through, but have you thought about bringing educational books or something to her? She might really enjoy learning in her off-time; It could give her a boost of small pride being able to tell you even more triva, and it'd help for when you get her back into actual school-work.

Yes, she's chosen a number of educational books during our trips to the library, and we included a few in that initial christmas batch, and in smaller ones I haven't really mentioned since then. She does enjoy learning, and if she enjoys something...well, I try and get it to her, or her to it.


Has she been in any other fights? Did she ever make up with the girl from the pool?

Thankfully, no. And not as yet...they've shared the pool again on a couple of occasions, I believe, but they've just kept a distance and apart in general, save for a few glares, according to the grapevine..

25572047 and 25573852

Hey Nurse-kun,

I saw your last thread, but didn't get what was going on at the time. Then I found the wiki and read most of it. You're awesome, keep up the good work. I hope things turn out well for you two.

btw, I read the quote that >>25569531 brought up from the the archive the other day...

You do realize that by the time she's of legal age, you'll be nearly 40, right?

Hey, MAN...I'd only be in my mid-thirties...or so. HALF A DECADE IS A BIG DIFFERENCE.

...kidding. Well, not about my age, but, uh. I'm not old! I'm still hip to your pokeymans and ipods!

I didn't say you were old NOW and don't worry, we'll all get old along with you (how weird that will be...all us current /b/tards will be in our 30's) but, uh, it's going to happen's not like anyone has avoided it thus far.

All I'm saying is that when she grows up, she probably won't be interested in you romantically. You'll be more like her father. This will be dramatically reinforced by the age gap between you...she's 7, you're in your mid-twenties. That's a huge gap.

I know that. And that's fine, since I'd think it'd be pretty damn weird/creepy to start some sort of romantic relationship 10+ years down the line of caring...for her. I was just making a joke.


So I can go to bed now? I have to get up in 3 hours ;_;

See you next time awesome nursekun!

Goodnight and good luck, anonymous.


[Various people volunteering to marry Nurse-Kun, in an "I'M Xy.o, GENDER, FUCK ME HARD" sorta way], I'm a CLAMP character.


Nurse-kun, you still hanging around, or did you go to bed as well?

No, no, I'm still here...for another half hour or so yet, before I need to head in to work...

25572933 and 25573206




[Repost of above]



Need some help for my fapping. Do her prosthetics resemble dolljoints at all?



Her legs don't, particularly, since they don't have cosmetic shells, but with them, they would, somewhat.

Plz don't fap to her.


One last question if you care to answer.

Are you ever going to share with her how you've shared her story with the internets? Sure' you might not want to link her to the original post, and there's been a great deal of fucktards in these threads, but you two's story has also touched alot of people in a very profound way. I dunno, if she's ever feeling unimportant, later in life (if you adopt her) it might be good for her to know?

Not in the forseeable future, anyway.


Dearest nursekun.


When you manage to get through this whole adoption process and everything is said and done, do you have any plans on how to get her back into something close to a normal life or as normal as can be.

i.e. School and such

If she is indeed as smart as you say, school is something she can put focus on, since if she's as smart as hell, she most definitely has a future. She can be a sort of loli version of Stephen Hawking.

Of course. I'd hardly try and free her from one cage only to put her into another one. And I'm sure she could kick Hawking's ass given some more practice, so long as someone doesn't invent a flying chair before then.


>Plz don't fap to her.

Man, that ship sailed with your first post to /b/ about her.

Dun worry nurse-kun, people talk about this, but not many actually do it. It's just to mess with ya.

Well, this is /b/. I may try to avoid thinking about it, but I did have to accept the theoretical likelihood of it when I posted here. Still. Ew?


Well Nurse-kun, I've stuck around as long as I could, but I REALLY need to start studying for a final tommorow. I wish you two all the best, and hope the night goes well.

Any clue when we might be getting a new update? and is anybody saving this right now?

Either way, thanks again Nurse-Kun, and good luck.

Not sure, considering my schedule these days...or lack thereof. I generally try for tuesdays, but things happen. Even knowing for sure the night before is never a certainty, since I'm not a writing machine, I need to be in a certain mood to do it at all well...I'll try and figure it out?


You think there is any chance at all she knows what is going on? She can't have internet access(I presume) but children are more perceptive than a lot of people realise, she's got to be wondering 'why does this guy seem so interested in me'. Who in her situation wouldn't ask why you were doing this.

What do you mean by 'what's going on'?


If the Simpsons' rendition of Hawking (larry flint lol) is any indication, I'm sorry to announce you that she'd get her butt kicked by Super Hawking.

I'm hardly impartial though, since I'm an astrophysics nut and kind of idolizes the guy, as much as I can a scientist, anyway.

Well, it was just a theoretical situation, of course. They'd probably get drunk and swap stories about humiliating various ablebodied people.


 :: question: why do you post on /b/ at all when you could be posting somewhere where you actually get constructive comments?
on /b/ people won't log your ip address and call the cops

Pretty much, bad as that might sound.

25574459 and 25575296

Oh, and btw, it seems to me that stephen Hawking is the perfect example of what you can do, against all odds and disabilities. If she doesn't know about him, she seriously should.

...actually, I bought her a copy of A Brief History of the Universe as part of her Easter Basket...


Wow, really? I must admit that it's a really tough read for a 7 year-old, especially if it's her first contact with physics/astrophysics and relativity, but books don't fly away, she'll still have it when she's a little older. Kudos!

She's still working through it, but she's said she really enjoys it! And we had a math talk once, and frankly, she's better with the stuff than I am.



>>25574459 Or was that Time? God, I'm retarded. His book, anyway.


You've ignored my post long enough now

Uh, sorry, I guess I just kind of missed that, I wasn't ignoring it. And I'm not really in a position to get into a discussion on literature right now, since I need to leave the house in about ten minutes at most; I'm sure I wouldn't offer very interesting answers, anyway. Maybe next thread. Also cocks.


Good call, though I do believe the cops with sympathise with the situation and hopefully understand what perversions Nurse-kun has written is solely for the sake of entertaining /b/

I have nothing against cops, I have an uncle that's a cop, but I know the system is hardly structured to believe in best intentions and such. A lack of naivete is something I can plead guilty to, though I like to think I'm not entirely cynical yet...


Nurse-kun, am I a terrible person for imagining her as some kind of Samus Aran-ish cyborg badass when I read about her getting into the fight with the other boy?

No, you aren't.


If a man suddenly walked up to you and just gave you a huge hug, would you be pissed. Even if he said nothing.. Just hugged?

I think I'd mostly be confused, and try to ward off any attempts at anything past hugging, but, um, not really. My roomate in my first year was gay, I don't have a problem with them. Or, um, friendly heterosexual hugging, I suppose?


If you're in the arkansas(LOL HICK) And it doesn't seem like you would be, if a man with a hawaiian shirt hugs you, anonymous has struck

I'll keep that in mind. It'd probably freak me out more if it happened there than elsewhere, otherwise.


I need to get going, /b/. Off to work another shift, another night, till comes the dawn. See you around.

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