The Awakening of Nurse-kun, Chapter 2

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The Awakening of Nurse-kun, Chapter 2
Part of the saga of Nurse-kun
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Part Two (December 17th)


Since I got so many requests in my first thread to keep you all updated on the one-armed, one-eyed loli situation, I thought I'd post what happened during last night's shift. I'm still somewhat hesitant to start a blog, so this'll just have to do for the time being.

Anyway, I picked her up a teeney little stuffed bear, about the size of her hand, and one of those chocolate oranges you smack to split open, and stuffed the toy into the pocket of my scrubs, and the candy into my bag next to my DS, before I headed inside. The security guard at the reception desk, a big indian guy that's always talking about MTV, did a short search, guess it was my lucky night, but only checked the bag, so it was my lucky night indeed. We exchanged mindless pleasentries and I headed to the break room, to check the night's duty log.

Anyway, to make a boring part of a story short, I eventually wound up back at the night station to start my shift, and killed time as best I could until around 1. When I saw that the coast was clear, I hooked the beeper set up to recieve calls from the patient's rooms onto my waistband, for when we're away from the station, and I headed for her room with the bear and orange chocolate in one of my hands.

I listened at the door for a minute or so, noting that there was light coming from under it, (but she's apparently been scared of the dark since the accident, so she always keeps at least a small light on, even when sleeping), trying both to listen for activity and to work up my courage, then finally opened it up.


I found her looking my way, in a mixture of very mild surprise and annoyance. She asked me what I wanted as I stepped in, closing the door behind myself, and walking up to her bedside, where she was propped up with the pillows behind her back, frowning.

I just smiled as gently as I could, and I took my hand out from behind my back, opening it to reveal the dual offerings. She blinked at that, staring at them for a beat or two before looking up at me again, and frowning again...then asking, and I quote, "What?" They were for her, I said...explaining that the other nurses had noticed that she seemed to be feeling down lately, and that a little early christmas gift might help. Then, as I set them down on the corner of her little bedside table, beside her, turning the bear to 'face' her, I also explained that the people in charge here probably wouldn't approve of the nurses, and my, giving them to her, so...could she keep it a secret?


I gave her a little wink when I said that last bit, and brought my finger up to my lips in the standard 'shhhh' position. After another few seconds, she turned her gaze from me to the bear, the confused, almost upset look on her face still there, and was silent for almost a minute...I almost had a heartattack, it was beating so fast, worrying she'd react in the worst way possible...but then she mumbled something I almost didn't catch, save for my heightened state of awareness.

"Thank you."

I just smiled again as she refused to look directly at me, turning her good eye downward, instead, into her own lap, and after a moment's debate, reached out and lightly touched the top of her head with my open hand, for just a half-second, before I turned around again, and moved to walk out of the room, barely able to control the butterflies in my stomach. I snuck a peek back as I closed the door again behind myself, after stepping out, and saw her reaching for the bear...a great success, I'd say.

I quietly opened the door again around 3, to find her sleeping, curled up on her left side, the bear still in her hand, near her chest. 'An angel' doesn't even come close, /b/, and I felt better than I had in weeks, cleaned up the foil and the couple pieces left from the chocolate quietly, and stepped back out again.

So far, so good.


Uh, yeah. She only lost roughly half her legs, in transfemoral amputations. Or, what, do you need knees to qualify?

Anyway, there isn't much more to tell, I just finished up my shift as best I could, in a mixture of nervousness and barely suppressed glee. Nothing much else happened.

Oh, I finished Hard ROCK mode on EBA, but that isn't really salient to the main topic of discussion.


I completed my Registered Nursing program after I finished my bachelor's. It wasn't as 'hard' as med school, I guess, but I didn't really feel like another four years of school and then a bunch more years of interning after that at the time. I had been considering becoming a paramedic, but didn't, for reasons I don't really want to get into here.

Anyway, it's a pretty rewarding career, when the doctors aren't being total dickheads, and the patients are vomiting or pissing or shitting all over you. Uh, maybe that's what drew me to /b/, actually.


Shit, I knew I forgot to mention something.

I hadn't really tried one of the chocolate orange things before, so I asked the checkout clerk how hard it would be to 'open' one. She said you have to whack it pretty hard, but that's all part of the fun, right?, and laughed. I laughed too, and left the store. Turning it over in my head on my way home to get ready for work, I decided it probably would be a bit frustrating for her, and I didn't want that, so when I got home, I gave it a couple of medium-strength whacks on my table, then felt around the outside of the foil. It seemed to have seperated somewhat inside, so I left it at that state, then got ready, and the story proceeded as I told it.

And her eyes are/were green, by the way.


I'm strongly considering it, and looking through some webpages on local laws.

I have a lawyer cousin, so I can get some free legal advice if it comes to it, he'll be at the family's for christmas...I'm considering telling them about her then, and asking their advice on my consideration of trying to help her.

I won't be mentioning poopering to them, no, by the way.


I usually work five or six days a week, probably more this month since I don't have a 'family' (spouse/kids) to spend the holidays with. I have tonight off, so I'm a bit nervous about what's happening there while I'm at home, but, not much I can do about that.

I'll probably just spend christmas day with the family, it's about an hour's drive each way, so I'll be seeing her then, and christmas eve, anyway.


Uh, yeah, I'm really goiong to let slip the name of the place I work at. When I have at least ten percent of the responses telling me I need to die in prison rape funtime, and they want to call the local police on my sick ass.

I'm not totally retarded, people. (No offense to the poster I'm replying to here directly)

I need to afk for ten minutes or so, getting buzzed on my intercom, brb


OP here. Sorry about that, my new neighbour from down the hall needed help moving his christmas tree inside. I'm the only person he knows here so far, and he's been pretty nice and generous so far (free beer and chinese food, woo), so what was I to do?

Anyway, I live alone, so my computer being on isn't, uh, generally a problem. And, um, too many posts to answer, amidst the spam, so I'll just start again from here on.


Uh, yes, adoption is the most likely course, with the other major choice being 'do nothing', which I would feel like shit over, but remains a possibility simply due to the overwhelmingness of the undertaking.

Poopering, for the last time, isn't on the menu for the foreseeable future, and I haven't even done anything inappropriate to her yet, people. I haven't touched her in any manner outside the boundries of my profession and her position as my patient, and I haven't introduced her to any sexually inappropriate material, verbal or otherwise.

Oh, and for the record, all of you Taxi Driver wannabes out there furiously masturbating to the thought of proving to the world just how big a man you are, needing tweezers to do so be damned: find me one place where I've actually said I planned, or even WANTED to rape her. Go ahead.



And to address the potential creepiness of the situation last night, now that I'm reminded by this post: Yeah, I know. But how else should I have done it? 'Oh yes, go right ahead and start urinating, dear, I've got you, you won't fall in, oh, and by the way, here's a stuffed animal and some candy'? I tried to be as nonthreatening and gentle as I could be, and it seemed pretty clear, to me at least, that nobody had spoken to her this way, to a sad, lonely little girl, as a person that actually cared about her, rather than her making 'progress' in her treatment, more or less since the accident. That was why she didn't have much to say.

I don't intend to proceed straight to 'visiting her room' all night every night from now on. Geez, I'm not that dumb or crude. I'll just be around, available, and a source of kindness if she wants it, and things can proceed from there. She's a smart girl, after all, I'm not going to treat her like some tv-land retardo-kid.


For the record, it's entirely possible for amputees, even multiple ones, to retain muscle tone and fitness. It just takes exercise, the same as for anyone else, though they generally can't do all the usual ones available to the more full-bodied.

She's working very hard at her physical rehab, perhaps because it helps her forget about her difficulty with her mental rehab, unfortunately...


I'm not really sure about that (her family). There was nobody listed as next of kin on her records, just social workers. Gossip around the workplace, passed on from those of us with friends at the hospital she spent her first two months in, is that her father was a first generation american-fjordian (specific country not mentioned, might have been sweden) only child, and his parents were dead, no information on grandparents. Her mother was a multi-generation-in japanese-american, whose family hasn't made ANY attempt to even contact them, and may have refused to answer any of the various workers' attempts at getting information/attention from them. Guess she pissed them off pretty badly by marrying whitey. Nobody even vaguely japanese looking has ever visited her since the accident, and from what I've heard, her social worker has been having no luck whatsoever with any sort of family placement...and she has a better chance of growing a new arm and legs than getting placed in a group home or foster care.

The system sucks.


She's not retarded. She's very intelligent, it's just that she's been so badly traumatized that she's developed severe, SEVERE PTSD. I mean, PTSD that makes fucked up vietnam veterans look healthy. Withdrawing from human contact, depression, anxiety, aggression, fear of the dark, nightmares, she's voiced the thought that she has no future, and nobody wants her anymore, to therapists, she practically goes into a fear-coma every time she has to ride in a vehicle somewhere, as a trigger from the crash...

I really wish there was magic in the world. I'd do anything for there to be magic that could make her, make everything, all right again.


Well, as far as coloration goes, it's rreasonably close. Hairstyle's not too far off, either, at least since the accident. I think she may have had longer hair before, but it's been cut relatively short, since she was getting really frustrated and worked up at not being able to brush her own hair anymore, and refused to let anyone else do it for her...I mean, think about it, her mother probably used to do it for her, and...

...anyway, I guess it's sort of close.


This is /b/, retard. Do you honestly think I would've gotten anything but 'STICK IT IN HER POOPER' or 'DO A BARREL ROLL' if I'd played it more or less straight, simply saying that I was having some very illegal feelings mixed in with less illegal ones toward her? I mean, it's not like I just wandered in here from gaia or something, shithead, I was a /b/tard long before I ever met her.

And again, there's a difference between acknowledging a possibility and stating an intention of acting upon it. GBTBASICLOGIC.


I'd put her odds of winding up in foster care, which I'm sure would be spec-tacular for her, at around 1%. Foster parents don't HAVE to accept any kids, they choose to do so...thus, the really messed up ones rarely ever leave group homes.

...and group homes don't HAVE to accept kids they admit they can't care for. Such as those with severe physical and medical needs, let alone severe mental health issues.

That's where the institutional care comes in...which is where she's at, and where she'll stay unless someone, someone outside the system, persay, steps in and takes a risk.

Frankly, I don't see anyone else stepping up to the plate, so far.


OP here, pointed out because this will be a short response.

I care about her because I care about her, I'd do it if she had everything intact, physically and mentally. Of course, if that was the case, we probably wouldn't ever have met, and I wouldn't have given her more than a momentary glace as we passed each other in a mall or something, and would've thought 'Wow, cute kid'.

It's complicated. I know I'll get laughed at for this, but I don't go around fantasizing about junior poopers. She's a special case.


The picture was found on the internets when I was looking for something not-real but similar.

I'm not a guro fan, so it wasn't much fun finding it.


Yeah, I know it's a longshot. But I've seen single parents adopt successfully before. I'm actually a pretty upstanding guy, /b/attle scars aside, and I can actually care for her special needs (no, this is not innuendo), which is a big plus in such a case. I have a steady income already, I have friends and family that'll stand beside me, and yeah, nobody in the system wants her.

Frankly, /b/ is my biggest danger here, but I'm a /b/tard, and a /b/tard I shall be. I'll just have to be careful there.


Well, I don't have anything too pressing this afternoon. I could start another thread and stick around a bit longer if people have further questions. It's not like I spend my off-hours curing cancer or something.


Believe me, I hope so too...the head administrator isn't a COMPLETE bitch, and most of the rest of the nursing staff and orderlies are relatively decent people, you know, for being in a high-burnout profession...I can just keep my fingers crossed, and hope that it either causes no furor, or a small enough one that I'll get off with a slap on the wrist.


OP here - Someone may want to archive this thread before it implodes.


Anonynurse here, since some people still seemed to have questions as of the death of today's update thread. I'll keep an eye on this one, if anyone has anything to say or ask.


Well, it was the first thing that sprang to mind, terrible as it was (Anonynurse, that is). I hold neither love nor esteem for it, but while it goes against my Anonymous instincts, I needed something to indicate my identity, such as it is, and OP for the OP seemed rather ludicrous.

I'm not japanese, and don't pretend or try to be, but eh, I'll let 4chan decide.


I probably wouldn't make a serious inquiry/request until at least the new year, if only because doing it without at least having her half-trust/like me would be both pretty dumb and pretty self-defeating.


I'll do what I can. I mean, I really would like to gain her trust, because she doesn't trust anyone right now, and that's probably one of the bigger hindrances to her getting any better. And I'll treat her like I'd treat any other kid in her situation that I was willing to risk my life best I can. It's the only way things will go at all well for anyone involved.


This is an answer to the following; "That Adam Walsh act stripped adoption agencies' ability to consider all factors prior to a criminal record check, so one thing you have to have is a totally clean criminal record. It's like if you've made a felonious mistake, you're automatically an unfit person to adopt, though you're still allowed to fuck like a bunny and produce massive quantities of Asian babies by saying hello to some Japanese-Americans in their native way. (warning: in-joke included)"

My record is clean. Other than browsing /b/, I've never done anything illegal. I don't even have any CP to hide. Which has made my feelings for her, confused as they are, all the more extra-confusing.

This is an answer to the following; "Does the place where you work have any sort of rules against employees adopting current/post-patients? I'd guess not, as you said in the first thread that most people there are old as fuck, but it just seems like that could be an obstacle."

Not that I'm aware of. But if it is a problem, and it's the deal breaker, the choice between success and keeping my job...I can get another job, even in my field. There's a health care crisis on, you know.


Believe me, I am VERY aware of this.

...which is why I'm still in 'hard thinking' mode, not 'painting the spare room pink' mode.


As I've already stated since the first post, I'm not working in a hospital.


As I mentioned once before, I'm already planning ways to accomplish this. But friday nights, good luck finding anyone still around at 10 pm, and on the weekends, during the day? I'll schedule a meeting come monday, and present my proposal. We are allowed to make recommendations for the consideration of the treatment of patients; like I said, the head administrator isn't a COMPLETE bitch.


I'm no saint.

I'm not taken to wearing dirty trenchcoats and luring children into my white van with candy, either.

The world is full of shit, you can either do your best to tread it, or start eating.


I don't have a long-term master plan in place, despite what some may think. I'm basically trying to figure out what my heart, as faggoty and retarded as that sounds, is telling me I should do. I wouldn't consider something of this magnitude without being ready for the consequences...the first thread was as much a subconcious attempt at getting people to tell me to just walk away entirely as anything...guess it failed.

There is no coldhearted raping in the forecast. And yes, I am quite aware that any sex with an immature person is rape, 'consenting' or not...and I'm not a fucking rationalizing pedo that'd say 'oh, children can be totally mature as any adult, man...'

I didn't go looking for this situation. Fuck.


I know that.

On a non-text related note, fanart of her, based on my description is welcome. I can give further details if necessary.

Fanart of me would be pretty retarded, unless someone wants to draw an Anonymous in scrubs or something.


Well, I'll keep an eye on that thread. I chose the OP picture because it was eyecatching, and, well, pretty close to her situation, disturbingly enough (she doesn't have such extensive scarring on her leg-stumps, and her right arm's is a much 'longer' trans-tibial amputation, rather than a disarticulation). I'm not sure if I should change it, since it's a reasonably good way to suggest that it's a genuine thread about her, though I guess that's easily enough faked. I'll think about it.

I hadn't thought it was very indicative of raep, what with the lack of cocks, or mysterious white fluids, or any sort of a 'come-hither' look or position on the picture-character's part. I'd considered censoring the naughty bits, but this is /b/, and, like I said above, it's eyecatching.

/i/ 44658

Note: This is a side post from the /i/ board in a thread for fanart of the nameless girl


Uh, I'm not sure exactly what to say, but I suppose I can at least give you a fair description of her.

She's seven years old, scandanavian father, japanese mother. I'm not a geneticist, so I don't know the odds, but she wound up with blonde hair, somewhere between ash and honey, I'd say, and green eyes. She also wound up with a skintone somewhere between his (I'm guessing) pale fjordish and her (also guessing) pale japanese. Her features are predominantly still japanese in configuration, with minor caucasian/fjordish bits here and there: She tends toward the EXTREMELY cute variety of japnese-ish girl features, however, petite and 'idol' worthy. She's beautiful, by any standard.

She was a physically active girl before the accident, involved in both general athletics and gymnastics, it seems...probably the main reason she's doing so well with her rehab. She's rather petite, average-little-japanese-girl sized, but not tiny. No particularly special innate physical characteristics from the neck down.

/i/ 44665

Continuation from the thread in /i/ described above

Her right arm was amputated trans-tibially (through the upper arm), about four inches below the shoulder. Both her legs are trans-femur amputations (through the thigh), roughly halfway down. She doesn't have Bikko-style hypertrophic scarring at any of these locations, though the injuries only occured roughly three months ago, so they're still quite new, and still healing completely.

She's learning to walk again with a pair of prosthetic legs; these include artificial knees (hydraulic models, I think), and she uses silicone sheathes that then hold the sockets in place via suction. Her prosthetic right arm is a mixture of cosmetic and functional, with a myolectric hand and bodypowered elbow; it's also held in place via suction between the socket and the stump.

Her right eye was lost, and has since been fitted with a prosthetic orb and a cosmetic 'glass eye' that looks quite a bit like her real one, though you can tell up close. There was some scarring over her eyelids and above and below the socket, since the eye was lost via a chunk of shrapnel in the accident, and it tore up the surroundings somewhat, too. Not as large as the first picture in the thread, but noticible.

She wears relatively simple sets of clothing...gowns, housecoats, etc. Shit, almost forgot: Her hair is somewhat short all-round, the original picture in this thread is actually not that far off...she hasn't been wearing it up in ribbons or barrettes or such much, since she doesn't like people helping her with it, and she can only do so much by herself.

Not entirely sure what I think about all this, but if people feel the need, who am I to object?

/i/ 44677

Frankly, all my information about her parents is secondhand gossip from the hospital, and a bit from her records. It hardly included a family tree, or even pictures of what her parents actually looked like.


Back to the main thread

Well, to be fair, I haven't raped anyone else so far. Perfect record!

God, you people go on and on and on, and this thread is getting pretty damned boring. But hey, keep jerking it to your impotent thoughts of rage at the monster DARING to give a shit about that poor, poor little girl, that you'd tsk and 'aww' over if you ever saw her, but you'd start feeling uncomfortable with and want to get away from as soon as you could, just like everyone else that hasn't been paid to deal with her thus far have.

She had friends before the accident, you know. She and her parents both. They all came to visit her in the hospital afterward...

...once. None of them ever came back for a second visit. You fags make me sick, with your furious mewlings. Save that virility for your glory holes and GTFO, dramafags.


OP here. I honestly have no problem with a clothed version. If I had the photoshopping skills, I would've done it myself. Anonymous isn't my personal army, though, if someone feels like doing so, it's good, if not, I can manage some black censor bars or something.

(To the edit below): Well, that would be the final distinguishing touch, all right. The hair is actually pretty damn close...good work there.

/i/ 44766

PROTIP: the tibia is a bone in the lower leg. The right word for an amputation through the upper arm is transhumeral. I doubt the OP is a genuine registered nurse, he'd know at least this much.

Fuck, this is why you don't drink and post, as lame and undoubtedly made-up as that sounds.

Guess it's a good thing I didn't go for med school after all. Anyway, need to head in to the 'office' in time for the nurses' lunchtime gathering, to bounce my idea off them before I take it to the administration office.

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The Awakening of Nurse-kun, Chapter 2
Part of the saga of Nurse-kun
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