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"Look out! Terrorists are coming! We need to attack! We need to be on the offensive! The terrorists will get you!"

Fuck the terrorists.

I'm not going to pay money so other people can kill innocent civilians in a faraway country, just to lower the chances that someone from that other country will come over and kill me or my family. That's bullshit. Terrorists hate me so much? Bring 'em on. If I die, too bad, that's all she wrote. If my friends die well shit, life sucks. It's not like I was expecting the world to deal me blackjack every day.

Hmm, I don't remember writing this page. I don't drink or do drugs, but it seems to have been written in some sort of altered state. In any case, it may not be clear what I meant here. Terrorism is extremely unlikely. Seventeen thousand times more people die from car crashes than from terrorism. It doesn't seem worth it to write off our liberty or human lives just because we're so goddamn scared.

My ideal anti-terrorism budget is $0. The $5 trillion per year that frees up can be used to provide all of the Mideast and Malaysia with handwritten apologies, and every neoconservative with psychiatric care. I would also use the money to solve every social problem in the United States.

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