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<lungfish> for the sake of humanity apathy and laziness must be abandoned as 'virtues'
<Shii> although i think that is a mean characterization there is a monk in thailand who is proposing that.
he wants buddhists involved in politics, to preserve good practices.
it's also what happened in sri lanka in 1900, sort of
<lungfish> they should be
this is the real world
you dont play by its rules
you end up like tibdet
<Shii> or burma.
what i wonder is, bad kings have existed from the beginning of time, why is it that they are so much more of a problem now
<lungfish> "all that is needed for evil to triumph is the inaction of good men"
<Shii> it seems they can ruin normal people's lives much more easily
maybe there is more political power appearing everywhere and more areas for control
<lungfish> they arent more of a problem now.
things are in fact way better than they used to be
and keep getting better every decade
<Shii> tibet and burma seem to point otherwise
<lungfish> it's only a misunderstanding of history that makes people think otherwise
the taking over of unarmed countries is also as old as time
<Shii> tibet was ruled by china before but they pretty much let it alone as long as they paid up
<lungfish> a lot of them just arent in your history books.
<Shii> now, control also means micromanagement.
no more monks giving speeches, no more blogging
it's all monitored by CCTV
<lungfish> maybe in england
china cant afford dat shit
<Shii> but you see in general people now have the ability to control other people more than other before

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