Shaggy dog joke

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<Shii> so. this guy goes to the pet store and he wants an exotic pet

<Shii> the pet store owner says "well, actually, this fella just dropped off a one-of-a-kind pet, it's a rarie"

<Shii> so he says "okay, i'll take it," and he takes the rarie home with him and it's just the size of a peanut

<Shii> he puts it in a glass of water but it gets big fast, soon he has to move it to a fishbowl

<Shii> then it's in his biggest bowl, and finally it's in the bathtub

<Shii> so he can't feed it anymore and he decides the only thing left to do is take it back to the ocean

<Shii> and he takes it out in his pickup truck, he stops by the pet shop to see if the pet shop owner can help him out

<Shii> so they get to the sea but they're on the edge of this cliff, and the guy says to the pet shop owner, "think he'll make it?"

<Shii> and the pet shop owner says, "i dunno. it's a long way to tip a rarie"

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