Seung-Hui Cho

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The message of Seung-Hui Cho that NBC tried to hide: when he mailed his package to NBC he was aiming to inspire more killings, he told them so, and NBC broadcast his specially designed package despite this.

You have no clue of what revolution I have started. The number of you descendants of Satan that I have killed is nothing compared to what my People--my Brothers, Sisters, and Children that you fucked--will do. They will be influenced by my framework and see that they no longer need to be terrorized by you Democratic terrorists. They will be inspired to carry out vendetta like me except even bigger and more lethal with each generation.

This message was transcribed from a high-definition screenshot of a paper briefly waved in front of the camera during the media circus. This message was never released to the American public.

Blood is on the hands of the American news media that chose to air the words, pictures, and videos of this killer despite his stated intent that he aimed to cause more killing.

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