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<lungfish> you know what is the greatest force for good in this world?
<Shii> as an american i suppose it's good for you to believe that
<lungfish> individual freedom, democracy, market economy, and secularism
those are our tenets
as a human, it's good for me to believe that
<Shii> all the things that you enjoy, right in your homeland
how about that
<lungfish> it's not just brainless patriotism
those are in fact all the best values
and i know because i've studied it and i've been on the other side of the fence like many of our questioning youth
<mike> fuck “homeland”
<Shii> of course it's not brainless, but it's still you endorsing the things you were brought up to like
<lungfish> i think our metrics are pretty powerful
we have freedom, we have economic success
<Shii> hmm. yes, power is an absolute truth.
<lungfish> we have a much higher standard of justice
<Shii> there's nothing relative about that
maybe i should read machiavelli

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