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Polytheist Compatible is a certification awarded to only the most pluralist forms of polytheism.

Polytheist Compatible

The following forms of religion are certified compatible!

Hard polytheism
The world is ruled by multiple gods/spirits. Some may be more important than others, but all are real.
Spirits are everywhere; in trees, rocks, and mountains. There may very well be anthropomorphic gods walking the earth.

Polytheist Capable

Soft monotheism
"Yeah, there's one God, but God doesn't care what address you send your prayers to." (Example: Tenrikyo) Also includes monotheism that allows for existence of lesser spirits.
Soft polytheism
Soft polytheism (neopagan term, not academic) came about in late antiquity, beginning just one or two hundred years before the rise of Christianity. If you think all spirits are just avatars of one or two gods you are not really playing the game very well, but I guess it counts as respecting polytheism.

Not compatible!

Hard monotheism
Any monotheism that includes the belief that polytheists are deluded, or devil worshipers, or devils themselves. No thanks. You're losing out!
Cultural imperialism
See Romanization.

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