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NAFTA, which is short for the misleading name "North American Free Trade Agreement," is an excellent example of transnational businesses making life utterly shitty for average people.

Is it any wonder that Mexicans are border-hopping into Texas? They are literally fleeing for their lives. If they have to stay in Mexico they will die and their families will too.

By the way, NAFTA is often touted as a "free trade" agreement, as it claims, but it is actually a guarantee that there will be no free trade in North America. It sets up all sort of restrictions on trade. It is also a death sentence for the American manufacturing industry.

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Is it true that NAFTA is the first step to a North American Union?

Vicente Fox, one of NAFTA's signers, certainly thinks so. He said so on the Daily Show. But this is really besides the point. There is no sure evidence that NAFTA will open a door to our sharing a common market with Mexico with open borders and such. On the contrary: it contains all sorts of provisions to let Americans keep the market practices we have right now. We simply get to dump our excess onto Mexico.

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