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See Sayings of Jesus. Numbering is from The Muslim Jesus by Tarif Khalidi.



Jesus sees a man comiting theft.

Jesus: "Did you commit theft?"

Man: "Never! I swear by God."

Jesus: "I believe God and falsify my eye."


Jesus said, "Blessed be he who guards his tongue, whose house is sufficient for his needs, and who weeps for his sins."

al-Mubarak, al-Dunya, Hanbal, al-Qushayri, ibn 'Asakir, al-Zabidi


Jesus said, "Do not talk to much without the mention of God, lest your hearts grow hard; for the hard heart is far from God, but you do not know. Do not examine the sins of people as though you were lords, but examine them, rather, as though you were servants. Men are of two kinds: the sick and the healthy. Be merciful to the sick and give thanks to God for health."


Jesus said, "If it is a day of fasting for one of you, let him anoint his head and beard and wipe his lips so people will not know he is fasting.If he gives with the right hand, left him hide this from his left hand. If he prays, let him pull down the door curtain, for God apportions praise as He apportions livelihood."


Recast of Qu'ran 7:187 and Matthew 24:36


"It is not fitting that the son of Mary should remain silent when the Hour is mentioned in his presence"


Jesus recites Qu'ran verse 18:30. al-Mubarak, ibn 'Asakir



World as a bridge

99 Alboacen

[Jesus said:]

"The world is like a bridge. Cross this bridge, but do not build on it."

Abu al-Hasan Ali Ibn Muhammad Ibn Habib al-Mawardi, Kitab Aadab al-Dunya w'al-Din (The Ethics of Religion and of this World), 9th century

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