Korean shamanism

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The use of straw ropes, and of pieces of paper resembling the Shinto gohei, during incantations, with a certain similarity between the Shinto and the Shaman ceremonies, might suggest a common origin; but our knowledge of the Daemonism of Korea is so completely in its infancy, that any speculations as to its kinships can be of little value, and it is only as a very slight contribution to the sum of knowledge of an obscure but very interesting subject, that I venture to present these chapters to my readers.
The Koreans, it must be remarked, have no single word for Daemonism or Shamanism. The only phrase in use to express their belief in daemons who require to be propitiated is, Kur-sin wi han-nan Kbt (the worship of Spirits). Pulto is Buddhism, Yuto Confucianism, and Sonto Taoism, but the termination To," doctrine," has not yet been affixed to Deemonism.
Korea and her neighbors: a narrative of travel - By Isabella Lucy Bird

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