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The two questions of Islam that every single person in the Western world needs to figure out the answers to quickly:

Your call, Planet Earth.

Interesting issues in Islam

  1. Verses 15:28-38, 38:71-81 are two different versions of the same story. If the Qu'ran were written by a human hand, this would make sense because they remembered it differently during different times. But if the Qu'ran is written by God why are there differences in the story?
  2. Verses 3:45-46 and 19:19 give two different accounts of the Annunciation, but one has just Gabriel, and one has multiple angels. Apologists respond that there are actually two separate Annunciations, and Mary's response (3:47; 19:20) occurs only after both messages have been delivered. This seems like extreme sloppiness on the part of God, both in delivering the Annunciation and in transcription.
  3. Nowhere in the Qu'ran is it claimed that following the Qu'ran is necessary for salvation. Only belief in God is necessary, and despite the criticisms God unleashes on Jewish and Christian beliefs in the Qu'ran, they are specifically named as having nothing to fear if they follow God in verses 2:62 and 5:69. Islam itself is simply Arabic for "submission" so according to these verses there is technically no conflict in saying all good Christians and Jews are also good Muslims. The people we normally call Muslims simply follow the revelation to Muhammad, rather than Jewish or Christian revelations.
    The purpose of the Qu'ran to correct "wrong beliefs" is discussed in 2:40-2:46 and 5:66.

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This website can also be useful sometimes, although the webmaster has a short temper.


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