Investment banking

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Investment banking is the most ruthless form of evil in the world. Investment bankers are utterly blind to what sort of impact they have on real life. Their only purpose is to maximize profits.

I have met people who want to be investment bankers. Their argument boils down to that they want to have lots of money so that they can donate it to the charities they most support. In other words, they want to be mean to people now and be nice to people later. They believe that they can do more with their money than the people they are taking it from; their ego is the size of our entire planet. If it weren't for people like this we wouldn't need to have organized charities at all.

There shouldn't be such a thing as investment classes. They are an instruction course in evil. People who want to learn how to be an investment banker should be forced into a rigorous program of reeducation, and if necessary sent to an asylum.

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