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The following website is a decent resource about the Holocaust and an excellent website for debunking Holocaust deniers:


One thing that is not clear when you go to the Holocaust Museum in DC is why there were only 405,000 registered prisoners at Auschwitz. You see a diagram of the gas chambers but (perhaps because I was horrified by that part of the exhibit) it was not clear to me who it was who went to those gas chambers. The truth is that the registered victims and the gassed victims are two separate groups with little overlap, as explained here:


I have made a graphic to explain these numbers. It is inexact.



Holocaust memoirs and their authors

In response to a troll complaining that most Holocaust memoirs are faked, here is a list of authors and their memoirs. This is based on Wikipedia information but as far as I can tell it is the first list of memoirs by author and date. As you can see there was not a big market for Holocaust stories immediately after the war-- Communists suppressed it and publishers rejected it. It took a while before the reality could be fully understood.

Prior to the 1990s most Holocaust experiences were not published as popular memoirs but recorded in yizkor books, usually in Hebrew or Yiddish. Here's an example of an English entry in a yizkor book.

The Library of Holocaust Testimonies has published many other books as well, especially starting in 2000.

Victims' diaries



Here we come to the frauds. As you can see, the first fraud appeared in 1995. The first Holocaust memoirs, though, appeared just years after the war, and by the 1980s there were many of them. If there was an international Jewish conspiracy the quality of the "fake memoirs" would get better, not worse, as the years passed. These frauds are the product of (1) preexisting knowledge of the Holocaust and (2) a shameful attempt to cash in on it.

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