Henry Martyn Dexter

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Henry Martyn Dexter (August 13, 1821 - November 13, 1890) was a minister who excelled in the areas of writing about Congregationalism and doing research into religious history. He often wrote about subjects nobody else had thought to look into, although modern readers may find his works very dry. Since his works are not very well collected online the main function of this page is to show you where you can read them.

Dexter was born in Plympton, Massachusetts, on August 13, 1821. He went at first to Brown in 1836, then to Yale in 1838. He graduated in 1840, taught for a year, then went on to Andover Theological Seminary in 1844. He was a pastor at Franklin St. in Manchester NH from 1844-1849, and then at Berkeley Temple in Boston from 1849-1867.

Editor of the Congregationalist, 1851-1865, 1867-1874. Founder of the Congregational Quarterly, 1858. Publishing Comittee of National Congregational Council, 1879. Moderator of National Congregational Council, Oberlin, Ohio, 1880. Went to Scandanavia in 1884. Full biography available in 1891 proceedings of Massachusetts Historical Society.

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