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Conversation involves listening and talking. Talking is often alleged to be more important, but talking without listening isn't a conversation at all.

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Pop culture references

People don't know each other as well as we used to. In previous centuries, friends would look at each other and say, "Remember when we were young?" They had decades of memories and shared experiences. We don't have those blessings today. Not only do we move around from town to town and change friends, but we don't do as much together. So now our common currency is the pop culture we shared as kids. Afternoons watching Nickelodeon, awful Saturday morning cartoons... it seems like something out of Fahrenheit 451 that our sense of nostalgia has been chained to this forgotten, meaningless schlock. When we recall stuff like Alvin and the Chipmunks we should be looking to our lives today to see what forms this idiocy is taking, and take care to exterminate it entirely so that we won't have stupid memories of it in the future.

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