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The People's Republic of Cambridge is an autonomous city in Massachusetts home to the following attractions:

Porter Square

Porter Square is home to DELICIOUS FOOD. If you are visiting Cambridge, this is what you must do:

  1. Take the Red Line to Porter Square
  2. Walk down the street a little and go into the mall

The place you are looking for is officially named Cafe Mami, but it is actually called Taka's, because your food is cooked by Taka, a Japanese guy who you will see behind the counter. Tell Taka that Jihwan and Ari are telling everyone they know about his delicious curry rice. (They probably aren't really, but they ought to be. If you ever meet them you will appreciate my sentiment.)

Nearby Taka's is a genuine Japanese grocery store with all sorts of neat stuff in it. It takes a lot of effort to import Japanese food so go buy a melon bread there if didn't stuff yourself on curry rice. There's also a Japanese bakery, which I haven't yet tried but will someday, and a bubble tea stand which is acceptable.

Porter Square also used to be home to the best Japanese bookstore on the entire East Coast, but it moved and is somewhere in Western Mass now.

Harvard Square

Central Square

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