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Thread 41

Anonymous 10/03/07(Wed)01:32:19 No.41449662

Hello /b/, blindmute loli guy here for the 41st thread. The good news: Erika isn't at CPS anymore. The bad news: She isn't with me. I'll elaborate on that, even though that good news is anything but. I've been visiting Erika for a while now, I could tell she wasn't very happy at all, pretty pissed about the whole thing with good reason of course. I tried to be supportive but I can only visit for so much time a day and she wasn't being very talkative. I just had an inkling of a feeling that she was about to crack. I mean, how much can one 9 year old take? Your parents die, you get sent to CPS, the series of events that happened to her must be chipping away at her I thought. I go to visit Erika at the home where she usually was, except she's not there that particular day. I learn where she is, and ask where I would find it. CPS gives me a little "I'm sorry but we can only release that information to a parent or guardian blah blah..." So I have to go to Sharon to get that info, who is with Mark. Sharon refuses, giving me that same little response CPS gave me. So I pull Sharon aside, threatening to tell Mark about the night we spent together. "What night!? There wasn't any!" And then I smiled, "But there could be..." Then my cunting plan was dismantled. "You know if you said that Mark would probably just beat you up?" Oh yeah. My first plan failed, so I resorted to begging and guilt tripping. Success! After I bothered her enough, she told me what I wanted.

Anonymous 10/03/07(Wed)01:33:17 No.41449757

Blindmute Loli - Thread 41 by ~Dark-Pen

Now at this point, I imagine you're wondering where was Erika if she wasn't where she usually is. She was at mental hospital. What happened? Well Sharon said that Erika sort of cracked a bit. One of the usual kids was bullying her, and she couldn't take it anymore. So apparently when they were doing some art project or something with scissors. Erika got his attention, he asked her what the hell she wanted, and she tried to stab him. And not just like a prick, like really trying to kill him. She wasn't successful of course, she actually did get him once (but it's not a serious bruise, they were only scissors intended to be used by children). They pulled her off of him, and that was the end of that assassination attempt. CPS got its knickers in a bunch, and that's how Erika ended up where she is. Now by now I'm sure you've noticed I'm not taking this very seriously. And I don't, it was a pair of scissors! I mean they were sharp and probably could've caused some injury if she had stabbed him enough, but still. At the same time though I do recognize something is wrong with Erika, not that she's suffering from Hinamizawa Syndrome, but that the Ryan thing did really affect her. Maybe it could be beneficial, but probably not. They said though that people don't usually stay in them very long, 1-2 weeks usually. And it's not like they think she's dangerous and crazy either, just angry, depressed, and needing a bit of a diagnosis. Of course then again Erika is under the control of the state, which I think probably wanted to put her there because their homes are crowded. At least, according to Sharon, Ryan has dropped all claims of being Erika's guardian, which is a good thing. Beyond that, neither of us knows his current situation.

Anonymous 10/03/07(Wed)01:33:36 No.41449785

So I went to visit Erika at her new place of residence, where I was informed that visiting days are only Saturdays and Sundays. I tried, but they wouldn't let me in at all. They did tell me that all patients get one 5 minute phone call a day, and offered to have me leave my number... which really helps because she's mute, right? Fucking idiots. I'm trying not to freak out over the whole thing, because really it's not good. Erika is really depressed, I can't do anything for her, the next time I can visit is on Saturday and Sunday, Ryan is probably already back at his house fucking his girlfriend, and fuck fucking fuck. The only thing I can do is try to remain calm and optimistic until Saturday and Sunday, then go to visit. Personally though, I think the little asshole kid that Erika tried to kill deserved to get put back in his place. Not killed, but I have a feeling that if Erika goes back to CPS nobody's going to be botheing her anymore. And of course that means she's open to be adopted again, however I can't start that until she's out of the hospital. Now the good news is, I can adopt Erika, in my own name if the opportunity comes up. Now the key word is "can", implying possibility not probability. Really you can adopt if you're an adult, of course the younger you are the more trouble you have. However, I've been following this for a while now, surely somebody must have taken note of how much I've been around Erika and trying, and all of the other stuff I've been doing, at least in a small footnote on whatever info they have on me. It never was so much that it was impossible for me to adopt her, more that it was so unlikely it was no use in bothering. But I have grown another year older, I'm 20, so it may be possible, and the child's preference does have weight in the process. Erika may be a bit angry right now, but she told me she wasn't mad at me, even if she was only saying it for my benefit it's good enough.

Thread 42

10/07/07(Sun)00:20:28 No.41908181

Hi ho again /b/, Blindmute loli guy here for another thread. Before I get to what happened when I visited Erika, I'll talk about something else. It seems that Luke and I have semi-reconciled. Not really, but kind of. It all started when we happened to be sitting on the couch together. We had a "I'm taking my ball and I'm going home and I'm not being your friend anymore" pouty vibe between us, awkward it was. Then I grabbed it*, and leaned forward*, and he began pounding me*. That aside, he beat me in the first round by using that cheap leg sweep move. Playing as Liu Kang, I decided to maintain my distance. He jumped to try and get over to me to get me in sweep range, so I denied him with an air fireball, then a flying bicycle kick. He recovered though, and managed to get me into a sweep. I was too far back though, so he lost me in a few sweeps, and with a few more moves ended the round in my favor. With the third round, I managed to string together a chain of flying kicks, then uppercut him for the win. I gave him Liu Kang's dragon fatality. We ended up playing about 50 more matches, the record in my favor but pretty close. At the very least, it was the friendliest conatct we've had in a while. Still, I have to listen to him and Melinda have sex. His ED is now fix'd, now his penis is a stale pancake standing tall in the wind. More importantly, I did go to visit Erika today. When I arrived, the person working there said since I had no relation to Erika I wouldn't be allowed. All I had to do was get a bit pissy though, and she acquiesced (thank you /wooo/ for reminding me of how cool that word is) with an apathetic "fine", and let me go in. There was Erika, dressed in traditional mental patient garb. The floppy green slippers, the hospital-ish light blue pants, and the white shirt that ties in the back. I have to admit, it was sort of cute, but her expression wasn't very cute at all.

* the Sega Genesis controller * to turn on the system, which had Mortal Kombat II in it * at Mortal Kombat, with Baraka

10/07/07(Sun)00:20:49 No.41908223

There were a few chairs set out in a hallway, and I conversed with her. I had to be extra pissy just to get a pen for her to write with (pens are a nono there, they think the patients are going to go around stabbing people, and some of them might). Which brings us to probably the shittiest part of the whole thing. She has no writing utensils, so basically no way of communicating with anybody there except for some basic hand motions. She doesn't know sign language, and I imagine if she did nobody there would know it anyway. Wonderful, isn't it? In other news, the only other complaint that she had is that it's pretty boring. The other kids don't bother her (because most of them are probably so drugged up), they just think of her as the weird girl who can't talk it seems. Food is also bad, but that's to be expected. She introduced me to her roomates too (everyone else in the same wing as her was a female under the age of 10 of course). Jennifer, who seemed pretty normal (though I didn't ask why she was in a mental hospital), and Danielle (who seemed a bit "slow"). I didn't see much of them though. Erika also said that Danielle has a hard time getting to sleep, and likes to pound on the walls when it's time. This is the most I could get out of her in the time I was allowed to visit. Before I left, I did ask if she would be getting out any time soon. According to them, release is at the discretion of the child's assigned doctor who will visit the wing once a week or so. Not very comforting. And since I'm not her parent/guardian and have no legal rights on her behalf, my opinion doesn't mean shit to them. So not really good news, except for the fact that my stay at Melinda's place might give me stable housing.

Thread 43

Anonymous 10/12/07(Fri)01:03:13 No.42510611

Hello /b/, blindmuteloli guy here. It's been a bit, and in this time I haven't seen Erika at all (discounting today). Yes, she's been released, they said there was no reason to keep her as she showed no signs of furthering agression. So, she returned again to CPS. Sharon called me to tell me, so I went right over to visit her. She was pleased at my visit, and I thought she'd be more overjoyed at the news I gave her, that I was planning on trying to adopt her again. Instead, she just sort of acted like she was thinking in her mind "That's what you said the last three times." Ouch. I know she's not mad at me though, I hope she's not anyway. I know she's getting a bit tired of all that's been going on as anybody would, but I'm just hoping soon enough I'll adopt her and everything will return to a peaceful existence. Everyday though (oh no OP is getting sappy), even as things get harder I only love her more and more. I know she knows that, and despite everything she puts her trust in me. I'll never stop trying my absolute best to protect her, you can all be assured of that. I did have to tickle her a bit though to get a smile, I warned her though.

Anonymous 10/12/07(Fri)01:05:16 No.42510810

(Note: was part of above entry, but reposted 2 minutes 3 seconds later.)

Speaking of protection though, it seems nobody wants to mess with Erika after what happened. Since she got back, nobody talks to her, and people seem a bit uneasy around her. I suppose she showed them. She did tell me something however, one of the reasons why the kids didn't like her very much. She said they're jealous, because they don't have any parents yet I act like Erika's parent. They tell her to go live with me and quit bothering them. And even though they were mean to Erika, I still feel bad for them all. You can see it in them, behind every sad visage, a sadder story. It makes me wish I could get to know them all, but you can't solve all of the world's problems I suppose, only do what you can.

Anonymous 10/12/07(Fri)01:06:02 No.42510888

In other news, Sharon's been trying to do research on Erika's parentage. In my mind, they're dead and that's the end of it (not nice I know but facts are facts). Sharon has been snooping around, finding people that match Erika's last name (it's not actually all that common). She found one guy who's in prison for murder and a rapist. I think sometimes her imagination runs away with her. I asked her if she asked Erika about it at all, and she said no as she didn't want to bring such a touchy subject up. It does make me wonder where her other relatives are, she's got to have a few living I would think (I could be wrong about that though, I don't know for sure). It doesn't much matter to me anyway though, I for one think the past, like Jews, should remain buried (*rimshot*). As for Ryan, I don't much about what's going on with him. Sharon's usually a valuable source of inside info, but of course she's not in any way related to the criminal justice system. Honestly, my worst nightmare is that he got off with almost no punishment (which is more likely than you think) and one of these days I'm going to see him strolling down the street and have to resist the urge to kick his balls up his asshole. A peculiarity though, is that I got a call from his girlfriend hopefully ex-girlfriend today. I picked up and she started to talk, but then she hung up. I don't exactly know what she would want to talk to me about, but it's actually been stirring my interest for a bit. I'm still wondering if she'll call back. As another peculiarity my nosy self noticed, my sister is still talking to Luke. He left his computer unlocked while he went to take a shit, so I snooped around on his computer (usually when I see any unlocked computer I just can't resist looking). Looking at his buddy list, my sister's sn was still on there, and the logs between the two were pretty recent. Luke and I have started getting semi-friendly though, so I don't want to go accusing him of anything. I didn't get to read to deeply into their logs, so I didn't get to see much actually. Of course I'm probably concerning myself too much with the lives of others. Especially my sister who still doesn't like me very much. My parents have actually started being more strict with her, they made her get an STD and pregnancy test (so much for innocent little sister), and aren't letting her go out doing what she wants anymore.

Anonymous 10/12/07(Fri)01:06:29 No.42510932

Melinda still doesn't seem annoyed at my presence either, she's even starting to like Jim's kids. Jim is still requesting that I watch his kids every so often, despite Melanie's insistence that they can manage themselves (not that I mind helping him out), and instead of me going over there he usually brings them here. Except for emo Eric that is, who according to Jim got suspended from school for threatening some other kid. I find it odd that parents seem to bring up their child's faults as much as their acheivements in small talk, or maybe that's just Jim. Melanie seemingly doesn't like me anymore though, as she matter-of-factly told me that she has a new boyfriend now and I'm through. Oh well. Both Amelia and Melanie were excited that Erika was out of the hospital though, they were pretty concerned about the whole matter. I didn't actually tell them the full story behind it with Ryan and such, but they were still fairly upset.

Thread 44

Anonymous 10/14/07(Sun)00:06:47 No.42718671

Hallo there /b/, blindmute loli guy back to update. Still going to visit Erika, and she's actually been a bit more talkative. She's been talking about a new kid who just arrived. Good that she has somebody else besides me who she can talk to. A lot of people don't want to take the time to communicate with her, since it involves reading (if only she could communicate through television, she'd probably be much more popular). Getting the adoption paperwork and stuff going... again. I've actually done it so often now it feels a bit routine. And it won't be the first time many of the people I have to talk to see me in their offices. Is that a benefit or a detriment, who knows? The real thing that happened today was that I got a call from Ryan's former girlfriend. This time she didn't hang up, she asked me to come over. I had my suspicions, but you know what they say, curiousity kills the cat, and nyaah~ I went because mine was aroused. I went over there, and suddenly as I was at the doorstep I began to become paranoid. I realized it: they were trying to kill me. Ryan was behind that door, he had used his innocent sounding little girlfriend to lure me over, so he could murder me. He was waiting, just behind the door when I opened it, to stab me with, or perhaps bludgeon me. Or maybe when I opened the door a shotgun shell would pierce my stomach. Maybe his girlfriend would put on a strap-on and slowly rape my asshole as I bled to death from a gunshot wound. Maybe she'd act all sweet, offer me a drink. With poison in it, that is! What to do? To go in, or not to go in. To take arms against a sea of rape. But I had to go in, even if it death would await me. I knocked on the door, and I was greeted by Ryan's gf... and nothing happened.

Anonymous 10/14/07(Sun)00:07:46 No.42718784

Until, that is, I sat down on the couch. She threw herself on me, except instead of doing something fun like giving me a lap dance she started crying on me. Apologizing about what happened to Erika, how she didn't say anything, how he beat her, pouring her heart out to me. On one hand this woman was apologizing and letting me in on her emotions, on the other hand it was like "DO NOT WANT". She continued crying, so I tried to comfort her (at the very least so she'd quit crushing my balls). Eventually she got off of me, and sat next to me on the couch. She just said she wanted to express how sorry she was about the whole thing. Then she insisted I stay for dinner. I really didn't want to, but she insisted. So I had no choice, seeing that she was trying to be nice to me. Over dinner, she confessed to me that she had an alternative reason for calling me over. She was scared of Ryan. She apparently hasn't seen him for a while, but thinks he might not be in a prison or a jail, and might to try to kill her and then steal her nanomachines (in that order). She asked me to stay the night too. I wondered at that moment if she didn't have a brother or some shit. So I pondered it, and said yes. I didn't particularly want to, but I would've felt bad leaving her there if her worries have any legitimacy. Yep, that's where I am now. Nothing has happened, she's asleep, I'm here on her computer, trying to download some anime to watch. Called Melinda and Luke to tell them I wouldn't be home, not that they much cared.

Thread 45

Anonymous 10/17/07(Wed)01:52:14 No.43036850

Hey there /b/, blindmute loli guy with another update. Since the last you've heard of me, I was staying over at Ryan's house, keeping watch for none other than Ryan himself. Wee in the morning (as in 2-3 am), I heard a scratch scratch scratching at my door. Say did I "Go away you stupid whore", for Ryan's departure I did implore, but upon opening my door, I saw only the vastness of night, and nothing more. But upon going to lay once more, I saw a cat I did deplore, eyes full of malignancy my shirt it tore, and I shall stop the rhyming heretofore. But yes, if you didn't get it the first time it was a random cat scratching at the door. I opened it up to see what it was, and the little bastard snuck right in then settled down on the couch I was sleeping on. I tried to get it to go back outside, and it scratched me. So being a man of peace and not of war, I slept on the floor.

Anonymous 10/17/07(Wed)01:53:00 No.43036910

Fortunately however, that cat was the most action I had that night. Sarah made me some breakfast and I departed. Last I checked the cat was still there, I don't know what she did with it but I don't much care. I went back to Luke and Melinda's, and found the door unlocked, so I walked right in. I yelled around a bit, but nobody was there. And then I walked in the living room, and saw it on my couch. No, not the cat. A person, a person I didn't want to see. "Oh shit" is what I thought right when I saw them, and knew I was in for some trouble. It was my older sister. Amelia (this is my older sister's name, it's also the name of Jim's youngest child, but they're different) was sitting there on the couch. "What are you doing here!?" And she explained it thusly: She was home visiting. My little sister has appeared missing. My parents called Melinda's house (since this is where they've last known I lived, sometimes they can't keep up with my moving), and Melinda said that Luke was missing too. Which leads me to one conclusion, that they're both missing together. And my parents sent my older sister to try to find her, who came to me. At first I refused to help, since it's not my job to solve everybody's problems right? I don't want to go on some wild chase for my sister today, I wanted to go visit Erika, go about my day. But then she started getting bitchy. "Have a job yet?", "Applied to any schools yet?" I knew she wasn't going to stop until I agreed to help her. Bitch.

Anonymous 10/17/07(Wed)01:53:16 No.43036926

So we started off, trying to find them without any idea where they would be. She asked me if I had any ideas, and I pondered. And then I remembered. A vision from the Gods. A bit ago, Luke had went to an anime convention. He spoke very highly of the hotel he stayed out. So I thought, "Surely this must be where they were!". It was pretty far away, but we drove all the way there. So I waltzed right in, thought I'd talk a bit, smooth things over, and everything would be good. I wasn't even intending on kicking Luke's ass, for some reason despite having to listen to my bitch sister all the way there I was in a good mood. A mood to make it so everything worked out good for everyone, Me, Luke, Emily, even Amelia. And waltz I did, except he wasn't there.

Anonymous 10/17/07(Wed)01:53:34 No.43036949

Back to the pondering board it was. Left with no other ideas, we checked every hotel, motel, and place of temporary lodging we could find. Nothing. And then my sister finally had an idea. "How about that old apartment you guys used to have?" So we went to our old apartment building. I went to talk to my landlord, and he was actually happy to see me (I may have said it before, or maybe not, but Luke and I were pretty good friends with the landlord, he's actually pretty friendly to everyone). He's also pretty Jewish, like almost stereotypically Jewish. Still a cool guy though. "Jake, you're back, I missed you. You never came to visit me!" He gave me one of his handshakes where he tries to shake your arm off. "You know I thought I'd see you back since Luke just moved in." Bingo. So, for once, my sister had a good idea. "You know he had a young lady with him, looked to be a bit too young but hey as long as they pay their rent I'm not gonna bother them about their business right?" Bingo again. I asked him where the room was, saying I wanted to pay Luke a little "visit".

Anonymous 10/17/07(Wed)01:53:53 No.43036968

I went right up to the room (which was a different one than our old apartment). I knocked on the door, and Luke opened it up slightly before he saw that it was me with my older sister behind. He tried to close the door on us, but me and my sister forced it open (and Luke is a wide load to push). When we were in, Luke got that look on his face, I half-expected him to hand me a lamp and say "Get it over with". I told him to calm down, that I was just here to get my sister back, not to kick his ass. "Jake, this is trespassing, get out of here or I'll call the police." And at this, we both started laughing. This guy who coerced a 13 year old girl to run away from her parents to live with him is threatening to call the cops on me. However, I was reminded of the last incident involving Luke and the cops, and they didn't exactly come through that time. I went to go find my sister, and I found her on a bed in her underwear. A box of condoms on the side of the bed. And at that point I wondered if my sisters truly hated me. So the little angel on my shoulder darted my eyes away, but the little Anonymous on my other shoulder darted them back, but then I realized I had more important things to worry about. She covered herself, and I told her that we had come to get her. Suddenly Luke appears, and offers this challenge: "She's not going anywhere Jake, I'll fight you if that's what it takes." Now we were both about to laugh again, but at the same time I felt something. Like Luke was genuinely concerned about my sister, and at that point I started having a bit of a soft spot for the whole relationship, a small one. So I made a promise (one I wish I hadn't). "Emily, if you come back with me now I promise I'll help you see Luke again, but you can't live with him." I thought I was being nice, right? Luke decided to call the police anyway.

Anonymous 10/17/07(Wed)01:54:11 No.43036989

They arrived, and Luke gained a quick lead by saying that we were trespassing in his apartment. At this point my landlord had also arrived to see "What's all the bupkus about?". Once the police heard our side of the story though, and saw the box of condoms (my sister had gotten dressed by this point, so we couldn't use that) they decided that my sister had to go back, and entrusted me to deliver her. Luke was left at his apartment (they STILL wouldn't take him in, do I have to get a video of his 2 incher in her mouth?), and me and mis hermanas dos departed. I went back to my parents' house, and they were PISSED. I sat down on the edge of the couch as my sister in the middle sat there as my parents yelled in her face, little bits of spit flying at us, my older sister in the corner with her arms crossed looking disapprovingly. Everytime I tried to talk, I was quickly interrupted by "Shutup!". And then my mother turned to me. "AND I BLAME YOU!" Wait, me? What did I do!? "He's your friend!" Eventually though, I managed to calm them down, my sister went and escaped from the battle, and it was up to me. I smooth talked, and I managed to convince them to just drop it. "Oh at least she's back just let it be everything's okay blah blah..." So I somewhat saved my sister's ass, and Luke's ass, and my own very fine ass, but they're still pissed at her. I imagine they won't let her leave the house until she's 18. Fucked up one time too many, and this was pretty big.

Anonymous 10/17/07(Wed)01:54:28 No.43037018

Since it was already late, I decided to stay at my parent's place. As I was about to go to sleep, my sister came in. She settled down on top of me. "Get offa me." "You used to like this when I was younger." "Yeah but that was when you were young and cute." "Oh come on Jake, you're not really mad at me are you?" WHAT DO YOU MEAN I'M NOT FUCKING MAD AT YOU OF COURSE I'M... but actually, I wasn't that mad. No... don't fall for it Jake... she's trying to pretend to be cute... but the condoms... the Luke... soggy pancake... but I wasn't mad. Damnit. "Fine, I'm not that mad." So we talked for a bit more about Luke. Somehow, it's slightly possible that he's beneficial to her, maybe. And I did make a promise I'd help them see each other, which I have to keep. Somehow... I departed that morning, said goodbye to the family, and my older sister drove me back to Melinda's. Melinda was clearly depressed, Luke hadn't come home, it appears that he intended to live permanently in that apartment. And I thought to myself, "I STAY WITH SARAH, I FOUND MY SISTER, I SAVED HER AND LUKE, I'M NOT DOING ANY MORE GOOD DEEDS FOR A WEEK!" But I ended up consoling Melinda, and with that I did my last good deed.

Anonymous 10/17/07(Wed)01:54:46 No.43037040

But then I realized I had to go visit Erika, who wasn't going to be happy I didn't visit yesterday. Surprisingly though, she wasn't mad about it at all. She kept on discussing the new kid still, his name being Rodger. So it seemed to me that Erika had her first little crush. The kid was actually 8, younger than her. I asked about it a bit more, and she said that she sort of liked him. In actuality though, I didn't like it. I know they're only 9, but first it's dating, and then it's kissing, and then it's... (at this point images of my sister laying on that bed naked flashed through my mind). Okay, maybe that's being a bit too touchy about a little infatuation. And then she told me, "But I already like being your girlfriend!" (she's not really super serious, just joking). "Well how about I just stick to being your dad?" "Okay, but you're still my favorite guy." THAT'S RIGHT RODGER, DON'T MESS WITH BEST. 'Sokay though, I don't have to start beating up the boys she brings home until she hits puberty. Actually I saw Rodger, he was a pretty small pale kid. I'm sure Erika just enjoys having somebody to talk to where she is, which is good of course. So I'm back here at Melinda's, and since I left from the home nothing of note has happened, all has returned to normalcy. Hopefully my little sister will stay out of trouble, and my big sister will get in a car crash (okay I'm kidding about that...maybe).

Thread 46

10/19/07(Fri)01:15:53 No.43249206

Good evening /b/, blindmuteloli guy here with another date rape... er update. Yesterday, I visited Erika. I could tell something was wrong immediately, didn't want to ask until she was going to tell me though. We talked a bit, and I brought up her friend Rodger. That's when the conversation turned sour. So it seemed something was wrong with her new friendship. As it turns out, her friend Rodger isn't as friendly as she once thought. As the story she told me goes, she was trying to talk to him as usual, but he was ignoring her writing. Eventually she tapped him on the shoulder, and he lashed out at her. "Why don't you leave me the fuck alone?". Erika was puzzled by this, asked him what meant and his response was: "Why would I want to be friends with some dumb blind bitch?" (young kids curse like sailors these days), and then proceeded to push her down at which point the staff intervened. So yeah, he turned on her, and she was pretty depressed over it, tearing up a bit (I thought at that point that she probably had friends before her parents died that she hasn't seen in a long time). I gave her a hug and reminded her that I was still her friend. She was cheered up a bit by that, and I told me that I was her best friend.

10/19/07(Fri)01:16:29 No.43249275

But then she asked me, "Why don't people like me?". "People do you like you, I like you, Sharon likes you, Melinda likes you." "Nobody here likes me." "Sometimes people don't like other people they don't understand. Really, the kids here have nothing except for their little group they've made. And for there to be a group, there always has to be somebody not in it." "But you don't need to be part of their group or any other, it's really not important." She seemed pacified at that, and gave me a kiss on the cheek. "I never liked Rodger better than you." And I replied, "I'm relieved." Before long though, I had to leave. I got a little inside information from Sharon later that evening, who called me. She told me that my adoption was actually looking very good. "People have been watching you, a lot, and they like what they see." That part made me a bit paranoid, but if they're liking what they see I guess it's okay. As far as my sister and Luke goes, I haven't spoken to either one. Maybe if I ignore it it'll go away...

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Anonymous 10/25/07(Thu)00:48:18 No.43425305

Hullo internetters, blindmuteloli guy back again for another update. So on Sunday (as in today) I was sprucing up to go once again to visit Erika, when I received a call. It was an extremely urgent matter, so I had to attend to it immediately. This was indeed a highly urgent matter, one that I couldn't delay on acting upon. So I dropped what I was doing and rushed out of the house. After getting it out of the way, I returned home. My whole day had been completely altered from what I thought it would be. I opened the door, walked on into Melinda's house. And I was being followed. By the pitter patter of little feet. Of a girl, around 9... okay I'll stop beating off around the bush, Erika is back with me. Once again, only on a "trial" basis, but I think my chances this time are much better. Erika and I were extremely elated at this fact, her especially. She was prancing about Melinda's house, assuredly pleased to be somwhere else than the home. We spent the whole evening together celebrating, and she was in the best mood I've seen her in a long while. She couldn't stop flashing her smile at me. So yeah, that's really all that happened, and of course it's wonderful. This time, it feels even better, it feels like I really earned it. She fell asleep on top of me on the couch, and she's still there sleeping. Now of course that old saying says don't count your chickens in a basket before the cows come home... or some shit, but what I mean by that it's not totally set in stone that she's mine yet. However, it's looking good. With any luck this will be the time. Either way, I'm going to take off work tomorrow to just spend the day with her.

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Okay now /b/, timewarp (and no we're not doing the time warp, go throw toast at somebody else you faggots) to a few days later. I only posted the last 3 paragraphs to pastebin while 4chan was down, so everything beyond this sentence is happening a bit later. I did stay home with Erika that day, and we had a great time (especially the missing work part). During the day, we talked a bit about her education. I told her that perhaps when the whole adoption thing gets sorted out, she should start going to a public school. She expressed an aversion to the idea, leading me to believe she had some sort of problems with it before. "You don't want to end up a NEET though, do you?" She didn't understand the term. Well if she ever does become a hikikomori she can live in my house. That does bring up how she's going to be educated though. Despite not going to a real school (besides some small education received where she was), she doesn't seem to be much farther behind anyone else of her age range. I've been trying to be helpful in that regard throughout our daily routine, correcting her misspellings where applicable. Guess I've got time to work that out though. As for the next day, I couldn't skip work. I tried calling everyone I knew to watch Erika. She was excited at the prospect of going to Jim's, but he was out. So I was left with only one person: Megan. Okay, it's not really that dreadful as to require an ominous colon. She came over, she babysat, I came back, Erika wasn't dead. She kept on acting like she was waiting for me to ask her about how her life was going. Ask her if she had a new boyfriend, and then if she did I would sting with envy and it would ruin my day. Instead, I barely acknowledged her, paid her, and she left. Jim has been home since, so he's been babysitting for me, and happy to do it. That's about it that's been happening. On another note though, Erika and I have already been shopping from Halloween. But I'll keep thata secret until said day, where I shall have a thread hopefully to amuse. It's been a while since I've celebrated halloween, with the bloody costumes, spending tons of monies to scare little children. And since I now have a child of my own, what's to stop me?

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