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Thread 1

Well /b/ I've decided to take tomorrow off which is why I'm up writing this, and it's not copypasta (or not yet). Anyways, I work at a fast food place (it's a local thing so I won't bother mentioning the name). I was just about ready to close up shop, everyone else had already left, when I noticed a little girl walking around outside. She was just sort of loitering, walking around in circles. I didn't really get a good look at her, but I continued with closing procedures. After I had locked the safes and checked and double checked this and that, I noticed she was still out there. She was just sitting in the rain. I figured she must be lost, so I decided to do my good civilian duty and help her out. Upon going out there I got a good look at her. She looked to be around 7 years old, with short black hair (pageboy style like Rei). I didn't really know her ethnicity, she looked pale white but had some asian features. Her clothes, a pair of jeans and a t-shirt (hardly fitting attire for the weather) were tattered, dirty, soaked, and it looked like she had been wearing them for quite some time (and she didn't smell like roses and candy either). She had her face in her knees just sort of lightly sobbing, and she didn't seem to notice me even though I was fairly close to her. Until I finally said "hi". Then she looked up, and I could clearly see she was blind. This startled me a bit, and now I felt bad. I just let some blind defenseless girl cry outside of my store while I went about my business. Unlike most /b/tards, I have some conscience (and I wasn't actually thinking about sticking it in the pooper). I asked if her if she'd like to come out of the rain. She got up, and I lead her into the store. I asked her if she wanted something to eat, and she nodded her head yes. She didn't answer me

06/21/07(Thu)05:16:03 No.30517692

about what she wanted though, and that's when it hit me again. "Can you talk?" I asked her, to which she shook her head no and started to sob a bit more. I put my hand on her shoulder (not pervertedly) and said, "It's okay, I'll make you something good." She dried her tears a bit, and I fixed her a sub. I gave it to her, and she devoured it. Since her clothes were in terrible shape, and she acts like she hasn't eaten in forever, I asked her my third question. "Do you have a home?" to which she again gave a meek no. I didn't want to see her cry again, so I told her I'd take her back to my apartment (and no, once again, I wasn't trying to stick it in the pooper). So, in that very short amount of time, I now had this little girl accompanying me home. And I was thinking that she probably should've been snatched up by pedophiles by now being out on the street. She's tattered and dirty, but still pretty underneath. I took her out to my car, and buckled her into the front seat next to me. I think I could tell at that point she wanted more to eat.

06/21/07(Thu)05:16:35 No.30517735

On the car ride to my place I didn't really know what to say, so I was generally quiet. I asked her if she had any parents, to which she responded no, so I suppose they're dead. I asked her old she was and she stuck up 8 fingers (I was close). Every once in a while I would put my arm on her back and rub it a bit, trying to be comforting. I don't really think she noticed or cared. Obviously some bad shit has happened to her, and for all she knows she could end up in my glovebox. Of course maybe 8 year olds don't think thoughts like that, only /b/tards like me. We arrived at my apartment, and I walked in with her. My roomate Luke was up in the living room playing 360 online, and he just gave me a raised eyebrow. Luke wouldn't suspect me of being a pedophile or serial killer, but one of us bringing an 8 year old home isn't normal. So I told her to go into the kitchen and eat what she wants, and I'll talk to Luke. I gave her a gentle nudge in the direction of the kitchen and she went in (they're connected except for a little counter thing between them). He turned off the 360 (oh noes his rankings). "So what's going on?" "I found her outside of [place where I work]" "So you brought her home?" "She's blind, mute, and she doesn't have any parents or a place to stay." "Okay, but she's sleeping in your room."

06/21/07(Thu)05:17:08 No.30517777

And with that, he turned on his 360 again. We were friends, but we made it a priority not to pry in each other's business. I went back into the kitchen to find my loli friend sitting down with a bag of chips she found. I realized that I forgot she's blind and has no idea what my kitchen's layout is. I asked her if she wanted something else, and she nodded her head yes. I thought of the only thing I could, and grabbed a paper and pencil. I put the pencil in her hand and pressed it down on the paper. I had no idea if she could write or not, but she wrote down a rough sort of scribbly word which I made out to be "sandwich". So I put together and sandwich with anything I could find, salami, cheese, etc. I didn't think she would be a picky eater. She inhaled it pretty much, and it was at this point I remembered she smelled like somebody had used her hair to clean their colon. She needed a bath, and since she was blind I would have to be the one to give it to her. I said "How about we get you clean?" and she nodded yes. I wondered how long it's been since she's bathed. Luke looked back at me and just shook his head, so I put my hands up in the sort of "What else am I going to do?" motion, and followed her into the bathroom.

06/21/07(Thu)05:17:19 No.30517793

I peeled her clothes off of her, and put them on the ground for later burning. I grabbed the soap and washed her, she didn't seem to object to me doing this. I got her as thoroughly clean as I could, and I could tell she was getting very tired. I dried her off, and her eyes were shutting so I carried her to my room. Walking out of the bathroom carrying a naked loli in my arms, Luke gave me another look. A look like, "Man I've been minding my business all night but what the hell are you doing?" I payed him no mind and carried her to my room. I put a pair of my boxers on her and a t-shirt of mine and laid her on my bed. I put the quilt over her and she settled immediately into the bed. She looked like she was the most comfortable she's been in a long time. I didn't know where she had been sleeping for the past bit, but it was probably wasn't ideal. I sat down on the edge of the bed and popped my shoes off and just gave a sigh. Not really of frustration, I was just disillusioned with what was going on. I went out of the room and turned the light off (she was already fast asleep by now) and went out to Luke. We played some Perfect Dark and discussed some chick, ignoring the obvious topic.

06/21/07(Thu)05:17:33 No.30517813

After I got finished with him, I realized this was probably /b/'s specialty and decided to write it up. I don't really know what I should do with her. I was considering taking her to the police station, but I began wondering. Why would she run away from home? Maybe she has some physically or sexually abusive father at home who's just going to go and claim and her and beat her or molest her again. She said her parents were dead, but that might not be entirely true. And I began wondering if I technically kidnapped her. She could just be some kid that ran away and if her parents raise a ruckus could I get in trouble for doing a good deed? I hope not. I do need to get some sleep though, so I'll be going to bed soon. I've decided to take the day off tomorrow, to figure out who she is and I think she might have a little cold (I sound like a mother already!). So yeah, no pooper sticking, sorry for wasting your time /b/.

Thread 2

The next day, he continued the story with this: (Note: These posts were copied to wikichan much after the post had died, so timestamps are unavailable)

Post 1

Hey /b/, it's the guy who took in the blind mute loli from last night's thread. If you didn't read it, you can at Anyways, for those of you not in the chat last night, Erika (her name) slept soundly in my bed and drooled all over my pillow. I was up till 6:30 talking to /b/tards so that's when I went to bed. And no I didn't crawl in bed with her, I slept on the floor beside her. Suddenly I wake up feeling a little foot on my stomach. I realize that it's Erika who's awake and out of bed, and stepped on me sleeping on the floor. "Uh, you're stepping on me." She realizes this, and sits back down on the bed. I sit down beside her and look at the clock. It's 8 am, as in way too fucking early since I skipped work today. "Did you sleep well?" She gave me a thumbs up in response. I wiped some of the drool off of her chin and put my arm around her and lead her to the bathroom since I had to go and I thought she might too. We both went, and headed out to the kitchen. I could hear Luke bellowing in the shower, or as he calls it, singing.

Post 2

Luke comes out in a towel, which is odd for him since he usually comes out naked. And for the record, Luke and I are NOT gay. We're just old buddies, like brothers, he feels comfortable around me. And without him, I wouldn't have a place to stay and neither would Erika. In the kitchen, Erika was sneezing a bit. She probably had a cold from being out in the rain last night in her tattered clothes. I grabbed some tissues and let her blow into them. Luke emerged from his room with some boxers on (again I think he's forgetting Erika is blind and can't see him). "Good morning San Francisco" (We don't live in San Francisco, Luke just says odd things) "Hey Luke, how about making us some breakfast?" "Sure, I've got a bit before I have to head out, don't you have to get going though?" "Nah I'm taking the day off." "Since when do you skip work?" "I want to spend some time with our guest today." At that moment, Erika's face sort of "lit up" a bit. Like she was surprised somebody wants to spend time with her. Of course the real reason is that I had to figure out what to do with her, which made me sad. Luke made some eggs and bacon, and I made some toast and served it to her. She kept eating it, and we kept dishing it out. As she was eating, she looked really happy to have it. Made me happy, and I could tell Luke liked it too. After breakfast, Luke rushed to put deodorant on (he smells like his dog's asshole without it), feed his dog (who finally got his fat ass off of the couch for food, I make fun of Luke's dog's weight problems, but I do like him), put his work clothes on and leave.

Post 3

This left me alone with Erika. I didn't really want to jump in asking her questions yet, so I decided to watch some tv with her. We both sat down on the couch and she must have still been pretty tired since she rested her head on my shoulder. I flipped to various things, Lazytown, gameshows, Terminator. She didn't really care what we watched, she could only hear the dialogue anyways. So I imagine she just made her own stories to go with it. I'm pretty sure that she's watched (and yes I know she can't really "watch" anything, I'm just using that for lack of a better verb) tv before. After a bit, I decided that I should know what's going on. I turned the tv off, and asked Erika if we could talk a bit (talking for her being writing on paper). She gave me a thumbs up, and I grabbed a notebook and a pen for her. I asked her about her parents, what happened, why she's out on the street, and I'll spare you the whole back and forth but here's what I've learned. Her parents and little sister died from some accident (she didn't tell me what). She was put in a children's home, but the conditions there were bad enough to make her want to run away from it. So she did. She was out on the street (I don't really know how long, but probably not too long, she'd starve) before I found her. So I wondered what was going on at the children's home to make her want to run away. Maybe the other kids bullied her for being blind and mute, maybe nobody wanted to adopt her and she felt neglected, maybe the staff was abusive. So she's basically a runaway, but she has a strong strong aversion to going back to any home. At this point though, my heart was going "aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaawwwwwww" and my brain was like "NO DON'T DO IT YOU'LL GET RAPED IN JAIL BY A BIG GUY NAMED BUBBA LUMP JACKSON" but my heart was winning. So at the current moment I have yet to call Child Services, and I really don't know if I should. I'm considering maybe calling them to see about adoption, but in the mean time she'd probably have to go back to another children's home and she'd dislike me for it.

Post 4

After a few questions, she started crying so I gave her a nice big hug. "Shhh it's okay, you don't have to tell me more if you don't want to, let's go watch more TV" I dried her tears and I turned on the tv again. We continued watching for a bit, and then I decided on doing something. I left her on the couch for a bit and went out and got my laptop. I opened up notepad. I was going to teach her how to type so our communication would be easier. And maybe some day she could buy one of those portable voice synthesizers or something. Since she can't see the keys, I decided on teaching her this way. She hits a key, I tell her what she hit. Eventually, she'll memorize the layout of the keyboard in her mind. First I went through all of the keys, and pressed her finger down on them and told her what it was. She had never used a computer before, and found it weird. Then I had her press random keys, and told her what it was so she could get a feel for where keys were in relation to each other. Then I told her to press a certain key, and had her press it. She got a few right, but most of them she forgot. Then I tried to have her type "cat" which she needed help with. I could tell she was getting bored with it though, so I let her watch TV and signed on AIM to talk to a /b/tard or two. It was about 1:30 then, so I decided it was time for some lunch. She still had a bit of a cold, so the perfect cold food is soup right? Except we didn't have any soup. So I made her a microwavable pizza (I'm not a brilliant chef). We both chowed down on it though, and she seemed satisfied, getting pizza sauce all over her. I cleaned it off, and had another idea.

Post 5

The famous Mortal Kombat player fatal1ty was blind right, so why couldn't Erika play some? I powered up our Sega Genesis, and gave her a controller. She held it oddly, having really no idea what to do with it. I made my best effort to teach her a bit, but I didn't really think she understood it. She just pressed buttons. So yeah, my attempts to transform her into an ass-kicking loli MK player didn't work out so well, which I probably should've known. She was perfectly content to listen to me play though. She seemed to be having a bit of fun really. After that, my next idea hit me. Music. I grabbed the notebook again and asked her if there's any music she liked. She wrote down some usual kid stuff, pop and such, but I gladly downloaded it and played it for her. Then I played her a bit of my music, which she didn't really like. "That's okay, not many people share my tastes in music."

Post 6

I could tell she was still a bit sleepy, not having gotten good sleep for a while. "How about a nap?" She nodded her head, and I picked her up and carried her to my room. I let her down on my bed. "Goodnight." I went out and did some things, enjoying my day off and such. Around 5 Luke came home, which means I had to talk to him about the situation. He sat down, and could seemingly tell what I wanted to discuss. "So, what did you find out about her?" I told him the story, as much as I knew, and I could tell his heart was going "aaawww" too. "But dude, we don't have the money!" "Yeah we do Luke, if you cut down on the video games and Gundam models and shit, maybe we can sell Kaji" (Kaji is his dog, yes he named it after an anime character). Kaji, who was lazing in the corner, looked up at me, as if he knew I was talking about him. Luke sighed, I could tell I had him right where I wanted him. FINISH HIM! I walked Luke to my room where she was sleeping. "So Luke, can you honestly say you can tell this little girl to leave? She obviously hated it at the children's home, if she goes back she might just run away again. Anything could happen to her, she could get sick, she could get picked up by a pedophile--" "She's not already picked up by a pedophile?" "Shut your mouth, Luke" I knew I had just given Luke the fatality though, he couldn't look at her sleeping and think about giving her away. "Okay, we'll see how it works out."

Post 7

Luke and I went out and played some Xbox for a bit, discussing his girl life again. He told me he had a date tomorrow, with a chick named Melinda. I hoped she wasn't a crazy. I kid Luke about dating crazy chicks, but really the only thing is he once dated a fursuiter and brought her home. I didn't want him exposing Erika to any perversions. "Don't bring her home if she's dressed like a fox, k?" "Hey at least I get some ass" That was true, I was lacking in the ass department. Not that Luke is the assmaster. He continued, "How about that one chick at work who's on your dick, get with her yet?" "Yeah, she's coming over tomorrow" The chick in question was Megan, a girl who works at the same place I do. She's the girlfriend of the boss's son, and only 15. She wasn't working tomorrow, so I wanted to have her babysit, because I had to go to work. "Wait a second I was kidding you can't date a 15 year old" "I'm kidding too Luke, I just want her to babysit." I think she has a small crush on me, so she'll do it for free I thought. Erika woke up around 7, when Luke and I were making dinner. Nothing fancy, Luke and I usually live on mac and cheese. Erika still delighted in it though. Luke did the usual dinner discussion, animu, video games, work, stuff Erika would have no idea about. I tried to include her in the conversation, getting the notebook and asking her some questions. Nothing heavy, just general stuff. She wants to be a vet when she grows up, usual kid stuff. Since she liked dogs, I told her she should play with Kaji. She hadn't known the whole time that Kaji was even in our apartment, since he's a quiet dog (which is why we're allowed to keep him). She played fetch with Kaji using a rope like toy, but he got pretty tired after about the second or third throw. He's a chunky lazy fellow (like master like dog?). He just sat on the couch with her as she pet him, enjoying the attention.

Post 8

Eventually we found out she liked checkers, and had memorized the layout to the board to play. She wrote that her dad taught her, and this made her a bit sad to think about it. I cheered her up by pulling out a board, and we played. She totally beat me. When I had one piece left, she feeled the board for where it was. She smiled when she found it, and jumped it. We turn one color all the king side, so she can differentiate between the two colors. Luke was a bit more of a challenge for her, all of those strategy RPGs he plays must enhance his board game skills. He ended up beating her twice, but she seemed to enjoy the challenge. She wrote that she'd beat him next time and gave him the finger across the throat death motion. In the meantime, I went to call Megan, who offered her services pro bono. We watched a bit more tv, Luke was in his room working on his "novel" (that boy aint right). I went to shower, and then I bathed her again. She didn't need my help as much as last time, I can imagine she was getting used to the layout of my place. Kaji came in while she was bathing to drink some water out of the toilet. He also took the time to sniff my butt, which amused Erika when I told her what he was doing. I let her dry herself off, and fetched another pair of boxers and a t-shirt for her to put on. Tomorrow I get payed, and I'm going to go buy her some clothes and some sort of gift. I carried her to my bedroom, and laid her down. I stroked her forehead a bit, then said goodnight to her. I'm now at my desk, She's now sleeping again on my bed, drooling again. She's been tossing and turning every so often, possibly having nightmares. So /b/, now you can tell me I'm a moron and I'm going to jail and I'm going to get raped. Or say stick it in the pooper. Also, give me gift and clothing ideas.

Thread 3

Posts made on the third day

06/22/07(Fri)23:25:01 No.30692587

Hullo /b/, it's the faggot with the blind mute girl nobody cares about back with thread numero tres. Threads 1 and 2 are at . I had to go to work today, so I set my alarm clock. It went off, and I woke up. Erika's (who was laying next to me on the bed, no there was no pooper sticking or any other sticking that occurred) hand was on my face like some sort of death grip. I pulled it off, and she woke up. I told her to go back to sleep, and that I had to head off to work. She rolled back over, and I went into the shower. Luke was already gone for work, going in early or something, so I just got ready and went. I called Megan who said she was on her way and I told her the key to the apartment was under the doormat. Then I went to my job, and well, worked. Nothing special. I got off work, and headed to my next destination. I was going to buy Erika some sort of gift, I had pretty much already decided on a stuffed animal, and then clothes since wearing mine forever wasn't good. I bought her a nice teddy bear, usual brown cute little guy you get. Then I bought her some clothes, which was sort of an odd experience. Because buying her clothes included underwear, and a guy my age buying little girl's underwear seemed a bit pervy. I bought her some jeans and some skirts, not really knowing what she liked (no schoolgirl outfits). Then I bought her a few shirts. I don't really think she'll be too picky about her dress though, since she can't even see it. Not that blind people like to dress like morons.

06/22/07(Fri)23:25:16 No.30692599

I come home, and Luke is already out on his date. Megan is with Erika, and apparently they've been doing the usual "girl" stuff. Erika has makeup on, and Megan did her hair or something. At least Megan managed to keep the girl alive. I made sure Erika was fed, and then asked to talk to her privately in the kitchen. Now obviously I can't keep this girl forever illegally, or for very much longer at all. So I discuss with her the situation. It's hard to explain to a kid legal things, but I tried my best. I told her that I have to call child services tomorrow, and that she'll have to go back to a children's home. I asked her if she wanted to perhaps be adopted by me, making me her "daddy", and she agreed. She started crying when I told her that to officially do that I would have to send her back for a bit. I told her I could to jail, that I wanted to keep her but I couldn't just yet, and that I'd try to complete all of the stuff to adopt her as soon as possible. Then I made her promise she wouldn't try to run away from anywhere she goes again, and that I'd visit her whenever I could. It actually went better than I thought, and she really wasn't mad at me. And if all goes well I could be adopting her as soon as that's possible. To cheer her up, I showed her all of the clothes and the gift I bought her. She tried them all on, showing Megan and I what they looked like. That made her a bit happier, I think even she still likes looking good even if she can't really know what it means to "look" good. She also liked the bear, she's been clutching it since I gave it to her. I hoped that where she goes next she'll be able to keep me on her mind with it.

06/22/07(Fri)23:25:23 No.30692605

At this point I ask Megan when her ride is coming to pick her up. And then she informs that nobody's coming. "...What?" I could instantly tell something malicious was going on here. Megan apparently called her mother and told her that she was sleeping at a friend's house. I would drive her home myself, but Luke took our only car for his date, and he won't be home until late. So that puts me in a precarious position. If I call her parents, that leaves them wondering why I would agree to let a 15 year old girl stay the night in the first place. Of course it may not be malicious, she just told me she wanted to have a little "slumber party" with Erika. I'm in my room with sleeping Erika, trying to avoid Megan who's watching tv. I'm planning on calling Child Services tomorrow. And I don't plan on doing any pooper sticking to Megan, getting convicted of statutory rape isn't the best way to up your prospects for adopting an 8 year old.

Thread 4

06/24/07(Sun)00:48:36 No.30802451

Hay it's blindemute loli guy back with more. First three threads can be found at . Anyways, a recap of the events that took place last night after the events mentioned in the third thread. I played a little hide and seek with Megan, trying to avoid her, eventually taking my last refuge in Luke's room. At this point she stopped beating around the seductive bush and asked me specifically why I wouldn't fuck her. So I told her that I was trying to adopt Erika and that statuatory rape isn't a good idea. And while I'm doing this I'm backed into a corner like a cowering dog. She starts approaching me, and I'm thinking she doesn't care what I have to say. And that if she gets any closer I might just push her down on Luke's bed and take her right there (I'm weak-willed, but I try). Instead, she just gives me a small kiss on the cheek, and says "maybe some other time". Once she leaves to go back to bed, with one stroke I cum all over Luke's floor.

06/24/07(Sun)00:48:54 No.30802474

A little while later, Luke comes home. His date with Melinda went well, they had a great time, they got along, and he got her in bed. And once he was there... he couldn't get an erection. Poor Luke. Anyways, that's all that happened last night, all of which Erika slept peacefully through holding her bear. I went to sleep late again last night, having no work. And it seemed like instantly after I fell asleep on the couch I was getting woken up by somebody. And once again, it was way too fukken early. Somebody was on top of me, none other than Megan. I opened my eyes and looked up at her. She wasn't really making me horny, I was more groggy and annoyed. "Didn't we discuss this already Megan?" "I'm just making sure you wake up to drive me home before my parents do." Greeat. So I got up and she got dressed and I drove her home. In the car I asked her what her birthday was. August 1st. For you see, Megan is now 15. In Ohio, the AOC (Age of Consent) is 16. You see where I'm going with this.

06/24/07(Sun)00:49:23 No.30802530

I had more important matters to handle today though. I didn't bother going back to sleep, and Erika woke up. She wasn't very happy, as she knew today I was going to call Child Services. I made her some breakfast and tried to cheer her up, but it wasn't really working up. I woke Luke up, at which point I had to explain the large semen stain on his floor. His only comment was, "Nice." He said he had to go to see Melinda about something though, so he couldn't help me clean the house. I wanted to make sure it was presentable if somebody from Child Services came to pick Erika up. So while she listened to the TV, I went around and cleaned the house. Took down some of Luke's more embarrassing and/or obscene collectibles, and did some general cleaning. About mid-morning I finally called. They said they would come down to identify her and pick her up. I called Luke and told him it would be nice if he could interrupt his date with Melinda to come back to the apt. so he could be here when child services came, being that he would be the adoptive father of Erika for now (I'm not old enough to apply for adoption, I'm only 19).

06/24/07(Sun)00:49:37 No.30802549

A nice looking (and I don't mean pretty, I mean she looked like she would be a generally kind person) lady showed up and identified that it was indeed the same Erika that they were looking for. They discussed with us what transpired, and surprisingly I didn't really get much reprimanding for keeping her as long as I did. She actually thanked me for taking care of Erika. Erika was uncomfortable, she sat as close to me as she could on the couch like nobody would take her away if she sat close enough. I told her I (or rather Luke) wanted to possibly adopt Erika. And then at this point Luke chimed in we're in the process of moving. So I'm thinking Luke's a fucking moron and that lying isn't going to help our cause. He tells the lady that we're in the process of moving into a large house with another occupant, that occupant being Melinda. I have no idea what he's talking about. The lady (Sharon was her name) told us our situation. She said that for the moment Erika would have to go back into state custody. However, being that Erika has expressed a strong interest in remaining with us, the lack of interest in her from other potential adopters, and the fact that Luke is old enough would make us potential candidates for adoption. She said that we could also possibly gain temporary custody over Erika while they made the decision, however the following conditions would have to be met.

06/24/07(Sun)00:49:55 No.30802568

They would have to preform background checks on Luke, myself, and Melinda to make sure neither of us were felons or had a history (and I know Luke and I are clean, I hope Melinda is). Then an agent would have to come by and evaluate the living conditions to make sure they were appropriate. She said the process could take anywhere from 72 hours to 1 or 2 weeks (my skepticism made me think this estimate might be overly gracious though). And then, she could be released to us if everything was okay until they made a more official decision, at which point she would legally become Luke's daughter. So yeah, I didn't get fucked over. I think sometime we forget that "the system" is composed of people just like you who in actuality do care about kids. So Erika had to go back to a children's home, which didn't please her at all. I could tell she was on the brink of some sort of tantrum, so I calmed her down. She had tears in her eyes. I gave her a nice big hug, and told her that I would come see where she was staying and that soon she would probably end up back with us. Then I told her to promise me she wouldn't try to run away or anything again, which she agreed to. It really made me sad to see her go, I had tears forming in my eyes which was a rare occasion. But, she had to leave, however at least she would possibly be back soon. She was allowed to keep the stuff we bought her, the clothes and the bear. As she left Sharon said she'd put in a good word for us. Go Sharon!

06/24/07(Sun)00:50:17 No.30802609

Anyways, after she left I had to have a little talk with Luke about what he had told Sharon. Luke informed me that last night on his date with Melinda he had told her about Erika, and Melinda offered to let us move into her house. Apparently she has a big house she inherited, not a mansion but nothing to scoff at. I asked Luke why she would offer to let a guy she's gone on like maybe 10 dates with and his adoptive daughter move in with her. And he replied, "Out of the goodness of her heart, just like you did" That made sense. And the benefits he outlined to me were pretty clear. We'd save tons of money on rent, we'd have an actual bedroom for Erika, more space, it seemed almost too perfect. But Luke says there's no catch to it. That's what he left to discuss with her. I resisted the urge to mention his little bedroom failure. I asked him when we should move, and he said ASAP. He wanted us to just pack up our shit and go, tonight. Obviously there was stuff we had to do before though, like telling our landlord and stuff like that.

06/24/07(Sun)00:50:40 No.30802644

We did however drive over to the place. It's a really nice house, most of the bedrooms are vacant since she's the only one that lives there currently. I'm highly considering the proposition, there's not really any downsides except it's a bit farther out of the way from my work and stuff.

Thread 5

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06/25/07(Mon)00:46:00 No.30904188

Hay guys, it's blindmute loli guy (now with 80% less loli joey bishop) back for the real fifth thread (nice try wikichan impersonator guy). And as you're probably expecting from this next sentence, I'm going to say go read since the last 4 threads are on there. Last time on Dragon Ball Z, Goku was tested positive for syphilis. The DNA tests came back, and Krillin is Android 18's baby daddy. Except she's an android, what's up with that? Okay now let's get down to serious business. I woke up today, yadda yadda, I did stuff, let's get to the important stuff.

06/25/07(Mon)00:46:59 No.30904267

I visited Erika in the children's home where she's at, and talked to her a bit. I could see she still had her bear. I asked her questions, seeing if anybody was giving her a hard time, how she's doing (sadly even if she is doing bad there's not much I can do as of now). I gave her a little hint that if any boys are bullying her, she should kick them in a "special place". Okay, that's probably not responsible advice to give a child who might take it seriously, but if they give Erika any crap they deserve to get an ass whooping (or in this case testicle punt). I also gave her some candy I bought, I don't know what they get to eat in the home.

06/25/07(Mon)00:47:19 No.30904296

I also ran into Sharon again. Thinking of the person in the chat last night who (supposedly) works at CPS, I decided to talk with Sharon. "So honestly Sharon, truthfully, do I have any chance of winning custody of Erika?" And she replied, "Well to be perfectly honest, two young guys living in a small apartment adopting a young girl is very irregular. However, you said you were moving in with your friend's fiancée soon who has a rather large house, right?" "Yeah, we should be moving in some time this week" "Then that completely changes the situation. I'd say that if your background check goes well you'd be okay" "What exactly do they check in those?" "Well criminal record, background, credit, they might interview neighbors and employers" (this is generally what the person last night who said they worked at CPS told me). And Sharon had this to say personally about the whole deal. "I really see no reason why you shouldn't get custody. Really, these homes aren't the best environments for children, but there's too many for every one to be adopted. And kids like Erika are usually the last picks, people don't want to take the time to communicate with a kid with her disabilities. I think you're doing a good thing."

06/25/07(Mon)00:47:56 No.30904355

My talk with her made me feel much better. Getting home, Luke and I began to pack to move. We were going to pack up all of the non-essentials we wouldn't need in the near future so we'll be ready to move sooner. It still feels odd, but it's such a good deal there's no way to turn it down. I drove some of it over, while Luke had something to do with Kaji that he needed to attend to. While there, I made conversation with Melinda. The subject invariably got on Luke, and she thinks highly of him. She kept on telling me how sweet and such he is. This is good, because if Luke and Melinda break it off the whole plan is ruined. I could almost feel though, like some sort of energy between us, that in the back of both of our mind's was Luke's little limpdick problem (Luke if you happen to read this I'm sorry lol). Then she asked me about my relationship life, which I told her was lacking. She said it's a shame, since I seem like a sweet guy, and cute too. Hey, can't disagree with her there (well I can but maybe she has some friends). Of course I'm going to be seeing Megan tomorrow at my job, which may be a bit odd for us. I hope we don't have sex on the stoves or something. Of course I wouldn't mind seeing grease all over Megan's ass... anyways, Melinda is all always friendly. I also asked her about her criminal record, which she found to be an odd question. But according to her there's nothing to be concerned about. Next time, Luke gives birth to a toy sailboat. Please look forward to it! ^_^

Thread 6

06/26/07(Tue)22:37:27 No.31098842

Hay all, it's blindmute loli guy here, back to fill the souls of /b/ with music. Anyways, as always you can go to the wikichan article (appropriately titled Blindmute Loli) to read up on the last 5 threads. It's been 2 days since I updated, having not made a thread on Monday. On Monday, nothing particularly exciting happened. I went to work, and Megan and I flirted the whole time trying not to let people notice. I really wanted to just bend her over the stove (turned on or not) and rape her sweet butt, but that has to wait until August. Of course if our boss noticed he'd be pissed that I'm going to hit his son's girlfriend. I also got her AIM, but she told me she didn't have a myspace (not that I have one). I thought she would be a myspace whore, hmm. We moved some more shit over to Melinda's to prepare for completing the move on Tuesday (which has been completed). I also visited Erika, and brought her sum moar candy. She expressed her usual sentiment of not wanting to be where she is, which is understandable. At least she's getting some schooling though, they have a program where a teacher comes for about an hour a day to teach (I think the reason his visits are so short is because he works for free or at a cheap rate, being charitable and such). She said she'd rather continue her "tiping" (I don't think she's had much computer use before meeting me) lessons, which surprised me since I thought they bored her. Sharon was there too again, but she said she had to run after giving me a quick hello. My boss also told me he was contacted by CPS, wanting to see what he thought about me (they dig pretty deep into your shit at CPS).

06/26/07(Tue)22:37:43 No.31098853

On Tuesday, we completed moving what was left of our stuff to Melinda's and have now began settling there. Some of us are more receptive to the change than others. Kaji, for instance, is a bit disturbed at the change of surroundings. One of the first things he did was take a green sickly looking shit on Melinda's carpet (which Luke had to clean). Speaking of Melinda though, I've been noticing some disturbing things. I have a feeling under her ncie exterior may be a neurotic crazy woman. Some observations:

1. When Kaji shit on the floor, she tried to be all nice and pass it off, but she looked like she was about to shit herself too. 2. She nicely informed me during dinner to please use a coaster, nicely as in she looked like she was going to end herself if she saw a ring on her table. 3. She carries hand sanitizer around, and uses it frequently.

Another thing, Melinda said tomorrow we were having a little get together with the neighbors, so Luke and I could meet with them. This isn't particularly bad, but I'm not a hugely social person. I'm just hoping I impress them, or at least appear "neighborly", because they'll be interviewed for the adoption process too. Melinda said, "My friends like cuties like you, maybe you'll meet somebody." On a side note, I still think Luke is having erectile dysfunction. Because I can tell when he's getting laid, he has a certain demeanor about him.

06/26/07(Tue)22:37:55 No.31098872

I also took time to go visit Erika again. I made Luke come with me, since he's going to be the legal father, he should be coming with. Erika didn't really particularly seem to care lol. Erika was in a bit of a grumpy mood, apparently she tried my "advice" I gave her and got in trouble. Some boy was bugging her, so she gave him a swift kick (I think she kicked his leg though, and missed the nuts). I then had to give her a speech on real bullying advice, and that she should just ignore them and they'll get bored. Is this good advice? Maybe, maybe not. But it seems like what Bill Cosby would've said. And then I gave Erika a present I bought for her to bring her, cheer her up. It's a necklace, she obviously couldn't see it but I think she liked it just because it was from me. And well it wouldn't hurt my situation if anybody saw me giving Erika these things, you know prove I'm not a broke bum. Sharon was there again (I'm wondering if she comes just at the time I usually visit...) and she talked to Luke and I. She mostly asked me questions, about my job and such. I wondered if the conversation was an official interview or off the record, CPS could be sneaky. So I'm now kicking it at my new residence. Even though it may be a bit too early, Luke and I want to begin painting a room for Erika. We have a bedroom which is already designated as hers, unoccupied. I'll ask her tomorrow what she would want. Of course that may be an odd question considering she's blind and doesn't really know what colors are. Surely painting would be better than a plain white room though. We also need to buy some furnishings for it. Some day a CPS agent should come by to examine the place, and we want it to look well lived in (right now Melinda has been living in it for a while, but a lot of the rooms look unexplored). Hopefully I'm on the fast track to adoption.

Thread 7

06/28/07(Thu)00:03:50 No.31216359

Okay /b/, it's blindmuteloli guy again who nobody cares about. And you can go to wikichan to read the last 5 entries and yadda yadda. Anyways, I'll get straight down to bidness. The adoption process is now getting fucked over big time. Okay, so as you may or may not know: Luke can't get it up. He's having problems wih his dick. So today he decided to see a doctor about it. He didn't tell me this specifically, but I knew. Every time we looked at each other, he knew I was thinking about his limp dick, like a soggy pancake flapping in the wind. This left me alone with Melinda, and we made small chat. But we both knew that Luke's soggy pancake was in the back of our minds. And eventually we could just almost feel it in the back of each other's heads. We both just burst out laughing, and we knew exactly what we were laughing about. And then we talked about it. She asked me about Luke's other gfs, if he had any problems. She said "Maybe I'm not pretty enough..." to which I just responded nicely to with "You're very pretty". I think she took it the wrong way though. "How about you, have you had any problems like that?" And then I felt it. The horror. Stiffening in my pants. Why was she asking me about my dick? Fuck fuck fuck fuck. ""

06/28/07(Thu)00:05:41 No.31216524

And then she got up from her seat, and at that point it was all over. "Are you a virgin?" "Uuuh yeah" My voice was squeaking like a little schoolboy. She situationed herself in my lap, and my pants tent was already set up. I can't do this... I should do it... I can't do it... I want it..., my mind wasn't really thinking straight. And then my head exploded, I was no longer mild mannered OP. I was a MAN. And I was going to take this woman. I scooped her up and carried her straight up stairs. I slammed her down on the bed and just sort of pounced on her like a tiger. I fondled her tits, taking her shirt off and fondling them more through her bra while she just kept on stroking my dick. So wrong, so fucking wrong. But she needed somebody to pleasure her right? And then Emperor Boner spoke, "release the speeeeeerm!". My pants were already wet, and Melinda could feel it. "You really are a virgin." That statement enraged me, I was determined to fuck her brains out. Just as I had slipped my pants off though, I heard a noise. The door opening. Oh shit. It was Luke. We rushed like Sonic the Hedgehog to get our clothes on and looking normal. And then I darted back to my room. Melinda however, has been consistently dropping hints since. I know she wants to continue where she left off. So that's the problem. Melinda, who is the owner of the house I'm staying in for free wants me. If I don't offer myself to her, she could kick me out if she wanted to. And she's not that bad looking. When we got into bed, she turned into a different Melinda. She was like making growling noises at me, clawing at me. I could see now why she appealed to Luke, she is fukken crazy in bed.

06/28/07(Thu)00:05:54 No.31216545

But then there's the other side to the story. It's Luke's girlfriend. My best friend for a long time, the guy who let me stay with him in his apartment for a long ass time. Can I betray his trust? I mean, that's pretty bad of me. I know he can't get it up, I know Melinda has urges, but surely she can wait while Luke fixes his boner issues. And if Luke catches up, he's technically Erika's adoptive father. He could take her away and I'd never see her again. But if I don't follow Melinda's wishes, she could kick me out of the house and ruin my chances to see Erika too. So it's like either way, I'm fucked. My best bet is to fuck Melinda without getting caught, but that's morally wrong. I would never want to betray Luke like that. Anyways, in other news I visited Erika again today too, having Luke go with me. We talked to her for a bit, she was still wearing her necklace, usual stuff. I ran into Sharon again, who I've decided must come specifically when I do. She informed me that she was coming over to our house sometime this week to do an inspection. I didn't think that was her job, and she said it usually isn't but she specifically requested to do this one. I see she's really making an extra effort for my case, which is good. If that case isn't ruined by interpersonal conflicts. Also at work I think my boss is growing increasingly suspicious of Megan and me. He's giving us odd looks, which is mostly Megan's fault since she isn't very good at keeping secrets. It's really a shitty deal. I finally get chicks coming on to me, but at the worst possible time. Currently, I'm just in my room hiding from both Luke and Melinda who I think are (unsuccessfully) trying to have sex again. And I know who she's really thinking of. So /b/, what do I do?

Thread 8

Written speedily

06/28/07(Thu)18:42:20 No.31295408

Well /b/ it's me blindmute loli guy writing this as fast as possible. So let's just fucking jump right in. Started out as an average, day I went to work to go make my meager pay. But, no it wasn't average at all. I knew that the moment my boss called me privately into his office. And with his first sentence, I knew my job was over. "I know about your relationship with Megan." Great. Fucking great. He spared me the real reason though (the fact that Megan is his son's girlfriend). He gave me a big bullshit speech about how although my personal relationships are none of his business, employees having affairs with underaged employees reflects bad on the establishment and yadda yadda, and that's why he has to let me go. You know what I said? Absolutely fucking nothing. I couldn't say anything, like maybe if his son was more of a man his girl wouldn't be looking to put other men on the job. Couldn't muster up a middle finger, an "asshole" an anything. I just meekly said "okay" and walked out.

06/28/07(Thu)18:42:39 No.31295435

But you know what, I'm not an easily raged guy. It was cool. So I lost my job, so what? I'll find a new one. I'd like to think I'm better than working at a fast food place my whole life. On to bigger and better things right? And then I went to visit Erika, the brightness of my life. The one person I could always depend on to cheer me up. And that she did. So I went home in a better mood. And I was greeted by my friend Luke. "Hey buddy. You know I was on Wikichan the other day..." and at this point I knew shit was taking a turn for the worst. "...and I saw a story that looked surprisingly similar to ours. And apparently the guy also tried to fuck his best friend's girlfriend." At this point his tub of lard jiggly ass decided to punch me in the face. With that, I went crazy. I wasn't taking any more shit from anybody. It was Luke, it was my boss, it was anybody I've ever taken shit from without saying a word stretching back to being a kid. I pushed him down, grabbed a lamp off of the nearby table and began beating in the head with it. After a few hits, Luke's head was busted open and Melinda in tears pulled me off. She was taking Luke to the hospital, and told me to get the fuck out by the time she got back. So she's been gone, and I'm getting ready to go. You guys are the only friends I have anyways, so I thought I'd give you all a little closure.

06/28/07(Thu)18:42:59 No.31295462

So yeah, I'm fucked. What do I get? Nothing. I lose Erika, I lose my job, I lose my house, I lose my best friend, the first chance I've had to lose my virginity in well forever. And now I'm just a homeless bum with a laptop (which I'll probably have to sell for food) and a few clothes. What does Erika get? To stay in a children's home until she's 18, at which point she can be (literally) blindly thrusted into the adult world. Maybe she'll run away again, maybe she'll get kidnapped and raped by a pedophile. What can I do about it? I'm just the worthless piece of shit I've always been, except now I don't even have a job or a place to stay. By staying here and typing this I risk having Melinda call the cops on me so I can spend a nice night in jail, but you guys are the last people who give half of a shit about me so what the hell? I need to leave though, but let's just recap the final lesson learned here. Don't do anything nice for anybody. It'll just all blow up in your fucking face. I pick a girl off of the streets, give her food and a place to stay, try to be a nice guy. But no, I needed the system's approval. So I began jumping through hoops to appease the faggots at CPS and I ended up losing everything. Awesome world, huh?

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