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Thread 58

01/02/08(Wed)04:12:05 No.49749861

Evenin' /b/, Jake the blindmute loli man here again. The Sun has made one more revolution around the Earth (don't let heathens tell you the opposite) and it's 2008. We have 4 more years before the apocalypse, we've managed to evade Y2K for 8 years, Al Gore is still hyping up this "global warming" which must be the successor to his famous internet invention, Ron Paul is leading a revolution, I shit in Luke's mouth, Evangelion is still cool, Chris Benoit is getting thrown out of a train, and Super Smash Brothers will probably get delayed again. Find the false phrase in that last sentence, and win a prize. No, but seriously, New Year's Eve was yesterday as you all should know unless you live in Yurop or some other country where people still ride horses to town and fight dragons. Melinda had a get together for New Year's Eve (and luckily for me none of her family came). All of the neighbors showed up, and I mean all of them, a lot of people I had never met before.

01/02/08(Wed)04:13:27 No.49749962

I really wish she hadn't though, because Erika was sick. I was sick the day before, and I apparently gave her what I had. I could tell throughout the day she wasn't feeling very well. The party started, and all of the neighbors soon arrived. Melinda had a bunch of stuff set out, and I thought maybe Erika would feel better if she ate a bit. I took her into the kitchen, and just as she arrived she began clutching her mouth. I knew she was about to vomit, so I tried to grab a can for her to do it into but she just grabbed around until she found the nearest thing that felt like a container. It was a bowl of dip Melinda had made. I rushed her up to the bathroom, but she didn't have anymore to spew. I put her into bed, and went down to clean up the vomit. There was a rather husky woman by the bowl, about to dip into it. I grabbed her hand. "You shouldn't eat that." Suddenly she became very indignant. "Why not, huh? You think I shouldn't eat because I'm too fat? Well look here!" And without looking down, she put a chip right through the dip and took a bite. "Well I just did, so you mind your ow--" but before she could finish she spat the whole thing out. "This is terrible!" "I was trying to tell you that somebody just vomited in it." And then she looked like she was about to vomit. I was hoping she didn't, because I didn't want another mess to clean up. This is what happens when you're a bitch to prove a point, especially if you're a fatty.

01/02/08(Wed)04:14:39 No.49750059

I cleaned up the mess, and went back up to Erika. She definitely had a temperature, but I didn't really know what to do about it. Looking through various cabinets, we had no medicine to give. When I went back up, she was already asleep though. I went back, and Melinda asked me if anything happened to the fat woman who just ate vomitdip. She apparently left yammering about fat discrimination and how Melinda's house is a pigsty. I told her the story, and she found it quite funny. "Now what's this about a little vomaroosky?" Jim came up behind us, him and his family had just arrived. I told him and his wife Cynthia the story, and they both found it equally hilarious. "Oh yeah I tell you Jake when Melanie got sick one time she was throwing it up all over, there were chunks everywhere. She threw up..." and he proceeded to give us an exact (or at least it sounded as such) account of where she vomited. Jim has a good memory about the oddest things. Eric was also there, and he still gave me the look of a beaten dog. Gloria and Cheryl were also there (though they weren't invited, not that they care. If they hear about it, they're going) and were being their usual selves. Gloria remarked, "Oh they wear their pants tight these days..." To which Cheryl replied, "I like it, that kid's got a fine ass." "You know he's only 15 right?" I interjected. "Eh shutup I'm going to be dead in a few years anyways I might as well chase the young ones while I still have some life in these old bones." And coincidentally, that's when I spotted Luke. I greeted him in a much more genial manner than I think he expected. "Hey Luke! What's going on buddy? Hold on, I'll be back in a sec." Since Luke bought me something, I went and bought him something. I retrieved it, and presented him with it. "You didn't have to..." but he was visibly happy to get it. A new year is a time to bury old grudges, right?

01/02/08(Wed)04:16:24 No.49750188

I went to go check on Erika, and I could've sworn I heard some footsteps. Maybe it was Erika walking around. I looked in her room, and she was asleep though. The door was definitely open however, and I didn't leave it that way. I checked around some more, but didn't see anybody. And then I saw something in the corner of my eye. In my room, under my bed. Was it a ghost? No. A monster? No. It was none other than girlpants. Now if you don't remember much about our friend Eric, I'll revive your memory with an excerpt of a thread of the past: "It seems Emo Eric, Jim's son, has a bit of anonymous in him. He was playing truth or dare with Erika, Melanie, and Amelia and dared Erika to kiss him. She refused, and luckily she had the good sense to tell me. I told her not to play those kinds of games with Eric, but there's still the matter of what to do with him. Unlike Luke, he's not my friend, and he went for the Erika directly so he's in a shitload trouble with met seems Emo Eric, Jim's son, has a bit of anonymous in him. He was playing truth or dare with Erika, Melanie, and Amelia and dared Erika to kiss him. She refused, and luckily she had the good sense to tell me. I told her not to play those kinds of games with Eric, but there's still the matter of what to do with him. Unlike Luke, he's not my friend, and he went for the Erika directly so he's in a shitload trouble with me." And the next day: "Then he came to the opening of his room, which I entered and before he realized I had came in behind him I was holding him by his shirt against the wall. I put on my best slightly-crazy looking face, one that says "I just jerked off in the pancake batter." He didn't scream or struggle, he just gave me the deer in the headlights look." And it continued on like that.

01/02/08(Wed)04:17:46 No.49750274

So girlpants + sleeping Erika + him snooping around upstairs, not a good combination.I pulled him out from under my bed, and I was a bit pissed. Like a vulture, trying to swoop down on my Erika as she was sick in bed. I dragged him a long a bit by his shirt and then pushed him straight into the bathroom. He tumbled a bit before toppling right into the shower, knocking down all of the soaps and shampoos in it. This made a large thud. "Shit, you stay here, I'm not done with you." I went to the stairs. "Got a problem up there Jakearoni?" "Nah, I just spilled something in the bathroom." "Oh okay, have you seen Eric?" "Oh yeah he's up here, he's going to help me clean it up." Alrighty then." I walked back into the bathroom, but he wasn't there. He wanted to play hide and seek, did he?

I went all up and down the rooms, but to no avail. He had evaded me well, I'll give him that. Eventually I really couldn't find him anywhere, so I went back downstairs to find him there. He looked at me and gave me a little shit smirk. And then he touched the back of his foot with his hand. I didn't understand what this gesture meant. I had to get him back though. I couldn't beat his ass there, but I vowed to get revenge.

Mark and Sharon had arrived too, along with Mark's mother in a wheelchair. If you don't recall, Mark's mom is pretty crazy. She's a mean old woman, and legitimately mean like she really wants to get out of the wheelchair and stab you, not like Cheryl who loves making people want to stab themselves. "Hey it's Jake! Where's the midget?" "She's upstairs." "What, did she get lost? Forget her cane?" Now there's one guy I really wanted to punch in the face. Sharon elbowed him in the side. "How is she Jake?" "She's good, a bit sick though." Mark's mom wheeled her way over to Cheryl. Two mean old ladies together, I could tell this wasn't going to end well. Mark's mom began, apparently seeing that Cheryl reeked of a smoker. "You got a cig and a light?"

01/02/08(Wed)04:19:16 No.49750374

Cheryl of course had to have her mean spirited reply. "You don't need to smoke, you're already ugly enough." Mark's mom, who has a short fuse, exploded. She hit Cheryl right in the stomach with her cane (and I realized the irony insulting my loli about using a cane, which she doesn't). Cheryl was legitimately shocked by this, and her face took on that expression. Even though it's not good for old lady assault to be taking place, it was pleasing to have Cheryl's usually scrunched up mean looking expression wiped off her face for the moment. Mark's mom began carrying on, waving her cane around, becoming the center of attention until Mark wheeled her off (earning himself a few whacks which was funny). Before I could fully enjoy the situation, Melanie came down the steps asking what happened in the bathroom. I realized I didn't clean it up, so before anyone had the chance to inspect the situation (in which they would clearly see some sort of struggle had happened) I rushed up there. And when I went into the bathroom, she was already sitting down to piss, so she let out a little shriek and I left. She finished, and came back out. "Why were you trying to look at me huh?" "I just wanted to clean up the bathroom. Why don't you lock the door?" "If there weren't perverts like you I wouldn't have to. What went on in the tub, huh?" "Nothing." "Do I have to scream and say you tried to look at me?" Urgh, little bitch. "Fine. I caught Eric snooping around up here, that's what happened." "Oh, he goes through my drawers too." And after a bit more talking, we formulated a plan. We were fairly sure Eric had plundered some pantsu, but we weren't sure where on his person it would be. Either way, we were both on the lookout for any oddities.

01/02/08(Wed)04:19:49 No.49750434

We returned downstairs, and Cheryl was back in her normal behavior acting like nothing ever happened. Gloria, having witnessed that last act of violence, should've made some remark. I was waiting for it... and waiting for it... and waiting. I shook my hand in front of her face a bit to see if she was even there. "You know, I don't like it when people wave their hands like that. It makes me just want to reach out and crush it." Ah, I felt refreshed. And then came emo Eric strutting along. I had a hunch that maybe if I tripped him, something would fall out of his pockets magically. I reached my foot out, but he saw it apparently and lifted his leg right over mine, giving me a little shit grin again. But then, as his pant leg went up slightly, I noticed something. Aha! Taking a page from the book of the masters, is he? I walked over to Melanie and whispered "the sock". She seemed to understand. So the night continued as it neared 12.

01/02/08(Wed)04:20:30 No.49750481

I waited for the perfect time, and I found it. Eric was in the kitchen, right by his parents, right in the middle of tons of people. I looked at Melanie and mouthed "go" to her. She looked at me a bit quizzically first, but then formulated something in her head it seems. "Say Eric, what's in your sock?" She just went right to the point. "Nothing, what are you talking about?" "Oh... I just saw a bunch in it. You sure there's nothing in there?" "Not that I'm aware of." I sniffed, and it smelled like nostalgia. That's my line Eric. "But I thought I saw..." and he lost his cool and snapped "There's nothing!" He's done for it now. Cynthia turned around. "Let us see Eric." Now, I imagine, from her point of view she was probably worried about it being drugs or something. She looked and the bunch was there. I was about to cum all over the place in anticipation. She pulled it out and it was... another sock? Yep, it wasn't pantsu, it was another sock. It was definitely a girl's though, and as I could tell it was Erika's. I could already tell things weren't going my way, but I refused to let this operation fail.

01/02/08(Wed)04:21:33 No.49750560

By now, everybody was looking at Eric, so I slipped into the background and tried to listen in at the same time. His drink was right on the counter. I gently opened the trash can. The vomit dip was there, and I reached in to get some. A bit gross, I know, but she is my daughter. Meanwhile, his parents asked him why he had her sock, and he said Melanie probably put in there as a joke. Since she was so blunt about it, and socks weren't as deeply incriminating as underwear, people believed him. They gave it back to me, and scolded Melanie, who wasn't pleased that this had backfired on her. People had disseminated themselves about the room as Eric and I passed each other. "Foot fetishist?" "Yeah" "This isn't over" "I think you lost." I smiled, because I didn't lose yet. He went over to take a victory drink, and instead he got a bit of vomitdip, which caused him to spit his drink out all over one of the neighbors. I've smited a fat chick, and emo Eric. I would have to thank Erika later. The woman turned around and gave him a swift smack in the face. "Now what's wrong with you?" said his father. "There's something in my drink." And he showed it to Jim. "Melanie, did you put something in his drink too?" "No." "I think you did, now straighten up or we're taking you home." Ah crap. Even though I did managed to give him a dosage of vomitdip, twice he did evade the ire of his parents. At that point I felt he had won the battle. Melanie was mad it me too for twice getting her in trouble.

01/02/08(Wed)04:23:16 No.49750677

But in the middle of this, Melinda called everyone over. It was 11:57. So the couples gathered up, and I realized I had nobody to gather up to. Erika was asleep upstairs, so I was alone. Melanie sat beside me though, which made me a bit uneasy. Things could get awkward if she tried to kiss me... yet at the same time... maybe I wouldn't mind... but no, that would be weird. But I, little Jake, sat there giggling a bit in my head at the propspect. It was 11:59, and we were watching one of those countdowns. People began counting. 10.... 9.... 8... she's looking at me... 7... 6... 5... well I could always laugh it off... 4... geeze 12 year olds look old these days... 3... 2... brace for loli-kiss impact... 1... aaaand I got my kiss. But wait, what the fuck? These aren't loli lips. The moistness of that lipstick, the cigarette breath... yep, it was Cheryl. "Haha, ya liked that didn't ya?" I started gagging slightly. Melanie, who apparently did try to kiss me, was laughing. Gloria was apparently trying to kiss Amelia (Jim's 6 year old daughter), who pushed her away. But as I was leaning over slightly gagging, I noticed something. A motherfucking ha! Emo Eric. I'll give him credit, he's a smart one. But not smart enough. In the back of his other sock, halfway into the heel of his shoe, another bulge. I thought immediately about exposing him, but then a feeling of benevolence struck me. I walked up behind him, and tapped his heel that housed the underwear with my foot. Whispering over his shoulder, "Achilles' heel? Put them back in the bathroom, and nobody gets hurt." He visibly jumped as I said this, and the next minute he suddenly felt the urge to piss.

01/02/08(Wed)04:24:32 No.49750768

Since new year's had passed, the party broke up rather quickly. Cheryl went home, but gave me a smack on the butt, and Eric too, which made him jump like a crazy paranoid fucker because he thought it was me. As he left, I made sure to mouth "I win." to him. I found the panties right where I told him to leave them. I went back into Erika's room, and returned them. Despite all the turmoil, she was still fast asleep. "Well I couldn't give you a kiss at 12, but I can now," said I as I plucked a kiss on her forehead. Looking down at her, I could tell 2008 was going to be good. And no, I didn't shit in Luke's mouth.

Thread 59

01/20/08(Sun)02:49:42 No.51451453

Hi there /b/, blindmuteloli guy here. I haven't updated since New Year's, because things have pretty much gone downhill again. Instead of brooding, I'll try to explain though. Last week, Jim invited Erika and I to a communion for Amelia (I'm not religious so I know nothing about this crap). It sounded pretty damn boring, but it was nice at the same time to be invited. It felt adult, like I was Mr. Jake instead of just Jake, getting invited to boring things for other parents' kids. And maybe we'd do other things like have boring cookouts or whatever in the future. It felt nice to be part of the community anyway. I wasn't part of his church so I didn't know if it would be okay for me to come, but he insisted. And of course I didn't refuse, so I asked Erika and she said it sounded fun (it wouldn't be, but things always sound fun to her). We didn't have anything planned for Sunday other than to jerk around anyway. Sunday came, and we went to the church he told us to arrive at. It was a nice, large place, not too big but not too shabby either. We took a seat, and the proceedings began. There was a large quilt thing, and the priest began with a service. It was a lot about da lawd and Jesus and faith and whatever. Then the kids all lined up and the priest presented some wine and some bread, the blood and the body of Christ as he claimed (I've always found it a bit creepy too, at least Muslims don't eat Muhammad). The priest drank some of the wine (of which the kids got none), and then he went down the line and stuffed a piece of bread in their mouths. Then there was some closing comments, and the whole thing was done. The kids, who had been forced to sit and watch a rather boring service for a while, and only for a piece of bread, were rather antsy as expected. There was a sort of after celebration and Erika, Amelia, and some other kids were running around. And really this is where the problem started. I should've been watching her more closely.

01/20/08(Sun)02:50:18 No.51451513

Outside the church are rather large cement steps that lead up to the door. Erika was running around with the other kids, and what apparently happened is she ran right off them. Normally she can sort of "sense" the change in the level of the floor before stairs come, and she knows her way around Melinda's house which has the stairs she uses most often so she doesn't normally have a problem with them. But she was running around and not paying attention, and fell right off them. And it's my fault. She acts so independent, I guess I just forgot she needs to be supervised. I let her run around a place she didn't know to well with a bunch of other kids and it was stupid. I'm a fucking idiot basically. This wasn't a nice fall though. These are large cement steps, and her head hit right on the edge of one of them. It was a nasty sight. One kid I didn't know just came running up to me flustered and told me to go to the stairs and there I saw her. Erika, spread out over a step. Her head was busted open, and she wasn't conscious. Now I'm starting to freak out (I try to keep my cool but I couldn't handle seeing her in all of this blood). Somebody dialed 911, and an ambulance arrived. I followed behind them, and I could barely focus on driving. I was guilty, and I still am. I wasn't watching her, but it was only for 30 seconds. But I should've been watching her. She's blind, how could I just let her run around? It's a dangerous area for her, any area could be a dangerous area for her.

01/20/08(Sun)02:51:15 No.51451592

I arrived at the hospital, and I asked for information on where I could find her. The lady pointed me in her general direction, but a worker there told me that I would have to wait before I could see her. So I sat down and waited, racked with guilt. Finally somebody came and informed that she was fine, but she was going to need a lot of stitches, and that she wasn't conscious yet. They told me that I should go home, and that if I come back the next day she'll probably be up and ready to leave, and that she would just need a bit for the stitches to heal. I was relieved when I heard this, and figured since I wouldn't get to talk to Erika anyway I might as well heed their advice. Melinda (who didn't go), was worried since I had arrived later than she expected. When she saw that I didn't have Erika with me, she knew something was wrong. I told her the situation, and she could tell I was remorseful about it. She tried consoling me, telling me it wasn't my fault, but I still felt like I was. I went up to my room and sulked around, and eventually went to sleep hoping everything would be fixed by tomorrow. Melinda and I both went to the hospital the next day, as she was just as worried as I was. They told me that Erika had regained consciousness in the middle of the night, but was sleeping now. Phew. I went into her room, and just watched her sleep for a bit. She was already all stitched up (but the head wound still looked pretty gross). Eventually she woke up, and I spoke to her.

01/20/08(Sun)02:51:51 No.51451642

"Hi Erika, how are you feeling?" I thought that maybe she could write a bit, but she shocked me when she said "Who are you?" She actually spoke it though, with her own voice, a frail one. Melinda and I were both shocked that she was talking. I wondered if it could have been because of the head trauma. "It's Jake." "Who?" She didn't remember me, Melinda, or anything. I asked the nurse, and she said that temporary amnesia was common among people who have significant trauma to the head, and that it would probably clear up in at most a week or so. I also asked her why Erika was suddenly talking, which seemed so surreal. She didn't know that Erika was normally mute, and asked me if I had ever seen a psychologist about it, which I did. He told me, as I recounted to you all earlier, that the muteness was some sort of psychological mechanism because of a traumatic experience, something like that. The nurse told me that the amnesia is probably related to it, and related to her forgetting that traumatic experience maybe, and that she might go back to not talking when she gets back her memory. So I spent a while explaining all that happened between us to her. She found it intensely interesting, but didn't seem like she felt too much like the "real" Erika in the story. Then she asked me about her real parents, and I had to explain that to her too. Melinda mostly sat in silence, she was uneasy about the whole situation. I was too, but was optimistic that it'd all resolve itself like they said. We eventually left the hospital for the day, and they told us Erika could leave tomorrow.

01/20/08(Sun)02:52:31 No.51451689

Coming home, I felt much more upbeat about everything. Erika was going to be fine, she just had an accident. Accidents happen, and they fix themselves. We went back to the hospital, and Erika was released to our care. She was still talking verbally, and still had no memory. Her voice is very pretty, very cute and feminine. We arrived at Melinda's house, and I made sure to put my arm around her to lead her around, but she shrugged me off. "What's wrong?" "Do you need to be so touchy?" "I just don't want you to have another accident, I don't think you remember the layout of this place." "I'm fine, you don't need to touch me." As she said that, she walked right into an endtable as the corner went right into her side. I grabbed hold of her again, but she flailed her arms around to push me off. I figured she was probably just irritable, I mean I would be too. She sat down on the couch, and I left her alone. The day pretty much continued with her not talking to me much. I was a bit down over it, I was hoping she'd be more peppy, but I know I shouldn't have expected her to be happy after what happened. The next day, it was time for her to get up to go to Jim's since I didn't want to miss two work days in a row. She was apprehensive to going though. Eventually after a bit of bickering, she said 'Why don't you make me go?' I was pretty much taken aback by this, because she had never really given me any attitude before. I didn't know how to handle it really. I couldn't let her stay home by herself, I couldn't have her walking all over me, but I couldn't yell at her. I just tried picking her up and thought I'd carry her though, mostly just joking, but she started banging on me like I was trying to kidnap her, so I put her down. I tried asking her specifically why she didn't want to go, but she didn't respond. I decided to give in, and call in sick. What else could I do?

01/20/08(Sun)02:53:46 No.51451788

Even though I was home, she didn't want much to do with me. We mostly sort of ignored each other, I made her food, but she didn't want to talk. I guess she was mad at me, but why shouldn't she be? The day came and went, with her showing no signs of regained memory. The next day, she once again refused to go to Jim's. If I missed another day of work, my boss was really going to be pissed. So I got strict. I dragged her to Jim's kicking and screaming. I felt bad about doing that to her, bad about leaving Jim with an angry Erika, and bad in general. I felt worse when I went back to Jim's in the evening and apparently Erika had tried to beat up Amelia, and was generally rude. The whole thing is shocking since Erika is always well behaved, Jim knows it too, he said he couldn't believe it. He told me that it's probably just a phase, and she's still welcome at his house. I scolded her over it, but she didn't say a word to me. She refused to speak at all to me. The next day, she told me she absolutely wasn't going, and there was nothing I could do about it. She told me that she'd kill me if I tried touching her. And I realized that something was severely wrong. This wasn't my Erika. This wasn't even Erika with amnesia, this was completely different. What happened to her brain? Some sort of chemical imbalance? She never acted so testy before. "Erika I'm sorry I had to be strict yesterday but--" She cut me off with, "You're not even my dad so just shutup!" And she ran away from me. It was hurt, to use an old expression, like somebody had stabbed me in the heart.

01/20/08(Sun)02:54:24 No.51451843

I didn't even call my boss, I just sat down on the couch. Tears were forming in my eyes, and I was trying not to just bust out crying. It was just a phase, I told myself anyway. I stayed home the entire day, and I didn't see her once. But I knew I couldn't leave things as they were. There had to be some reason. Maybe she was grieving over her parents, just now re-finding out that they're dead? I just didn't know what was up with her. But I was determined to talk to her. I went in her room, and asked her if I could speak to her a bit. She basically ignored me, but I started talking anyway. "Erika, I know you're going through a rough time right now, but I want to help. I'm not your real dad, but I really care about you. I've tried my best to care for you as long as we've been together, I really love you." I hugged her, and she once again was silent, not really accepting or rejecting my hug. Finally she said, "Well I don't love you. Leave me alone." That was the final straw. I couldn't take it. I left the room as quickly as possible and started crying. Yeah, I know, but that hurt. I'm actually a pretty sensitive person. Melinda saw me, and she gave me a hug and I basically cried on her like she was my mother. Eventually, after I was a bit better, Melinda went in to talk to Erika. I stayed there, just thinking about Erika. I couldn't give up on her, obviously. Then Melinda came out holding her eye. Apparently she tried to talk to Erika, and Erika got agitated and lunged at her, attacking her and apparently punching her eye a few times.

01/20/08(Sun)02:55:16 No.51451911

I was pissed, I went to go talk to Erika. "What are you doing punching Melinda!? She owns this whole house, she lets us both live here, what's your problem?" "I don't care what she does." I was fed up, so I sort of muttered under my breath, "ungrateful brat." She didn't talk kindly to this comment, and began making a long statement about how I thought I was such a good guy because I helped her out, and how I thought that she should just be my best friend forever, and only did it because I was selfish. This just enraged me, and I started screaming at her. "You're the fucking selfish one." Erika didn't expect this, as she sort of jumped back a bit. And I looked, and my fist was clenched, I was holding it slightly up, I needed to cool off. I knew who Erika must think I was acting exactly like. I punched a wall on my way out of the room, and Erika and I didn't talk for the rest of the night. Today's the same pretty much. We haven't talked. I scheduled an appointment with a doctor, because obviously she's not right. The amnesia was supposed be temporary, but it seems like it's last a lot longer. I'm trying to just keep in mind that it's not her fault, and I can't be mad at her. And I'm not really, I'm trying not to be. I love her, I'm going to resolve the issue.

Thread 60

01/26/08(Sat)00:13:37 No.52016899

Hey there /b/, Blindmuteloli guy is here, he's queer, get used to it. When I last left you all, I was pretty much at the end of my rope with Erika. She was lashing out violently against Melinda, and was becoming increasingly difficult to handle. The day after that incident though, she began acting differently. And I mean that in a good way. She wasn't totally back to herself, but she was more normal and at least not violent. She said that when I got stern with her after she suddenly started remembering things about me. Since then she's been recovering snippets of memories, usually more recent ones before least recent ones. As she's done this, she hasn't been less talkative than usual. It's nice to have her talking (and not talking back). It's also nice as she excitedly tells me a story she just remembered, it's fun to relive old things like that. I did tell her tons of stuff that happened between us when we were actually in the hospital, but she wasn't paying attention too much and hearing it can't compare to remembering the experience.

01/26/08(Sat)00:14:31 No.52016983

I also got a visit from a few well wishers who were concerned with Erika. The most surprising of which was Cheryl. When she visited, she didn't have her normal snake tongue. She was very somber, and concerned about Erika. As it turns out, she could sympathize with her condition. "Jake, my mom and a lot of my friends have had Alzheimer's. It's terrible when people you love don't remember who you are." Erika was shocked by her visit too, from the memories she's regained of Cheryl I imagine she didn't construct the depiction of a wholesome grandmother type figure. But I could tell she enjoyed it, as I did too. It was a very pleasant (though not as amusing, I must admit) visit. Gloria didn't come with, and I didn't even think I wanted to know where she would be.

01/26/08(Sat)00:15:02 No.52017035

Cheryl left, and Erika immediately said to me "There's something wrong with her." "Well, that's a given, but I guess this proves she has at least nice bone in her old body." "No, Jake. Something's wrong with her, she's sick." "You think so?" I didn't notice anything odd about her despite her demeanor, perhaps Erika was just expecting her to be more boisterous. Luke was another among the people to come visit. Erika took to him like he was a large teddy bear, and was all over him. I knew Luke was enjoying this (in more ways than he probably should), but it was fine. I knew he had really come out of genuine concern. Mark and Sharon also arrived during Luke's visit. Mark was antsy as if he had better places to be, and Sharon seemed pretty annoyed by him actually. I wondered how much longer their marriage was going to last. When Erika said hi, audibly as she has been, Mark had to add in another stupid Mark comment. "Hey look the midget can talk, she's not stupid after all." Now that one had really went too far, and I was about to be angry, when Luke got up and punched Mark right in the face. I didn't expect it, and neither did Mark. He just stood blankly as Luke approached him and then pow! Mark was about to kick Luke's ass (and I would've been with Luke had he tried), but Sharon separated them and hastily exited with Mark. The icing on the cake is that she said, "Well you deserved it." Luke started acting a bit embarrassed at his behavior, but I assured that it was awesome to see that punk get what he deserved. Erika was also excited. "You killed him! I could hear the punch!" Feeling a bit emasculated, I told her I was about to punch him too. "Not without your lamp," retorted Erika. A bit of awkward silence followed, Erika blissfully unaware (or perhaps mischievously the opposite) of bringing up a touchy subject. But we both started laughing about it. It seemed like ancient history.

01/26/08(Sat)00:18:38 No.52017324

Luke eventually left, and that was the end of visitors for the day. Jim's family had already had enough of Erika (though the next day they were pleasantly surprised with her improved behavior), so they never came. The next day, Erika seemed completely out of it. I imagine because she was remembering so much stuff. Surely you'd be in your own world too if your life story was flooding back to you. When she returned home from Jim's though, she seemed a bit depressed. I imagine that this had to do with her parents. I didn't want to intrude for a bit, but I finally asked her if something was bothering her. "Jake, is seeing nice?" "What do you mean?" "I can't see, am I missing tons of stuff?" "Well, there's lots of things to see. But there's lots of things to hear, smell, and touch too." I could tell that she was starting to get teary eyed, and all of the things she was remembering were weighing heavily on her mind. "I feel like I'm missing the whole world..." I began to hold her. "Don't worry, you're not missing anything. You're more perceptive than anybody else I've met." "I can't see you though." I put her hand on my face. "I'm not much of a looker." "Because I couldn't see I ended up hurting myself and acted crazy to you." "It's fine, we all act crazy sometimes." At this, she began crying. "I always make trouble for you." "No way. I love you." "You don't hate me?" "Of course not, I would never hate you. Why would you think that?" "That night you sounded so angry. You looked just like my dad when he used to hit me."

01/26/08(Sat)00:21:08 No.52017536

This was something I didn't know (though I had suspected). I knew he was an abusive asshole fuck to his wife, but I didn't know he hit Erika too. And of course being compared to him made me feel like a huge asshole. "I'd never do that. I would never ever hit you. I don't care how you acted, I wouldn't." "He used to be okay too." I began to wonder if I should pursue this further. If the "old" Erika never told me this, then she probably didn't want me to know. But I did. "What do you mean?" She didn't respond, and suddenly I realized what was happening. "C'mon now Erika, talk to me. Just like you've been doing for the past week." She looked like she was trying, and faint sounds were coming out but she wasn't forming any words. I could only imagine bad memories were running through her head. Just complete darkness, as your dad beats you, and you can't even see him. I was tearing up too, because I really was happy that she was talking and that it meant that she wasn't feeling this perpetual sadness that I always sensed she had. She's always seemed and acted happy, but I've also always felt she's constantly bothered by her past, and will take a while to get over to it. I didn't want her to go back to that. I carried her up to her room, and held her until she fell asleep. I ended up cancelling that doctor's appointment too, she did recover her memories, so I probably jumped the gun. I suppose it takes some people longer after head trauma.

01/26/08(Sat)00:21:54 No.52017609

The next day, she was talking a bit, but only in laconic, quiet phrases. I could tell she was having difficulties forming words, and used her notebook to communicate. I guess a very powerful memory was triggering this response, but I didn't know what it was. She did reveal to me another bit of information, saying her dad turned weird after he started taking pills. Which I guess means he was on some sort of medication, or perhaps using illegal drugs. Since then, it's been much of the same. Luke's been stopping be more often, which I don't mind. If Erika likes his visits, it's fine with me. She's doing better either way though, I'm relieved. Another week of what occured in the last would've killed me.

Thread 61

01/29/08(Tue)01:27:53 No.52317704

Hello there /b/, blindmuteloli here again. Things have continued to quiet down a bit, well except for a little "visit" I got yesterday. But first, I'm a little bit annoyed about something. I was hanging out with Luke the other day, and asking him about his love geezer Cheryl. He suddenly got a bit depressed, so I asked him if anything was wrong. He said nothing, but I don't believe it. She has some sort of problem, and nobody wants to tell me? Yeah, I'm nosy as usual. Even when it's not my business I still want to know about it. Anyway, what really happened today is there came a rapping at my chamber door. I opened it up and 'twas a whore, nothing more. No that's actually mean, it was my little sister! And guess what else!? She's pregnant! Happy day. Now, you might ask, how did this come about? And this story she did relay to me as we sat down and talked. The story goes like this. She got pregnant, she doesn't know by who (yeah, I know, that's a bad sign), my parents kicked her out of the house. So she took what she had and somehow ended up here. Wonderful. "What about Amelia (my older sister, not Jim's daughter)?" "Her place is way too far. Besides, you'll let me stay here, won't you?" Now I know what you're all thinking. "Of course Jake will!" But no, Jake won't. I made up my mind right then that she's not staying here. Not my problem to fix. Before I kicked her ass out the door though, I wanted to get a bit more info out of her. "So, what are you planning on doing?" "Well, that's where you come in!" "What do you mean?" "I need money for an abortion." "...You're joking, right?" "What?" "I've got to clothe, feed, and shelter a little girl and you want me to give you money so you can kill that demon spawn fermenting in your womb?" "Melinda's rich, isn't she? This house is big. Don't be an asshole." "Melinda inherited this actually, but even still if she had money it's not mine to give nor yours to receive."

01/29/08(Tue)01:28:31 No.52317759

"What are you trying to say then?" "Get out?" "You're kidding?" "No." "You won't let me stay even?" "No." "Why not!?" "Because this is your own fuckup I've got my own problems, jesus." Is she fucking ridiculous? I made sure to remember all of the stupid shit coming out of her mouth so I could laugh at it after I was done being pissed off. She then tried to switch strategies. She seemed rather shocked that swindling me out of a couple hundred bucks for an abortion was going to be harder than she thought. Apparently people think I'm the good natured village idiot. She settled down right in my lap, and tried to make a cute little face for me. When unexpectedly, I pushed her off, yelled "SHORYUKEN" and dragon punched her right in the stomach. Then my partner Cyclops jumped in and laser'd her ass straight out the door and to the nearest family planning clinic. Man X-men vs. Street Fighter was a great game. On my copy the music always skipped though. But that's besides the point. In actuality, I considered succumbing to this deceptively erotic tactic. But then I realized her VAGINA probably looks like something drawn by Walt Uziga. I kicked her out. I got up, dragged her by her arm as she resisted. "Jake, c'mon just one day..." "No. Out!" "Ja--" "OUT!" and I closed the door right in her face. Does it make me an asshole? Maybe. But for once I wasn't going to let other people drag me down. Erika, who was upstairs and had heard the commotion, came down to ask who was talking to me. I told her it was someone that would never cause me any problems again.

01/29/08(Tue)01:29:35 No.52317847

On a side note, Erika's still been talking a bit. She isn't as much, and likes to carry her notebook around again. I encourage her to talk though as much as possible. But back to what happened yesterday. I'm not a completely mean guy, and I thought I'd try to call up my parents and make a case for my sister. "Don't worry Jake, we're just teaching her a lesson." "A lesson that could involve her ending up dead? She's not old enough to be wandering around. That's what got her in trouble in the first place." "Wandering around?" "Well yeah, you did kick her out." "She isn't at your place?" "No..." "Why the hell not!?" "What do you mean?" "Didn't she come to your place?" "Yeah. I told her to leave." "You did WHAT?" "Eh?" "How could you be that stupid?" "You let your daughter get knocked up and I'm the stupid one? Well okay then." And I hung up. At least my daughter is still a virgin. The next day (today), I went to work. La ti da, going around, doing some shit, messing around, masturbating, masturbating in the food, masturbating in the coffee machine, masturbating in the soap dispenser, masturbating on the tree outside, masturbating on the ceiling. My sister approaches! Looks like trouble! Well, perhaps she was coming in to eat. So I treated her like a normal customer, even using one of my boss's reccommended "funny lines". Our boss has this idea that instead of saying the usual "May I take your order" we should try to add "humor" into it. So I used his brilliant line he thought up himself as she was in front of the counter. "Ho-la, would you like a co-la? (we don't even serve mexican food, not anymore anyway)" She burst into tears. Lord, it wasn't that bad. She was wailing like a banshee, and I realized she was faking it to try and make a scene.

01/29/08(Tue)01:30:31 No.52317925

My boss, who was in the other room working on something or other, came out. "Is there a problem ma'am?" "He got me pregnant and now he's trying to leave me..." and she trailed off into unintelligible blather. "Jake, is this true!?" "She's my little sister!" He looked at me with a shocked expression, and it occured to me that I didn't add proper context to that statement. "Jake, I'm going to go into the other room and let you handle this..." I had a few words with my sister. "What the hell is your problem?" At this point, another customer, a husky negroid woman, had walked in and was growing impatient before she reached the counter. "Escuz me, can I gessum service?" "I'll be with you in one moment ma'am." My sister began playing her little game again. I tried to quiet her, but the customer overheard and had to intervene. "Is dey a problem?" "No, it's family issues." "She sayin' ya got he' pregnant!" "I didn't!" "You nee' to step up and be a man!" My sister interrupts with her false sobbing routine again. "He raped me..." OH FUCK NO. I take back every nice thing (if I've said nice things) about this bitch. The woman was indignant at this statement, and told my sister to come with her and they'd get away from me. I tried to follow them but the woman slapped me in the face. They walked out. I was left there looking like an idiot. My boss accosted me. "Jake, take the rest of the day off." "Really, why?" "Juuust... just take it." "Okay." I left, and went home. Jim wasn't expecting me for a while, so I just decided to leave Erika there for a bit. And then I heard another knocking on my door. "Are you Jake?"

01/29/08(Tue)01:31:26 No.52318000

"Yes." "Hi I'm with the (county) Police Department. Would you like to come down to the station with me?" "Uh, not really." "C'mon, don't worry, I won't arrest you, let's just have a talk down at the station." And so off we went. I could already tell this had something to do with my sister, and I wasn't going to be happy. I was seated in a little room, like they would use for interrogations (and probably did). He asked me if I knew my sister, and I told him I did. I was about to continue to explain the story but he cut me off. I began to think that I had some sort of right to not talk, but since they didn't actually arrest I guess they didn't apply. I guess that also meant I didn't really have to be there, but oh well. Luckily, before too long another person came in and informed the person talking to me that my sister revealed she made it all up. Thank da lawd, I didn't know how far she wanted to take this. They released her to my care. I was about rip her throat out, and probably should've, but I tried to contain myself. Which was hard, because I was pissed. She thought we were driving back to Melinda's place, but we weren't. I was driving to my parents' house. The ride was long and very silent, as she could tell I didn't find this as funny as she did. We arrived, and my parents weren't home. I wasn't leaving though, I wanted to make sure she was in that house. By this time I checked my watch and realized I probably wasn't going to make it back in time for RAW. Yeah, yeah wrestling I know but I wanted to see the franchise boy I'm shining now (and by that I mean see him get injured).

01/29/08(Tue)01:32:36 No.52318109

So I grabbed a bat from a little shed we have in our backyard, and busted the window open. Some say I have anger management problems, some say I'm far too placid. She went in through it, and I told her not to talk to me for at least a year. I freaked her out too, so she knows Jake isn't to be fucked with. And maybe a neighbor will hear the window break and call the police, so she can get a taste of them. I left my parents a little note too. "Consider the money to fix the window her rent for staying at Hotel Jake." I'll probably end up paying them for it anyway (I'll admit it was stupid to break it), but I wasn't too happy with them either trying to pawn her off on me so I'll anger them a bit. I drove home, and Jim was worried since I had arrived much later than he expected. I told him that I had solved the problem, and there was nothing to worry about. Erika and I returned home, to see about a quarter of wrasslin'. Problem averted for now, but it's not probably not the last I'll hear of it. And my parents are going to be really pissed about that window. That was veeery stupid. I need to learn to count the prime numbers.

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