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Black history is a hilarious slang term from RH which means "something that never happened" (i.e., something that the parties involved have agreed will be taken out of the history books).

Example of usage:

A: so how did you do on your exam
B: that's black history
A: no really
B: never happened. there was no exam.
A: are you cereal?
B: black history man

Please use this phrase in your movie dialogues, blog posts, etc.


I would like to record the etymology of this phrase here on my wiki because it is confusing. In the anime Turn A Gundam there is a period called "Black History" where there were many gruesome and terrible wars. It is "black" because of how awful it was. This period unifies all previous Gundam universes. This isn't really possible due to the multitude of storylines so it is crucial that the history remain mostly unknown. The "Black History" scene is shown in the anime as a montage of many previous battles, in homage to all previous Gundam series. Let's let the Japanese explain it for themselves:

A Gundam Hero named Loran discover the secret behind a specific culture and discover the Turn A Gundam. The "Black History" is yet to discover. (It's not your responsibility to know what is "The Black History" yet, so you don't have to care as much.)

For our purposes, "Black History" has the implication that a lot of unknown, bad things happened. This Japanese Engrish phrase was then used to describe other things that Japanese anime fans wished would be covered up, such as horridly drawn sequels to good series.

This term was then brought back into real American English on RH, where it acquired the far funnier connotations of being... uh... black people's unwanted history.

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