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Bill Gates had a whiteboard in his office with the word BALONI on it. Whenever someone came into his office to talk about their idea, he would interrupt them and say: "How will this help me slice the BALONI?" And this, of course, stood for Borland, Apple, Lotus, Oracle, Novell, and IBM.


Bill Gates once invited all the head software programmers of BALONI to come have a conference with the big guys-- Microsoft executives. The programmers were very excited at this prospect because they didn't even get to talk to their own CEOs. So, they would chat about all their software ideas and tell Microsoft that it would be great if Windows had feature X so they could make product Y. What they didn't realize is that the strategically placed microphones throughout the room were used to transcribe their conversation and closely examine it for trade secrets Microsoft could copy. Microsoft then beat several companies to the release date.


Adobe once had a monopoly on PC fonts, called PostScript. Microsoft, in response, built TrueType into Windows. Whenever a PostScript font was selected in a Windows dialog, it would warn the use that the font might not work in all printers-- even though PostScript is specifically designed for printers. This is an example of FUD techniques.

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