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Banks control the future. And if this doesn't scare you, consider who controls the banks.

Up until the Industrial Revolution, when you wanted something built you would have to turn to the political leaders of your state. The people who had veto over the success and failure of your project had the best interests of their state in mind, and would approve and finance projects that they considered a useful contribution to national unity and cooperation: churches, for example, and pacifying hand-outs to local leaders (mansions).

Now consider who you turn to today when you need money. You must get it on loan from the bank. What are the bank's interests? Only that you pay them back. Suddenly the entire aim of society has been reversed: everyone with worldly prospects-- a home to live in, a degree from a good college-- must focus on making money in order to return it to the banks. Even the success of a church is necessarily measured by whether it has the funds to pay for rent and upkeep. And what's more, through this scheme the banks come into control of all money. They have profits coming out the wazoo. There's a bank on every street corner, and bank buildings hundreds of stories tall occupy the center of every city.

Now let's throw a wrench into this already questionable libertarian scheme. Rather than actually earning your money after you get your loan, you can take your corporation public and sell control of it to people based on how much they think your company is worth. Where does this money go? Right back to the bank. The bank considers this when giving your loan. So the stock market is no longer controlled even by profitability, but mainly by what the banks believe will be perceived as profitability. Incredibly unprofitable and foolish operations, with no real worth, can be turned into enormous sources of wealth--for the bank and no one else--simply by deceiving the public. This caused both the Internet and housing bubbles.

The obvious solution to these problems is to allow popular control of the banks through elected representatives. But the system used in the United States, which has been duplicated around the world, is that of the Federal Reserve. But as I detail in its article, the Fed is 40% bank-controlled -- thus combining the worst elements of the private and public schemes.

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