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This website is an archive. It ran from 2006-2010. Virtually everything on here is outdated or inaccurate.

Atwork.gif, the hardest working GIF on the Internet since at least 1993.

Image:Atwork.gif Original version (for the uninitiated)

Image:Atwork gray.gif Image:Atwork border.gif He seems to have gained a gray background in some versions-- probably a sloppy copy-paste by some HARD WORKING Netizens

Image:Atwork redborder.gif Even if he gets a little worn out he will gain a nice red border as compensation

Image:Atwork animooted.gif Animated version demonstrates the difficulty of this little dude's work. He stops after 5 or 6 loops, but I don't blame him

Image:Atwork animated.gif This one doesn't seem to be working quite so hard. I wouldn't hire this one if I were you

Image:Atwork circle.gif Now the road sign is a circle, I guess that's what they look like in Greece Now he has gained a gorgeous out bevel. Still hard at work as a USDA government employee Working in the Soviet Union, on the other hand, requires both an out bevel and an in bevel

Image:Atwork lilbro.gif His little brother

Image:Atwork doublebevelled animated.gif This one obviously isn't Russian as he is working very hard

Image:Atwork europe.gif Pathetic-looking EU version

Image:Atwork french.gif This French version has equal opportunities for all genders... although, that guy seems to be checking out the chick, and it looks like she has a handbag. No, not sure what's going on there.

Image:Atwork badly stretched.gif Obviously the Photoshop master who created this piece of art was too busy on his webpage to correct the misshapen edges.

Image:Atwork lazy.gif Misshapen atwork.gif is even lazier than the lazy one above

Image:Atwork shadow.gif This road sign uses fancy drop shadow technology to appear to hover above your monitor. Don't worry, it's an illusion

Image:Atwork bevelled dropshadow.gif Of course, his bevelled neighbour couldn't go long without getting his own drop shadow as well...

Image:Atwork borderless.gif Where we're going, we don't need borders for our road signs...

Image:Atwork box.gif lame

Image:Atwork computer.gif Depressingly honest version

Image:Atwork onstrike.gif I'm not sure what's going on here, I think he might be on strike

Image:Atwork tic.gif I don't know where that dirt is going, I hope his coworkers are paying attention to that

Image:Atwork scrawny.gif Scrawny version, this one probably shouldn't be working on a road crew

Image:Atwork red.gif Woah! Urgent!! Important shit going down here

Image:Atwork red shitty.gif Why?! Who made this abomination!

Image:Uc1.gif Early example of "Internet comedy," as you can see this genre had a long way to go

Image:B atwork.gif Under construction... on MARS

Don't be a hater!

Don't be like these guys, they hatin

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