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Atheist Agenda President Carlos Morales said, “Negative viewpoints that limit your thinking are very wrong, and being simple-minded is even worse. And we want the attention. How else will we get our message out?”

'We often get labeled “militant atheists”. It's a joke.' PZ Meyers


"This family romance offers a clue about how Murray led her life. When the teenaged Bill impregnated the daughter of a prominent Orthodox Jewish anesthesiologist in Baltimore, who then filed criminal charges against him, Madalyn encouraged her son and his girlfriend to flee, thereby turning them into real lawbreakers. Eventually the family escaped to Hawaii, evidently under the impression that the island was an atheist's paradise since so many Buddhists made it their home. After the Roman Catholic governor of the state approved her extradition back to Maryland, Murray, disguised as a nun, took off for Mexico, where she promptly destroyed a fledgling experimental college that had decided, much to its eventual regret, to take her in. All charges were dropped in 1965 because the grand jury that had indicted her had been asked to swear to their belief in God, a practice that had been ruled unconstitutional."

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