An argument for good religion

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After Heschel; to be integrated into animist restoration.

  1. Awe is a reality of human nature.
  2. Awe stands beyond language and we cannot justify it or defend it.
  3. Now atheists like to scorn this argument and say that everything has a scientific explanation.
  4. But beauty has no material explanation. Technically speaking, it happens in the brain, but it is not something that happens as part of simple feedback-- it is more integral to the way we function and how we can live happily.
  5. Beauty is not necessarily caused by goodness; there is a temptation to move away from humane things and towards artificial or evil things because they seem nicer. This is bad religion.
  6. When we think of bad types of religion we usually think of extremism, fundamentalism, religious hatred, persecution, etc.
  7. But it is increasingly recognized that materialism and outsourcing are also bad religion-- things that appear nice and prettier to us but are founded on rotten beliefs.
  8. This is what we consider "reason", but it is essentially religious in nature. And just as medieval Christianity was not a completely good religion, modern secular capitalism is not a completely good religion.
  9. Therefore we must formulate good religion.

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