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Neo-druidism is any sort of attempt to imitate some of the practices of the druids of ancient Gaul. Some parts of neo-druidism are neo-pagan, but others reject that label.


How is neo-druidism different from Wicca?

A map of RDNA-inspired neo-druid groups. I hope you feel less confused now.

Yeah, some druids are roleplayers like Wiccans. Others are wannabe Masons. The major difference between druidism and Wicca, though, is that the primary object of worship in Wicca is either an anthropomorphic goddess or the self, whereas the object of worship in druidism is nature. Thus it stands in between Wicca and plain old naturalism, as seen at right. One major tenet of modern druidism is that you should be comfortable with trying silly religious things to see if they work.

Towards the eclectic side of neo-druidism there are literally dozens of groups to look into, but most of them are a little nuts. On the rational side, though, there is basically just my animist restoration, the Reformed Druids of North America and Ár nDraíocht Féin.

American neo-druid groups

Note: There are far too many European groups to discuss here. See Philip Carr-Gomm, The Druid Renaissance for those lineages.

RDNA and offspring

Reformed Druids of North America (~400 non-paying members, ~200 active) was founded in 1963 as nonsectarian and often irreverent nature worship. Note that RDNA is the oldest neo-druid group besides the Masons. It gave rise to several more organized groups:

British groups in America

Internet groups

Noobs who exist primarily on the Internet

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