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道徳国家及東亜問題上 排佛教

http://books.google.com/books?id=ftIYAAAAYAAJ -- scanned backwards, good job

  1. Introduction
    宗教と国家 Church and State - 仏教の實行論 Theory of True Buddhism
  2. 仏教は厭世教なり Buddhism becomes a teaching of pessimism
  3. 仏教哲理は道徳の基礎無し Buddhist philosophy has no moral basis
  4. 国家及東亜問題上 排佛教 Solution for the nations of East Asia: Eliminate Buddhism


Discourse on the pros and cons of legalizing Christianity

http://porta.ndl.go.jp/service/servlet/Result_Detail?meta_item_no=I000073677&meta_repository_no=R000000008 - Scanned properly

  1. 緒論 Introduction
  2. 有神論を破す Refutation of theism
  3. 日本の神(カミ)と耶蘇教の神(ゴット)との衝突 Conflict of the Japanese Kami and Christian God
  4. 天皇は至上なり神なり Supremacy of the Emperor and the Kami
  5. 普天の下率土の浜 Beach of the earth below Heaven (?!)
  6. 耶蘇教の罪の信仰は日本民族に対して無礼なり Criminal faith of Christianity is a sin against the Japanese nation
  7. 精神上の治外法権を保存せんとするか Are we attempting preservation of spiritual extraterritoriality?
  8. 羅馬教会 The Church of Rome
  9. 希臘教会 The Church of Greece
  10. 民主共和思想の源泉 The source of the democratic republic
  11. 日本道徳と耶蘇教道徳との衝突 Conflict of Japanese morals and Christian morals
  12. 結論 Conclusion
  13. 附録 Appendices
  14. 第一 詩人バイロンの耶蘇教攻撃 1: Byron's attack on Christianity
  15. 第二 耶蘇教徒に明答を要求す 2: Futile demand for definite answer from Christianity
  16. 第三 『真理』記者の答弁を駁す 3: Response of the reporter "Truth"
  17. 第四 日本の教育と外国人 4: Japanese education and foreigners



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