What's New: December, 1994

December 28, 1994
The Park Place Mall
Telecomputing Resources International, Los Angeles, CA
The Park Place Mall is a collection of interesting places to shop, or just browse around. Here you will find some really unique items, plus useful links to other interesting areas on the Internet. Stop in and browse around!

Kegan Paul International
These are the new UK WWW pages for publishers Kegan Paul International.

Euphony is an independent music/movie magazine for Vancouver, existing solely on the Internet.

World-Wide Profile Registry
There is FINALLY a central database where all Internet users can post a personal profile for easy access to all other users. WWPR will be more than an Internet White Pages, it will be The Internet Encyclopedia of Users. WWPR is the place to locate lost friends, family and associates. A keyword search (any desired criteria) will return all instances of that keyword that are found. World-Wide Profile Registry (WWPR) is a WWW site that can be reached at - http://www.wizard.com/wwpr.html

A new web page featuring a review and an excerpt of 8 full-size pages from a new 224-page full-length comic OUR CANCER YEAR by Harvey Pekar (creator of the popular AMERICAN SPLENDOR reality comics) and Joyce Brabner. Despite the fact that I've reproduced it at actual size, each page of the excerpt is only 30K-35K in size. Netscape users in particular will benefit from data streaming, as they can read the opening panels of each page while the rest are still being received. The URL for OUR CANCER YEAR is http://cancer.med.upenn.edu:80/0h/psycho_stuff/comics/cancer_year_review.html

North Pole
Visit http://north.pole.org! With every visit Sun Microsystems contributes money to the Second Harvest Food Bank. There are also pointers to other "sponsored" web sites. Do a good deed by surfing the Web!

MBone - The Multicast Backbone on Internet
This book is a compilation of MBone resources that includes killer Internet applications, kernel patches, FAQ's, MBone service providers, references, and more. This book is available via http://www.eit.com/techinfo/mbone/

Live from Antarctica
A program that combines PBS interactive electronic field trips with online excursions. Take a look - URL: http://quest.arc.nasa.gov/livefrom/livefrom.html

In Sardegna Virtual
CRS4 is happy to announce the birth of "In Sardegna Virtual", the first Italian hypermedia magazine. It deals with tourism, environment and culture in Sardinia. Many beautiful images are inside our articles. "In Sardegna Virtual" comes out quarterly, and is available both in English and Italian. It can be accessed at URL - http://www.crs4.it/~cirio/ISV

Aimnet, a regional Internet access provider for the San Francisco Bay Area, has a new World Wide Web home page. Aimnet offers a complete range of connectivity options (from dialup shell to ISDN and T1), WWW site development and maintenance, security and firewall services, and consulting. Point your WWW browser to http://www.aimnet.com/

This is the SanSoft home page, named for SanSoft, a small support and development firm in Highlands Ranch, CO. The site includes descriptions and ordering information for all of SanSoft's Newton products, and is the focus for the newly-formed Denver Area Newton Group (DANG). The site also features the Sande On-Line Museum of Photography, which will be a growing gallery of high quality photographs.

Attention education technology fans! Andy Carvin's EdWeb, sponsored by the Corporation for Public Broadcasting and CNIDR, has moved to one of CNIDR's Sun SPARC workstations. Come visit EdWeb's new home at http://edweb.cnidr.org and learn about how K-12 education will be affected by the information highway, and check out EdWeb's enormous on-line resource guide. Add it to your bookmarks today!

San Jose Symphony Web Page
Complete with musical excerpts from upcoming programs, and fill-out forms for symphony patrons. Maps of concert halls, and seating charts help symphony goers get what they want - http://www.webcom.com/~sjsympho

Blithedale Books
See Blithedale Books, electronic publishers of the best contemporary fiction, poetry, art and photography, at: http://www.cts.com:80/~jlco/

Oasis Telecommunications, Inc., a local server provider in the Lehigh Valley, Pennsylvania, unveiled the first issue of "skew"(SM), an alternative arts & entertainment publication, on December 14, 1994. A part of Oasis' WWW, "skew" is also available on a text-only format and is located at http://www.ot.com/skew. For best viewing, Oasis Telecommunications recommends the use of Netscape Communications' Netscape Navigator.

IAGIweb is Internet Access Group, Inc.'s (IAGI) WWW server. It serves several purposes: IAGI information distribution (service catalog, who's who, etc.); it is the home for "the HUB", IAGI's way for small companies to get their information on the WWW; it is the home for IAGI's Business & Trade resource listing (an exhaustive collection of business & trade related web sites categorized by the type of business).

The World Square
InfoMed On-Line Services announces the opening of our Web site, The World Square. We are a commercial Web server representing companies doing business in areas including music, art, publishing, food, finance, automobiles, health, and medicine. Electronic shopping is a major part of this "virtual mall". We specialize in niche products difficult to obtain elsewhere. A special feature of The World Square is the ability to extensively sample the music from the Record Labels we represent.

December 23, 1994

Cthugha is a program for PC's with a sound card, which changes the screen according to the music. For a better description read the site info. It's purely a hobby of mine, but it's up 24 hours a day. Its URL is:- http://a32.cc.umist.ac.uk/ The Cthugha site has got the support of the author.

As featured in HotWired, RealTime is a live, coast-to-coast, radio program broadcast through the CBC Stereo Network to Canada and the Northern United States. The show offers leading edge music, in glorious stereo, on Saturday nights from 7pm to midnight. Interactivity between the show and it's listeners is the key to what makes RealTime unique. E-Quests, a 1-800 number, and now http://www.cbcstereo.com/RealTime/RealTime.HTML - The RealTime WebSite featuring previews, profiles, archives, contests, and a sense of community makes the RealTime WebSite an exciting stop on the Web.

Lamp Technology
Lamp Technology offers you a full range of replacement light bulbs and specialty lamps at below discounted prices! We stock over 10,000 bulb types for all applications. Highlighted at our web site are halogens, energy saving bulbs, LED's, projection lamps and medical bulbs. You can order on-line or by calling our toll-free number for a quick 2-day response on most orders.

Magnacom Data Products, Inc.
At Magnacom, our objective is to offer personal computer users solutions with simple, well-proven computer products while maintaining unbeatable prices. Check out our home page for low, competitive prices on the SoundBlaster(TM) Multimedia Bundles, Cyrix(TM) CPU upgrades, and the new Microsoft(TM) Natural Keyboard.

Visi-Tech is the manufacturer of SHOWER 'n SHAVE! The Fog Free Shower Mirror. Made of shatterproof optical quality mirror and scientifically engineered to be fog free. It is GUARANTEED. The mirror self adheres to any surface instantly. We also make "YOU'LL SEE" fog free towelettes. One application lasts a week or longer on any foggy surface. Works perfectly on sports goggles, car windshields, mirrors, scuba and swim masks, etc. They come in a pack of 4 re-usable towelettes. URL: http://www.tiac.net/users/visitech/home.htm

OpenNet Technologies
OpenNet Technologies of Clearwater Florida has release two commercial sites and an experimental site.

Beers 2 You
Our page is called Beers 2 You, and it features monthly offerings from America's finest microbreweries. The URL is: http://www.interaccess.com/users/intelli/users/Beers_2_You/b2u-home.html

TweedNet - http://www.scotborders.co.uk/
Information about the Scottish Borders (the rural area south of Edinburgh) including a visitors guide, River Tweed fishing information, photography magazine and growing art sections. Future developments include a textile catalogue covering the industry and its products.

is a hyperzine of writing, art, and new media. It features criticism, fiction, philosophy, hypertexts, computer graphics, interactive artforms, scanned photography and drawings. In Enterzone we are actively auditioning new metaphors for the dissemination and sharing of creative work. We draw on publishing and broadcasting models while seeking to invent entirely new paradigms. The interactive nature of the World Wide Web allows us to solicit and publish responses linked to our articles. This adds the dimension of a symposium or a salon to the basic magazine structure. Enterzone episode 1 was released December 1, 1994. For more information, check out our Statement of Purpose page.

Godiva Online
Fry Multimedia presents Godiva Online, the Chocolate Lover's Playground, a joint production of Godiva Chocolatier and Chocolatier magazine. It contains an extensive amount of articles and recipes about chocolate, its history, and its preparation. Godiva chocolates can be ordered online.

Mac Net Journal
Here is the brand new Web site for Mac Net Journal. Mac Net Journal is a downloadable Zine written on DOCMaker exclusively for Macintosh users. It has been around since August 1994, maintains a subscription list of a few hundred recipients, and is carried regularly on Info-Mac's database. Our Web site is our first venture into the world of HTML and we want to get the word out as much as possible - http://www.netaxs.com/~aaron/

This year, you could have your holiday shopping done on time--without ever leaving your home. For you non-shoppers, there's no excuse now. JewelQuest, Inc. showcases its exclusive jewelry collection on its web server. Select from their wide rang of distinctly European treasures. Made from the finest precision cuts of Austrian Swarovski crystal and cubic zirconia, JewelQuest jewelry makes an elegant gift. So sit back and browse through their exclusive collection. There's sure to be something to please even the most discriminating eye. JewelQuest web server development by Intersi Corporation - http://www.jewelquest.com

NHK(Japan Broadcasting Corp.) will host a virtual Christmas bash! SimTV2 Global Christmas is a 4 hour cyberland program live at 11 p.m. JST(GMT +9) December 25, 1994. We will use interactive-television methods, where viewers can control games and dramas via touch-tone phones. We will also introduce many aspects of the Internet, and have party links via CU-SEE-ME, E-mail Christmas cards, live guests from around the world via video phone, and other cyber, rave, world-beat, togetherness kinds of things. SimTV home page introduces information of the show, sneak previews of the show, media kit including a title clip and other fun stuff, and even cyber Christmas presents. Tell your friends about us. URL is as follows: http://www.eccosys.com/SimTV/

Who's Got the Body
The project is titled "Who's Got the Body", and it is a collaborative WWW artwork created by students in the MFA Computer Art Dept. of the School of Visual Arts, New York City. It was produced and curated by Ken Feingold (myself), and I am the contact-person for the project as well. The URL is: http://www.sva.edu/WGTB/flypaper.html

IEEE Computer Conference
HaL Computer Systems of Campbell California announces the IEEE Computer Conference online advance schedule.

FYI ... NewtNews ... a freeware Internet newsletter has a WWW site at: http://www.ridgecrest.ca.us/NewtNews/NN_top.html I think it's cool ... but them I'm the editor and publisher.

Dorothy Day House
Dorothy Day House is an organization that feeds homeless people in Berkeley, CA - http://www.ccseb.com/ddh/

Instituut voor Moleculaire Biologie en Biotechnologie
The Instituut voor Moleculaire Biologie en Biotechnologie is a research center of the Vrije Universiteit Brussel which concentrates on molecular biology and biotechnology. On this page you have an overview of the different departments and links to the separate labs with a description of their research.

Penn Newman Council
I am pleased to announce that the Penn Newman Council, the governing body of the Newman Center at the University of Pennsylvania has a newly created home page. Penn Newman is the first Newman Club in the country, founded in 1893. We are currently uploading information not only about ourselves, Newman, and Catholic/religious links, but also information about Newman himself - http://dolphin.upenn.edu/~newman/

Sound Wire
My name is Joe Maissel and I have a record store on the net called Sound Wire. It features "harder to find" indy music of all kinds. Best thing about it is that you can sample and see most of the records in the store. Check it out at http://soundwire.com

The images and text from the IEEE Computer article have been put on MERL's world wide web server. Please look at http://www.merl.com/ to see a pointer to the Computer article. There are color pictures of the comic strip and information about the IEEE MultiMedia article also.

Ascend Communications
On November 7, 1994, Ascend Communications released an ISDN router designed specifically for the telecommuter and Internet user. The Pipeline 50 HX delivers high-speed (up to 512 Kbps) access to remote corporate networks and to public networks including the Internet. Direct your browsers to - http://www.internex.net/ascend/ You will find a Product Description of the Pipeline 50 HX, including a photograph and complete technical specs. There is also a Press Release with a graphic showing the remote ISDN access market.

December16, 1994

Iona Technologies
Not a lot of people know what an Orb is! Check out IONA Technologies home page to find out about Orbix our CORBA compliant Object Request Broker (ORB).

The Geneva International Guide
This is to announce the creation of a new WWW server for Geneva, the Geneva International Guide. It is non-profit and its goal is to promote the International Organizations and businesses, and to provide international travelers with helpful resources. This is the first city and canton in Switzerland on the Internet.

Motown Records
Motown is now on the Net.

18th Congress of the European Accounting Association
Our site contains information for delegates and participants of the 18th Congress of the European Accounting Association to be held in Birmingham, UK, 10-12 May 1995. It also contains pictures and details of Birmingham and of the venue for the congress - The International Convention Centre, Birmingham.

IATH at the University of Virginia
The Institute for Advanced Technology in the Humanities (IATH) at the University of Virginia would like to announce new publications and software, in addition to an on-going series of research reports. New software includes: an image viewer for X-windows that is faster than XV and provides a panner for large images; a sound driver for the IBM rs6000, that provides a control panel to record and play; a Perl script that helps a user add reference line numbers that relate one SGML-marked text to another. New general publications include: a museum installation developed from Edward Ayers' Civil war project under development at IATH; two essays by Jerome McGann about using hypertext in critical editing; two essays by John Unsworth about use of the Internet by humanities scholars.

University of Delaware's School of Business and Economics
This is the University of Delaware's Home Page for the School of Business and Economics.

Mississippi State University Dept. of Entomology and Plant Pathology
The Department of Entomology and Plant Pathology at Mississippi State University has a WWW home page. It contains information about the department, degrees and courses offered, admissions procedures, faculty and their areas of teaching/research/extension responsibilities and expertise, and the Mississippi Entomological Museum. Links to the Resistant Pest Management Newsletter at MSU and other entomological web sites are also provided. Contact Sonny Ramaswamy for further information.

Rocky Mountain Cyber Mall
Independent Marketing of Boulder, CO is pleased to announce to grand opening of the Rocky Mountain Cyber Mall. In addition to supporting the three Cs, Commerce, Culture, and Class, the RMCM also provides gateways to other malls. Be sure to browse through the SPECIALS store for gift ideas.

RealTech Systems Corporation
RealTech Systems Corporation, based in the Empire State Building, is pleased to announce the Networking Resources Directory, a list of LAN and WAN resources on the Internet. RealTech provides corporate Internet consulting and marketing services, specializing in firewall and information server design and integration. For more information, call 212.695.7100, or send mail to [email protected].

FLEET HOUSE Electronic Publications has recently launched FLEET HOUSE: CANADA, the Canadian Travel Magazine. This magazine provides a comprehensive resource for leisure and business travelers. Accommodations, activities, entertainment, local information and much more is featured. Information sponsors such as the Hyatt Regency extend special pricing and programs to travelers on the Internet. Check out what Canada has to offer at www.fleethouse.com

The Stephen F. Austin State University College of Forestry Server
Our URL is http://www.environment.sfasu.edu:1080/. The College of Forestry is dedicated to wise management of all natural resources. In particular, the College is trying to maintain a database of Internet information sources over a wide variety of natural resource issues.

MCA/Universal Cyberwalk (www.mca.com)
Entertainment, products and the latest information from the MCA/Universal family of companies.

The Interactive World Premiere of JUNIOR (www.mca.com/universal_pictures/junior/index.html)
Go behind-the-scenes at the world premiere of Universal Pictures' JUNIOR. Includes over 200 pictures and 30 Video clips from the premiere and the movie.

MCA Records' AMP (www.mca.com/mca_records/index.html)
A monthly Internet magazine featuring artists on MCA Records' label. Includes info, sound clips & music videos.

Winterland Plugged In (www.mca.com/winterland/index.html)
The home of the first t-shirt company to put Rock-n-roll on a t-shirt. Featuring t-shirts for sale from some the hottest bands around.

The Official StarGate WWW Site (digiplanet.com/STARGATE)
Contains loads of pictures, video clips and behind-the-scenes info on MGM/UA's STARGATE.

Limburgs Universitair Centrum University
We are pleased to announce the creation of a WWW server at the Limburgs Universitair Centrum, a university in Belgium. It offers information on a number of research groups active at the institute (currently: Neural Networks, Theoretical Chemistry and Algebra.

EmeraldNet is a new World Wide Web/IP presence provider to individuals and corporations who don't want to invest in a full time net-presence. We provide WWW, ftp, gopher, and INFOBots to clients. Our first client is the Mammoth/Atlantic recording artists Machines of Loving Grace. Our emphasis is on the entertainment industry, and we have a unique look and feel, due largely to the extended features of Netscape Communications' Netscape Navigator Web browser.

IT Jobs World Wide Web site

Padova Stellar Evolution Group
We are pleased to announce that the large grid of theoretical isochrones of the Padova Stellar Evolution group is now available via the WWW server of the Astronomical Observatory of Padova, at the following URL: http://www.pd.astro.it/evolution/

Sting: The Soul Pages
Fans of rock megastar Sting will want to check out Sting: The Soul Pages. This page contains lyrics, graphics, sounds, links, and more! Constantly updated and ever growing, this page is a must for all true fans of Sting.

1st International Conference on Functional Mapping of the Human Brain
Dates : 26 Jun 1995 to 30 Jun 1995 Location : Paris, France Info page and Call for Abstracts: http://www-mri.swmed.edu/mhb95.html

Opinionmeter, Inc.
Opinionmeter, Inc. is pleased to announce its debut on the World-Wide Web. The Opinionmeter is an interactive opinion polling machine developed to collect point of sale customer satisfaction feedback. Using these portable-battery operated kiosks, you get instant data from your customized questionnaires. Opinionmeter, Inc. is expanding rapidly and is awarding Exclusive Licenses for all major U.S. cities and remaining international territories. For further information visit our home page!

The Black Information Network
The Black Information Network is a non-profit organization about the African-American Community.

IMALL is pleased to offer daily snow conditions for major Ski Resorts in Utah. In addition to the daily snow conditions, readers are encouraged to leave their own ski condition report for others to browse. Coming soon: resort maps, reservations info, and much more.

1996 Summer Olympics in Atlanta
I would like to announce a new WWW site that focuses on the 1996 Summer Olympics in Atlanta, GA. The site is http://www.mindspring.com/~royal/olympic.html.

The x-page
The X-page is designed as an unofficial home page for the rec.arts.comics.xbooks newsgroup, and provides links to addresses and home pages throughout the Web to X-Men-related information, stories, and graphics. Accessible at: http://ux4.cso.uiuc.edu/~m-blase/x-page.html. Brought to you by Marty Blase

The Beatles - Live at the BBC
We are a new site surrounding the new Beatles album Live At The BBC. Check it out - http://bazaar.com/Beatles/

IMALL collectible coins
The IMALL is pleased to announce the availability of Disney and Super Bowl collectible coins on the WWW. You can join the coins mailing list and receive future announcements of additions to these collections by sending the line "subscribe coins" to [email protected]

Sarasota Sports Collectibles
We're offering just in time for Christmas, Star Trek: The Next Generation Customizable Card Game card sets on the Web. Telecards will be coming soon. Http://iquest.com/~tstevens/sarasota

Slant is the magazine of Columbia University's School of International and Public Affairs - http://www.jrn.columbia.edu/~rst10

The Christmas Book
The Christmas Book is a Christmas card manager and tracker designed to make your holidays (and birthdays, anniversaries) a little easier to keep track of. It is available by anonymous ftp to ftp.mmasters.com in the /pub/mmasters/sox directory as soxdemo.zip. For more information (and if your browser supports ftp) point your browser to The Christmas Book Page, and enjoy. The Christmas Book is copyright 1994
Marketing Masters, 1131 Boyce Road, Pittsburgh, Pa 15241 (412) 942-2510

University of Arizona in Tuscon Online Galleries
The University of Arizona in Tucson has created two new online art galleries featuring full-color images of paintings, drawings, sculptures and other fine arts from the University. The WILDCAT Gallery (Worldwide Internet Library Displaying Campus Artistic Talents) exhibits images of works by professional, contemporary artists who are on the faculty of the art department of The University of Arizona. The UA Museum of Art Permanent Collection Gallery features selections from its permanent collection of more than 4,000 works of art, including works by renowned artists such as Georgia O'Keeffe, Maynard Dixon and Edward Hopper, as well as art dating from the 15th century through the 20th century. The University of Arizona Museums and Galleries home page can be accessed by the following URL: http://www.arizona.edu/services/museums/museums.html

Wilson Keller Agency
For the very first time! The Very First Ad Agency In Africa Goes Online. Check It Out! The most progressive Ad agency in Africa is on the Net. Please check out the site, and hot link it to the globe! - http://www.aztec.co.za/wka/wka.html

Univ Kansas, Lawrence Kansas Microbiology Home Page
The Department of Microbiology at the University of Kansas, Lawrence Kansas, now has a Home Page. There is information available about faculty, undergraduate study, graduate study, and research in the Department. The site is linked to university-wide servers, which allow one to "tour" the main campus. The site address is: http://ukanaix.cc.ukans.edu/~micro/

First Night Boston
comes to you via the World Wide Web to provide on-line information about the largest New Year's Eve celebration in North America. With 55 locations around the city and 228 performances by 1000 artists, you may easily see only the events in which you are interested, create your own custom itinerary, and print it at any time. First Night is produced by First Night, Inc., a cultural service organization that is privately funded. This interactive service was designed and developed for First Night, Inc. by Terry Swack and Karen Houldin of Terry Swack Design Associates, in collaboration with Kee Hinckley of Utopia Inc., a Web Site engineering firm.

Windham Hill Records
Windham Hill Records, the epitome of the independent record label, now has a worldwide web server. Delivering the ultimate Internet experience, this site is sure to excite the senses with images and audio that reflect the uniqueness of each artist and his/her music. In the Windham Hill Listening Room, you can experience a broad range of song samples from a variety of artists. This comprehensive server also includes artists' biographies, discographies, tour dates, and an open forum for musical discussion. The URL is http://www.windham.com/

Learn Forth in five minutes on the WWW

@art gallery
@art gallery is a Mosaic-based internet art gallery dedicated to exhibiting the best in contemporary electronic art. Artists using digital tools are featured on a revolving basis, with each exhibition lasting six to eight weeks. @art gallery is featured in the current issue of Newsweek magazine (December 12, 1995). The article is located in the Cyberscope section, page 16. The gallery is currently featuring work by California-based artist Carol Flax, whose recent exhibitions include "Iterations: The New Image" at the International Center for Photography in New York City, and "Digital Photography" at the Palais de Tokyo in Paris, France. Her book "Some (M)Other Stories: A Parent(hetic)al Tale" is soon to be published by the Southeast Museum of Photography and Visual Studies Workshop. In1993 Flax spent a six-week residency in the Scottish Highlands, which resulted in a digitally generated, permanent installation in the Inverness Rail Station in Inverness, Scotland. This was part of Fotofeis, the Scottish International Festival of Photography. Carol Flax has won numerous awards, and her work has been widely exhibited in the United States and Europe. @art gallery is a curated by the collaborative group ad319, which is comprised of Kathleen Chmelewski, Nan Goggin, and Joseph Squier. The project is jointly sponsored by the School of Art & Design, the Center for Graphic Technologies, and the Advanced Information Technologies Group; all of which are located at the University of Illinois at Urbana Champaign, USA.

School of Chemistry at the University of Bristol
Here you'll find information concerning: research within the school of chemistry, graduate study and contact numbers and address, the Diamond CVD photo library, movies of chemical structures, and many links to other chemistry related www servers. Its address is: http://www.bris.ac.uk/Depts/ Chemistry/Bristol_Chemistry.html

The New South Showcase
Developed by Atlanta's number one Internet Training and Consulting firm, the New South Showcase provides businesses with a low cost, full-time marketing presence on the Global Information Highway. This innovative new online advertising showcase provides southern businesses with an affordable channel for marketing their company's goods and services to a global market that numbers nearly 30 million and is expected to double within a year's time. Companies are also able to establish their own information resource centers on the Internet which will provide them with a mechanism for doing business worldwide with existing and future customers, suppliers and vendors, 7 days a week, 24 hours a day. With the Olympics less than two years away, and Atlanta fast becoming one of the most popular destination cities in the world, the New South Showcase provides Internet users worldwide with a colorful, interactive multimedia glimpse of Georgia's capital city. In addition to bringing worldwide attention to southern businesses, the New South Showcase provides up-to-day coverage of Atlanta's cultural venue. Internet users anywhere in the world now have the opportunity to instantly identify what's happening in the way of movies, nightclubs, restaurants and the arts right from their own computers in their homes and offices.

North Valley Research Inc.
A Web and FTP site is now making available their software-based MPEG Digital Video Products. The NVR product family includes MPEG compression and playback software as well as tools for audio and video capture, formatting, image enhancement and the conversion from multiple digital image and video file formats. NVR's products support audio, video, MPEG system stream, CD-I, Video CD and variable or fixed bit rates. NVR currently supports Sun, Silicon Graphics and HP workstations with Macintosh support expected in early 1995.

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