What's New! November 1994

Wednesday, 30 November 1994

ROCK 104 Online
Gainesville, FL, US
Click on this. ROCK 104 in Gainesville, Florida blasts 100,000 watts of the best classic and modern rock in FM stereo to all of North Florida. Check out our new online site with contests, album reviews, music charts, hot hot links (not sausages), and much, much more.

Accel Partners
Accel Partners, Princeton, NJ and San Francisco, CA, US
Accel Partners is a venture capital firm that invests in emerging leaders in the telecommunications, software and healthcare markets.

InterAd, New Brunswick, Canada
Sigma Computer Training and Optimus, Inc bring you information about many New Brunswick, Canada, technology-driven firms. This service is also available to companies from other regions. Be sure to check out InterAd's Quicktime movie archive.

Clear Nets
Seattle, WA, US
Clear Nets provides training, consulting, writing, and development services specializing in the Internet, HTML, and Lotus Notes. Come and see our slightly corny "Webcard" this holiday season!

Oregon Department of Forestry
Oregon Department of Forestry, Salem, OR, USA
The Oregon Department of Forestry is using this server as a test to determine if the Web might be a valuable vehicle to distribute information to our customers and to the public in general. Comments on this experimental service are welcomed and encouraged.

South Carolina Department of Natural Resources
Columbia, South Carolina, US
The South Carolina Department of Natural Resources is the advocate for and the steward of the state's natural resources. Their home page is being expanded to include information about South Carolina's natural resources, ranging from hunting and fishing regulations to the climatology, geology and hydrology of the state.

Virtual Radio
CyberSpace Promotions Inc., Los Altos, CA, US
Virtual Radio has digital samples and complete songs from various bands all over the world. Photos, bios and concert info on bands. Sound support for Unix , Mac and Windows. Tune in Virtual Radio, crank up a cybertune and head out down the highway!

Orlando SIGkids Home Page
Orlando SIGkids Chapter, Orlando, FL, US
The Orlando ACM SIGGRAPH SIGkids Home Page is now up and running. Check out the non-profit ACM group's current projects.

X-Ray Laboratory
Dr. John Crossley, University of Bristol, Avon, England
This server gives details of the research carried out in the X-Ray laboratory of the University of Bristol (under Professor A.G. Orpen). Some recent crystal structures are illustrated, there are links to related chemical sites, and the page will be continuously updated. The second main feature of the site is an illustrated travelogue describing a four-week tour of the southern USA.

Sparco Communications Corporation
Starkville, MS, US
Sparco has one of the world's largest computer products catalogs on the Web, with approximately 45,000 products listed. Sparco also offers great volume discounts to resellers and wholesalers around the world.

Lehigh Univ. Science and Environmental Writing
Bethlehem, PA, US
The Lehigh University Science and Environmental Writing Program has posted a browser for science and environmental writing students, environmental journalists, and others interested in environmental issues. Contributions are welcome. Also up and running is the home page of the Department of Journalism and Communication.

World Real Estate Listing Service
Westcoast Interchange, Victoria, BC, Canada
The World Real Estate Listing Service has been extended to include West Europe. There are currently hundreds of listings from across North America. This service is still being operated at no charge for either the buyer or seller.

Behavior Analysis
University of South Florida, FL, US
Links to various behavior analysis resources, including ABA's FTP site, Listserv mailing lists, and the behavior analysis email directory. Presented by the University of South Florida.

Dino Russ's Lair (The Earthnet Info Server)
Russ Jacobson, Illinois State Geol. Surv., Champaign, IL, US
The purpose of this server is to provide earth science information (especially in the areas of paleontology -- dinosaurs and otherwise), and my educational extension work.

Engineering Design Research Center
Carnegie Mellon University, Pittsburgh, PA, US
This is a National Science Foundation research center established at Carnegie Mellon University in 1986. The server provides information on the EDRC's laboratories and their associated projects, affiliates, faculty and students, as well as abstracts of EDRC technical reports.

MIT School of Architecture and Planning
Mass. Institute of Technology, Cambridge, MA, US
Now available for your browsing and surfing pleasure.

Cleveland State University
Cleveland, OH, US
The Cleveland State U. homepage includes a guide for international students interested in applying to CSU, visitor information, and links to other CSU departmental servers.

Destination Wild Dunes
Charleston, SC, US
On this server, you will find information about one of South Carolina's premier oceanfront golf resorts. You will discover the many facilities and activies that Charleston's island resort has to offer. You will also get a chance to play a round of golf on The Links course at Wild Dunes!

Ticket City, Austin, TX, US
Provides schedules and tickets for basketball and football games (NBA, NFL and NCAA), concerts, theater performances and other events.

Scottish Football
Sequoia Consulting, Foster City, CA, US
Information on the Scottish Football League and Scottish National team, including historical materials and up to date tables.

ECRC Server
ECRC, Denmark
A new section has been added to ECRC's server, containing information from the European Commission about its information technology program.

National Center for Genome Resources
National Center for Genome Resources, Santa Fe, NM, US
This server for genome-related information currently includes pages for both the Genome Sequence Data Base (GSDB) and SIGMA (System for Integretated Genome Map Assembly).

The Eli Broad College of Business
East Lansing, MI, US
Web server for the Eli Broad College of Business and The Eli Broad Graduate School of Management.

Loyola University Medical Education Network (LUMEN)
Loyola University, Chicago, IL, US
The Stritch School of Medicine is pleased to announce its server dedicated to medical education. LUMEN's specific goals are to integrate health sciences curricular content, enhance access to the explosive increase of medical information worldwide, encourage self-directed learning, prepare students for future technological advances, and promote the development of hypermedia educational projects (lessons).

Windham Hill Records Online Occasional
Windham Hill Records, Stanford, CA, US
The epitome of the alternative record label, Windham Hill Records debuts its Web server, a site sure to tantalize the senses with images and audio. In the Windham Hill Listening Room, you can experience a broad range of song samples from a variety of artists. This server also includes artists' biographies, discographies, tour dates, and an open forum for musical discussion.

IndustryNET: Industry's On-Line Mall
Automation News Network, US
IndustryNET brings you the latest in engineering design, automation and manufacturing news, including application assistance, new products, demo software, online tradeshows, hundreds of tested shareware programs, job openings, and used industrial equipment. IndustryNET carries information from nearly 3000 companies, covering over 10,000 products and over 250 manufacturer's stores.

Auburn University Physics Department
Auburn University, AL, US
Includes information for graduate students, a student and faculty directory, detailed information about our ongoing research, and an list of links to other physics-related Web sites. The Windows software collection for the physicist (and others) provides scientific tools and Internet utilities and is fully accessible via the Web.

Low-Cost Flights to Europe
AESU Flights, US
AESU Flights now offers information on low-cost tickets for travel between the US and Europe, as well as vacation tours.

World Wide Web Wonder Widget
Netscape Communications, Mountain View, CA, US
The Wonder Widget is a CGI script which will fetch a URL and translate the HTML to PostScript. The translation is based on the Netscape printing code, with several enhancements, including the much desired ability to print in different fonts, and user definable headers and footers printed on each page.

The Super Mall
MSI Marketing, MD, US
The Super Mall has exclusive offers for products and services you will not find anywhere else, including CD-ROMs, software, Internet publications, employment, business opportunities, collectibles, and more. Many of these offers have complete detailed info available immediately through built in autoresponders. You can also subscribe to the Super Mall listserv for announcements of new limited time offers and promotions.

The Pentium Papers
The MathWorks, Inc., Natick, MA, US
From The MathWorks, Inc. comes this information about the much-publicized Intel Pentium Floating Point Divide (FDIV) bug. Read the original electronic documents that spawned the controversy and judge for yourself. The MathWorks is also distributing a modification to its MATLAB numeric computation software which overcomes the troublesome floating-point error in the Pentium machine.

Mikado Network Services
Mikado Network Services, Inc., CA, US
A new company in the San Francisco Bay Area that provides Internet connections and Web advertising services. Click here for our connection services, and over there for our advertising services, and right about here for some fun links around the Web. And don't click here if you dislike legalese!

Core Systems
Core Systems, US
We are a UNIX workstation, peripheral and software distributor. Our Home World contains over 100 UNIX product specs and descriptions, a hardware bazaar marketplace for the buying and selling of used UNIX equipment, new product announcements, end user reviews and much more.

Rocky Mountain Cyber Mall
Independent Marketing, Boulder, CO, US
Our grand opening! In addition to supporting the three C's, commerce, culture, and class, the RMCM also provides gateways to other malls. Be sure to browse through the Specials store for gift ideas.

Washington University Archives
Washington University Libraries, St. Louis, MO, US
An introduction to the history of Washington University and the collections/services of the university archives. Includes a self-guided campus tour, five picture galleries documenting the development of the campus and major campus events, W.U. trivia, and information about the holdings of the archives, including guides to over 40 archival collections.

Information Technology Standards Center
The Defense Information Systems Agency, US
Presented by the Defense Information Systems Agency's Center for Standards.

Tivoli Systems Inc.
Tivoli Systems Inc., US
Contains corporate, product, and support information on the Tivoli Management Environment (TME), a true client/server management environment created specifically to address the unique challenges that face organizations as they migrate to distributed systems.

United States Holocaust Memorial Museum
Washington, D.C., US
The main task of the United States Holocaust Memorial Museum is to present the facts of the Holocaust -- to tell the American public as clearly and comprehensively as possible what happened in that darkest chapter of human history. The museum's Web server is an ongoing project which will make available information about the museum, its resources, and its research activities on holocaust and genocide studies.

The place
University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, IL, US
The place serves as a repository for a collection of virtual internet artworks.

SAIC Security Web Site
SAIC Wateridge, San Diego, CA, US
Re-opening of the SAIC Security Web site, from the Wateridge facility of Science Applications International (SAIC). It now has a fresh look, easy-to-use interface, and even more security information and links than before.

Salem, OR, US
From the moderators of this Usenet newsgroup, this page includes moderator contact information, a list of related resources, and other information.

Center for Advanced Information Technology
Center for Advanced Information Technology, Davis, CA, US
The Center was established in January of 1993 as a joint collaboration between the General Library and Information Technology. Initially, the Center's main purpose was to serve as the campus' software evaluation lab. While we still do that, we are also evolving into an advanced technology group that researches trends in technology and how those trends affect the campus.

Ohio University Telecommunications Center
Ohio University, Athens, OH, US
Information about the center's public television and public radio stations, including material from National Public Radio and Ohio Educational Broadcasting. This server also provides information about the center's higher education microwave services and it's role in student training and professional development. It's also the home of Family Health on the Net, a series of 2.5 minute audio files on general health-related topics.

Green Lane on the Info Highway
Environment Canada, Canada
Offers a wide variety of regional and national environmental information, including the latest satellite weather data, and documents that highlight our many initiatives and programs. We also provide the answers to some of the questions that Atlantic Canadians most frequently ask when they phone or write to the department.

The Web Word
Information Innovation, Amsterdam, The Netherlands
A new e-zine for business use of the Internet, published monthly by Information Innovation. The Web Word features interviews and analysis of the latest business developments on the Web, conferences, publications, news and sites. September, October/November issues are available free.

Black Box On-Line Catalog
Black Box Corporation, US
Provides an array of product, technical, and service information as well as a set of facilities for ordering Black Box products, print catalogs, and requests for quotes. The catalog also features in-depth technical information on a variety of connectivity technologies, including a fully-indexed glossary of data communication terms and an integrated technology and product search capability.

Parenting Essays
Help the Children & Electronic Press, US
A set of parenting essays written by social workers, psychologists, teachers, and others. These essays have been chosen to help parents find answers and actions for some of those difficult moments in child-raising.

Guide to Proper Tree Pruning
International Society of Arboriculture, Swarthmore U., Swarthmore, PA, US
International Society of Arboriculture student member Justin Paulson has made available a brief guide to proper tree pruning. Check it out before you cut!

Compute Intensive
Compute Intensive, Inc., US
Compute Intensive, a software services company for the UNIX marketplace, specializes in providing consulting services for critical computing environments, innovative software applications, and complete Internet solutions through their division, Network Intensive.

The Space Between Book Store
The Space Between Book Store, Montclair, N.J., US
Want to read more about UFOs? Secret Societies? Then check out The Space Between Book Store! A very different book store providing information on UFO's, secret societies, conspiracy theory, fringe science, lost worlds, survival issues, Western esoterica, world origin, mythology, and more!

University of New Hampshire - Department of Physics
University of New Hampshire, Durham, NH, US
The Department of Physics at the University of New Hampshire has an extensive range of research including: space physics/astrophysics, nuclear physics, nonliner dynamics and condensed matter.

Monday, 28 November 1994

Information Service on AIDS/HIV
IRCAM, France
This service is from IRCAM, the French Institute for Research and Education in Music, and is among the activities that the Pompidou Center (the French Museum of Modern Art) and IRCAM promote to foster solidarity and fight exclusion. Its introduction is part of the build-up for World AIDS Day, which takes place on Dec. 1.

Russian Economy Resource Center
Brenden West, Seattle, WA, US
A clearinghouse of information on the Russian economy, trade, and international finance, along with reference materials for persons and companies operating in the former Soviet Union.

Southwestern Bell Telephone's Digital Drive-In
Southwestern Bell Telephone, St. Louis, MO, US
For the ultimate in telecommunications, Southwestern Bell Telephone invites you to visit their own digital drive-in. Cruise on in and check out the sneak previews, feature presentation, and fun stuff. Enjoy the show.

Frank Hilliard Writing
Frank Hilliard Writing, Victoria, BC, Canada
Here's a Canadian Internet source for commercial writing, editing and communications. We've got bright, thought-provoking copy for business, industry, and the public sector. It's snappy, sassy, on-time writing that provokes ideas, disucssion and reflection. Check out "Deeley, Motorcycle Millionaire" on this page.

Segue Foundation
Segue Foundation, US
This on-line newsletter informs readers about the best in new poetry/prose and gives ideas about new writing. Use this W3 version of the newsletter to reply to the editor, to send reviews of books you might want published in this forum, to order books and magazines from Segue, or to receive information about Segue-sponsored organizations and events.

Chocolate Lover's Page
Internet Online Services, US
Dan 'Shag' Birchall of Internet Online Services has created a guide to Net-accessible purveyors of chocolate products.

Real Estate - Greenwich, Connecticut
Mortimer and Mortimer Inc., Greenwich, CT, US
Mortimer and Mortimer Inc. Real Estate provides listings and information for residential properties in Greenwich, Connecticut. This server is hosted by the Affiliates Page of NYU's Center for Digital Multimedia.

Motorola, Inc., Schaumburg, IL, US
Motorola is one of the world's leading providers of wireless communications, semiconductors and advanced electronic systems and services. Documents on-line are currently limited to Motorola background material, Motorola University Press publications catalog, and Wireless Data Group product information. We hope to expand in the near future.

Museum of Paleontology
U. of California Museum of Paleontology, Berkeley, CA, US
The Museum of Paleontology would like to announce new sections of exhibits now open. Although these sections are not yet fully complete, they represent our first foray into exploring a different world, a new world of animals soft and squishy.

The Indus Entrepreneurs
The Indus Entrepreneurs, San Jose, CA, US
The Indus Entrepreneurs is an organization formed by a group of Silicon Valley entrepreneurs of Indian origin (the broad Indian subcontinent) to encourage entrepreneurship among, and foster cooperation between, professionals of Indian origin. The Second TiE Forum, will be held on December 6, 94 at the San Jose Hilton. Get full details on the forum and register on-line.

Psychology Department, University of Glasgow
Glasgow, Scotland, UK
Descriptions of projects and personnel at the University of Glasgow psychology department.

trib.com (Casper Star-Tribune)
Trib.com, Casper, Wyoming, US
Trib.com, "the Internet newspaper," is a daily newspaper on the Internet with links to various news sources from around the world. We also offer homepage design and server usage at resonable costs.

100.7 WZLX - Boston's Classic Rock
100.7 WZLX, Boston, MA, US
From Utopia Inc. comes 100.7 WZLX - Boston's Classic Rock, the first Boston-area media outlet on the web. DJ bios and pictures, concert and event info, CD release information, trivia tests, contest details, and the WZLX Rock & Roll Diary (your daily fix of classic rock history) - it's all there, and it doesn't interrupt the music.

Redd's Threads--Tuxedo Aprons and Bibs
Redd's Threads, Poway, CA, US
Why not dress up at meal time? These hand-made garments make great holiday gifts for everyone. Babies look sharp in their tuxedos, and so will you as you cook or barbeque. Online ordering available! A Multimedia Ink Design.

The NAS Parallel Benchmarks
NASA, Moffett Field, CA, US
The Numerical Aerodynamic Systems Division at NASA Ames Research Center has released an update to the NAS Parallel Benchmarks, a set of benchmarks for the performance evaluation of highly parallel supercomputers. The principal distinguishing feature of these benchmarks is their "pencil and paper" specification---all details of these benchmarks are specified only algorithmically, avoiding many of the difficulties associated with conventional benchmarking approaches on highly parallel systems.

Judaism and Jewish Resources
The Shamash Project, New York, NY, US
New address. This page coordinates all Jewish and Israeli resources on the Net, including WWW, Gopher, and FTP sites, mailing lists, Israeli government services, news services, commercial services, religious and secular scholarly work, museums, libraries, travel, and more. Now being served by the the Shamash Project.

Electronic Telegraph
The Telegraph, London, England
A daily service on the Web containing news, views, pictures and information. For expats (from Britain, that is) and anyone else, Electronic Telegraph is published every day using the world-wide resources of the Daily Telegraph and The Sunday Telegraph, but has its own editor (Ben Rooney) and staff. You can also see the politically incorrect magazine The Spectator.

Engineering Technology Department
Texas A&M, College Station, TX, US
Information about the engineering department, student projects working with the Web, robotic arm control via the Web, and their new WEBCAM page showing a view of one of their student computer labs.

3DWeb: 3D Computer Animation
Los Angeles, CA, US
The ultimate resource for 3D CGI. Includes an on-line job board where individuals and companies can post resumes and job openings. Some of the many sections include links to CGI production houses, as well as links about FTP sites, CGI images and movies and CGI labs.

The Infohighway Cybermall
Infohighway International, Inc., Houston, TX
Visit the future with our unique on-line mall called Cybermall, a shopping experience unlike anything else on the Internet.

fX, Cable Network from Fox Television
fX Networks, Inc., Los Angeles, CA, US
fX, a division of Fox, introduces a fresh approach to television, combining seven hours a day of live original programming with popular contemporary television favorites. The fX web page features video promos, photos, sound bites, transcripts, and show schedules as well as information on live programming, the fX apartment, and classic series.

Netro Mall
Denver Area Super Highway, Denver, CO, US
From DASH, The Denver Area Super Highway, comes the Netro Mall, a cyberspace shopping mall containing products from all over the world, including unique tours, gift shops like CDs, and Starland Star Trek specialist, fine cutlery and more. DASH uses a unique ismap for selecting merchants in a traditional mall environment. Come play A Christmas Toy Trek and Gint's Haunted House.

Life Histories - American Memory Project
Library of Congress, Washington, DC, US
The latest collection available from the American Memory project is Documents from the Folklore Project, Federal Writers' Project, 1936-1940. These searchable documents are life histories written for the U.S. Works Progress Administration's Federal Writer's Project between 1936 and 1940. The collection includes 2,900 documents representing the work of over 300 writers from 24 states.

Galter Health Sciences Library
Northwestern University, Chicago, IL, US
Offers library services, connection to databases such as MEDLINE, and links to other health-related information.

Sonic Computer
Sonic Computer, US
Look here for some of the best hardware prices to be found. All the best, for way less.

Twin Peaks FAQ
Jon Yager, US
Most current version of the FAQ for the Usenet newgroup alt.tv.twin-peaks.

Streams Online Media Development
Chicago, IL, US
A Chicago agency specializing in the development, design, programming and implementation of commercial Web presences and Internet marketing campaigns. Take a peek.

MIT Women's Soccer Team Home Page
Mass. Institute of Technology, MA, US
Are you getting fat and lazy from sitting at a terminal all day eating Oreos? You'll probably be inspired to exercise by the action-packed soccer JPEGs in the MIT women's soccer team homepage.

Bluewater Productions, US
The on-line resource for those buying or selling a boat, planning a charter vacation, or wanting information regarding marine products and services. Large color images accompany most ads. If you love boats, come look!

IRCAM, France
IRCAM, the French Institute for Research and Education in Music, presents the free newsletter of the Contemporary Music Documentation Center, in French. Ostinato provides current information on the contemporary music scene, including concerts, sponsored programs for musicians, etc.

Boston Chamber Ensemble
Boston Chamber Ensemble, Cambridge, MA, US
The Boston Chamber Ensemble is a group of 40 musicians who comprise a chamber orchestra. Works for single instruments to full orchestral productions with chorus have been and continue to be presented with a historical range from the Renaissance to the present day. The BCE has a special committment to supporting contemporary composers, particularly from the New England area.

SlipKnot Dial-Up WWW Browser (w/o SLIP)
MicroMind, New York, NY, US
SlipKnot is a graphical World Wide Web browser specifically designed for Microsoft Windows users who have UNIX shell accounts with their service providers. Its primary feature is that it does not require SLIP or PPP or TCP/IP services. SlipKnot is distributed as restricted shareware, with a registration fee of $29.95 ($20 for individual users outside North America, Europe and Japan). More information is available at the SlipKnot home page, or by sending email to [email protected]

Firewalls.R.Us, Monte Sereno, CA, US
Firewalls.R.Us is a professional Internet security provider whose server provides information regarding the company, its products and services, and links to other associated resources and suppliers on the Internet.

SmartDisk SafeBoot PC Security System
Infolane Corp. & SmartDisk Security Corp., US
Description of SmartDisk's secure method of limiting access to a PC. SafeBoot uses the SmartDisk security system to ensure that only those authorized may boot. Any PC with a 3 1/2" floppy drive can take advantage of SafeBoot.

The Nova Server & Archive
Professional and amateur astronomers working in the fields of cataclysmic variables, late stages of stellar evolution and related topics are invited to browse this server, which contains announcements, archival data and contributions from the members of the Nova mailing list.

Saturday, 26 November 1994

Live Access to Climate Data
Pacific Marine Environmental Laboratory, Seattle, WA, US
On-the-fly browsing, visualization, and retrieval of climate data. A technical discussion of the Live Access server may be found in Live Visualization and Extraction of Climate Data with Mosaic and FERRET.

Alternate Channels: An Electronic Forum for Software Companies
Pacific Micro, US
Alternate Channels, a bi-weekly editorial section of NetUSA, will offer a Q&A section in which Internet users can pose questions on distribution. We will publish a sampling of the questions and answers in each issue. In addition, we will have guest commentators who will address specific industry issues.

Hispanic Heritage in the US
COLOQUIO, Baltimore, Maryland, US
This page from COLOQUIO, a Washington-Baltimore area Spanish language magazine, contains the magazine itself, as well as links to the Spanish speaking countries, and a page on Hispanics in the American Revolution.

HTML Consultants Directory
Information Access Technologies, Inc., US
Information Access Technologies, Inc., providers of HoloNet service to the Internet, announce a new HTML Consultants Directory and their new HoloWWW server service, which allows anyone to publish World Wide Web pages--publishers do not need their own dedicated server, router, CSU/DSU, or leased line.

NEC Research Institute
NEC Research Institute, US
A subsidiary of NEC Corporation, the institute conducts long-term, fundamental research in computer and physical sciences.

Jewelry by Earth Spirit Designs
Earth Spirit Designs, US
An online catalog of natural stone and glass jewelry, including animal fetish jewelry inspired by the beautiful surroundings of the creators' home in Colorado. This jewelry is perfect for gift-giving.

Somers & Associates
Somers & Associates, US
Comprehensive investigations, specializing in character-worthiness (background investigations), business competitor intelligence, legal-litigation investigative services, product counterfeiting, intellectual property, financial transaction crimes, and asset identification.

UpClose Publishing
UpClose Publishing, El Granada, CA, US
UpClose Publishing provides complete demographic information for all states, metro areas, counties, cities, towns, and zipcodes in the United States. Up-to-date demographic summaries are free; more in-depth profiles including 250 data variables and 5 graphs are available via FAX or e-mail in Adobe Acrobat format.

software.net, US
This new service from Cybersource Corporation offers the world's first electronic software store. Unlike other Internet-based stores, software.net delivers products from leading vendors--including Symantec, ON Technology, Gupta Corporation and FTP Software--directly to customers' systems over the Internet. software.net also has over 6,500 shrink-wrapped products to choose from.

Space, Telecommunications, and Radioscience Lab
Electrical Engineering Dept., Stanford Univ., Palo Alto, CA, US
From Stanford's Electrical Engineering Department comes this server, with information including a description of the lab, research areas, faculty interests, a cool demo or two, and Stanford courses relevant to the lab's research.

Netherlands Board of Tourism
Netherlands Board of Tourism, NL
Would you like to look up a hotel in Holland? Or a museum? Or a camping site? Or to charter a real Dutch traditional boat? The Netherlands Board of Tourism gives you the information to do this and much more! You can order free brochures as well.

Lackenbach Siegel Marzullo Aronson & Greenspan, PC
Lackenbach Siegel Marzullo Aronson & Greenspan, P.C., which has specialized in serving the worldwide intellectual property community for over 65 years, is available to assist you in the following areas: invention, patent, trademark, intellectual property, copyright, infringement, ideas, and protection.

Scott's Dining-Out
If you are living in or visiting Washington D.C. or northern Virginia, take a look at this homepage for a listing of some of the area's finest restaurants. This page is brand new and expanding daily.

PRS Corporation, Hong Kong
For AM/FM and shortwave listeners and all those interested in broadcasting. This page explains the new ID LOGIC technology for radio receivers, and offers links to Simulators for Windows: the ID LOGIC Simulator, which contains the database of the 14,000+ N.Am. AM/FM stations, and the ID LOGIC SW Simulator, which offers the complete schedules of the BBC World Service, the Voice of America, Radio France Internationale, Deutsche Welle, and Radio Netherlands.

Department of Economics
University of Victoria, B.C., Canada
Provides information about the teaching and research programs in the department, as well as offering links to other servers of interest to economists.

Real Estate for Sale - Toronto, Canada
ONRAMP Network Services Inc, Toronto, Ontario, Canada
Here you will find real estate properties for sale in Toronto and surrounding areas. You can browse colour photographs and detailed descriptions of these properties, listed by professional real estate agents and brokers (including their email addresses). This site is provided by ONRAMP(tm) in Toronto.

Comics 'n Stuff
Christian Cosas, MO, US
A comprehensive listing of comic books, comic strips, cartoons and other sequential art on the Web, brought to you by Christian Cosas.

Colby College
Colby College, Waterville, Maine, US
Information about the college and its resources. Includes links to many administrative and academic departments, including the admissions, chemistry, archaeology, and religious studies departments, as well as to the Colby College libraries.

Grad Student Art Exhibit
James Cook University of North Queensland, Queensland, AU
The staff and students at James Cook University of North Queensland invite you to view an exhibition of work by graduating students from the Department of Art and Design. Students from the graphic design, photography, painting, sculpture, ceramics, printmaking, and illustration courses as well as graduates of the associate diploma courses have on display one piece from their final year's work. All the files are kept small and JPEG'ed for fast viewing.

Observatorio Astronomico, AR
The most famous multimedia science fiction magazine (in Spanish), Axxon is freely distributed for MS-DOS computers. The last edition (#60) also has sound and animations.

Theoretical Biophysics
University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, IL, US
The Theoretical Biophysics group pursues research in structural biology and develops programs for molecular dynamics and visualization.

Republic of Suriname
Erik F. Tjong Kim Sang, Suriname
Geographical, historical and tourist information about this country located in the northern part of South America, presented by Erik F. Tjong Kim Sang.

Thinking Machines Corporation
Thinking Machines Corporation, Cambridge, MA, US
Our Web server has returned. New items include a corporate overview, the latest technical summary, and employment opportunities.

The Daphne Jackson Memorial Fellowships Trust
The Daphne Jackson Memorial Fellowships Trust, UK
A description of the U.K. fellowship program, which enables women or men to return to science or engineering after a career break for family reasons. The homepage includes information about applying and describes what it was like for some past Fellows.

Astrophysics Group at UC Santa Barbara
UCSB Astrophysics Department, Santa Barbara, CA, US
Explore the latest accomplishments in the fields of astrophysics and cosmology. This server will carry a large array of up-to-date information on neutron stars, gamma ray bursters, accretion disks, stellar evolution, extragalactic objects, and cosmology from COBE, MAX and ACME. We are also proud to have online a Celestron C-14 remote observing telescope to which the the public can submit requests for images.

Wednesday, 23 November 1994

Department of Management Studies
University of Minnesota-Duluth, MN, US
Inviting additions and suggestions on BusinessNet at UMD, the department's compilation of business-related resources on the Net.

Bologna Astronomical Observatory Preprints
Bologna Astronomical Observatory, Italy
New service from the Bologna Astronomical Observatory, providing retrieval of postscript files from the Observatory, the Astronomy Department of Bologna University, and the Radioastronomy Institute of CNR.

Publicly Accessible Mailing Lists
Stephanie da Silva, US
Stephanie da Silva's list of publicly accessible mailing lists now has an official home in the Web, at NeoSoft's Web server.

Wellesley College
Wellesley College, Wellesley, MA, US
Local and Web-wide resources for students, faculty, staff, and researchers at Wellesley College, a leader in educating women since 1870. Among the most beautiful campuses in the world, Wellesley occupies 500 rolling acres 12 miles from downtown Boston.

The City University of New York
The City University of New York, New York, NY, US
Contains the 19 CUNY colleges. Offers previews of multimedia programs developed by CUNY faculty and links to an innovative gopher containing resources for teaching English as a second language. Featured in the CUNY Multimedia Development Initiative page is "The Art of Renaissance Science," a prototype hypermedia article that explores the interconnections between art and science in Renaissance Italy.

NandO.net, NC, US
The first publicly available no-fee airline reservation and ticketing service. PCTravel provides online access to the Apollo Reservation System, which supplies schedule, fare, and availability information for over 500 airlines.

The Hart Group
The Hart Group, Inc., Palo Alto, CA, US
A mortgage brokerage firm that publishes current interest rates and mortgage application forms on the Internet.

Nebraska Game and Parks Commission
Nebraska Game and Parks Commission, NE, US
A "point and click" navigator to the recreational opportunities in the state of Nebraska, featuring information on hunting, fishing, wildlife and parks resources.

BayNet World Homes
BayNet World, Palo Alto, CA, US
From BayNet World comes this page of real estate listings for the Silicon Valley and San Francisco Bay area. Agents are able to put their profiles and listings online and reach computer professionals at their desk!

The Harvest System Source Code
The IRTF Research Group on Resource Discovery, CO, US
Harvest provides an integrated and very efficient set of tools to gather, extract, organize, search, cache, and replicate relevant information across the Internet. At this site you can reach software, papers, and a number of useful content indexes, including an index of AT&T's 1-800 phone numbers, and an index of over 24,000 computer science technical reports from around the world.

Euphony Online
Euphony, Vancouver, B.C., Canada
A weekly Vancouver music/movie electronic mazagine, containing interviews, concert reviews, local band listings with song samples, movie reviews, and more.

Marine Geology & Geophysics
National Geophysical Data Center, US
New Mosaic forms access to World Data Center A for Marine Geology & Geophysics holdings, including full on-line inventory searches of all Marine Geology & Geophysics Division holdings.

AMP on the Internet
TAG Systems, Inc., Montclair, NJ, US
AMP is a global leader in manufacturing and marketing interconnection and networking products and technologies, providing related design and support services. They employ nearly 27,000 people and have facilities in 36 countries.

Junior Achievement
Junior Achievement, Palo Alto, CA, US
Founded in 1919, Junior Achievement is the oldest, largest, and fastest-growing business and economic not-for-profit educational organization in the world.

The Printer Works
San Francisco, CA, US
The Printer Works, providing depot repair service and manufacture of laser printers for specialty markets, announces the StepWise WWW server, a community-sponsored source of information about the NEXTSTEP and OpenStep operating environments. The Printer Works site currently highlights a NeXT Laser Printer Exchange Program, which allows owners of NeXT Laser Printers to trade used or broken printers for new ones. Web pages were developed by Fortuity Consulting, providing Integrated Internet Marketing (tm) services to The Printer Works.

G-Web, US
An informal trade journal for those in the computer animation industry as well as those pursuing a career in computer animation. Highlights include an up-to-date job listing section and cozy, behind-the-scenes interviews with the people leading this industry. For our first issue, we were lucky enough to interview Carl Rosendahl, founder and president of Pacific Data Images. Upcoming interviews include Scott Ross (Digital Domain) and Richard Edlund (Boss Film Studios).

Univ. of Washington School of Nursing
University of Washington, Seattle, WA, US
Homepage for the University of Washington School of Nursing, located in Seattle, Washington.

Guide to Covered Bridges
Drexel University, Philadelphia, PA, US
Now the Web is a time machine too! The Drexel University Honors Program sponsors this guide to the covered bridges of the Philadelphia region. Driving tours are suggested, and bridge images are indexed by season (fall color, winter, snow and ice, spring/summer) and structure as well as county. Enjoy!

INRIA Videoconferencing System
RODEO INRIA High Speed Networking, France
A description of the IVS videoconferencing package for the Internet, which enables audio and video to be sent over the Internet. Information about the H.261 coding scheme, changes required to use this video coding over packet-switched networks, platforms currently supported, and pointers to freely retrieve the package are given.

20/20 Software, Inc.
20/20 Software, Inc., US
Developer of software utility products for the DOS and Windows environments such as PC-Install, a widely-used program that simplifies file and document distribution, and database applications such as the Nimbus Report Writer. 20/20 recently introduced a new product, PC-Loan,for use in analyzing and comparing loans (e.g. home mortgages, cars, etc.) Our Web server contains data sheets, press releases, FAQs, customer support services, order forms and more.

Sunday Comics Store
Sunday Comics Store, Stamford, Conn., US
Pogo, Hagar the Horrible, Betty Boop and Mother Goose and Grimm are featured at the Sunday Comics Store. New comic strips and products to be added weekly.

Nucleus Information Service
Calgary, Alberta, Canada
Nucleus Information Service, located in beautiful Calgary, Alberta, has added a Web server to its ever-increasing list of services. We are Alberta's largest on-line service with 50 multi-user phone lines and full SLIP and UNIX shell access.

Berlin Wall Falls Project
Patch American High School, Stuttgart, Germany
Do you remember where you where when the Berlin Wall fell? It's been 5 years now, and Patch American High School in Stuttgart, Germany has started a collaborative Web project that invites participation from students and researchers around the globe. Over the next twelve months, the Berlin Wall Falls: Perspectives from 5 Years Down the Road project hopes to link student-produced Web documents from as many as 30 different sites. Willkommen!

PEINet, Canada
This service parallels PEINet's gopher service, providing an eclectic offering of general and government information, unique products from Prince Edward Island companies, and links to other interesting sites on the island.

Books That Work (for Home & Garden)
Books that Work, US
If you work on your home or garden, don't miss our new server. Home to a large and growing set of information related to home repair, gardening, landscaping, home improvement, and other related activities, this server includes a 500+ item garden products glossary , a directory of useful toll-free phone numbers, and a lengthy set of URLs to other home- and garden-related Web sites.

The Internet Plaza
The Internet Plaza, US
Here is a totally redesigned look and feel of the Plaza. Lane and Lenge Florist has added gift baskets to their online offerings, and the Where the Buffalo Roam comic strip now offers online ordering for their comic books and T-shirt collections.

Faculty of Electrical Engineering
Delft University of Technology, The Netherlands
Information about the research laboratories and working groups of the faculty, including the Laboratory for Telecommunication and Remote Sensing Technology and the International Research Centre for Telecommunication-Transmission and Radar (IRCTR).

SmartDisk -- the Key to Data Security
Infolane Corporation & SmartDisk Security Corporation, US
Describes SmartDisk's innovative new product for software security. The SmartDisk interfaces directly with a PC through the 3.5" floppy disk drive and includes a secure real-time clock and password-protected data storage.

GIF-creating C library
Cold Spring Harbor Labs, US
A new release of the on-the-fly GIF-creating C library from the Quest Center at Cold Spring Harbor Labs. gd 1.1 supports polygon fills, the use of another image as a brush, tiling, interlaced GIFs, and many other features for generating inline WWW images on the fly from your CGI scripts.

Texas Center for Superconductivity
University of Houston, Houston, TX, US
Information on the center's research programs, facilities, opportunities for industrial collaboration, and educational opportunities for graduate and undergraduate students. Includes a request form for those interested in receiving information about TCSUH's Newsletter and Preprint Series, and a list of resources for scientists on the World Wide Web.

SGML TagWizard
Infolane Corporation & Nice Technologies, US
From Nice Technologies, an article about SGML TagWizard, a complete hypertext authoring environment that lets you mark-up documents using both HyperText Markup Language (HTML) and Standard Generalized Markup Language (SGML). SGML TagWizard runs under MS WORD and works with all existing WORD documents.

Bridesmaid for Windows
Infolane Corporation & Simply Software, US
Wedding planning package from Infolane Corporation and Simply Software. This software will assist in all aspects of planning a wedding including cost control, guest lists, and scheduling.

Next Online
A new Internet venture by the Australian publisher of "Rolling Stone" and "Hyper" (multiplatform video games mag). Highlights include excerpts from "Rolling Stone (Australia)," "Hyper," the Australian mirror of the DOOM archive, and Indie Oasis, the world's first Internet compilation album of complete songs by recorded artists. Forums and threaded conversation areas coming soon.

Monday, 21 November 1994

Advertising Law Internet Site
Advertising Law Internet Site, US
All 100+ consumer advisories issued by the United States Federal Trade Commission are now available at this site.

Amateur Radio Space Program
AMSAT, the Radio Amateur Satellite Corporation, has been building and launching ham radio satellites for over 25 years. This site presents information about AMSAT and the amateur radio space program.

Vena Contracta
Carleton University, Ottawa, Ontario, Canada
Monthly newspaper of the Carleton Student Engineering Society (CSES) at Carleton University in Ottawa, Canada.

Faculty of Arts and Humanities
Goteborg University, Sweden
The faculty of Arts and Humanities at Goteborg University, Sweden, maintains a list of interesting Web servers in the humanities worldwide. There is also a similar list of gopher servers in the humanities. Both lists are updated regularly.

Menswear Unlimited
Menswear Unlimited, Baltimore, MD, US
Menswear Unlimited in Baltimore is proud to be the first tailored men's clothing store to open its own Web site, answering the question, "Why should you consider buying men's tailored clothing on the Internet?"

JASON Project Expedition VI Planet Earth
The Earth's uniqueness as a planet in the solar system will be the primary focus of JASON Project Expedition VI Planet Earth, which will take place in Hawaii beginning in February 1995. Students throughout the world will take an active part in the expedition through "telepresence" and advanced applications of telecommunications which allow them to operate robotic research vehicles remotely. The JASON Project is sponsored by the JASON Foundation for Education in collaboration with NASA, the United States Geological Survey, the United States Biological Survey, and other participating organizations.

American Memory Project - sound recordings
Library of Congress, Washington, D.C., US
The Library of Congress has added a collection of sound recordings to its American Memory project. The Nation's Forum collection consists of fifty-nine sound recordings of speeches by American leaders at the turn of the century. The speeches focus on issues and events surrounding the First World War and the subsequent presidential election of 1920. Speakers include Warren G. Harding, James Cox, Calvin Coolidge, Franklin D. Roosevelt, Samuel Gompers, Henry Cabot Lodge, and John J. Pershing.

University of Arizona Alumni Association Astronomy Camp
University of Arizona, Tuscon, AZ, US
The University of Arizona Alumni Association Astronomy Camp provides opportunities for teenagers and adults at both beginning and advanced levels to learn about astronomy in a very ``hands-on'' way. Campers keep nighttime hours, interact with leading scientists, and use research-grade observing facilities for their own observing projects. No prior background in astronomy is necessary.

E-NET - Entrepreneur NET
ENET provides both how-to use CyberSpaces for advertising and a place to advertise products and services.

Department of Physics -- U.C. Irvine
U.C. Irvine, Irvine, CA, US
Information on curricula, graduate, and undergraduate honors and research programs. Also described are the active research programs of the physics faculty in astronomy and astrophysics, condensed matter, elementary particle physics, and plasma physics.

Pacific Animated Imaging
Pacific Animated Imaging, US
Pacific Animated Imaging is a custom and retail software developer, incorporating high quality animations and graphics for custom training CBTs and retail CD-ROM products.

Premium Home Brew Kits
D Distributing, US
The easy way to make your own home brew, from D Distributing.

Canadian Heritage Information Network
Canadian Heritage Information Network, Canada
From the Department of Canadian Heritage comes this server, showcasing the products developed by CHIN or in partnership with such heritage institutions as the National Filmboard of Canada and the Canadian Museum of Civilization.

Environmental Research Institute of Michigan
Environmental Research Institute of Michigan, MI, US
Independent, nonprofit, contract research organization specializing in imaging technologies including sensor system design and development, data and image processing, and applications. We have a new look on the Web, a new organization, and a new president.

HIWAY, Newbury, Berks, UK
New UK provider offering businesses and private individuals a point of presence on the Internet. Our services include dial-in connections, Web page production, file and mail storage and conversion, and comprehensive services to help UK businesses take full advantage of the super highway. HIWAY is a division of the well-established Compass Computer Group based in Newbury, Berks, UK.

Office of Research and the University Graduate School (RUGS)
Indiana University, IN, US
In addition to general information and a directory of services, other available resources include the RUGS publication Research & Creative Activity, which profiles the research of IU scholars (the latest issue on technology has lots of photos and images), the Graduate School Bulletin, a listing of research centers at IU, and much more.

Ada-Belgium, Belgium
The purpose of Ada-Belgium is to be a forum for persons and organizations interested in the Ada programming language, in its applications, and in Ada-related technologies such as software engineering methods, environments, and tools. The Ada-Belgium ftp-archive currently contains a copy of the Walnut Creek Ada CD-ROM, and a mirror of the GNU-Ada compiler distribution directory.

Globewide Network Academy - course catalog
Globewide Network Academy, Cambridge, MA, US
This catalog will be updated monthly and includes active and planned courses offered by members of the Globewide Network Academy educational consortium, as well as application forms to submit a course and to apply for consortium membership.

Catalog Central
Catalog Central, FL, US
Discover new sources for buying merchandise via the mail. Catalog and mail-order companies, from food to videos and software, have a home at Catalog Central. Save extra money from these great companies by joining the club.

GLAIDS CyberQueer Lounge
GLAIDS Internet Dialup Services, Seattle, WA, US
Sparky's Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender Web site, GLAIDS CyberQueer Lounge, is now open. GLAIDS [Gay Lesbian AIDS] offers queer-friendly WWW advertising pages, CyberQueer, GLAIDS' Queer guide to the LGBT CyberSpaces, and a distributive chat forum as well as many other hotlist and queer-friendly services.

Discovery System
University of Illinois, IL, US
An integrated learning environment designed for use by 470 students in AG/HRFS 100 in the College of Agriculture at the University of Illinois. Students use the system to learn networking skills such as Pine and Mosaic and thinking skills such as critical and creative thinking. They also use an experimental textbook on environmental issues, a variety of custom hyperlink lists, and discussion section homepages. In the Communications Center, students launch Telnet to access their mainframe accounts.

Victoria State Emergency Service
Victoria State Emergency Service (VICSES), Australia
Statewide, community-based organization in Australia, made up almost entirely of volunteers who provide immediate assistance during and following natural and human-caused emergencies. This unofficial Web site contains many images, documents, and useful information for emergency service personnel and emergency management officers.

International Association for the Management of Technology
International Association for the Management of Technology, MN, US
Includes the most recent IAMOT Newsletter. Associated Management of Technology programs, which aim to link engineering, science, and management disciplines to address the strategic and operational needs of organizations, include those offered by Simon Fraser University and the University of Waterloo, Carleton University, and the University of Minnesota.

State Council of Higher Education for Virginia (SCHEV)
State Council of Higher Education for Virginia, VA, US
Information about Virginia's system of higher education.

RadioNet, from KSCO, is a weekly radio show dedicated to the Internet. Find out where you can hear RadioNet in your area, and see what the face on the other end of the voice looks like on Radio You Can See.

Computer Cartoons
Zstuff, Ithaca, NY, US
Three new Computer Cartoons and lots of other fun stuff are released every week by Zstuff. Stop by and check us out!

Decavitator Hydrofoil Project
MIT, Cambridge, MA, US
Now available --recently converted MPEG videos of the world-record-setting "Decavitator" human-powered hydrofoil. You can also browse through images of the boat and learn how it was constructed. This project was sponsored in part by MIT Sea Grant and the Laboratory for Manufacturing Productivity.

Contributions to Algebra and Geometry
FIZ Karlsruhe, Berlin, Germany
First European mathematical journal on the Web. From FIZ Karlsruhe, Dept. of Mathematics and Computer Science (Berlin), this journal was founded in 1971 on the occasion of the 65th birthday of O.H. Keller. It publishes research articles in the areas of algebra, geometry, algebraic geometry, and related fields, preferably in the English language. The articles are also available via ftp.

GE Plastics
General Electric, US
GE Plastics, a $5 billion worldwide leader in engineering plastics, has established this Web page to provide product information, property guides, design guides, process guides, and other information.

The Skornia Law Firm
Internet Information Systems, US
Specializing in real-time solutions to real-life problems. A highlight of our client base is the joint venture Silicon Valley Network and its satellite initiatives, including Smart Valley and CommerceNet. Contact us using a Web form or by email, phone or fax. Brought to you by Internet Information Systems.

U.S. Department of Education, Syracuse, NY, US
AskERIC, an ongoing project of the U.S. Department of Education that seeks to provide high-quality education information via the Internet, has had an experimental Web page on-line for almost a year, but we have now gone official. AskERIC is also the newest SunSITE. Some features of the site include Newton's Apple lesson plans, lesson plans for NASA's SIR-CED project, and a new section providing the tools used by AskERIC's Network Information Specialists.

Public Use of Remote Sensing Data
This program is designed to encourage schools, businesses, and citizens to access and use earth and space science data over the Internet.

Flightpath Communications
Flightpath Communications, US
Affordable Internet facilities and other services to small businesses, non-profit organizations, and individuals.

Guide to Stars and Galaxies
University of Bradford, Bradford, England
The Engineering in Astronomy team at the University of Bradford, England, is pleased to open a multimedia guide to stars and galaxies. The guide has been converted from a popular CD-ROM (with permission) and is rich in graphics and audio.

LifeTime Filters
LifeTime Filters, US
Leading manufacturer of electrostatic air filters. Learn how these filters create a healthier working environment by drastically reducing the amount of airborne contamination that you and your computer must breathe.

Department of Mathematics -- Heriot-Watt University
Heriot-Watt University, Edinburgh, Scotland
Details of math seminars and meetings in the Edinburgh area, plus a hypertext version of the Mathematics Review subject index. The International Centre for Mathematical Sciences, Edinburgh, now has its 1994/95 meeting programme online, including details of the Mathematics in Medicine programme.

The Willows
Downtown Anywhere, US
Take a tour of The Willows. This 225-year-old, all-stone colonial manor is located within the Upper Aquetong Valley National Historic District and has been placed on the National Register of Historic Places. The tour features a clickable map of the ground floor developed by Internet Videos, Inc. The Willows is the Grand Prize in the Win A Mansion (tm) Contest, and is located at the top of Main Street in Downtown Anywhere. You can also reach The Willows at Web Communications' server.

Computing Applications Division -- Oak Ridge Ntl. Laboratory
Oak Ridge National Laboratory, Oak Ridge, TN, US
The Computing Applications Division provides high-quality technical services to Oak Ridge National Laboratory and to other customers in support of scientific, technical, and engineering computing systems. Specific functions performed include the management of software-development projects, systems analysis and systems design, computer programming, and systems and program documentation and maintenance.

Harvard National Model United Nations
Harvard University, Cambridge, MA, US
One of the world's largest collegiate United Nations simulations, containing information about the conference, HNMUN staff, and suggested WWW research sites for conference attendees.

Saturday, 19 November 1994

Society of Mexican American Engineers and Scientists
Society of Mexican American Engineers and Scientists, Texas A & M, Waco, TX, US
New homepage for the Society of Mexican American Engineers and Scientists.

Napa Valley Virtual Visit
FreeRun Technologies, CA, US
Information on wines, wineries, current events, event planning, and travel planning in the Napa Valley.

Washington Telecom Newswire
Washington Telecom Newswire, US
Daily news service directed at telecommunications industry professionals who need immediate news about their industry. Washington Telecom Newswire gives you the latest on telecommunications, cable, Bell companies, video dialtone, cellular, cyberspace, wiretap, spectrum allocation, cable/telco cross-ownership, and more.

Vanderbilt University School of Engineering
Vanderbilt University, Nashville, TN, US
Information about the school and its departments, research centers, and special programs. Individuals and organizations associated with the school can also publish information via this server. The VUSE portion of the Web is still under construction.

NII Oracle
Venable Law Firm, US
The Web server of the Venable Law Firm has recently published the October edition of its Workplace Labor Update and the fourth issue of NII Oracle.

Jason Aronson Publishers
Flightpath Communications, US
This leader in the fields of psychotherapy and Judaica now offers an extensive online catalog of books.

University of Michigan Instructional Technology Page
University of Michigan, Ann Arbor, MI, US
Project descriptions, guidelines, and news concerning Instructional Technology at the University of Michigan, specifically how U-M is meeting the needs of software development, faculty, and students.

Edinburgh - Scotland's Capital City
Esmee Fairbairn Research Centre, Edinburgh, Scotland
Tourist guide to Scotland's capital city. This site has the official approval of the City Council, who gave permission to use their copyrighted material.

Telecom Bretagne
Telecom Bretagne, France
Return of the Web server of Telecom Bretagne, including student's personal home pages.

Adobe Photoshop on Sun
Adobe Systems, San Jose, CA, US
Sun Microsystems and Adobe Systems present Adobe Photoshop on Sun, the world's fastest, most powerful implementation of Adobe Photoshop. Check out performance and features and request a FREE Acrobat reader for Sun.

United States Naval Academy
U.S. Navy, Annapolis, MD, US
General information about the academy, and specific information for candidates or potential candidates. Site maintained by Ray Trygstad, a Naval Academy information affiliate.

World Market Development
The Internet Store, Irving, TX, US
New line of induction die/tooling heaters. These tooling heaters rapidly heat dies and/or assembled tool stacks to permit schedule changes in a matter of minutes. Two sizes are available--one for presses thru 2000-ton capacity and another for presses thru 3000-ton capacity. Heaters are available either 440v, 60 hz, or 380v, 50 hz, and are completely assembled, wired, shop tested, and ready for connection to a plant power source.

School of Computer Science, Carleton University
Carleton University, Ottawa, Ontario, Canada
Information about the school, its faculty, research activities, technical reports, and programs offered.

Subway Navigator
Subway Navigator, France
Allows the user to search for routes in subway systems of various cities around the world (30 at the time of this writing). There is also a service provided to administrators of Web servers to use the subway navigator in your server, or register a server in the list of known servers. The URL is http://metro.jussieu.fr:10001/english/admin/.

Center for Analysis and Prediction of Storms
Univ. of Oklahoma~NSF Science and Technology Center, Norman, OK, US
CAPS, from the National Science Foundation Science and Technology Center at the University of Oklahoma, is part of the Oklahoma Weather Center, a collaboration among several local state, federal, and university agencies. A major component of CAPS is the development of the Advanced Regional Prediction System, a numerical model for storm-scale weather prediction. The Oklahoma Weather Roundup, which features current Oklahoma Mesonet data, can also be found at this site.

Longview Community College
Longview Community College, Buffalo, NY, US
General college and program information.

State of Utah
Utah state government, Salt Lake City, UT, US
Web server for the state of Utah. This site accesses a variety of government services and documents.

TSI Soccer
TSI Soccer, US
Quality soccer products for teams and individuals, offered through colorful and useful catalogs. Drop by to learn more about TSI products and services and register for their free catalog. Web services provided by TriNet Services.

Texas A&M University, TX, US
This page provides a live picture every 1.2 minutes of the student network lab at the Engineering Technology Department of Texas A&M University. This is the first step towards their implementation of a WEB accessible and controllable virtual instrumentation. Student projects are focusing on making virtual control of lab equipment such as oscilloscopes and multi-meters a common tool for distance learning centers throughout Texas.

Earth Observations Lab
Institute for Space and Terrestrial Science, Waterloo, Ontario, Canada
Research in the field of remote sensing. As a part of the Institute for Space and Terrestrial Science, the EOL contributes toward the overall goal of providing leadership in key areas of multi-disciplinary space and terrestrial science, engineering, and education.

Institute of Design
Umea University, Sweden
From Umea University in Sweden, this server contains information about the Institute of Design and a list of design resources on the Web.

Graphiti, US
A new Internet service that makes it possible for you to create your own designs and have them put on T-shirts, sweatshirts, tote bags, caps, jackets, mugs, or aprons. Right now, items must be ordered in quantity (usually at least a dozen), but soon Graphiti will offer single items as well. Perfect for creating personalized gifts or team shirts, or just to make a statement!

Russification of Macintosh
Univ. Pittsburgh, Pittsburgh, PA, US
The purpose of this collection from Matvey Palchuk is to enable Apple Macintosh users with Internet connections to work with Russian text in KOI8 format, a de-facto standard in Internet communication in Russia/exUSSR.

Computer Animation Archive
Washington State School of Electrical Engineering and Comp. Science, Pullman, WA, US
Silent MPEGs, soundtracks, and Silicon Graphics "movieplayer" files (with synchronized soundtracks) of student animations designed with Wavefront software in WSU's computer animation classes. Also visit the home page for WSU and the home page for the EECS Imaging Research Laboratory (host to the animation activity).

GE Capital
General Electric Company, US
GE Capital now makes it possible to explore the benefits of auto leasing; rent or lease personal computers, workstations, and test & measurement equipment; search a remarketing database of new and used computer parts and systems; and learn about the value of comprehensive homeowners insurance. GE Capital Services is a wholly owned financial services subsidiary of General Electric Company.

Adobe Systems Incorporated
Adobe Systems Incorporated, CA, US
Information about Adobe products, services, training, technology, customer spotlights, and more. This server hosts over 160 HTML files and over 800 PDF files -- the file format used by Adobe Acrobat software. In conjunction with the debut of www.adobe.com, Adobe has made FREE Adobe Acrobat Reader software for Macintosh, Windows, Sun UNIX, and DOS platforms available on the Web.

Koinonia House
Koinonia House, US
A Christian publishing ministry dedicated to the development and distribution of materials for encouraging and facilitating serious study of the Bible as the inerrant word of God. Koinonia House also publishes a monthly "Christian Intelligence" newsletter entitled Personal UPDATE that highlights the Biblical relevance of current events -- visitors of the Web site can receive a 1-year FREE subscription to this provocative newsletter.

DaVinci Design Company
DaVinci Design Company, US
A technology services company offering services for inventors, from concept development to patent prosecution by a registered professional engineer, registered US patent practitioner, and successful inventor. This site includes a detailed Patent FAQ.

Wilderness Furnishings Outdoor Catalog
Furnishings Outdoor Catalog, US
Wide variety of quality outdoor equipment offered at competitive prices, including tents, backpacks, sleeping gear, cooking gear, stoves, climbing gear and a whole lot more. Hundreds of products are currently being offered, with more being added almost daily.

JAZZ Online
Flightpath Communications, US
Your connection to the jazz scene, offering exclusive news, sampled music, and jazz graphics.

Craig Stewart Studio
Craig Stewart Studio, Houston, TX, US
A commercial photography studio in Houston supported by state-of-the-art equipment and facilities, specializing in studio illustration. Check out the very nice art work and cool photographs.

St. Joseph County Public Library
St. Joseph County Public Library, South Bend, IN, US
New services at this library include SJCPL's on-line catalog with Telnet access to over 600,000 cataloged items; Indiana State Legislators, a searchable database with detailed information on all current Indiana State senators and representatives, including photos; Internet Access for the public from several workstations at its main library and at each of its seven branches; Riley High School of South Bend, IN homepage; Michiana Free-Net, Indiana's first Free-Net.

Internet Roundtable
The Internet Roundtable Society, US
This live interview show on the Internet premiered on November 2, featuring an interview with Frances Moore Lappe. Other November guests for Internet Roundtable, sponsored by The Internet Roundtable Society, include Susan Stamberg, NPR special correspondent; Anne Lamott, author of Operating Instructions and Bird by Bird; and Ann Simonton, activist, founder of Media Watch, and expert in "Imagery in the Media and How it Affects Us." Interviews, question-and-answer sessions, and follow-up discussions are currently free of charge and open to everyone.

Chicago Information System
University of Illinois at Chicago, Chicago, IL, US
This site is from the Concurrent Software Systems Lab at the University of Illinois at Chicago.

TAMU Department of Plant Pathology
Texas A&M University, College Station, TX, US
Department faculty and graduate studies information, and access to the Texas plant disease handbook.

Baylor University
Baylor University, Waco, TX, US
Information for students, faculty, and staff, as well as those considering making Baylor a part of their learning experience.

UniChem Web Page
Cray Research Inc., US
From Cray Research, Inc. comes the UniChem page, with the latest release information, recent results in high performance computational chemistry, news about DGauss analytical vibrational frequencies, and DGauss basis sets at no cost.

Dept. of Environmental Horticulture, U. C. Davis
University of California, Davis, CA, US
An introduction to the Department of Environmental Horticulture, providing details of courses taught, faculty, a proposed major in environmental horticulture and urban forestry, and minor and graduate programs.

Uniform Capital Access Network (UCAN)
Uniform Capital Access Network, US
Offering investors and entrepreneurs the opportunity to explore business prospects. Web services provided by TriNet Services.

National Atlas Information Service
Geomatics Canada, Canada
New Web applications from the National Atlas Information Service. This site is completely bilingual (English and French) and is full of new and interactive applications, including NAISMAP, one of the first Web-based mapping systems that lets you, the user, take complete control of the map you want to make. If you have never made a computer generated map before, here is your chance to try out your skill as a computer assisted cartographer.

Advant Homes
Advant Homes, US
Information on custom home designs that are energy-efficient and environmentally friendly, as well as attractive. Several sample home designs are included.

Wednesday, 16 November 1994

EDITEC (Education of Information Technology for Civil Engineers)
Faculty of Architecture, Civil Engineering and Geodesy, U. of Ljubljana, Slovenia
Home page and mailing list. Lecturers of the use of computers to students of civil engineering are welcome to join.

University of Lausanne
University of Lausanne, Lausanne, Switzerland
General information about the university may be found here (mainly in French). Institute servers will also soon be available.

SkillSearch, US
A leader in career networking and database recruiting services, we link experienced professionals with organizations that need their talents. As an individual, you can explore new career opportunities discreetly, while in your current position. As an employer, you can locate and pre-screen qualified, highly skilled, employed prospects meeting your unique requirements in a cost-effective manner. Over 700 employers, representing thousands of recruiting locations nationwide, and our 35,000+ members truly create an intersection where opportunity and experience connect.

Virtually Reality
Eric Scroger, US
A new, offbeat, 3D cyberspace comic by artist Eric Scroger. The artist has taken the same 3D imaging tools used in the film, video game, and virtual reality industries, and applied the technique to the single-panel comic. New comics are put on-line weekly. Check it out.

Colorado N.I.I. Summit
University of Colorado, Boulder, CO, US
The Colorado N.I.I. Summit will take place Dec 5, 1994. Featured speakers include U.S. Senators Hank Brown and Ben Nighthorse Campbell, John Malone, TCI, Richard McCormick, US West, and John Barlow, Electronic Frontier Foundation. You can browse the agenda and then register online.

Open Systems World / FedUNIX'94 Conferences
Software Technology Transfer Ltd., Silver Spring, MD, US
All the latest conference news and announcements will initially be put on the server. The conferences will be held at the Washington Convention Center, Washington, D.C., Nov. 28 - Dec. 2, 1994.

Civil Engineer's On-Line Calendar
Faculty of Architecture, Civil Engineering and Geodesy, U. of Ljubljana, Slovenia
Includes information on workshops, conferences and other time-sensitive events and is accessible through the Web and email. Also accepts announcements of events.

Boulder Valley School District
Boulder Valley School District, Boulder, CO, US
Four schools in the Boulder Valley School District now have 1.5 Mbit/sec T1 lines connecting to a 155 Mbit/sec ATM network. All the schools have Web servers, and are regularly videoconferencing using MBONE and SGI's InPerson. The schools and their WWW servers are: Platt Middle School, Boulder High School, New Vista High School, and Nederland Middle/High School which is at 8,200 feet. To arrange a videoconference, please mail us at [email protected].

America's Cup On-Line
Science Applications International Corp. (SAIC), San Diego, CA, US
Information and coverage of America's Cup boat racing--regular news updates, race results, and recent photos. This site also includes information on competitors, event organizers, racing schedules, event sponsors, yacht design, America's Cup history, frequently asked questions about the event, and the schedule for television coverage.

The Children's Software Company
Children's Software Company, Palo Alto, CA, US
At The Children's Software Company, we specialize in educational software for children, preschool through highschool, offering only the finest titles available for your Mac, PC, and CD-ROM, at discount prices.

University of Wisconsin Marathon Center
University of Wisconsin Marathon Center, Wausau, WI, US
Archive of educational and other materials of interest to students, faculty and staff at undergraduate institutions. Materials from all disciplines and all areas related to university education, governance and administration will be included. The server administrator is Dr. M. Maheswaran, Professor of Mathematics at UWMC, [email protected]

Windsurfing Guide: Houston/Galveston
Webvertising, US
Comprehensive guide to windsurfing in the Houston area, including information on sailing sites, wind and weather, lessons, and more. The guide is another Webvertising (tm) project, and is sponsored by Windsurfing Sports.

Industry's On-Line Mall
IndustryNET, US
The latest in industry news, application assistance, new products, demo software, on-line tradeshows, hundreds of tested shareware programs, hundreds of job openings, and used industrial equipment. IndustryNET carries information from nearly 3,000 companies, covering over 10,000 products. There are over 250 manufacturers' stores in the on-line mall.

Pinball Expo '94 Home Page
Pinball Expo is held in Chicago annually, and is the largest gathering of pinball players, collectors, designers, and artists in the world. 1994 marks the 10th anniversary of the Expo.

Mathematics, Science, and Technology Education
University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign, IL, US
Information on activities taking place at U. Illinois and elsewhere, providing links to network resources for educators and others interested in mathematics, science, and technology education at levels kindergarten through college. Resources include descriptions of MSTE events, a catalogue of University of Illinois at U-C projects, a directory of K-12 schools on the Internet, and a directory of North American centers for mathematics, science, and technology education projects.

U.S. Scouting Service
HyperInfo Solutions, Huntsville, AL, US
Information about the Boy Scouts of America, along with resources for leaders and scouts.

Monday, 14 November 1994

Digital Media Centre
National Computer Board, Singapore
Home of the Singapore Online Guide, 'Singapore' Magazine and the Art and History Museum, the Digital Media Centre celebrates its first anniversary as Southeast Asia's first Web server, with many new, original publications. Web surfers can explore Cyberville, a new graphical starting point for Net users in Singapore.

Technology Review
Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Cambridge, MA, US
Edited at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Technology Review covers the beat of "technology and its implications," addressing the practical applications of science and emphasizing policy issues rather than nuts and bolts. TR's topics span a wide range--with an invigorating mix of expert opinion and journalistic prose. Stories focus on areas such as energy, computers, the space industry, and telecommunications as well as on issues in health care, education, economics, and defense.

BioMolecular Engineering Research Center (BMERC)
Boston University, Boston, MA, USA
Research at BMERC focuses on developing statistical/computational approaches which will detect syntactic and semantic patterns in DNA, RNA, and protein sequences, and on using these approaches in identifying structure, function, and regulation in these molecules. BMERC's relational protein structure/homolog database, ProLink, can be searched either through a set of pre-packaged SQL queries or through a forms interface. Also available are instructions for accessing the BMERC email server, BMERC's anonymous FTP site, and the Center's Gopher server.

Spencer Gifts
Spencer Gifts, US
Spencer Gifts specializes in the unexpected, offering amusing and unique gifts including Spencer's hallmark product, the Lava Lamp. The Spencer Internet Store (with a catalog that includes the Lava Lamp in 18 colors) went online this week and provides electronic shopping for people who don't have time to go to the mall and those who prefer to shop peacefully and painlessly during the busy holiday season. Spencer Gifts teamed up with BTG, Inc., an information technology company, to create this electronic storefront.

CIB-W78 -- Information Technology in Construction
Faculty of Architecture, Civil Engineering and Geodesy, U. of Ljubljana, Slovenia
Working group 78 of the International Council for Building Research, whose members include over 150 civil engineers and architects. Electronic resources include WWW, a mailing list and a dynamic membership database.

Bringing Our Estuaries New Life
Martin Marietta Technical Services, Research Triangle Park, NC, US
Hosted by the EPA Public Access Server, this site provides general information on the National Estuary Program, as well as more detailed information on programs in the Gulf of Mexico region. [PICK OF THE WEEK

Matterhorn Resource Center
Matterhorn Travel Wholesalers On-line, US
Matterhorn, a wholesale travel company for over 28 years, offers superb land/sea/air holidays direct to travelers in the Matterhorn Resource Center. Currently featured programs: Sailing on a Yacht with Captain and Crew in the Virgin Islands, Winter 1995; England Pub and Theatre Weekend, March 1995. Come visit us on the Net today!

RAD Internet Multimedia HomePage
RAD Technologies, US
FTP site and Internet links for multimedia applications and clipart, the hottest in multimedia technologies, hardware and software, authoring tools, viewing and management software, leading companies, MediaPlayers, and media clipart.

Norwegian Cruise Center
Norwegian Cruise Line, US
Special promotional rates, ship information, itineraries and more. All ships in the NCL fleet are covered, with weekly updates. Check frequently for the most up-to-date news on promotional rates and itinerary changes!

Route-One, UK
Organizations wishing to innovate on the Internet can now send full multimedia presentations across the network. Try it yourself!

Insurance Research Network
Insurance Research Network, CA, US
Insurance Research Network offers a free health insurance quote. Have your quote mailed or faxed to your office today! No face-to-face sales pressure. No obligation. Same-day coverage available. A Multimedia Ink Design...

Cyberspace Vermont Mall, CyberMont
CyberMalls Corporation, VT, US
Cybershops from Vermont, including destination resorts, Vermont specialty product companies, and other unique Vermont companies. CyberMont is the place to get away from it all when you've got little time. Please send us e-mail at [email protected] if you have questions or problems.

Daddazio - The Bronze Necktie
Nicholas B. Daddazio, US
Sculpture that uses the shape and lines of the necktie. Whimsical, clever, unique, and enduring are the abstract, representational, and one-of-a-kind figures sculpted with imagination in plaster or wax, then cast in bronze for eternity. (Daddazio is a trademark of Nicholas B. Daddazio. The Bronze Necktie is a trademark of Nicholas B. Daddazio.)

Eli Lilly and Company
Eli Lilly and Company, Indianapolis, IN, US
A global research-based pharmaceutical corporation, Eli Lilly and Company is working with its customers worldwide to help ensure that diseases are prevented, managed, and cured with maximum benefit and minimum cost to patients and society. The server is currently under construction, so user feedback is especially welcome.

Saturday, 12 November 1994

Wit Project for Wireless Handheld Computing
University of Washington CS&E, Seattle, WA, US
The Wit Web server, maintained by [email protected], includes a new subject index in the WWW Virtual Library on Mobile and Wireless Computing.

Global Emergency Medicine Archives
Div. of Emergency Medicine at UCSF, San Francisco, CA, US
GEMA is a prototype of an academic medical journal published via the WWW. The third issue adds forms supports for on-line quizzes, discussion forums, and, soon, searching of the medical literature. This issue also features complete abstracts from the 1994 Society for Academic Emergency Medicine conference. If you are a doctor, or just interested in the cutting edge of medicine, check it out!

Backcountry Home Page
Backcountry Home Page, US
We're back on-line! This page is an attempt to organize the backcountry-related information that is available on the Internet. Topics include, but are not limited to: hiking, camping, and climbing. Check it out, then "get out!"

Travel on The New York Web
New York Web, New York City, NY, US
Take a spin around the globe with a short multimedia documentary from the four corners of the world, including photography and video, presented by The New York Web .

WATTec Conference on Information Technologies
Office of Research Administration, Univ. of Tennessee, Knoxville, TN, US
Description of the 22nd annual WATTec conference, to be held in Knoxville, TN, February 21-23, 1995. WATTec will attract over 2,000 attendees from the corporate, government, and academic sectors with sessions in three theme tracks: Electronic Commerce, Health-Care Technology, and Educational Technology. Especially for non-technical audiences, WATTec workshops will feature discussions and demonstrations of WWW and other networked computing techniques.

TeleChoice Telecommunications
TeleChoice Telecommunications, US
Low-cost business, residential, and international calling services. TeleChoice maintains a relationship with a variety of long-distance service providers in order to offer the highest quality and lowest cost service.

Thomas Dolby
Kaleidospace, Los Angeles, CA, US
Thomas Dolby, whose career has explored the boundaries between music and technology, has put his latest work on the Internet. Accessed through the Kaleidospace Artist-in-Residence program, his site includes audio and video clips from the new video "The Gate to the Mind's Eye," for which he wrote the soundtrack. Internet users can sign up for Dolby's listserv discussion group through his Web pages.

Electronic Visualization Laboratory
University of Illinois, Chicago, IL, US
We are thrilled beyond belief to announce the return of the EVL Home Page.
This documentation is completely revised and now includes a link to on-line documentation from the SIGGRAPH '94 VROOM 'Learn More Area.' Text, images and animations describe the virtual reality applications and collaboration showcased at this event.

U.S. Geological Survey
U.S. Geological Survey, US
New address. While our old address still works, we would like to suggest that you change your pointers and hotlists to reflect this change. If you have any questions on the USGS WWW server, please contact: [email protected], or use our convenient feedback form located at http://www.usgs.gov/mail.html

Providence Business News
Providence Business News, Providence, RI, US
Access to electronic editions of the paper, including stories, advertisements, graphics, and photographs. The Providence Business News specializes in the local business news and features of Rhode Island and Southeastern Massachusetts. For more information, send electronic mail to [email protected]

University College London
University College London, London, England
Campus-wide information system that includes an on-line events diary for UCL and the Bloomsbury Theatre, and information from a growing number of academic and non-academic departments. Both undergraduate and postgraduate prospectuses are expected to appear soon.

First Home on the Information Highway
Univ. of Colorado, Boulder, CO, US
Come to the first home with a direct connection into an ATM switch. We are prototyping future uses of the infobahn here, such as distance learning, telecommuting, video conferencing and video on demand.

Santa Barbara County
Internet Cafe, Santa Barbara, CA, US
General and business information about the Santa Barbara, CA area. This page is hosted by the Internet Cafe, a company based in Santa Barbara that authors and hosts Web pages for its clients.

Telematrix.Com - World Telecommunications Central
Telematrix Communications Corp., US
Telecommunications and datacommunications products, services, and resources. Resources include World Calendar of Events, a comprehensive, searchable listing of telecommunications events and conferences around the world; The Printed Word, online and printed publications in fields such as fiber optics, wireless communications and ISDN; Products, Demos and Services, featuring software demos such as Phonebill, a program to cut your communications costs 15 to 45 percent. If it deals with telecommunications, you can find it here!

Andersen Consulting
Andersen Consulting, US
Information on career opportunities. Andersen Consulting is an international management and technology consulting organization whose mission is to help its clients change to be more successful, linking technology, strategy, processes, and people. Andersen Consulting has more than 29,000 persons in 150 offices and 46 countries.

Mergent International, Inc., Rocky Hill, CT, US
Mergent has always been on the front lines of infosecurity, providing an integrated family of solutions for diverse, distributed computing environments. Its Web server contains information about the company and its DACS family of products.

Virtual Microsystems
Virtual Microsystems, Inc., US
Virtual invites you to explore their Web server and learn about the networked CD-ROM servers for enterprise-wide access. Of special interest is CDWorks 2000, Virtual's Windows NT-based solution.

Information Center for the Environment
Information Center for the Environment, U.C. Davis, CA, US
There are two new features at this site. The John Muir Exhibit is a collection of materials on the life and legacy of this writer, conservationist, and founder of the Sierra Club. Most of the exhibit is also available via Gopher. "Harvey's Cyberspace Jump Station" has added a bibliographies platform, a growing list of pointers to bibliographies on the Internet. Most of this list is also available via Gopher.

Wednesday, 9 November 1994

NICE (Network of Information-servers for Civil Engineering)
Faculty of Architecture, Civil Engineering, and Geodesy, U. of Ljubljana, Slovenia
Includes a mailing list and a proposal for joint projects. All information providers related to civil engineering are welcome to join.

Junior Chamber International
Fredericton Junior Chamber, Fredericton, New Brunswick, Canada
Unofficial homepage for the Junior Chamber International, formerly known as the Jaycees. This project of the Fredericton Junior Chamber will serve as a source of information about Junior Chamber activities to both members and the World Wide Web community as a whole.

Inquisitor Magazine
Inquisitor Magazine, New York, NY, US
Inquisitor is the logical end result of the "soupification" of various media, art, culture, and technology. Matter-of-fact and down-to-earth, Inquisitor strives to look beyond the hype and trendiness of current "cyberculture." No hype, no glitz, no po-mo references, no unnecessary interface. Content-dense, informative, yet with tongue planted firmly in cheek. Welcome aboard!

IFIP International Conference on Open Distributed Processing (ICODP'95)
CRC for Distributed Systems Technology, Brisbane, Australia
The IFIP International Conference on Open Distributed Processing (ICODP'95) will be held in Brisbane, Australia, on 20-24 February 1995. The theme is "Achieving Open Distributed Systems - Experiences with the Environments," and a number of papers will address experiences with distributed middleware products, such as OSF's DCE, OMG's CORBA, and APM's ANSAware. ICODP'95 is hosted by the CRC for Distributed Systems Technology.

Computational Logic Inc.
Computational Logic Inc., US
Provides pointers to information on Nqthm, the theorem prover for the Boyer-Moore logic; CLI Technical Reports; current CLI research; and a summary and slides from the Computational Logic 1994 Research Review.

Mistral Windsurfing 1995
South Coast Computing Services, Inc., US
Detailed product information, technical articles, tips, and lots of cool action photos and mpeg movies from the world's leading manufacturer of windsurfing equipment. For those interested, you can even Take Your First Windsurfing Lesson right here on the Web! Discover the fun and thrilling combination created by wind and water. There are coupons and other special offers for beginners and avid windsurfers alike.

Webvertising (TM)
LifeTech Communications
Web-based advertising agency located on a Web server at South Coast Computing Services, Inc., devoted to helping companies establish an Internet presence by placing company, product, and service information on the Web. Check out our current list of clients and projects.

House O' Jazz
Jon Feinstein, Swarthmore College, Swarthmore, PA, US
In the past, House O' Jazz, from Swarthmore College's own Jon Feinstein has been a repository for jazz art and sound samples. Currently, the page is undergoing significant renovation. Check it out!

Research and Development in Physics Education
Physics Education Group, Univ. Nebraska-Lincoln, Lincoln, NB, US
Includes information about our group members, the PhD in physics education program, multimedia curriculum development, and the CD-ROM Toolkit project (development of a CD-ROM physics resource geared for high school physics teachers).

Will Of Nature
Will Of Nature, Dublin, Ireland
Will Of Nature Archive, previously available by mail service, as well as Arupa Noumenal , the Multi Media Magazine of the 21st Century.

Windsurfing Sports
South Coast Computing Services, Inc.
This local retail shop, conveniently located near the best windsurfing sites in Houston, is now online. Also check out the Why Sail? Warehouse Mail Order Catalog, now offering 1994 closeouts.

Montana State University-Northern
Montana State University-Northern, Havre, MT, US
Web and Gopher servers from the Computer Information Systems department of Montana State University-Northern.

South Carolina Golf Courses
GolfData On-Line, US
GolfData On-Line is temporarily offering access to a database containing comprehensive information on all golf courses in South Carolina. If you find this information useful in any way, please send us your comments.

The Gallery at the Corinthian
Carnegie Mellon University, Pittsburgh, PA, US
An exhibition of the digitally created artworks of Michael Hsueh, an undergraduate art student at Carnegie Mellon University.

InfoLink Information Center
InfoLink, Hong Kong
Server for the Hong Kong local community--an information hub for businesses and Internet users in Hong Kong to exchange information and post their home pages. Our goal is to provide a central place that leads to various kinds of local and international information resources.

South Coast Computing Services, Inc.
South Coast Computing Services, Inc., US
Internet service provider and consulting firm offering Internet access through dealerships and points of presence. South Coast focuses on commercial and international customers. Also offered are network advertising, training, consulting, and systems integration services. South Coast also manufactures the USENET Serial Board II, a four-port ``dumb'' serial board for the ISA bus with a unique hardware flow-control gate which enables 115,200 bps modem operation. Complete engineering information is online for this open-architecture product.

FineMedia, Munich, Germany, Vienna, Austria
Two years ago, the print publication FineMedia appeared for the first time, reporting on the latest cultural developments in new media. On October 19, 1994, the FineMedia Web pages launched, offering one of the largest databases in this field by networking with other Net publications. Further modifications are forthcoming to enhance interactivity and add graphics. Please send your opinions and suggestions for improvements to [email protected]

Monday, 7 November 1994

Society for Applied Spectroscopy
Society for Applied Spectroscopy, US
Topics of interest to SAS members and spectroscopists: membership and Society information, titles and abstracts for papers in Applied Spectroscopy, and related meetings/events.

XVT Software
XVT Software Inc., Boulder, CO, US
C++ and C cross-platform software development tools. Product information, newsletters, XVT partner listings, and press releases. Products feature XVT development solutions for C++ and C(tm), and XVT-PowerObjects(tm). XVT solutions are available for Microsoft Windows, Windows NT, Macintosh, OS/2, OSF/Motif, OPEN LOOK, and character-based systems for DOS, UNIX, and VMS.

University of Illinois -- Visitor Navigational Aids
University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, IL, US
Navigational aids for UIUC visitors: the Virtual North Campus Walkthrough (virtual reality on the very cheap) and the North Campus Locator, which will highlight the requested room/building on the appropriate floorplan/map, give you the home page of the occupant of a given room, or give a list of the occupants of a given building.

The Complete Home Page Directory
City University, London, England
The Complete Home Page Directory aims to maintain the biggest list of personal home pages on the Internet.

New South Network Services, US
Resources for the marketing community from New South Network Services. Some of the sections of /MouseTracks/ include the Hall of Malls, the MetaMarket (a listing of marketing services firms), and Nuts and Bolts, a reference page for some of the technical details required for marketing via the Web.

Sailboard Vacations
South Coast Computing Services, Inc., US
Travel agency specializing in windsurfing travel. This site contains detailed travel information about the world's best windsurfing destinations. As a Club Mistral representative, all Sailboard Vacations destinations feature the latest in quality windsurfing equipment from Mistral. What better place to Learn to Windsurf than on your next vacation?

Cavendish Laboratory
Physics Department of the University of Cambridge, Cambridge, UK
In addition to local information, this site includes details of research in high-energy physics, laboratory astrophysics, astrophysics and cosmology, radio astronomy, and condensed-matter physics.

Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy Network (EREN)
Department of Energy, Washington, D.C., US
Single point of access to qualitative information on energy efficiency and renewable energy technologies. EREN is searchable by subject, an alphabetical listing of sites, type of service, and type of organization.

Aneurysm Information Project
Columbia University, New York, NY, US
Dedicated to providing information to both laypersons and scientists on the subject of aneurysm disease. The files on this page include answers to FAQs, a lecture on the causes of aneurysms, references to scientific work in the field, an outline of a project to prevent aneurysm disease, and several other interesting things.

Animal Information Data Base
Blacksburg Electronic Village, Blacksburg, VA, US
Busch Gardens and Sea World, in cooperation with the Blacksburg Electronic Village, have produced an Animal Information Data Base designed for school children that features up-to-date facts and pictures about a variety of land and sea animals. A portion of the Sea World Teacher's Guides have been included in the materials to help teach students in an active, hands-on way. The activities foster an interdisciplinary appreciation for science, mathematics, geography, art, and language.

Univ. Wisconsin-Madison College of Engineering
Electrical and Computer Eng., UW-Madison, Madison, WI, US
New server from the College of Engineering at University of Wisconsin-Madison.

Wingra Technologies, Inc.
Wingra Technologies, Inc., Madison, WI, US
Information about Wingra's products for electronic messaging integration and Digital-to-IBM connectivity.

Loughborough University of Technology Information Gateway
Loughborough University of Technology, UK
Information about the university, departments, research interests, and general CWIS information.

French Internet technology and value-added services provider. Guests to our server can learn all about our company and the 10th World Teleport Assembly (WTA) in Paris. In the near future, much more information will be available; please forgive us if URLs and pages are often modified--our server is still under construction.

Urban Agriculture Notes
City Farmer, Office of Urban Agriculture, British Columbia, Canada
Urban food production involves government policy, building codes, gardening on vacant lots and rooftops, and international development issues, to name just a few topics. Be sure to read about Jerry Seinfeld's worms in "What's the Deal with Worm Composting?"

Fine Food Emporium
Fine Food Emporium, Benicia, CA, US
Gourmet and fine foods from California's Napa and San Joaquin valleys as well as from San Francisco and elsewhere. The interactive catalog offers a growing inventory of high-quality, modestly priced items.

Saturday, 5 November 1994

NASA/JPL Imaging Radar Home Page
NASA/JPL Space Radar Laboratory, US
The latest mission results from two flights of the Space Shuttle Endeavour (April and October, 1994), in which the Space Radar Laboratory successfully imaged sites around the world with the SIR-C/X-SAR imaging radar instrument! In addition to radar images and data from this and other Earth orbiting and airborne imaging radar sensors, this site also contains animated flights through Death Valley and the Galapagos Islands, 3-D perspectives and anaglyphs (3-D glasses required), educational resources about radar remote sensing, software for analysis of radar data, and links to other remote sensing home pages.

Southland Ski Server
Coast Community College Services, Costa Mesa, CA, US
Offering interactive ski reports, road, weather, and resort information for the Southern California ski resorts, plus Mammoth and June.

The Web in Slovenia
Faculty of Architecture, Civil Engineering, and Geodesy, U. of Ljubljana, Slovenia
Titles of all WWW pages in Slovenia may now be searched.

ReZ.n8 Productions
ReZ.n8 Productions, US
Creators of comprehensive image-branding packages for television networks, programs, stations and syndicators, motion pictures and advertising agencies since 1987. ReZ.n8 recently designed the look for the 1994 Winter Olympics for CBS Sports and the NFL for Fox Sports. Employing programmers, illustrators and producers, ReZ.n8 has been honored with numerous awards for conceptualizing, designing and producing state-of-the-art developmental computer graphics, animation and special effects for the entertainment and advertising industries.

On-Line Illustrated Children's Book
InterAccess Technology Corp., Nepean, Ontario, Canada
Book publisher Concertina and InterAccess Technology Corp. announce the on-line publication of Waking in Jerusalem, an illustrated children's book. It is a story about a young child who wakes up before his parents and watches the city of Jerusalem wake up. Suitable for children ages 3 to 7.

Virtual Sculpture Studio
Walter S. Arnold, sculptor, Chicago, IL, US
Learn about gargoyles and grotesques, and the traditions of architectural ornament and stone carving, while you sit by a warm carved fireplace. You can also learn about the tools used in carving limestone and marble, and soon more info will be added on carving techniques!

Volant Corporation, US
Volant Corporation is giving away money! Visit their TurnPike server to find out more information on the Cash Giveaway Drawing. While you are there, find out how you can put up your own pages on the Web for as little as $50 per month.

Rotaract, US
Worldwide network of service clubs for young people aged 18 to 30 interested in community service, leadership, international understanding, and social activities.

1994 Minnesota General Elections Results
Twin Cities Free-Net, Minneapolis-St. Paul, MN, US
The Twin Cities Free-Net, in cooperation with the Minnesota secretary of state's office, will have election results available for the first time via the Web. Also available is Minnesota gubernatorial & senatorial candidate information stored in the Minnesota E-Democracy Project archives, as well as the first-ever online debate between candidates for Minnesota governor and the U.S. Senate.

New York City 25th Marathon
The New York Web, New York City, NY, US
Results of the New York City 25th Marathon, with our special day-of-race report (with photos), brought to you by The New York Web.

Future Forums
Strategyweb, Dallas, TX, US
Provides e-mail links to experts in business strategy currently building personal hyperforums, along with brief descriptions of their expertise.

Center for the Application of Information Technology
Washington University in St. Louis, St. Louis, MO, US
Non-profit consortium providing leading-edge training and leadership programs for Information Systems professionals in the St. Louis, Missouri area. CAIT is part of the School of Engineering of Washington University in St. Louis. Please try our searchable Professional Training Seminar Catalog, which has more than 300 course descriptions for information systems seminars. It also provides on-line registration for our seminars.

The Planetary Society
The Planetary Society, Pasadena, CA, US
Explore the solar system with The Planetary Society, founded by renowned scientists Carl Sagan and Bruce Murray to promote the exploration of the planets and the search for extraterrestrial life. Join scientists, engineers, educators, and others as they work to understand our world and reach for worlds beyond our own.

World Wide Yellow Pages
Home Pages, Inc., US
Home Pages, Inc. invites you to browse the World Wide Yellow Pages. We are constantly adding new businesses to help you find what you are looking for. For on-line businesses we have a special offer that you should check out.

Montana State University College of Engineering
Montana State University, Bozeman, MT, US
Our new site is up and running. It provides information about the College of Engineering and the Department of Computer Science. Information about the Southwestern Montana area is being added daily.

Hydromechanics Directorate
United States Navy, US
Presentations of available testing facilities, Directorate organization, and links to other WWW servers. Our latest addition is the Multimedia Project Gallery. Photos and videos of ships and associated models are being integrated into project histories.

US Rare Coins and Precious Metals
American Teleprocessing Corporation, Houston, TX, US
An information provider to after-market trading networks, ATC posts information on US rare coins and precious metals and on coin dealers who do business with the public. In addition, ATC publishes mmi, a compendium of 40,000 used computer equipment listings. If you have computer equipment to sell or if you are looking for some to buy, you may send input to the publication.

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