What's New on the WWW

October 31, 1994

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The Third International World-Wide Web Conference: Technology, Tools and Applications '95, which will be held in Darmstadt, Germany, April 10-14, 1995, will bring together researchers, developers and users of the World-Wide Web. It will provide participants with the opportunity to come together and share comprehensive knowledge, research and discussion of the most current activities related to the Web.

The Rolling Stones have announced that they will be broadcasting 20 minutes of their November 18th Texas Cotton Bowl concert live on the MBONE. Interested folks should check the list of registered StoneBone viewing parties or Register their site for a local viewing party.

The Rockefeller University is pleased to announce the opening of its WWW server. Details about the University, the premier biological and medical research facility in the world, are available, as are the Archives of the Rockefeller Family.

The Home page of the Italian National Telescope Galileo (TNG) has been updated and enlarged, with information and images on development phases, reference people for telescope systems and instrumentation, and a list of publications.

Announcing a new molecular biology WWW site at Emory University - the Department of Genetics and Molecular Medicine has joined the Web. At present this is strictly an informational server.

For information about the Second Amendment and the Right to Keep and Bear Arms (RKBA), check out the RKBA homepage.

The Climate Prediction Center (CPC) provides climate products and services consisting of operational prediction of climate variations, monitoring of the climate system and development of databases for determining current global and regional climate anomalies and trends, and analysis of their origins and linkages to the complete climate system. These services cover climate time-scales ranging from weeks to seasons, extending into the future as far as technically feasible, and over the domain land, ocean, and atmosphere, extending into the stratosphere. Services and products are distributed to users in the government, the research community, private industry, and the public, both in this country and abroad. CPC supports and stimulates the use of climate data for applications in agriculture, energy, transportation, water resources and health.

The Chicago Mercantile Exchange, the World's Largest Marketplace, trading approximately $200 trillion annually in inderlying value of financial and agricultural futures and options, is pleased to announce its debut on the World-Wide Web. Accessible from the CME Home Page are background and product information, volume and membership price information and charts, and the CME Model for Federal Financial Regulation, a proposal for streamlining government oversight of financial institutions.

The program for the Topical Conference on the Synthesis & Processing of Electronic Materials being co-sponsored by American Institute of Chemical Engineers, the IEEE Electron Devices Society and the American Vacuum Society is available.

The Australian Oceanographic Data Centre (AODC) would like to announce that its WWW Server is now online. These pages contain information about the AODC and also include sample documents and images.

USPAN, Inc. (The United States Performing Arts Network) is proud to announce the opening of U/Seattle - Seattle's Online Entertainment Guide. U/Seattle is the first World-Wide Web server with a complete listing of what's happening in the Puget Sound, helpful to locals and visitors alike. Featured at its opening are Movie Listings for Seattle and Vicinity, Laser Show Listings for Seattle and Complete Audition Listings for performers.

Creacon Enterprises is happy to announce the opening of The Quality Wave web page, a page dedicated to the promotion of the field of Quality Engineering and home to the Quest for Quality Forum.

PolyEster Records & Books is online to provide people with hip underground and above ground media from Australia. Lots of local bands, books and zines are available through their on-line catalogue. PolyEster is brought to you through the services of Glass Wings.

The Space Calendar Home Page is now available. The Space Calendar covers NASA activities and anniversaries that are coming up in the next year.

The Department of Geography, Australian National University, would like to announce that its WWW server is now on-line. It includes information about the Department (including staff, current research, undergraduate courses and graduate programme), the ANU, the city of Canberra and the obligatory "more!"

The Computer Science Department at University College London have added a Tube Journey Planner to their London information pages. It provides details on routes, times, fares and distances on the London Underground network.

Christmas is now on-line with the Cape Fear Christmas House Catalogue. Browse through the pages of various unique Christmas decorative items, collectibles and gifts items suitable for all occasions.

The Aratari Branch of Dagorhir Outdoor Improvizational Dark Age Battle Games is proud to announce its new home page. Dagorhir is a sport battle game system which uses foam weapons in a medieval or dark age style of combat. Dagorhir is similar to a live action fantasy role-playing (LARP) game but with more emphasis as a sport activity. There is no "magic" in the Dagorhir battle game system and the characters tend to be from, but are not restricted to, historical origins (ie. Celts, Goths, Vikings, Romans, Mongols).

Oyez! Oyez! Announcing the launch of The Fashion Page, a Web magazine dedicated to various aspects of Fashion. The current incarnation covers Menswear, Autumn Styles, Winter Coats, Fashion TV, etc., and includes an extensive bibliography.

American Management Systems, Inc. has placed its new World-Wide Web Server onto the Internet effective October 31, 1994. AMS (and subsidiaries under the name AMS Management Systems in various countries) is a leader in helping large commercial, governmental, and non-profit organizations improve their performance through the intelligent use of information technology. AMS provides information technology consulting, business process reengineering, systems integration, and software design and development services to organizations throughout the world. Headquarters: Fairfax, VA, USA. General information address: [email protected].

SAS Institute's World Wide Web server contains a corporate overview, including annual report figures and locations of regional offices and subsidiaries, as well as descriptions of the SAS(r) System and other software products produced by SAS Institute. Employment opportunities and information on services such as training and technical support are also online. Online forms have been integrated for training course registration, publication orders and information requests. By the end of the year, SAS Institute's server will also include on-line interfaces to the Institute's electronic technical support facilities such as the Electronic Mail Interface to Technical Support (EMITS) and Anonymous FTP.

The SPNK'R Proxy Slip Server converts an ordinary PC XT or better into a multi-line TCP/IP SLIP server and router complete with login/password security. Additionally, the Proxy-Slip feature overcomes the client side configuration difficulties associated with setting up TCP/IP. Using this feature the client need only enter his login/password pair.

The Information Systems Department, Database and Expert Systems Group, at the Vienna University of Technology, Austria, is pleased to announce its WWW Home Page. You will find information on all aspects of the institute, especially about current R&D programmes and teaching activities. The institute also hosts the Christian Doppler Laboratory for Expert Systems, funded by the Austrian Industries. Main topics of research are Data Base Theory, Computational Logic, Fuzzy-Logic, Model-based Diagnosis, Model-based Human Computer Interaction and Intelligent Hypermedia.

CISTI, the Canada Institute for Scientific and Technical Information, is pleased to announce the release of its WWW server. Located in Ottawa, CISTI is a major supplier of scientific, technical, engineering and medical information in North America. It is also the library of the National Research Council Canada. The server provides information in English and French on CISTI's products and services, including document delivery, bibliographic, scientific and numeric database production and access, publishing of research journals and books, expert information search and retrieval services, current awareness services and much more.

Check your HTML code using Weblint. Supply some code, or just a URL! WWW interface courtesy the UniPress W3 Services Division.

The Laser Manufacturing Laboratory at the University of California-Berkeley would like to announce its new home page. Any questions about the Laser Manufacturing Laboratory should be forwarded to [email protected] or [email protected] or [email protected].

ReZn8 Productions, a leading Hollywood animation and video graphics production company, is pleased to be here! They are working on some nifty image compression stuff and would be very interested in your feedback. Here's a sample with a graphic describing where they're coming from. For a sample of the kinds of movie trailer and other work they do, take a look at a short trailer for Clear and Present Danger.

The Travelers' Checklist catalog is now available on the World-Wide Web. This catalog contains various travel-related products, including voltage converters, adapters, money belts, currency conversion calculators, etc. It features information on European electricity as well as general travel tips. Travelers' Checklist is a service of The Access Group.

For all the serious chocolate lovers out there, Ann Hemyng Candy, Inc.'s Chocolate Factory is now on the World-Wide Web with direct order capabilities. Now you can satisfy your innermost chocolate fantasies from the convenience of your own computer. Chocolate makes a great gift, too. They make and sell chocolate direct from the factory.

The United States Geological Survey's National Water Conditions Report is on the Internet. This report provides a summary of surface water, ground water, and reservoir conditions from across the United States and Canada.

WebTechs Consulting Services WebTechs is a World-Wide Web consulting group with over 3 years of total experience with the WWW. WebTechs is registered with the International Association of Independent Web Consultants. WebTechs main goal is to promote the usage of valid HyperText Markup Language (HTML) documents. WebTechs firmly believes this will increase the fidelity of information exchange in the WWW and reduce the amount of roadkill on the Super Information Highway.

Bruce Stevens is proud to announce the brand new Moosetone Records home page.

Inforum, a non-profit economic consulting firm specializing in interindustry macroeconomic modeling, would like to announce that their popular EconData site is now on the web. EconData is a site that has been available for 3 years by Gopher, and contains millions of economic time series in a format that is easily accessible using PDG, Inforum's public domain regression and time-series modeling package for economists.

Everton Publishers has launched a Web page devoted to genealogy resources on the Internet. The initial offering contains links to over 200 genealogical resources via a series of subject-headed pages, including Beginning Your Search, Genealogical Archives and Libraries, U.S. Genealogical Resources, Non-U.S. Resources, Special Genealogical Resources, Genealogical Software Archives and Using the Internet.

The Micronet Multi-Dimensional Digital Signal Processing (M-D DSP) Group in the Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering at the University of Calgary, Canada, is pleased to announce its WWW server. It includes some still images and MPEG movies demonstrating some of their ongoing research on fractal- and model-based image coding and 3-D image processing. Some of their recent publications are also available on-line in postscript form.

The Department of Statistics and Computer Science at West Virginia University would like to announce their new web site which consists of graduate information, faculty members, technical reports, research activities, etc.

Buena Vista Pictures Marketing, a division of the Walt Disney Company, is proud to announce The Buena Vista Pictures Web--a source for information and previews of movies from Walt Disney Pictures, Touchstone Pictures and Hollywood Pictures. The Movie Plex is a very graphical environment providing movie trailers in QuickTIme format as well as a trivia game and movie gossip. The Press Room offers the same QuickTime clips and more, JPEG stills and the Press Kits for the movies. They also have a page for pointers to QuickTime Players for UNIX, Macintosh and Windows.

Find out how your representatives are addressing your environmental concerns. In time for Election Day in the United States, EcoNet has released the League of Conservation Voters' 1994 National Environmental Scorecard via the Internet. The Environmental Scorecard rates House and Senate representatives according to their voting records on critical environmental issues for the past year. EcoNet is also making the Scorecard available via gopher. You may also access the Scorecard via electronic mail at [email protected].

An easy-to-use forms-based HTML editor, Easy HTML, is now available. Nothing to install - Easy HTML works over the Web - so start writing HTML documents immediately. Easy HTML is developed in conjunction with the NSF Mosaic Deployment project.

The Klamath GIS Project is a pilot, community-based GIS project centered in Hayfork, Northern California. In collaboration with the Trinity Bioregion Group, the AEGIS group at the University of California, Berkeley, the Trinity Watershed and Research and Training Center, and various other local organizations and agencies, the project is developing strategies to build and facilitate local community capacity to use and develop GIS. A significant part of the Klamath GIS project has been the development of the Klamath Meta Data Dictionary, an online catalogue that provides information about GIS data sets that exist in the Klamath region. The meta data entry software is available online at an anonymous ftp site for all who are interested.

Moon Travel Handbooks offers a wide variety of travel-related Internet exhibits, including the first installment of Road Trip USA, a collaborative work-in-progress whose draft chapters will be added to Moon's server, route by route, prior to publication of the paperback edition in autumn 1995. Readers are encouraged to participate, and anyone whose comments are selected for inclusion will receive a free Moon Travel Handbook of their choice.

It's Hot Hot Hot on the Internet! With a Web site friendly to both graphical browsers such as Mosaic and text-based browsers such as Lynx, the Pasadena, CA specialty hot sauce shop offers netizens exciting and tantalizing selections from around the world. Choose from the tastes of Dave's Insanity Sauce, Pure Hell, Scorned Woman Hot Sauce, and over 100 other sauces guaranteed to be Hot. Presence, a Southern California information design studio, designed and produced Hot Hot Hot.

October 30, 1994

Bristol Technology, maker of the Windows to Unix developer tools, Wind/U, HyperHelp and Xprinter, has updated their server with tons of new information. Also check out the exciting new sport of MAULBALL!

VIBEonline!: a free service on the World-Wide Web from VIBE magazine is now serving up the latest music releases through The VIBELINE. The current VIBEonline! is up to date through the September, the First Anniversary Issue of VIBE featuring the The Year-In-Pictures, a collection of never-before-published photographs from VIBE photographers, full graphics, downloadble startup screens, and other essential trailmix for Internauts. VIBE is the magazine of urban music (Jazz, Blues, Reggae, R&B, Hip Hop, Rap) and youth culture published as a joint venture of Quincy Jones/David Salzman Entertainment and Time Publishing Ventures, Inc.

The publishers of Kyosaku, a quarterly journal of poetic and prosaic reflections on and explorations of life in our times would like to announce the quickly expanding Kyosaku home page.

A directory of companies with product information is now available from the BizWeb Mosaic server. BizWeb is a "Yellow Pages" directory specializing in listing companies with product information available over the Internet. You won't find links to the latest cool Mac files or any images of Jupiter. But if you are looking for product information direct from the manufacturer then the BizWeb server is a good place to start. And contact BizWeb if your company has product information available over the Internet and would like to be listed for no charge.

Digital Express Group, Inc., an Internet provider with POPs in Maryland, Virginia, New Jersey, New York, and California has a new, improved WWW site with information on available Internet services.

The HEASARC has made available two new Web Tools for astronomers under its StarTrax Web service. One is a sky coordinate conversion routine for coverting between different equinoxes and systems. The other is a viewing tool that tells when stars can be viewed by the ASCA, ROSAT, XTE, and EUVE. They also provide an Astronomer's Whats New service.

Speakers On-line is the place to look for speakers, lecturers, or entertainers for your upcoming meeting or conference.

Announcing B.A.W.P. (Best-quality Audio Web Poems) a collection of recordings, in the MPEG-2 audio format, of poetry readings and live spoken word performances. The selection changes every two weeks at present.

Arachnaut's Lair is the WWW home page of Jim Hurley. He keeps resources related to electronic music software, with extensive software links, some original compositions, an Aquarium page, ...and the usual "hotlinks".

Compaq Computer Corporation is pleased to announce the addition of WWW.Compaq.Com to its on-line support organization. Information on Compaq products, programs and service is now available via Compaq's World Wide Web server.

The Biennial Conference And Exhibition On Telecommunications In South Africa on 27 to 29 March 1995 is your opportunity to attend the premier event on South Africa's telecommunications calendar to be held in Johannesburg (Midrand), exciting city of gold and the powerhouse of the South African economy. As home-base to most major domestic and multinational corporations, and the most dynamic growth area on the African continent; the proud new capital of the PWV reflects the entrepreneurial spirit and technological excellence of the people and products involved in the telecommunications and networking fields in Southern Africa.

Need to send commercial inquiries to any of the 123,000+ companies on Hong Kong's fax directory? Fareast.com offers you this free service with the Hong Kong Companies Directory page. Morten Welinder announces his new Emacs Page with news and patches concerning GNU Emacs, especially in connection with MSDOG.

The Ohio State University College of the Arts is pleased to announce the creation of the OSU Department of Art Home Page. This document contains program information on all areas of study within the Department, as well as faculty photos, examples of student and faculty work, campus gallery schedules, application and financial aid information, and links to many points of interest on the World-Wide Web.

Earth Spirit Designs is a family-owned craft business whose designs are inspired bythe beautiful natural setting of Colorado. Each work is hand crafted by a husband and wife team of second generation artists using natural stone incorporated into colorful bead webbing an delicate bead weaving designs. Craig and Colette celebrate their fifth year displaying their creative expressions in environmental and craft shows. Earth Spirit Designs incorporates natural stone and other materials in decorative composition reflecting nature's elegance jewelry and fine crafts.

Source 1 Travel is the full service travel agency serving locally Las Colinas, Irving, and the Metroplex. Offering complete travel consulting services including: Air, Hotel, Car, Tours, Cruises and Rail. Individual, commercial or group travel.

Rogers Sewing Center - located in Irving, Texas. Your Sewing Specialist: Sales, Service and Supply Center.

AmFax Business Communication. The Facsimle Specialist: sales, service and supply center. A complete family of fax machines including plain paper units. Located in Irving, Texas.

Ham Radio shareware has come to the Web. Through the new Kentrol Home Page, amateurs and swls can check out the interface, read the documentation, and download the premier Windows control program for all Kenwood HF radios.

The server of the Partnership in Advanced Computing Technologies, in Bristol, UK, is up and running. PACT is a new research centre for collaborative academic/industrial projects currently involving groups from Inmos and the University of Bristol. The PACT server hosts pages for Inmos (unofficial), the Data Diffusion Machine (a scalable VSM architecture), the ESPRIT II OMI/HORN project, and various peoples' home pages. In these you can find, amongst others things, a list of Calls for Papers in (Parallel) Computer Architecture and related topics.

The Interfaith Health Program of The Carter Center (President Jimmy Carter, Chairman) and Saint Francis Hospital of Evanston, Illinois are pleased to announce their W3 site for The International Network for Interfaith Health Practices (IHP-NET). IHP-NET is an Internet electronic forum for dialogue and resource sharing among persons of all religious traditions, regarding the dynamic relationship between spirituality and health, especially its practical expression in the advancement of human wellness.

WorldMart is proud to annouce the GRAND OPENING of its first WorldStore, the THINK BIG! worldstore. The THINK BIG! WorldStore features unique large items such as 5 foot high pencils and giant baby bottles.

Metronome Online Press, Inc. is pleased to announce a new gopher server with catalogs of continuing professional education courses for physicians, nurses and dentists.

Reaction Graphics presents an assortment of Internet and WWW themed t-shirts available at Reaction Graphics Online.

October 29, 1994

It is with great pleasure that the Office of Research and the University Graduate School (RUGS) at Indiana University announces access to its publications and services has been made available on the World Wide Web. In addition to general information and a directory of services, other available resources include the RUGS publication Research & Creative Activity, which profiles the research of IU scholars (the latest issue on technology has lots of photos and images), the Graduate School Bulletin, a listing of research centers at IU and much more.

New Perspective Technologies Inc. is pleased to announce the MelaNet Information and Communications Network. MelaNet provides a central location whereby Black business persons may market their goods and services to one another as well as the rapidly growing on-line consumer base. Furthermore, MelaNet will highlight businesses that are looking for a sub-contractor match in performing U.S. government contracts. MelaNet will also house demographic data relevant to the Black community. In addition, MelaNet will provide links to other on-line data available for the empowerment of people of African descent throughout the world.

The Anne Frank WWW site is now up and running. They would like you to give them a visit and welcome any comments or questions you may have.

The Cygnus Group announces its new environmental and educational Web server. The site contains information on packaging and waste reduction, including the popular newsletter The ULS Report. (ULS stands for Use Less Stuff.) The site also contains pointers to some of the most popular environmental and educational databases on the Net.

UNAVCO, the University NAVSTAR Consortium, is pleased to announce the availability of its web server. UNAVCO provides information, support, and scientific infrastructure to principal investigators making use of the Global Positioning System (GPS) satellites for Earth science and related research. Information on UNAVCO operations, UNAVCO-supported projects, and related information is available on line. The UNAVCO server is under development; your comments and suggestions are welcome.

The Center For Research in Computing and the Arts(CRCA) home page serves as an information resource of CRCA activities, research, programs, and software, a link to other art resources, electronic and terrestrial, and the future home of image and sound galleries. CRCA is a research unit of the University of California, San Diego.

The University of Arizona Students for the Exploration and Development of Space (SEDS) have vastly expanded their List of Space-Related Web Pages -- your link to a virtual galaxy of images and information.

The Beta chapter of Eta Kappa Nu at the Purdue University would like to announce that its home page is up and open for business.

K Computing provides exceptionally high quality training for UNIX, programming, and networking topics. They deliver both their own developed courses as well as courses developed by a few major vendors of UNIX systems. Their next public course is called "Internet Basics for Business" and available in Research Triangle Park, North Carolina.

Allen Marketing Group is a marketing communications firm that provides a full range of marketing services to help companies improve the effectiveness of their marketing and sales activites. In addition to helping technology companies market their products, they now provide a full range of interactive marketing services to help all companies benefit from the new interactive technologies.

American Information Systems, Inc. (AIS) offers high-quality, cost-effective solutions to organizations that wish to gain a presence on the Internet. AIS specializes in designing and implementing customized Internet applications that can increase efficiency, lower costs, expand markets, and provide competetive advantage.

Even/Anna, Ltd. offers a wide range of promotional products that can help your business grow. Clothes, pens, mugs and other products imprinted with your name and logo will help get your message accross to customers, suppliers, employees, or anyone else. Visit their home page for more information and a sample of products.

The New Brunswick, Canada, government has recently released a comprehensive WWW display package containing the latest information on its bottom line business environment. This server contains detailed information on labour costs, weather, recreational facilities, building and housing and much more...

Steve Quick Jeweler is happy to announce its new WWW site featuring custom design jewelry. If you like 18k gold rings with Princess cut diamonds come see their showroom. In addition to SQJ designs, they will be displaying the work of award winning studios from around world such as: Christie Franz, Anthony Gerard, and Lapponia. Steve Quick Jeweler will also be showing some of their exquisite diamond cuts.

The alt.fan.dune USENET newsgroup FAQ is now available in HTML. The FAQ is up to date and was last modified September 24, 1994. Maintained by Christian Gilmore.

Anchiano Computer Eyewear, providing you with protection against computer monitor eyestrain, are now being promoted on the WWW. These unique glasses have a rotating lens you control, relieving eye irritation, headaches, dry eyes and other discomforts resulting from constant computer use. The eyewear can be puchased for a great price, and has a 30 day fully refundable guarantee.

The Coleman Conference Center sets the standards in conference facilities. For over four decades, they have been delivering quality service, and premiere conference facilities to the public. Large corporations have found the Coleman Center's expertise to be extremely beneficial for their meetings.

Sputnik T-Shirts are now promoting their catalog and two unique designs on the Internet. All T-shirts are original printed designs, constructed from 100% cotton Beefy T. Sun and Sunflowers designs can be seen at their Web site, and ordered directly from the screen.

Domespace - Architecture for the Future! Domespace is a unique pro-environment structure which can be built for you, or you can build it yourself. It is shaped like a dome, constructed of wood, and rests only on the ground at its center. Domespace uses are endless...private homes, restaurants, get-aways, nursery schools, pavillons, stores...and it's environmentally sensitive.

Do you have small living quarters? Discover the LAMA lifestyle - beautiful furniture which can double your living space. You can now view the LAMA elevating mezzanine on the WWW. The LAMA lifestyle is a philosophy of living that blends beauty and comfort with form and function to enhance today's lifestyle.

ABC Mobility brings you quality indoor/outdoor products for the handicapped. They are promoting their new PaceSaver Excel, stylish good looks and the latest drive train design. Designed for a quieter ride and increased performance.

Hall's Little Store is now on the WWW. They sell personal body alarms, keychain alarms, and even a sports model alarm. Personal protection is essential while walking, jogging, or anytime you are alone. These personal alarms are small and indescrete - some look like a beeper. Protection when you need it.

Buy Fuller Brush Products at Distributor Discount. Grant's Marketing Network promotes the complete line of Fuller Products. Now available on the WWW is their application for distributorship and a request form for a retail catalog.

Arbor Scientific is dedicated to bringing SCIENCE to LIFE. Their home page displays several products from their catalog, and contains on-line ordering. These products are designed to unravel the mysteries of science, stimulate learning, and encourage creativity.

Travel Mall by Conlin - Faber Travel. Conlin-Faber Travel is a full service travel agency offering cruises, travel guides, vacation packages, home and condo rentals and airline tickets. Visit their site to get excellent rates and service for all your travel needs.

In need of a new gift idea? Why not try Exotic Flowers from Hawaii? Hawaiian flowers are very beautiful and longer lasting than other types of fresh cut flowers. Their sturdy, colorful nature also make them perfect as dried flowers, so they last longer than traditional floral arrangements. Visit their Web page, and order any of their selections on-line. Shipped directly from Hawaii in 2-3 days.

Ever had to contact many sources to find a book you needed? Read USA, Inc. is now on the WWW, and is your one-stop source for any book. Browse through their continuously updated book list, and order directly from your computer. If you can't find the book you are looking for, Read USA has the resources to find it for you. And, all books are sold at discount prices.

Sin-Drome Records announces their web pages showcasing the work of Adult Contemporary artists Bobby Caldwell, Marc Jordan and 'nita Whitaker. Bobby Caldwell is showcasing his album, "Where Is Love," which has gone Platinum in Japan; his 70s hit, "What You Won't Do For Love," has been covered by everyone from Boz Skaggs to Al Jarreau. Marc Jordan is showcasing "Reckless Valentine," which has a folk-jazz sound. Jordan's music has been in movies such as "Youngblood" and the animated feature, "Heavy Metal." 'nita Whitaker, former Star Search Grand Champion, brings an R&B/gospel style to the AC arena with her album, "Luv Me Down Slowly." All artists have audio and video clips, and their albums can be ordered online.

Leverage Technologists is pleased to announce its home page. Leverage is a Maryland-based company specializing in software reverse engineering, reengineering and maintenance. Leverage provides a wide range of tools, educational services, consulting, custom application development.

The Dictionary of Cell Biology (Second edition) is now abailable on the WWW. The search engine allows regular expression searches, and also allows users to submit their own comments, revisions or new entries directly to the editors. The copyright holders, Academic Press, have generously allowed this Dictionary to be made available as an experiment.

The Society for Experimental Biology announces its new WWW server. This links into the Society's existing Gopher Server on The SEB is a European organisation based in London, which covers all areas of experimental biology.

Actinomycete-Streptomyces Internet Resource Center (ASIRC) is devoted to increasing public knowledge about the biology of actinomycetes, facilitate the sharing of knowledge between researchers in this area, and act as a catalyst to further ideas and discussion about the field. At the site are biographies of researchers, postings of questions, announcements of future meetings and a library that contains pictures of the microbes, chemical structures of the antibiotics and secondary metabolites they produce, as well as methods and techniques used to work with these important microorganisms.

Lost Souls Incorporated, caretakers of Lost Souls LPmud, are pleased to announce the addition of their server to the WWW.

October 28, 1994

Movies, Television, Privacy, Computer History, Improbable Research, and more hit the Web as Vortex Technology's WWW server opens for public access. Internet PRIVACY Forum digest information and archive materials are available for those interested in privacy issues. Film reviews, news about film and television releases, publicity photos, audio/video clips, broadcast and cable TV industry info and much more can be found in "Professor Neon's TV & Movie Mania." Learn about the history of computing from the Computer History Association of California. And visit the renowned motley crew of scientists, doctors, Nobel laureates and a host of others, all of whom formerly populated the pages of "The Journal of Irreproducible Results," over in "The Annals of Improbable Research."

The Computational Science Programme at the National University of Singapore is pleased to announce its new WWW server. Information regarding the programme, staff and curriculum is available in the Computational Science Guidebook, along with links to other web servers in Singapore.

Dongguk Universiry at Kyongju, Korea is happy to announce that its WWW server is now in place. The server contains information about general prospectus and academic programs of the university and virtual tour of Kyongju showing images of national treasures and a lot of relics 1500 years ago.

The Institute of Physics and their publishing company, Institute of Physics Publishing, have launched a new World Wide Web server. It features products and services of interest to all physicists and other scientists.

Department of Construction Management & Engineering at the University of Reading, Berkshire, UK, provides details of research and teaching activities at the department. Image database of technical interest in the field of construction and facilities management is to be fully operational by January 1995.

Thematic Guides on the human dimensions of global change are now available on-line from CIESIN, the Consortium for International Earth Science Information Network. Thematic Guides provide on-line overviews of several key areas in the human dimensions of global environmental change. These reference materials are organized and integrated by brief essays explaining issues in each subject area. The Thematic Guides are designed to complement data-access tools by providing context and background information to enable users to quickly access selected background materials on key global change issues. Addressed topics include: Agriculture, Human Dimensions Research Programs, Human Health, Land Use, Ozone Depletion and Political Institutions. Remote Sensing coming soon.

The Shakespeare database project at Westfälische Wilhelms-Universität Münster, Germany posts project news and information on publications on its own WWW Home-Page. There is also a preview on the Shakepeare Database CD-ROM to be presented at the 1994 Frankfurt Bookfair.

M. D. Anderson Cancer Center's Research Report 1992-1993 is now available on the Gopher server for The University of Texas M. D. Anderson Cancer Center, Houston, Texas, USA. Published biennially in traditional book form, the Research Report presents ongoing and recently completed research by more than 450 M. D. Anderson faculty members. This Gopher+ server includes virtually all the text from the most recent edition, presented in ASCII format and organized by department. A WAIS index allows the user to search the entire publication for information on a particular topic or researcher.

New Country KMPS 94.1 FM, Seattle, Washington, USA announces the debut of the first country music radio station website on the Net. Country music lovers will find country music news, reviews of the latest country cd releases and much more. The KMPS website was created with the assistance of Internet marketing firm FINE.COM.

Announcing the Minolta Users Group Web site. This site is dedicated to discussing Minolta products (cameras, binoculars and other optical gear) as well as a repository for the Minolta Mailing List archives. Come and leave your MUG Shot!

Veggies Unite! (meaning vegetables unite) is a searchable index of recipes. Also, there are topics such as storage tips, vitamins, and many links to nutrition and health WWW/gopher sites all over the world.

The Air Force Manufacturing Technology Directorate (MANTECH), would like to announce the 1994 Defense Manufacturing Conference (DMC'94) "Defense Manufacturing Technology: Challenges for the 21st Century." Hosted by the Joint Directors of Laboratories Manufacturing and Science Technology Panel.

NSC'94, the Network Services Conference, will be held in London, England, from 28 to 30 November 1994. The preliminary program and the conference abstracts are available. There will be a hands-on tutorial session on accessing the World-Wide Web and authoring on the Web on Wednesday, 30 November 1994, from 14:00 to 18:00. NSC'94 is being organized by the EARN Association in cooperation with the Internet Society, RARE, RIPE, NORDUnet and EUnet.

These pages are concerned with all things to do with birds:

The Cross Industry Working Team would like to announce the opening of their WWW server. XIWT is a multi-industry coalition of more than 40 companies committed to promoting and accelerating the deployment of a world-class National Information Infrastructure through the development of technologies which cross traditional industry boundaries.

PicturePhone Direct of Rochester, NY announces the availability of its ON-Line catalog of Desktop Videoconferencing products and accessories.

Are you bored of the good old U.S. of A.? Well, if you are, then please visit TABland, a new Egozine (work it out for yourself), which promises absolutely no transatlantic connections. A few links, a bit of comment, and its up to you to provide the rest. About as moderated as the Miner's Strike, as sensible as Lord Such, as memorable as Martin Marprelate, you are cordially invited to attend TABland.

The Faculty of Music at McGill University would like to announce its home page. It includes general information about the Faculty of Music and the programmes of study offered, plus faculty and graduate student home pages. This web server site has been implemented under a research project called "The Music Library of the Future: A Pilot Project". Funding for the project has been provided by CANARIE Inc. (Ottawa) and McGill University. The project leader is Bruce Pennycook.

The BTG home page features various BTG products and services, including computer hardware, software, GSA Schedules, Internet services, software development, and information technology. Featured is a WWW demonstration of Jane's EIS, a CD-ROM based information retrieval system which provides unabridged access to Jane's renowned defense and aerospace publications. Searches are supported and both textual material and pictures are provided.

Computer Workshops, Inc. and Cameron Kaiser are pleased to inform you that the Spectre Server is now 100% operational, offering news, weather, info and the new experimental on-line digest Link Magazine from the University of California, San Diego. Maintained at the Armory, Santa Cruz, California.

The Patent and Trademark Office, the Clearinghouse for Networked Information Discovery and Retrieval (CNIDR), the National Science Foundation (NSF) and AT&T are pleased to offer the text and images of the existing U.S. patents pertaining to Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndrome.This data is provided as a public service on the AIDS Project Page at CNIDR for browsing and searching.

The Sheps Center for Health Services Research, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, announces the SCHSR web server. The Sheps Center for Health Services Research (SCHSR) is a World Health Organization collaborating center whose primary focus is devoted to examining social, economic, geographic, environmental, clinical and regulatory factors associated with the content and distribution of the medical care system. Special emphasis is placed on addressing health policy issues associated with medically underserved and medically at-risk populations, including the poor, the elderly, rural populations, minority groups, children, the chronically ill and the mentally ill.

The Andrew II series of projects are replacing much of the original Andrew distributed computing infrastructure at Carnegie Mellon University. The Andrew II projects are developing new the electronic mail, bboard, printing and underlying administrative systems.

The University of Minnesota College of Education announces: Web66. Web66 is a project to help K12 educators learn how to set up their own WWW Internet servers, to link K12 WWW servers and the educators and students at those schools, and to help K12 educators find and use K12 appropriate resources on the WWW. The Web66 server features a Classroom Internet Server Cookbook which gives recipes with step-by-step instructions for setting up a WWW, Mail, and FTP server on a Macintosh computer. Web66 is an extension of the Hillside Elementary cooperative project with the University of Minnesota College of Education and the Center for Applied Research and Educational Improvement.

Stanford Center For Tuberculosis Research, USA, is proud to announce its home page.

Instrumental, Inc, the technology leader in high-performance UNIX system tools, is pleased to announce the availability of its new WWW server. The server has information about PerfAcct (TM), the multi-system chargeback accounting tool, PerfStat (TM), the most powerful performance monitor available, and PerfAlert (TM), an operator tool for monitoring system and performance exceptions.

CATALYSYS - Catalyst for Innovation is a technology management consulting firm providing executive-level support to growing high technology companies in such areas as Technology Transfer, Client/Server Computing and Internet Business Applications. Catalysys president Mark G. Dixon is also Vice-President, Government and Industry Relations, Arizona Software Association. This server also provides information about Arizona high technology organizations and projects, such as the Governor's Strategic Partnership for Economic Development (GSPED) and the Governor's Arizona Science and Technology Council.

Would you like to use the Internet to access the growing number of companies offering goods and services on the World-Wide Web but are having trouble finding out what's available? To help solve that problem, the University of Houston College of Business Administration has developed UH CBA WWWeb Business Yellow Pages where you can find businesses of all types with home pages on the WWW. Listings are by categories ranging from "advertising" to "writing services" (sorry, no x, y, or z yet!). It's hoped that this free service will make your use of the World-Wide Web easier and more productive.

The Amateur Radio Club of the University of Arkansas - W5YM is pleased to announce the creation of Yet Another Ham Radio Webpage. The page includes info about the club's activities, an archive of Razorback Radio News (their newsletter), links to other College Ham Radio Clubs and an archive of bulletins from the American Radio Relay League. Listen for W5YM in the ARRL Sweepstakes! 73 DE W5YM.

Paramount Pictures and Viacom Online have developed a World Wide Web site to herald the upcoming motion picture Star Trek Generations. The site offers a galaxy of unique Star Trek elements for downloading, including pictures, sounds and a preview of the movie, in addition to behind-the-scenes information. Make sure to give Paramount "Your Input" - all respondents will receive a digital version of the Star Trek Generations movie poster.

Announcing Chedoke-McMaster Hospitals new experimental Web server.

Maui Institute of Technology would like to announce MauiZine, a Maui style Zine about Art, Music, Wind Surfing, Hawaiian Culture, Healing, and Fun on Maui.

HYPE Electrazine. In this issue:

Optimus, Inc., a Fredericton, New Brunswick based multimedia development company, is pleased to announce the opening of its home page. Also be sure to check out the Quicktime Movie Archive.

There's a new sports news site coming to the Web on November 1. It's called Satchel Sports and it's the product of a cadre of engineers and editors at Starwave in Seattle. Satchel will be a continuously updated service full of scores, statistics, features, columns, news and photos, initially for the major professional and college sports. Visit often and watch it grow.

October 27, 1994

The Ada-Belgium organization now has its own WWW server. The purpose of Ada-Belgium is to be a forum for persons and organizations interested in the Ada programming language, in its applications and in Ada-related technologies such as software engineering methods, environments and tools.

Mirical Nutrition Corporation would like to announce their home page. Mirical writes nutritional analysis and monitoring software for consumer and professional use. Mirical's home page is intended to be a focal point for consumer oriented health and nutrition information. Mirical has free demo versions of their software available for downloading as well as a number of interesting hyperlinks including interactive personal nutritional profiles and general nutritional information.

The Funnies are now at NeoSoft, Inc. Frolicking Pebble, an award-winning comic strip by Howard Sherman is available in Neopolis, NeoSoft's Virtual City. This goofy, humorous commentary is not only on-line, but is also distributed to several newspapers around the U.S.

AOI Travel would like to announce a WWW Travel Server. Information on air and rail travel is now here. Including a price table for European Rail Passes. A link to the rec.travel FAQ is also online as well as other travel WWW links. One may also send email to [email protected]

BTG announces the World's Fastest PC, featuring a 275 MHz Digital Equipment Corporation Alpha CPU. The system runs the new NT 3.5 (Daytona) software and provides performance of 555 MIPS, 189 SPECint, and 264 SPECfp. The system has a PCI bus with a Number Nine S3 Vision964 graphics processor. The BTG Home Page is also available.

Another tool for interactive visualization of climate data has been added to the National Climatic Data Center's Home Page. The graphics tool is called CLIMVIS (Climate Visualization). This interactive session allows the user to choose the type of data, the time period, the location and the type of time series display. NCDC already has Interactive On-Line Climatological Products which permits the user to create a contour map or a time series from a variety of NCDC's Baseline Climatological Datasets.

The Imager for Mars Pathfinder Homepage details a mission scheduled to land on Mars on July 4, 1997. The imager is being developed by a team led by the University of Arizona.

Doc Films (film organization from the University of Chicago) now has a WWW server online.

The Society of Architectural Historians, Southern California Chapter announces its home page which contains the SAH/SCC calendar of events, including lectures, upcoming tours and related college courses. If you're interested in architecture, urban design, landscape architecture urban planning or architectural history ... as well as many other related fields, welcome!

WIT would like to announce the availability of a mirror of the ftp.wustl.edu archive. There is a huge selection of GIFs and JPEGs to browse through easily in Mosaic. They also have PC, Mac and Amiga software from wuarchive, as well as Gigs worth of other stuff.

The Interactive Connection would like to announce the official opening of its multi-media server devoted to travel, sports, entertainment and fashion.

International Communications Corporation (ICC), one of the country's leading producers of instructional video programming, invites you to preview their selection of video tapes from some of today's top speakers. Topics include: business management and strategies, education, engineering, law, financial planning, women's leadership, and women's health care issues.

Peter Coe, founder of Taste Unlimited, would like to take the opportunity to invite you to browse through their selection of international gourmet foods. Among the selection available through their Internet Presence(tm), they are pleased to present recipes from some of the best chefs in the world. If you are searching for a special gift, love to cook, or consider yourself a connoiseur of fine cuisine, this presence has something for you.

Since the Colonial Days of American history, the town of Smithfield, Virginia has been knowned for its ham curing process - so much this process has been protected by law... "Only a ham cured within the Smithfield town limits can bear that prestigious name". Smithfield Farms of Virginia, producer of cured hams and other fine foods, is officially online. Come visit their online store.

Olicom would like to announce a WWW server. Olicom develops and markets Token-Ring, Ethernet and ATM local area network products.

The San Francisco and San Jose Wing Chun Associations offer information concerning Wing Chun martial arts. Both schools are come from lineage of Leung Sheung, and are taught by Sifu's Kenneth Chung and Ben Der, respectively. Wing Chun is a traditional Chinese martial art system which falls somewhere in the realm of "internal" and "external," finding its essence in esoteric softness.

Announcing a new edition of CYBERKIND, a World Wide Web magazine of 'Net-related fiction, nonfiction, poetry and art--recently chosen by PC Week as one of the best online magazines! CYBERKIND features prose and art submitted by the Internet population. All genres and subjects are included. The October edition features an article on children and computers, new poetry by Christopher Griffin, and new additions to the art gallery by John K. Fitzpatrick. CYBERKIND is always looking for submissions of prose, poetry and art. Please send submissions or queries to [email protected].

The new edition of the Learned NewsWire 1.5 is hereby published for free browsing on the Internet. Among other news, top stories this month include reports on the comings and goings in the information industry, new European services, speculation surrounding the sale of Mead Data Central, the developing Chinese information industry, new electronic library developments, and projections of prosperity in the world of on-line information services.

Chemical Abstracts Service (CAS) would like to announce the release of its WWW server, featuring information about the various products and services offered by CAS.

DataWave's WebFax Server provides a link for people with fax machines to access the World Wide Web. It also is home to Steve Lantos' Travel Unlimited Newsletter a hot ticket to discount travel fares via courier flights, including geographically-related news for your information and amusement. Check it out for a sample and subscription information.

The Center for the Neural Basis of Cognition (CNBC) would like to announce its web site. Created in 1994, the Center is dedicated to the study of the neural basis of cognitive processes, including learning and memory, language and thought, perception, attention, and planning.

Telos Information Systems announces the release of their home page. TIS develops information systems solutions for commercial and government customers focusing on open systems solutions. TIS also develops commercial applications for information management and enterprise-wide security.

Yong Chen is a graduate student of Computer Science Department at Sam Houston State University. He has been working on a project called VXP -- Visual X windows Programming Interface, which is a GUI builder for Motif widget sets. VXP provides an integrated application development environment for X windows programmer. Its main features are: design user interface visually and interactively; generate the C source code automatically; compile and test the application within VXP. This web page includes:

Investment Dealers' Digest (IDD), publishers of Nest Egg, a personal finance publication sent to over 2 million homes, are pleased to announce the launch of their Internet-based Interactive Nest Egg. Interactive Nest Egg is a value added publication that includes indexed links to all articles published in Nest Egg plus additional features and information from IDD and its publishing partners. This includes regularly updated mutual fund and securities performance charts from IDD Information Services' Tradeline database and a financial bookstore provided by the New York Institute of Finance. Additional information is provided by IDD's publishing partners. IDD is a financial publishing, database, software and consulting company that specializes in serving the financial services industry.

Announcing the new home page for Spirit and Nature Southwestern Crafts. It offers an assortment of Southwestern jewelry, dream catchers, artifact reproductions made with authentic materials, and other Native American crafts. Locally available in the Phoenix, AZ area in Craft Country (I-17 and Dunlap Ave at Metro Marketplace), they're featuring a small selection of crafts for on-line shoppers across the Internet.

"I can't tell you anything" is the home page of poet Deborah Sellers. It features two poems and an audio selection from Ms. Sellers award-winning performance Life In The Latter Part of the 20th Century. New poetry being added according to Ms. Sellers strange schedule.

MacZone Interactive - Your Macintosh Catalog Superstore is now on the Web. This joint presentation by Multiple Zones, International and Net Direct - Internet Marketing Services provides product and ordering information on MacZone's hottest new Apple Macintosh products. Register online to request to receive periodic Special Offer e-mail alerts direct from MacZone Interactive.

Information about The California Health Security Act (Proposition 186) is now available on World Wide Web. This is an initiative on the the November 1994 California ballot that if passed would create a system of universal health care financed by the "single payer" method. The information was prepared by volunteers with Californians for Health Security, and is housed at a site operated by the Institute for Global Communications.

October 26, 1994

The University of Illinois at Chicago's Microfabrication Applications Lab now has a web server online. This server provides information about the lab's role in such areas as: micromachining, electron optics, integrated optics, and semiconductor processing.

STUFF.com is proud to announce two Surf the Net t-shirts. STUFF.com also sells Liquid Blue shirts, which includes several Space, Fantasy and Grateful Dead shirts. STUFF.com offers several shipping options, and can ship to countries around the world.

Net Guru Technologies, Inc. is a leading provider of hands-on training in the network and client-server systems areas. They offer courses in high speed networks, ATM, Frame Relay, TCP/IP, Unix internetworking, Novell internetworking, Windows/NT internetworking, client server computing, security for Unix networks, SNMP network management etc. Get complete details on all classes, including who should attend, course contents and schedules. Register on the Web and get $50 off the course fee.

Intel home page is available here.

Fundesco, the Foundation for the Development of the Social Function of Communications based in Madrid, Spain, is pleased to announce that its Electronic Bookstore is now available in the Web along with current services such as hypertext access to its Databases and other titles on Information Technology. The bookstore contains all the titles published by Fundesco (mostly in spanish) and orders can be submitted through the Web.

The UK-Hockey mailing list now has its own home page. If you want to know about (ice) hockey in the UK, here is where to go!

The Section Space Research and Technology of the Delft University of Technology is pleased to announce its home page. Presently it offers an Altimetry Atlas of the world oceans, computed from satellite altimetry data. A number of gravity anomaly maps covering the Indian and Atlantic Oceans, as well as a series of (raytraced) perspective views of the mean sea surface of the Indian Ocean are available.

The University of Florida's Institute of Food and Agricultural Sciences announces several new WWW servers. IFAS Main Menu, IFAS Computer Network, IFAS Educational Media & Services Unit, and School of Forest Resources and Conservation.

The new Web Team at Patch American High School in Stuttgart, Germany announces some of its server's many new features: a middle school field trip to Maulbronn Monastery (complete with an online quiz!), Biking though Vietnam (a Patch Community member's visit), an Online Search tool to find your way around the server,a Survey Form (your opinion counts!), and lots of new D-Day material from their archive.

Want to go to Paris but no travel budget? Through the magic of the Web you can visit Virtual Paris, and maybe even win a RoadHopper kit! Rockwell Network Systems, the first in online virtual tradeshows, has updated its home page to allow you to take the trip from the comfort of your keyboard. And don't miss NOMAD, one of the most complete WWW resource locators this side of cyberspace...

Premenos Corporation, the leading supplier of EDI/Electronic Commerce software announces the availability of its Electronic Commerce Resource Guide. This Web server provides access to EDI standards, industry implementation guidelines, organizations, EDI mailing lists available on the Internet, network information, a calendar of events and other related information for individuals interested in Electronic Commerce.

Thant's Animations Index has merged with other indexes and currently has 135 links to sites on the Web which serve computer animations.

The UIUC Learning Resource Server at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign General Description is a suite of servers that distribute and mediate electronic learning resources for K-12 classrooms, pre-service teachers, teaching professionals, and educational researchers.

The Christian Classics Etherial LIbrary is a growing collection of classic Christian books, sermons, devotionals, and other documents.

Visit the Dear 23 Home Page, for fans of the bands The Posies and Big Star. Created by Wendi Dunlap of Seattle, Washington.

UCO/Lick Observatory's WWW server can be accessed by selecting this link.

The Sydney Regional Centre for Parallel Computing (SRCPC) announces the operation of their WWW page which contains information of relevance to the CM-5 supercomputer, and computational science generally.

Realty Referral Network is dedicated to matching real estate buyers and sellers with only the best real estate agents. They serve over 5,000 cities and towns throughout the United States and some European countries. Fifteen years experience in the national and international real estate referral business enables them to locate the best agent for you ... with confidence ... and at no cost to you!

ReliefNet provides information about global relief efforts and leading humanitarian organizations. Users can find out about current events and also make online pledges to relief agencies. ReliefNet is sponsoring ReliefRock, the first internet benefit concert. ReliefNet and ReliefRock are located in EarthWeb's site and can be accessed via WWW and gopher.

Dimitris Tsaptsinos on behalf of the AEK (London) Fan Club would like to announce the AEK WWW server where information about the most historic Greek football club can be found.

Hastings Financial Corporation is a Dallas, Texas firm specializing in the purchase and sale of owner-financed mortgages and lien notes. Check out their Home Page and learn how they help their clients finance their retirement, educational, travel and other dreams.

The Astronomical Society of Australia (ASA) is the society of professional astronomers in Australia. The ASA has established the ASA Home Page, listing a variety of information on the Society and its activities, including "Instructions to Authors" for its journal and email addresses of members.

The Victoria State Emergency Service in Australia would like to welcome visitors to their unofficial home page covering Rescue & Emergency Management issues. With many pictures, audio and articles this site is worth a visit. The server is maintained by a volunteer from the VICSES - Eltham Unit.

The Friends of the Santa Clara River is a non-profit, public interest organization dedicated to the protection of the last major river system in Southern California still in a "natural" state. As part of their expanding WWW project The Envirolink Organization has made space for FSCR and the current issue of their newsletter WATERSHED.

The Programming Techniques Group at CERN would like to announce Release 1.4 of WebMaker, a FrameMaker to WWW converter. CERN WebMaker is a copyrighted freeware. It is delivered with a comprehensive User's Manual and many examples.

Lorenzo Castro is pleased to announce a Web for Austin musician Michele Solberg. Michele is a 22 year old singer-songwriter living in Austin, Texas. The web includes complete tracks from her CD and tapes, concert dates and poetry.

The Corporation for Public Broadcasting is proud to announce the creation of the CPB EdWeb. Edweb is an on-line tutorial on education, technology, school reform and the Information Highway. Designed for both teachers and telecommunication enthusiasts, EdWeb offers a vast collection of on-line educational resources, success stories of how technology is used in the classroom, a history of the development of the Infobahn, and much more.

The College of Charleston would like to introduce The BOC Challenge Homepage. Consisting of latest news, standings and other interesting information.

The Center for Nondestructive Evaluation (CNDE) located at Iowa State University focuses on the research and development of new theories and techniques for use in quantitative NDE. Major programs within the center are:

The Consortium on Green Design and Manufacturing is pleased to announce its WWW Server. CGDM is an interdisciplinary research effort in the College of Engineering at U.C. Berkeley and an industry/university partnership focused on issues related to environmentally-conscious product design and manufacturing. The page contains information on current research, industry partners and general background on green manufacturing.

The Harvard University Press now has on-line listings of its recently published books and other relevant information about the Press.

Thomas Tatum, a graduate student at Clemson University, has set up a page linking the schools of the Atlantic Coast Conference. Visit the ACC Home Page

The Office of Electronic Information Dissemination Services, Government Printing Office, 732 N. Capital St., Washington, DC announces the implementation of PL 103-40, GPO Access, the on-line service for the Federal Register, Congressional Record, and Bills of the 103d Congress databases on a WAIS (wais.access.gpo.gov) Server. For online ordering, telnet to wais.access.gpo.gov, login as "newuser" <enter>, no password <enter>. For additional information, Internet e-mail at [email protected] or call (202) 512-1530 or fax (202) 512-1262.

Insurance Research Network offers a free health insurance quote. Have your quote mailed or faxed to your office today! No face-to-face sales pressure. No obligation. Save up to 30% or more. Same day coverage available. A Multimedia Ink Design...

The University of Amsterdam Astronomical Institute would like to announce their WWW server. It provides information about the institute as well as useful links to astronomy servers, dutch servers and information about the WWW. There are also a number of home pages created by staff and students, like Haakon's funky page and the Ajax page created by Michiel Berger.

Jewelry by Earth Spirit Designs - Earth Spirit Designs is delighted to bring you their first on-line catalog of natural and glass jewelry. The jewelry is inspired by the beautiful surroundings of their home in Colorado and made from semi-precious stones and Austrian crystal. Offered at reasonable prices, the beautiful designs are perfect for gift-giving. They can also be found at "The Internet Store".

To all TIAA-CREF Participants: The CREF proxy statement which you recently received contains two important proposals by CREF participants designed to reduce the excessive salaries being paid to CREF's top executives and to reform CREF's governance structure. Please give these your careful attention. Look at CREF Proposals for further information.

[email protected] has updated his Home Page. In addition to interests in Islam and Ireland there are free coffee and doughnuts for everyone!

The Learning Sciences Program at Northwestern University announces its home page which currently provides a description of the program and faculty. Please look at it if you are considering graduate training at the MA or PhD level involving the study of learning or teaching. The Learning Sciences Programs combine a focus in cognitive science, studies of learning in social contexts, and applications of advanced technologies to create and study innovative learning environments in schools, workplaces and other settings.

Sweet Enchantment is proud to announce the availability of their gift packages of specialty chocolates and confections. They may be ordered directly from the Web and are a great holiday gift idea.

The University of Rochester Department of Environmental Medicine is proud to announce a behavioral psychology Journal Home Page for the Journal of the Experimental Analysis of Behavior and the Journal of Applied Behavior Analysis. This site provides indexed access to the complete Titles and Abstracts from over thirty five years of the Journal of the Experimental Analysis of Behavior and, for now, a small sampling of abstracts from the Journal of Applied Behavior Analysis. Search these journals with a fast query routine and a very nice HTML forms interface.

The Missouri School of Journalism is proud to announce the arrival of the Digital Missourian to the World Wide Web. The Digital Missourian is a full-service news publication which includes local (Columbia, Mo., USA), national and international news, sports, weather and a full complement of features, with special sections dedicated to elementary and secondary school students and teachers.

The Center For Research in Computing and the Arts (CRCA) home page serves as an information resource of CRCA activities, research, programs, and software, a link to other art resources, electronic and terrestrial and the future home of image and sound galleries. CRCA is a research unit of the University of California, San Diego.

After the Taj Mahal is a small music archive containing some of the cybermusic of Christopher Penrose. It is one of the new galleries of the Center For Research in Computing and the Arts (CRCA).

The New England Biolabs would like to introduce its WWW server. The server with provide the latest information about the company, new products, ftp services, ordering, technical support and REBASE (The Restriction Enzyme Database).

The Space Calendar home page now is available on the World Wide Web. This calendar covers NASA activities and other space-related events that are coming up in the next 12 months. The calendar also has extensive links to various parts of the solar system.

BioWeb is proud to announce IBEX'94, the Internatonal Biotechnology Exposition and Conference. This site contains the full schedule, list of exhibitors, conference features, and registration information for IBEX'94.

Holiday in Cambodia - from the temples of Angkor Wat to the Killing Fields outside of Phonm Pen, it is a collection of pictures that is a reflection of what anyone might see and feel as a tourist in Cambodia.

Video Disc International is pleased to announce a searchable catalog of their laser disc offerings. Video Disc International carries over 2,000 laser disc titles, including many rare and hard-to-find titles. Video Disc International buys, sells and trades laser discs from around the world.

October 25, 1994

The PCL Map Collection, General Libraries, The University of Texas at Austin, has added detailed maps of Haiti including a street map of Port-au-Prince and topographic maps.

The Society of Amateur Radio Astronomers (SARA) home page features information about how to get started in Amateur Radio Astronomy, as well as listings of where to get components and software. An index of SARA Journal articles since 1983 is also provided. SARA is open to all.

Sell-it on the WWW provides advertising on the WWW. There are nearly 20 companies right now whose products range from baseball cards to computer hardware & software to gourmet coffee to publications to computer consulting. Check out all these great features plus much more at Sell-it on the WWW. Great for gifts! Also, if you'd like to advertise on the server for $10 a month, please see the server or e-mail [email protected].

The third issue of Big Dreams is now available. This is a monthly newsletter on the topics of personal development and small business topics.

The Ohio State University at Newark, Art Gallery would like to announce its new address: OSU NEWARK ART GALLERY. The Art Gallery is still making its Roy Lichtenstein Pre-Pop exhibition available to the general public. The exhibition has been visited by over 10,000 interested viewers and has been mentioned in the Online Section of the Guardian Newspaper in England. A new page for Upcoming Exhibitions has been added to keep the internet community up-to-date.

The Advertising Law Internet Site houses articles about the legal aspects of marketing products, with particular emphasis on infomercials, home shopping, and direct response TV. Other articles discuss 900 Number regulations, contest laws, business opportunity laws, and additional aspects of promotion law.

If you work on your home or garden, don't miss the new Books That Work web server. Home to a large and growing set of information related to home repair, gardening, landscaping, home improvement and other related activites, this server includes a 500+ item garden products glossary, a directory of useful toll-free phone numbers and a lengthy set of URL's to other home and garden related web sites. The server also contains information on and demos of Books That Work's home related Windows software products, and loads of other useful home and garden related stuff.

The Bermuda Biological Station for Research, Inc. is now accessible via WWW: Join them to find out about their scientific research projects and educational programs, or to access oceanographic databases, which include time-series biogeochemical data and the latest satellite images of the Sargasso Sea.

PC Express is proud to annouce the availability of ExpressNet, an easy-to-use service for accessing PC-related information on the Internet. The ExpressNet Internet Gateway contains the Internet's most comprehensive interface to DOS and Windows-related information, software, FAQs, forums, and companies on the Internet. Whether a novice or advanced user, ExpressNet simplifies the task of finding computer-related information on the Internet.

SilkRoute Ventures announces the launching of Asia Online, the first WWW publishing service developed in Asia. Asia Online aims to be your first stop in Asia, Cyberspace by keeping track of WWW activities in Asia. Its mission is to become the "Digital Silk Road of the 21st Century". One of their first offerings is Reed Exhibition Companies exhibition and conferences online, one of them being GlobalTronics '94.

The band self-described as "a mixture of ska, punk, metal, reggae, rap, funk, speed metal, hip-hop, polka, and vaudeville. Six freaks have never has such a good time on stage" now has its own page. Yes, that's right, Skankin' Pickle now has its own home. Tour dates, discography, bios of band members... what more could you ask for?

The Kosmic Free Music Foundation invites you to drop by the KLF World-Wide Web Server, featuring over one-hundred free full-length songs in innovative new sample-sequencing formats. A high-quality full-length recording is as little as 100k in size and all this music is absolutely free for noncommercial use.

ruprecht, the independent student monthly at the University of Heidelberg, Germany, and UNiMUT, the school's SGA biweekly, are now on the web.

This page offers a description of and access to popular shareware packages, including Graphic Workshop, QuickShow, Pagan Daybook and Desktop Paint. It also features information about Steven William Rimmer's computer books and fiction.

The Department of Mechanical Engineering at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology announces the publication of its Web pages. These pages are for exchanges and interactions among people in the Mechanical Engineering Department, the MIT community, and the world in pursuit of common goals. Information on students, faculty, staff, courses, research projects and topics, and activities are becoming available.

The Karoline von Günderrode Pages have returned after a brief absence, and have seen multiple improvements, including two bibliographies, spiffier graphics, and slightly more logical file names (such as Suicide_Notes.html). Günderrode, who was once remembered only for her suicide, has recently been "rediscovered" by contemporary writers and scholars of German history and literature. Eventually, the KvG Pages will become part of a larger series of pages dealing with German women writers of this period. All of this (will be) brought to you by Chr*st*n* *uror*'s Rampaging Web Metaphor.

The Telephone Customer's Corner can help with your long distance shopping needs. It has a list of the best deals available for homes and small businesses, as well as 800 numbers for doing your own shopping and links to other telephone-related web sites and internet resources.

The Computing Services Centre of the CIT's CSC WWW Central Institute of Technology, at Heretaunga, Upper Hutt, New Zealand would like to announce its WWW service.

The Reengineering Home Page discusses services performed by Raymond Mirrer, licensed in the three professions of engineering, law and accounting with CPA and MBA credentials, as FNE World Connect ("FNE"), specializing in "Reengineering", "Enhanced Productivity Resources", "Imaging for the Paperless Office" and "Videoconferencing".

The Networking Home Page seeks to establish relationships with entrepreneurs to expand opportunities in "Reengineering", "Enhanced Productivity Resources" and "Global Business Opportunities".

The Opportunities Home Page discusses "Tomorrow's Opportunities Today" for Opening a New Future through the use of the latest state-of-the-art technology.

The Institute for Information Management at the University of St.Gallen, Switzerland, is pleased to announce its Web Server. The server contains information about research projects in the fields of electronic markets, telebanking, knowledge management systems, process- and system integration and business process redesign. Furthermore, their Electronic Markets Newsletter is available online.

The Astronomical Institute of the University of Amsterdam would like to announce its home page.

The WWW mirror site for Health Info-Com Network Medical Newsletter" in the USA is now active and includes WAIS searching within the WWW site contents.

The AVHRR Ocean Pathfinder Project at Jet Propulsion Laboratory, Pasadena, California is proud to announce its WWW server. The AVHRR Pathfinder Home Page includes information of data set products for studies of Global Sea Surface Temperature. The data sets are derived from the Advanced Very High Resolution Radiometer (AVHRR) on the NOAA/TIROS (-7, -9 and -11) which provide continuous daily, composite data sets from 1981 through the present.

Governor David Walters announces the creation of the State of Oklahoma Home Page, containing current information and events in the Sooner state ranging from arts and recreation to application procedures for research grants.

Penn State is pleased to announce its main Web server. This server is the main entry point to Penn State information. Included on this server are college and departmental Web servers, the Penn State Population Research Institute, Journal of Buddhist Ethics, as well as other Penn State related servers.

Matterhorn Travel Wholesalers On-line - Matterhorn, a wholesale travel company for over 28 years, offers superb land/sea/air holidays direct to travelers in the Matterhorn Resource Center. Currently featured programs:

The Support Tools and Information group of Apple Computer's Customer Service Division is pleased to announce www.info.apple.com. This all inclusive Internet site offers the latest free Apple software updates, a WAIS gateway for searching the Apple Tech Info Library, Apple product specific technical information, and the Apple related Web pages with links to the Information Alley News Magazine, Developer Services, the Apple Fax technical support catalog, additional Apple related Internet sites, and more.

The department of Information Studies at Sheffield University is world renowned in such fields as Librarianship, Information Science and Management and Computational Chemistry. Their section on the web contains details of people, courses, publications and research within the department.

Compute Intensive, Inc., a software services company for the UNIX marketplace announces the availability of their Web server. Compute Intensive specializes in providing consulting services for critical computing environments, innovative software applications, and complete Internet solutions available through their division, Network Intensive.

The Coalition of Silicon Survivors, a support group for breast implant victims and friends, NEWSLETTER is now available.

Ferris State University is pleased to announce the creation of a WWW server that provides information about Ferris State University and the university community. The server currently provides information about many of the degree programs offered at Ferris. It also includes pointers to other services at Ferris State University, including the All Music Guide. The All Music Guide is a comprehensive database to recorded music available on CD. It includes reviews, collecting recommendations, and performer lists.

The Department of Computing Science at the University of Aberdeen would like to announce the arrival of its WWW server.

UUNET Technologies and AlterNet are proud to announce the addition of UUWeb, World Wide Web Wonderland. Contained therein is information about UUNET Technologies and the services provided.

The Department of Geography at the University of South Carolina would like to announce its new WWW Home Page. Highlights include information about the department's graduate programs, faculty and student directories, an alumni registry, and many links to other sources of geographic information. Also included is the newsletter of the AAG GIS Specialty Group and a map of WWW sites in South Carolina.

The Triangle FreeNet (North Carolina) now supports a page for players of the Hammered Dulcimer. Information on playing, builders, workshops, instructional books and festivals is provided.

The U.S. Naval Observatory in Washington, D.C. would like to announce its new home page. It includes information on the Observatory, star catalogs, earth orientation, precise time and time interval and more.

Announcing the Grand Opening of CyberTees Custom T-shirt Shop, where you can have your favorite picture or graphic made into a T-shirt or pick from close to a thousand stock designs.

Attention one and all! The Doctor would like to announce that his home page, The Doc's Desk, is now open for general perusal! Enjoy!

The Mathematics Department of Massey University, New Zealand, announces its home page, including small galleries on KAM tori and pseudospheres.

Thanks to Joe Germuska of Northwestern University, there is now a location for a FAQ and Information Document on Tom Waits. Tom Waits is an influential musician beginning in the seventies and has been acting for almost as long. Seth Nielsen of Texas A&M University is the moderator.

The worldwide survey of graphics cards benchmarks under Xfree86, is now accessible through the Web here. The survey is a comprehensive and ever-growing database of Xbench results, submitted by users of XFree86 from around the globe. Anyone who runs, or is contemplating running, the XFree86 software on their 80386/486/586 machine, or anyone who is lost in the multitude of 80x86 graphics cards should find this survey enlightening.

The Maryland International Institute for Ecological Economics (MIIEE) proudly announces its new WWW site. MIIEE was established in 1991 by the Center for Environmental and Estuarine Studies (CEES), a research campus of the University of Maryland System (UMS). The Institute is also a component of the UM's system-wide Coastal and Environmental Policy Program (CEEP). MIIEE was established to fill the growing need to integrate the study and management of "nature's household" (ecology) and "humankind's household" (economics).

Paradigm Communications (PCNet), providing internet service in Central Connecticut, and soon in Western Connecticut, announces the opening of its World Wide Web server.

Network-1 Software & Technology has just entered the fast lane on the "Superhighway". Visit their home page for timely information on Network & Security Software & Consulting. Highlights include:

Soldiers, The Official U.S. Army Magazine, is now on-line through a partnership of the U. S. Army Office of Public Affairs, the Staff of Soldiers, and the Corporate Information Center's Technology Development Laboratory at Redstone Arsenal, Alabama. Soldiers is the first U.S. Military Magazine available on the World Wide Web.

AEGEE (Association des Etats Generaux des Etudiants de l'Europe) is a European students' organization concerning a big variety of topics including so-called Summer Universities. It is independent from politics and religion.

The World Data Center A for Marine Geology and Geophysics and the collocated Marine Geology and Geophysics Division of the National Geophysical Data Center would like to announce new on-line Mosaic forms search capability for of all of their marine geological and geophysical data holdings.

The ETEXT Archive, a clearinghouse for electronic texts since 1992, is now on the Web. Also new at the site: the latest issue of the fiction magazine InterText, and the new web site of the science fiction magazine Quanta.

New York State Governor Mario Cuomo announces the opening of the "Mario Cuomo Victory '94" Web site for his current gubernatorial election campaign. This Web site is an interactive presentation of Governor Cuomo's accomplishments, as well as press releases (updated daily), videos, sound bites, speeches, and voter registration information, and accepts e-mail feedback to the Cuomo campaign. This site produced by The New York Web.

The Automated Reasoning Project at the Australian National University would like to announce their presence on the World Wide Web. The site includes personal pages of staff members and links to technical reports and other papers on all aspects of logic, both pure and applied.

The Center for the Advancement of Paleo Orthodoxy (CAPO) in Oak Ridge, Tennessee is pleased to announce the Kuyper Institute for Political Analysis. The Kuyper Institute is a non-partisan think tank which is monitoring and analyzing U.S. House and Senate races in 1994.

The MIT Center for Coordination Science (CCS) at the Sloan School of Management announces the availability of their server which, provides copies of the Center's working papers, information about Coordination Theory, their ongoing research projects as well as their faculty, staff and students. Research in the center draws upon many parts of MIT and ongoing projects in a variety of fields, including: computer science, organization theory, psychology, information systems, management science and economics.

The Aneurysm Information Project of Columbia University in City of New York has put up some files on a Home Page that includes answers to FAQ's, mortality statistics, information on research funding, citations to the scientific literature, a lecture and other information.

Dan Nafe and the Shadow Information Systems Inc.would like to announce the IPSC Home Page. "IPSC" Stands for the International Practical Shooting Confederation. The local (national) organization is United States Pistol Shooting Association. Both organizations are dedicated to promoting the growth of practical pistol craft through this sport. This sport has its roots in police and military training.

The University of Tennessee College of Social Work would like to announce its new home page. It currently contains the 1994-1996 Bulletin as well as information on applying to its advanced degree programs.

The Infrared Information Analysis (IRIA) Center is now providing services through the WWW. IRIA's mission is to collect, analyze, and disseminate information on infrared and electro-optical (IR/EO) technology with an emphasis on military applications. It provides FTP, Gopher, WAIS, and WWW access to various unclassified databases, as well as an electronic order-form for IRIA products.

The Spiderweb is a hyper-classified directory of the culture, commerce and community services of Northern California's Sonoma and Marin Counties.

The HAPEX SAHEL experiment (Hydrologic Atmospheric Pilot Experiment) is designed to study the continent/atmosphere interactions in the Sahel Area, a region particularly representative of the dry tropical area. HAPEX SAHEL brings together researchers from a dozen or so countries and forms part of the wider research carried out within the framework of the World Climate Research Programme in order to improve the taking into account of hydrologic processes in climatic models. The Mosaic server contains more than 5,000 files of ground data and thirty quicklook of Spot Images. The HAPEX SAHEL Information System is a collaborative project between LERTS (Laboratoire d'Etude et de Recherche en Teledetection Spatiale/Laboratory for Study and Research in Remote Sensing), ORSTOM (L'institut Francais de Recherche Scientifique pour le Developpement en Cooperation/The French Scientific Institute for Research through Cooperation) and CNES (Agence Francaise de l'Espace/French Space Agency). This information system is based upon First International Land Surface Climatology Field Experiment (FIFE) [telnet].

The cathouse.org British Comedy Pages are an ever-growing collection of pages and links covering all aspects of British comedy. Highlights include FAQs for the shows Bottom and Blackadder and the WWW edition of the e-zine Britcomedy Digest.

IT Solutions, Inc. a computer consulting firm in Chicago, Illinois would like to announce the first on-line credit card application The Rolling Stones MasterCard, provided in conjunction with Chevy Chase Bank and the Rolling Stones.

Cinequest, the San Jose Film Festival, is pleased to announce the availability of a set of World Wide Web resources about the upcoming 1994 film festival.

Nolo Press, the leading publisher of self-help legal books and software, has opened a Self-Help Law Center in the Personal Finanace Center of O'Reilly's Global Network Navigator. Nolo Press has been going head-to-head with the legal system ever since its first do-it-yourself divorce book in 1971. By eliminating the need for a lawyer in most common legal situations, Nolo continues to save people thousands of dollars in legal fees. The Self-Help Law Center fits perfectly into their mission to demystify the law so people can bypass costly lawyers. Please e-mail [email protected] for more information.

A professional writer shows how HTML works for his home business at Frank Hilliard Writing in Victoria, Canada.

TeleVisions Inc. is a technology development and service company focused on the commercialization of multimedia research explored at Boston University's Multimedia Communications Laboratory. TeleVisions provides complete electronic marketing and commerce packages for the Internet: establishment of web servers, tools for creating and maintaining electronic documents, mechanisms for tracking and billing customers, and development of novel customer interaction features.

Before you get old, follow the relay to The Hypertext Who, a new hypertext database dedicated to the music of Pete Townshend, Roger Daltrey, John Entwistle and Keith Moon. The database includes complete lyrics, extensive discographies and much more.

Meanderings is a journal of politics, art and culture from a distinctively, but not exclusively, African American perspective. The current issue, Meanderings #7 (published October 25, 1994), contains nine items, two of which discuss aspects of the controversial new book about IQ, genetics and race, The Bell Curve, written by Charles Murray and Richard Herrnstein. Three articles focus on current black leadership, including Marion Barry, winner of the Washington, D.C. democratic mayoral primary, and Benjamin Chavis, deposed NAACP executive director. Finally, there are a couple of items about cultural aspects of music, and a poem by Mike Bowen entitled, "soft rap returns from the home for the sane persecuted class."

October 24, 1994

Courtesy of the Conservatoire National des Arts et Métiers and of the Musee des arts et métiers (Museum of arts and crafts, Paris, France) a new virtual museum of technology. This museum, depicted in Umberto Eco's famous novel, "The Foucault's pendulum", hosts 80,000 objects and documents related with every great technical innovation. For the moment, almost every text is in French.

The Internet goodies is a list of software (freeware and shareware), documentation and electronic texts freely available on the Internet. The Internet goodies can be useful to any system administrator ("Hey, where can I get this software?") or to any internaut.

The Washington State University School of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science announces the availability of its Computer Animation archive. The archive contains silent MPEGs, soundtracks and Silicon Graphics `movieplayer' files (with synchronized soundtracks) of student animations designed with Wavefront software in WSU's computer animation classes.

The International Journal of Applied Expert Systems is now on the Web.

Hilton Hotels Corporation would like to announce their new home page where you can access their latest special offer.

Conference Announcement:The Future of Japan's National Information Infrastructure, October 5, 1994, Holiday Inn -- Palo Alto, California. A one-day conference examining the status of Japan's Internet and its plans for implementing information networks into the next century. Sponsored by the Stanford University US-Japan Technology Management Center, in cooperation with JETRO San Francisco.

Apparitions, a virtual reality environment and physical installation at the UCSD University Art Gallery in La Jolla, California is now on-line. Apparitions is the result of a collaboration between artists and programmers working under the name Vital Signs. The Apparitions Web Server is an integral part of this project, linking the gallery space to cyberspace, and providing images and text that document and describe its physical and virtual contents.

BEST North America is designed to help you identify and locate researchers with interests and expertise similar to your own. It contains an on-line inventory of researchers, inventions and facilities at leading U.S. and Canadian universities, and other R & D organizations. BEST North America contains over 40,000 first-person expertise records, 5,000 inventions records and 2,000 facilities records.

Federally-Funded Research in the U.S. is a series of databases that provide information about research funded by the Federal Government. These databases contain the names and addresses of Principal Investigators, grant titles, abstracts, and keywords associated with grants funded by the NIH - National Institutes of Health, the NSF - National Science Foundation, the USDA - U.S. Department of Agriculture, the SBIR - Small Business Innovation Research Program and the ATP - Advanced Technology Program.

Search for FundingOpportunities is a series of databases that describe research funding opportunities in various disciplines. It includes the NIH Guide to Grants and Contracts information from the National Science Foundation, Federal Agency Opportunities - FEDIX, Several months of the Commerce Business Daily and Funding Opportunities for Minorities.

The BEST Canada Expertise Database BEST Canada is designed to help you identify and locate researchers in Canada with interests and expertise similar to your own. It contains an on-line inventory of researchers, at leading Canadian universities, and other R & D organizations. BEST Canada contains over 6,000 first- person expertise records.

The U.S.-Israel Science and Technology Commission Information Server was built to ".... promote cooperative science and technology activities between interested entities in the United States and Israel that could benefit the high technology commercial sectors of the two countries." and contains the Memorandum Of Understanding between the U.S. and Israel, as well as databases of research expertise in both Israel and the United States.

NASA Goddard Space Flight Center invites interest in the 1995 Goddard Conference on Space Applications of Artificial Intelligence and Emerging Information Technologies. This conference has been held annually since 1986. The above links allow viewing of the proceedings tables of contents from the past few conferences. Also, potential authors may view the call for papers and author instructions. Additional information, including conference announcements, will be included over time.

The NASA/JPL Imaging Radar Program now has a home page. Its purpose is to increase the public's awareness of imaging radars for remote sensing, to serve the science community by providing access to software to analyze radar data, to make available sample images of selected areas to indicate the characteristics of the data, to provide information about current activities in the program, and to make educational materials easily accessible. This home page is still evolving, but already contains radar images from SIR-C/X-SAR, AIRSAR, SIR-B, and Topsar, as well as animations, 3-D images, anaglyphs (requiring 3-D glasses), instructions for obtaining software, a link to the SIR-C education CD-ROM and links to shuttle information for the SIR-C missions, including the upcoming October mission.

For all people interested in German law there is a new law-related WWW-Server. It includes an FTP-Server with law texts and example cases and links to other law-related ressources. [email protected] mainz.de.

The Scripps Research Institute (TSRI) in La Jolla, California is pleased to announce that its WWW server is now online. Initial offerings in their public pages are the two TSRI graduate program catalogs (in macromolecular and cellular structure and chemistry, and in chemistry). Later on, the server will include TSRI Scientific Report, a weekly listing of employment opportunities at the institute, and campus information.

The Central Science Laboratory at the University of Tasmania would like to announce the CSL WWW Server. The CSL is a centralised facility serving the science faculty, other universities and external clients. Facilities include Electron Microscopy, Elemental Analysis, Gas Chromatography, Image Processing, Mass Spectroscopy, Magnetic Resonance Spectoscopy, Stable Isotope Ratio Analysis and Vibrational Spectroscopy.

Living Textbook is a server describing an idea of how to represent all knowledge in a multiply structured form on the Internet, with quality control, true navigation and copyright protection. The server intends to collect collaborators to realize the project and to refine the idea.

Visioneering Research Laboratory has some programming positions available. See the Home Page for more details.

The Association for Systems Management, a society for information systems professionals, is pleased to announce their Web presence.

Alex Hartley and Associates are Public Affairs Consultants offering advice and service for grant writing, proposal writing and campaign management. Visit their home page to learn about their work with governments, labor unions, trade associations and community service agencies. They also offer a full range of seminars in team-building, leadership training, multi-cultural awareness and communications skills.

The Aneurysm Information Project at Columbia University in the City of New York has a home page dedicated to providing public documents relating to aortic aneurysms, including the answers to FAQs (frequently asked questions).

The Texas Education Network, TENET, is pleased to announce the Tenet Web. In addition to providing information and appropriate links for K-12 education, the Tenet Web will also follow the progress of The State Networking Project, a U. S. nationwide collaborative effort on long-range planning for the integration of an information infrastructure to support the needs of the K-12 education community.

Psycoloquy, is a peer-reviewed electronic journal of cognitive and biobehavioral science sponsored by the American Psychological Association and specializing in Scholarly Skywriting: refereed, electronic peer commentary. The North American Psycoloquy Archive is at Princeton University and the European Psycoloquy Archive is at Southampton University. Psycoloquy is trying to provide a useful model for future learned electronic journals, so please send your suggestions to the Editor: [email protected] or [email protected]

Behavioral and Brain Sciences (BBS) is an international, interdisciplinary (paper) journal published by Cambridge University Press. BBS specializes in Open Peer Commentary on important and controversial current research in the biobehavioral and cognitive sciences: Qualified specialists in psychology, neuroscience, behavioral biology, cognitive science, computer science, linguistics and philosophy who wish to serve as commentators may preview current and forthcoming BBS target articles in the BBS Electronic Archive.

Public E-Print Archives of papers by Stevan Harnad on Categorical Perception, Symbol Grounding and Foundations of Cognitive Science are retrievable along with papers on electronic and interactive publication plus an archive of discussion on a Subversive Proposal for hastening the era of electronic periodical publication.

Erico Menczer is a painter, photographer and cinematographer from Rome, Italy. His home page is a gallery containing his biography and some of his works, both paintings and b/w photographs. Inlined images are small GIFs, with links to larger JPEGs.

The Asian Art site is an experimental station which will feature fine exhibitions in private galleries, new or rare color publications, and new discoveries in Asian Art. As the site expands, it is planned to represent works from Asian art galleries worldwide. This site is sponsored by Studio X.

The CaMEl Web server is an aspect of the Canadian Mathematical Electronic Services provided by the Canadian Mathematical Society (CMS). It is an official service of the CMS, intended to provide an Internet-based source of information for CMS members, interested persons in the Canadian and International Mathematical Communities and the Internet community at large.

Webster's Weekly, the first weekly features magazine on the World Wide Web, is pleased to announce the completion of its first quarterly volume, 13 weekly issues from Summer 1994. Webster's Weekly features

Mother Jones gets a face lift. Mother Jones Interactive seeks to support the strong and growing activist network on the Internet. To do so, the Web server has been restructured around ten important issues including health care, education, the environment and, of course, the US government. Each issue features Mother Jones articles, resources from around the Internet and a chat room. Also being set up are information kiosks for non-profit organizations.

The Initiativkreis Ruhrgebiet invites you to compete for the international research award INSPIRIT '95, with 250,000 DM, one of the highest prizes in Europe.

Bell Atlantic has setup a Center for Networked Multimedia to facilitate the implementation of interactive multimedia applications over a networked enviroment. The Center has setup its own home page which describes its activities and introduces the people there.

CSUBIOWEB the Biological Sciences WWW server for the California State University system is now at its permanent site. Its purpose is to consolidate existing WWW Biological Sciences teaching and research resources and to create and distribute original multimedia resources for the teaching of biology. All biologists are encouraged to submit materials.

The binational Great Lakes region of North America announces the arrival of the Great Lakes Information Network, a cooperative venture to place all Great Lakes environmental, economic and government-related statistics and information online in one convenient virtual location. The GLIN partnership consists of state, provincial and federal agencies, regional organizations, universities and the private sector.

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