What's New: October, 1993

October 30, 1993
Adam Curry of MTV is running a Web server on mtv.com.

There is now a Web server for Classics and Mediterranean Archaeology at the Department of Classical Studies at University of Michigan.

Two new Web servers are up at University of Maryland: one is run by a faculty member and the other is run by graduate students.

A Web server is running on Richard Smith's Mac; the subject is the innovation process.

A Web server is running at University of Oldenburg's Physics Department (Germany).

October 28, 1993
The National Health Security Plan is now online in full glory at UNC (see also the Gopher version).

InterText Magazine, an electronically-distributed bi-monthly fiction magazine that's been publishing since March 1991, has just opened up a World Wide Web edition with hypertext indexes and hot links to all the stories that have appeared in its pages. (See also the latest issue of InterText at any time.)

Andy Burnett has started a new Web server devoted to Linux information.

Doctor Fun is still racking 'em up -- see today's.

October 27, 1993
My cohort in X development, Eric Bina, has put online a forms-based community hotlist. If you're running a browser that supports forms (like Mosaic 2.0pre6), check it out!
October 26, 1993
The Space Remote Sensing Center is now running a Web server.

Will Sadler at Indiana University is digitizing a series of radio shorts called LawTalk.

The "Association des Bibliophiles Universels" (ABU) now offers some online texts of French public domain literature. Also included is some information about the organization (in French).

The Geometry Center at the University of Minnesota is pleased to announce that it is now running a Web server. The server contains, among other things, the illustration from the October 1993 Scientific American cover.

The Departent of Computer Science at Brigham Young University is pleased to announce the public unveiling of our Web server. The departmental server provides access to a faculty list, a mission statement, and links to some research laboratories in the department, as well as to department FTP sites.

The Laboratory for Applied Logic in the Departent of Computer Science at Brigham Young University is pleased to announce the public unveiling of our Web server. Our laboratory server provides access to the HOL theorem prover's documentation and reference library. Also supported are queries on the info-HOL mailing list archives. There is also a link to the LAL FTP site.

The EXPO has added some informative sound clips to the Terrain Map. The EXPO folks say: thanks to Robert Guralnick who kindly donated his voice.

October 25, 1993
The National Coordination Office for High Performance Computing and Communications (NCO/HPCC) is pleased to announce the NCO/HPCC Web server. The server contains a variety of HPCC-related information, including the FY 1994 "Blue Book" titled "High Performance Computing and Communications: Towards a National Information Infrastructure" (which includes screenshots of Mosaic).

Enterprise Integration Technologies (EIT) announces the availability of a Web server that includes a threaded version of the www-talk archive. It uses the Hypermail program developed by Tom Gruber at KSL/Stanford University to put email archives into HTML format (including embedded URLs). This server is being set up as part of the SHARE project, a collaboration between CDR and SIMA at Stanford University and EIT. SHARE is developing tools and services to support mechanical engineering design, one example of which is the ME210 design class at Stanford.

There is a new Web server for the Digital Tradition folk song database which allows users to search for, display, and (in some cases) play songs interactively.

To hear BSDI's Rob Kolstad's message from the bridge of the USS Enterprise, see the new and improved BSDI information page.

October 24, 1993
A new Web server is running at the Center for EUV Astrophysics, University of California, Berkeley. The Center supports the Extreme UltraViolet Explorer (EUVE) satellite.

An experimental Web server is running at the University of Waikato.

October 23, 1993
Ben Davenport, a freshman at Princeton, who spent the past summer helping the NCSA Education group on a variety of projects, has set up his Mac Centris 650 as a Web server in his dorm room.
October 22, 1993
The Federal University of Rio de Janeiro is now running a Web server.
October 21, 1993
GNN News has scooped the print world with a story on Rep. Markey's announcement of October 22 that the SEC's EDGAR Database is coming to the Internet. Read all about it!

If you are using Mosaic 2.0 prerelease 6, you simply have to try the new ArchiePlexForm archie gateway. Also see the new Cardiff movie database browser with fill-out forms.

October 20, 1993
The University of Limerick now has a home page. There is some information on Natural Language Processing and there will be more in the future. You can also view the Limerick bus timetable.
October 19, 1993
Hirokai Ikeda and Yasuhiko Higaki are pleased to announce a shared electronic publication of the IEC Standard 417 to the Internet as trial bases, with permission of the Central Office, the International Electrotechnical Commission (IEC). The original paper-based publication from the IEC, Geneva, has been faithfully reproduced as a hypertext with graphics in Ikeda Laboratory. The standard is for graphical symbols for use on equipment. It has been maintained and will continuously be maintained and supplemented by the IEC SC3C in accordance with the needs in the fields of electrotechnology.

CUI's searchable index of Web resources -- formerly Jughead -- has undergone a name change; it's now W3Catalog and available at URL http://cui_www.unige.ch/w3catalog.

October 18, 1993
The Australian Environmental Resources Information Network is now running a Web server.

Brown University Physics Department is running a Web server (which currently doesn't do much but point to the Brown High Energy Physics server).

Rutgers University is now running a Web server.

October 17, 1993
A new Internet Resources Meta-Index is now online at NCSA; send suggestions for changes and additions to [email protected]. The Meta-Index is intended to list the most useful and interesting listings and searchable indices to information resources on the Internet. Associated with the Meta-Index is an an experimental graphical map of some of these information resource listings and indices.

UCLA now has a Web server.

INRIA, the French research agency, now has a Web server.

A fractals page is now available from Rennes University of France.

October 15, 1993
There is now information on line about the Defense Research and Engineering Network (DREN), the networking component of the DoD High Performance Computing Modernization Program.
October 14, 1993
Jughead, the searchable catalog of WWW resources at CUI, Geneva, Switzerland, has moved to http://cui_www.unige.ch/jughead. It is updated automatically every day from a variety of sources, including this "What's New" document. The format of the entries has been improved, and several new information sources have been added. Suggestions for other lists to be included as raw material should be sent by e-mail to Oscar Nierstrasz ([email protected]).

The UC-Berkeley Hall of Dinosaurs exhibit has been upgraded to include image map navigation that "incorporates that 'hallway' feeling of walking through museums with 'evolution through time'... basically, you can walk through evolution through time." Nice!

The EDV-Lab at the Technical University of Vienna (Austria) has recently established a Web server.

Cognitive Science at Edinburgh has put together a Web server on computational phonology.

Adam Curry of MTV fame has started mtv.com, a Gopher server intended to provide all kinds of pop-culture trivia to the Internet.

October 13, 1993
The National Library of Medicine (NLM) announces HyperDOC, a multimedia/hypertext service with information about NLM personnel and activities, on-line clinical, toxicological, and biomedical research information resources, and a growing number of hypertext versions of past and present exhibits from their History of Medicine Division and collaborative groups at the NIH. It also includes an announcement and registration form for the forthcoming SIGNIDR III meeting to be held in Bethesda, MD.
October 11, 1993
The Australian National Botanic Gardens server has been upgraded to HTTP/1.0. If waving your arms in anger and frustration does not work, the flag server now has the semaphore alphabet. Petrol-heads can look at page of race track signal flags.

An astronomy server is running at CNAM in France; a French version is also available.

Online hypertext information on the Glasgow Literate Programming Tools is available.

CERN's plans for access authorization in the World Wide Web are online.

October 6, 1993
Here's a pointer to Global Network Navigator, the world's first Internet-based hypermedia magazine and commercial resource discovery center, from O'Reilly and Associates. While GNN is free, O'Reilly requests that you become a registered user -- send mail to [email protected] for details. You can fill out and return the form online; by doing so you will be added to the GNN mailing list and notified of new publication dates, special promotions or any changes in service.
October 5, 1993
The June 1993 GNU Bulletin, an exhaustive catalogue of GNU activities, is available on the World Wide Web.

The UK VR-SIG now has a Web server.

Chris Hector's rtftohtml converter is on ftp.cray.com.

John Franks's GN 1.0, a free multi-protocol server for Gopher and HTTP, is now available on ftp.acns.nwu.edu. See also the original release notice.

The Cornell Legal Information Institute Web server has moved.

October 4, 1993
Digital Equipment Corporation has announced a new product, service, and performance information server. Lots of neat indexing, searching, and hypermedia techniques are used to put technical overviews, system performance summaries, software product descriptions (SPDs), whitepapers, buyers guides, back issues of the Digital Technical Journal, and more at your fingertips -- check it out.

John December has created a list of information sources about the Internet and computer-mediated communication (CMC); it includes hyperlinks to documents, directories, Gopher servers, and other services.

The NASA Lewis Research Center Web server has moved to a new machine.

October 3, 1993
Up to date information on the Russian crisis from the irc #report channel (composed of world news services and eyewitness reports) is available on sunsite.unc.edu. Also included is an archive of recent posts to the newsgroup relcom.politics, which has press releases from the Russian government.
October 2, 1993
O'Reilly and Associates' Global Network Navigator (GNN) online hypermedia magazine and networked information resource center is up and running! O'Reilly requests that you register (at no cost) before accessing GNN -- send email to [email protected] for details.

A new weather map "order form" is available from MSU. Note: This page requires fill-out forms support as found in Mosaic 2.0 prerelease 4 or later.

Jim Croft writes: Bored with ASCII? 7 (or even 8)-bit no longer arouses you? Try the international marine signal flags character set to send useful messages. A selection of the easier to draw national flags is also being compiled.

The MUDWHO gateway at Oklahoma State University has been extended to support hyperlinks from entries in the WHO list. See an example Query on Space_Madness.

October 1, 1993
Document Center is a hard copy document delivery service specializing in government and industry specifications and standards. Document Center has the complete Department of Defense (DoD) Index of Specifications and Standards collection available, as well as the complete collection of the American Society for Testing Materials (ASTM). The Center also has additional industry (ANSI, SAE, IPC, IEEE, EIA) and govenment (NASA, DLA, FAA) documentation at its Silicon Valley location. Note from Marc: this is a great technology demo of advanced Mosaic/WAIS features, including Mosaic 2.0's fill-out forms -- check it out!

A Web server is now available for information pertaining to the Astrophysics Data System (ADS). The ADS is a distributed processing software which provides its users with access to over 190 astronomical catalogs and approximately 125,000 astronomical abstracts. It also provides direct access to the HEASARC Browse tool, NSSDC's Online Data and Information Service (NODIS), the NASA/IPAC Extragalactic Database (NED), and access to SIMBAD (Set of Identifications, Measurements, and Bibliography for Astronomical Data).

A Web server is now running at the physics department at Brookhaven National Lab.

Just a reminder that there's a new Doctor Fun cartoon every weekday -- here's today's. Marc's favorite so far is Clothes Make the Spam.

A new Web server is up at the University of Newcastle upon Tyne in the U.K.

A new Web server is running at the physics department of the University of Innsbruck in Austria.

A new Web server is up and running at the Astronomy Department of the University of Massachusetts at Amherst.

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