What's New: September, 1994

September 27, 1994

The Ceolas celtic music archive is now on the web. It carries information on many aspects of celtic music, including artist notes, schedules, festival info, instrument guides, celtic media, tunes and much more.

Impediment Incorporated, distributor and integrator of workstation memory and peripherals announces that its Web server is now available. The Web server contains technical information for products from Kingston Technology, Seagate and Exabyte, all of which do not currently have their own Web servers. There are also technical installation documents provided. Future improvements will provide such capabilities as auto-quote creation and secure order tracking. Impediment has not advertised but has instead been known on the net through reference on newsgroups such as comp.sys.sgi. It intends its Web server to be a general information resource.

The American Institute of Physics (AIP), dedicated to promoting the advancement and diffusion of the knowledge of physics and its application to human welfare, is pleased to announce the availability of its Home Page. In addition to containing basic information about the institute and its myriad programs and services, the Home Page currently provides access to the AIP Employment Opportunities Database, the 1994 PACS Scheme, and details of AIP's Electronic Publishing Program, including access to REVTeX macros used in compuscript preparation.

K-12 Educators: Briarwood Educational Network would like to announce their WWW service, and to invite Beta Testers to access for free. If you are a K-12 teacher involved with Language Arts and would like to test this innovative curriculum, sign up for our free Beta Tester program by October 3rd.

Information Ventures, Inc., (IVI) is pleased to announce "EMF-Link," a comprehensive source of information on the biological and health effects of exposure to electric and magnetic fields (EMFs). EMF-Link is the on-line component of IVI's EMF Clearinghouse. People concerned about possible health effects from power lines, computer monitors, magnetic resonance imaging equipment, radio communications, cellular telephones, radar, microwave transmissions, and other sources can turn to EMF- Link for unbiased information. EMF-Link and the EMF Clearinghouse serve as general information sources communicating research results from laboratories and scientists to the public.

WWW Paris is a collection of images, descriptions, histories and information regarding the City of Light. It includes pages concerning all of the major monuments, and museums; shops, Metro/RER, Paris calendar, as well as tourist information such as how to get to and from the airports, hotels, etc. There is an extensive list of links to other net resource for Paris (schools, faculties, & institutes in Paris and surrounding area, the Ministry of Culture, and so forth).

The Peru Central School District WWW server in upsate New York is now on-line. This K-12 Connection is an integral part of the VICE in REST project and represents a joint effort between SUNY Plattsburgh and Peru Central School District to integrate the use of the Internet into the curriculum of K-12 education. The objectives are to enhance, extend, and supplement teaching-learning by having administrators, faculty, and students not just look at the Internet and take information from it, but to contribute and share by building and shaping their own small part of the Digital REST Area on the Information Superhighway at SUNY Plattsburgh. The Peru Central School District is located in upstate New York and serves approximately 2800 students in grades K-12. The home pages are being developed by faculty, staff, and students at the district schools in cooperation with the State University of New York at Plattsburgh.

Science Educators!! Here's something for you from the University of Virginia. The Curry School of Education's Instructional Technology Program has developed an Interactive Frog Dissection for the WWW. The tutorial combines text with 60 in-line color images and 17 QuickTime movies illustrating dissection procedures and internal organs. Numerous clickable image maps provide interactive practice. Our research with pre-WWW versions of this program suggests that it is a valuable preparation tool or even a useful substitute for laboratory dissection.

Network Express is now on the WWW offering ISDN networking solutions.

Disk-O-Tape is now on the WWW offering 3M Media Products, disks, tapes, etc., and Disk Duplication.

Another new addition to the WWW is Stonewall Partners offering their Cotton Shirts. These quality shirts come in a variety of colors and are embroidered with a small red ribbon. A portion of the proceeds go to support AIDS research.

The Chemical Industry Institute of Toxicology, in Research Triangle Park, NC, is pleased to announce its Web server, containing general information about CIIT along with its most recent publications.

Medium for Global Access, Inc (MGA) proudly announces the opening of Access Art, the newest and largest virtual art gallery on the Internet. Access Art presents fine art for your browsing pleasure and for sale ... beginning with six artists representing four different styles. View more than 60 different works from such well-known glamour artists as Olivia, whose erotic works frequently appear in Penthouse Magazine; the fantasy futuristic French painter Moebius, recently featured in Wired Magazine; and newcomer Ted Kimer with his jazzed up visions of musically charged robots! New artists and works will be added monthly to Access Art.

The files of the Cell Church Discussion Group e-mail list are now available. A Cell Church is a nontraditional form of church life in which small groups of Christians (Cells) meet in a special way in their homes to build each other up in Christ and to evangelize the unsaved. It is a church which defines its Cells as the basic building blocks of church life.

Glass Wings has now opened its doors onto the electronic frontier. This Australian site covers a wide range of interests including news, games, entertainment, humour, travel, books and magazines, the environment, human rights, food, health, the educational, sexuality, the arts and a writers forum. Also in the process of coming into being is an arcade with Australian based businesses. Glass Wings is a companion project of Xanadu Australia.

The University of Tennessee, Office of University Relations, has added the following items to its www server:

  • UT Science Bytes: Mapmaker, Mapmaker, Make Me a Map
  • Tennessee Alumnus, Summer 1994
  • UT Knoxville Undergraduate Catalog, 1994-95
  • SIC! proudly announces informations from the heart of Europe: SALZBURGER FESTSPIELE. Watch "JEDERMANN About the Death of a Rich Man" and other famous PLAYS, OPERAS, EXHIBITIONS, and CONCERTS. Have a look into some beautiful places, like Großes Festspielhaus and other locations.

    Werger is now on the WWW selling their comfortable Cotton Clothing, from sweatshirts, shorts, sweatpants, and caps, to long and short sleeve shirts. Offered in a variety of colors and sizes. These cotton clothes are your good, basic casual wear, and can also be dressed up. Quality fabric and construction make these clothes hard to ignore.

    JDI is now on the WWW offering an ergonomic Workstation Chair. Perfect for your computer workstation or your desk. View their storefront for a great photograph and for contact information. JDI is not limited to this ergonomic chair, as they also sell computer furniture, desks and chairs.

    Maxim is now on the WWW offering prepaid telephone calling cards. MAXIM also develops private-label calling cards to meet your promotional and sales incentive requirements. MAXIM calling cards save you money on long distance calls, increase sales, retain key customers and enhance corporate image and awareness.

    SPACEHAB, Inc., developers and operators of commercial space habitat modules, announce the new SPACEHAB WWW server site. The SPACEHAB module is a research laboratory that provides crew-tended access to space aboard NASA's Space Shuttle. This server presents highlights of the past successes as well as the future endeavors of the program. It also offers information on the system capabilities and experiment accomodations with contacts for additional information.

    The Library of Congress is pleased to announce its new World Wide Web server, the first step in the Library's Electronic Digital Library project. Some of the first collections include approximately 4000 prints and photographs from the American Memory project, and Country Studies from the Federal Research Division. All collections are searchable through an advanced text retrieval system. Also available is an Online Exhibits Program of exhibits on display at the Library. The Library's Home Page also provides a connection to LC MARVEL(the Library's gopher-based campus-wide information system) and LOCIS (the Library's database retrieval system).

    INTERSCAPE has released it's first issue to the Web. They are a graphically oriented server, with articles concerning movie and record reviews, sports, technology and other issues.

    During its August 1994 graduation ceremonies, the Clemson University Master of Business Administration program awarded degrees to 74 students representing 19 countries, from the Institute for International Business Studies in Europe. The fundamental objective of the program is to provide young professionals with the practical business tools required to perform responsibly and successfully in a "global marketplace." Details on the program and course of study, as well as the class roster, are currently under construction on the NEOS MBA Home Page.

    The Shad Valley Pages are here! "Just what is Shad Valley?" you ask yourself. Shad Valley is a fast paced program for exceptional teenagers age 16-18, located a 8 universities across Canada, which focuses on combining Science and Technology with Entrepreneuship. The Shad Valley Program at Carleton University in Ottawa, Canada has a ttempted to capture the unique experience of Shad Valley on the World Wide Web.

    Verify, LTD is now on the WWW offering 40% Off Cosmetics and Fragrances. Verify has an introductory special on their professional model lip color collection. They will soon be adding their famous listed fragrances, sold below retail cost. View their storefront now, and order direct from the screen. Come back later, and browse their extensive list of men's and women's fragrances. Travel Gems is now on the WWW offering 5-10% Off All Airline Tickets. "We will ticket you for less." Visit them to see how you can save money on all your travel needs.

    DM Exchange is now on the WWW offering the Stroke Saver, an electronic Golf Yardage Counter. The Stroke Saver counts the yards, allowing you to concentrate on selecting the right club and making the best shot.

    Bucknell University in Lewisburg, Pennsylvania, is now on the Web with campus events calendars, a campus map, on-line directories, schedules, and various campus publications. More is on the way.

    Mammoth Records announces the public opening of its Internet Information Center on the World Wide Web. The Mammoth WWW site will feature information about its most popular artists, including the Blake Babies, Chainsaw Kittens, Frente!, Juliana Hatfield, and Machines of Loving Grace, and many others. The site features full-length singles, video clips in several formats, and information about tour dates, current band news, and Mammoth catalog information. The Mammoth Internet Information Center is hosted by Raleigh NC's NandO.net, a WWW information server. Comments and questions : [email protected]

    The Center for Biological and Computational Learning (CBCL) at MIT is now on line, featuring information on their work, the Center itself, and the people associated with CBCL. This home page is growing all the time, and new links are constantly being added; the latest addition is a pictorial representation of Pawan Sinha's object recognition work, based on his recent presentation at ARVO 94.

    The Imaging Systems Lab in the Department of Landscape Architecture, University of Illinois, now has a Web server. Contents include descriptions of on-going and recent research in Alaska, New Mexico, Utah and Canada, the complete text of papers, and access to image sets used in a variety of experiments. Examples of displays from an ecosystem simulator called SmartForest are included.

    Breakfast Records, a Boston based independent record label, announces its new WWW site. You can find information here about Breakfast Records as well as information, pictures, and sound files about Boston area alternative bands Orbit, Institute of Technology, Kent 25, and others with more to come.

    The Tallahassee, Florida, National Weather Service Office invites you to visit their World Wide Web server. This document contains information about the office, and provides access to weather information and data collected and disseminated there. In addition, the page contains links to many University and Government weather related sites.

    Announcing the The University of Arizona Department of Geosciences page. Included on this page are a description of the Geophysics program at the University of Arizona, as well as on-line seismograms of the latest seismic activity recorded at the Southern Arizona Seismological Observatory located in Tucson, Arizona. The seismograms are updated at five minute intervals.

    The Edgerton Online Photo Gallery and The Tech, MIT's student newspaper, present the WWW edition of Kai's Power Tips & Tricks for Adobe Photoshop, a collection of 28 tricks by Kai Krause, a leading authority on the use of Photoshop. Only the Macintosh versions are available now; PC versions are forthcoming. They are translated (with permission) from the Microsoft Word versions available on America Online.

    George Lucas' Star Wars Universe now has a home on the Internet, with Homeworks Software's Star Wars Multimedia WWW Server. The server offers upto the date information (including and archive section) regarding Lucas' past, current, and future work with the Star Wars trilogy as well as some of his other projects involving Industrial Light and Magic (ILM).

    DigiMark is pleased to announce one of the first low cost, high quality WWW servers available for individuals and companies. Feeling frustrated with the restrictions your local site enforces? This may be the answer you seek. Browse some of their more interesting clients, including information about Fox Television's The Simpsons and the International Development Exchange.

    SIGWEB, a special interest group on the World Wide Web for the UK and Ireland is pleased to announce its existance. This web server, provided by Queen's University, Belfast, contains pages of information on

    The University of South Africa is proud to announce their WWW server. Information sources include: Links to other WWW servers and FTP sites in South Africa. Information about the University of South Africa (UNISA) and courses offered. Also a few mirror images is kept about useful pages like ArchiePlex, WWW Worm, W3 Interactive Talk, NCSA's Whats-new, CERN's Subject Catalogue and more.

    The Department of Chemistry at the University at Stony Brook (NY) is pleased to announce a new home page for its Molecular Structure Laboratory. Includes samples of molecular graphics produced using CHEM-RAY and related programs developed at the laboratory.

    The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency announce the availability of a WWW server providing Public Access to the EPA's Public Information.

    The Carnegie Institution of Washington's Department of Embryology announces its WWW server. The server provides information about the Department's researchers and the Institution as a whole, and lists a few of the many bioscience servers.

    Attention frogophiles! Check out the Froggy Page.

    There is now a WWW page devoted to figure skating, including a link to the Competitive Figure Skating FAQ List.

    The Holy Qur'an has been put on line by Patrick St. Jean at Eastern New Mexico University. He also has some other interesting things there.

    Cadence Design Systems announces its World Wide Web server. Cadence is the worldwide leader in the development and marketing of design automation software and services that accelerate and advance the process of designing electronic systems.

    Now featured on Utah Wired:
    Computer Recyclers
    Computer Recyclers is dedicated to delivering quality used and new computer hardware. They deal in everything from networks to systems and will buy your used equipment!
    Get connected with a company in need! Execusoft provides the link between potential employers and you.
    First Security Bank, Corporate Trust Department
    Still experimental, the Corporate trust Department of First Security Bank provides you with a news letter on the market.
    Bonneville International Corporation
    They provide commercial broadcast and media communications to businesses.

    Objectivism is a philosophy originated by Ayn Rand, as presented in her works The Fountainhead, Atlas Shrugged, and many others. Its basic tenets are: in metaphysics -- an objective reality existing independent of man's mind; in epistemology -- reason as man's means of obtaining knowledge; in ethics -- egoism; and in politics -- capitalism. The Objectivism WWW Service provides information on the philosophy and pointers to resources both on and off the net.

    The Entertainment Technology Center at the University of Southern California is now on the Web. The site is an information source for those interested or involved in the entertainment industry, containing at present several hollywood magazines, production house catalogues and so on. Also located at this site is Hollynet, the prototype for the ETC's future commercial web site.

    Announcing the Report of the ADV/NII Workshop: Advanced Digital Video in the National Information Infrastructure (NII) is a report on a recent Workshop organized by the National Institute of Standards and Technology. At the Workshop, government and industry speakers and participants gathered to define a vision of the role of digital video within the NII; to identify the architectural, scaling, and performance issues in realizing this vision; and to recommend the research, experiments, and steps to be taken in resolving these issues. The sponsors were:

    NandO Net proudly announces their Entertainment Page. The E-Page includes the times and locations for movies in the Raleigh area. The E-page also includes listings for concerts, book signings, theater, restaurants, nightlife, and sports. Drop by and take a look!

    The Internet ShopKeeper -- The world's first WWW based user extensible mall has been released by the Internet Presence and Publishing Corporation. The Internet ShopKeeper provides a dynamic place in cyberspace where people from around the world can setup and manage their own WWW based shops.

    The Perseus Project announces its World Wide Web Home Page. Perseus is an award-winning multimedia academic database on the Classical Greek World: it includes approximately 30 megabytes of text in Greek (plus English translations, a Greek-English lexicon, and various tools for dealing with the texts), an Atlas with several map themes, detailed catalogue entries for 1421 vases, 366 sculptures and sculptural groups, 524 coins, 384 buildings, and 179 sites, with approximately 20,000 images. Perseus 2.0 should be released on four Macintosh CD-ROMs by spring. The Perseus WWW pages contain information about Perseus, links to related WWW sites (e.g., that of the Perseus Atlas Project), examples of Perseus' information, Perseus 1.0 and some Perseus 2.0 documentation, and a few relevant texts. Comments, questions, and suggestions to Adam McLean Lewis, [email protected]

    StarHeads, the last product of the Star*s Family is now available at the Centre de Donnees astronomiques de Strasbourg (CDS). StarHeads gives access to about 400 individual pages of astronomers and space scientists, and this figure is rapidly growing. Suggestions are welcome.

    EUnet Belgium, a major commercial internet provider in Belgium, is now on the Web.

    The Laboratory for Production & Design Engineering (PDE Lab) of the University of Twente (UT) announces its presence on the Web. They offer some delicious local stuff, and pages with links to interesting sites all over the Web (see Exploring the Web).

    The Laboratory of Molecular Biophysics at the University of Oxford in the UK is pleased to announce a new WWW Server. The pages available contain an increasing amount of information about the Lab as well as a collection of pointers to sites relevant to protein crystallography.

    Tour NavyOnLine, a cooperative effort among many U.S. Navy locations to provide one-stop shopping for information. The NavyOnLine Working Group has been coordinating its online efforts since November 1993, and now has a substantial product to present. Enjoy!

    The University of Rochester's Near Infrared Group has expanded their home page and added a Jupiter-Comet Collision Gallery page that includes infrared images of Jupiter showing impact sites from the comet collision.

    The University of Orleans, France, announces a new WWW server related to Publications on teaching mathematics.

    The Nebula File System is a structured file system based on dynamic views of information. A WWW/Nebula gateway is available from the Penn State Computer Science Department. The gateway exports two contexts that can be searched with structured queries like description=emacs. The PC-archives context contains descriptions of more 27,000 software packages available through network archives. The StarGazer context contains bibliographic citations for operating systems, computer communications, and programming languages.

    The National Child Rights Alliance (NCRA), formed by youth and adult survivors of child abuse and neglect, is now on-line. Resources include the history of the NCRA, the youth bill of rights, and numerous articles on children's rights.

    A new WWW server at UC San Diego's Center for Astrophysics and Space Sciences is operational! Available is information relating to the science, facilities, and personnel at the center. Papers, images, and progress reports are available that relate to the Faint Object Spectrometer on the Hubble Space Telescope. Get a view of the science from Hubble, and see what goes on at CASS.

    The members of the Internet mailing list murmur and newsgroup rec.music.rem have created a home page dedicated to the music of the group R.E.M.

    The Residents' Association of Kathleen Lumley College, Adelaide, Australia has its own home page. This page contains essential information about KLC, e.g., fee, rooms available, provided meals, (ex-)residents address, scheduled events, college staffs, and contact points of the college, etc. True Multicultural Life is here, try it.

    The Basser Department of Computer Science at the University of Sydney is back in the Web, with an introduction to its research and publications, information for prospective students, and a guide to its staff and postgraduate students.

    September 14, 1994

    Vice President Al Gore's National Performance Review announces the release of Creating a Government that Works Better and Costs Less: 1994 Status Report in full hyper-media. The 1994 report summarizes reinvention efforts across federal agenices during the last year. The report includes several hundred links to pictures, audio clips, as well as the NPR's extensive library of reinvention reference materials. The report is a complement part of the National Performance Review's recently released ToolKit, an interactive World Wide Web Home Page.

    September 13, 1994

    Champaign County, Illinois, USA, is online. The Silicon Prairie is home to CCNet, Prairienet, numerous high tech small business and agribusiness firms as well as the National Center for Supercomputing Applications and the University of Illinois.

    NASA's Astrophysics Data System is pleased to announce the availability of the Einstein Archive Service. This service provides query and retrieval capability for the Einstein X-ray Observatory's processed data archive. The archive includes about 5000 X-ray observations (in astronomical standard FITS format) taken between 1978 and 1981. A listing of other ADS data services available via the WWW is also available.

    PAWWS -- Portfolio Accounting World Wide from Security APL is pleased to announce the PAWWS Portfolio Management Challenge. PAWWS offers FREE stock quotes (15-minute delay) for US stocks, bonds traded at the NYSE and AMEX, Mutual Funds and Money Markets; historical charts for both the S&P 500 index and the DJIA are also avai lable. The PAWWS Portfolio Management Challenge will expose the individual investor to portfolio accounting, performance measurement and risk analysis by simulating a true portfolio management system. Each player will begin the game with $100,000.00 play money, and will be given the tools to manage their own portfolio. The first of three scheduled games will begin at 12:01 a.m. on September 16, 1994 and will run until 11:59 p.m. on October 14, 1994. A wa rm-up period will start Monday, September 12, 1994. Please note that all warm up accounts will be removed at the beginning of the first game.

    The Rocky Mountain Windows NT User Group now has its World Wide Web server online. Meetings are held monthly in the greater Denver-Boulder, Colorado area.

    The Massachusetts General Hospital, Department of Neurology Web server is online, with information about the department as well as the entire hospital. Covering both research and clinical areas, the Web server has PI research interests, unit descriptions, and staff "mini-CVs" with photographs. Current events in Neurology are kept up to date, and new information is constantly added.

    IISD Linkages is a multi-media resource for Environment and Development Policy Makers provided by the International Institute for Sustainable Development, publishers of the Earth Negotiations Bulletin. It is designed to be an electronic clearing-house for information on past and upcoming international meetings related to environment and development.

    The Department of Chemistry at University of Alberta in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada, has an official welcome page.

    SOMMERSZENE FESTIVAL 1994 in Salzburg is celebrating the 25th anniversary of its international festival of contempory performing arts. "An Inquiry into the Art of Survival Part I: A Season in Hell" offers THEATER, DANCE, TEXT, MUSIC, FILM. Over the years renowned artists from all over the world have met an open audience here to give the town the reputation of being more than just the upper-class meeting point for traditional culture.

    NYU's Center for Digital Multimedia would like to welcome the first of its affiliates onto their World Wide Web server: FILMMAKER, an informative and irreverent magazine that focuses on independent movie-making. It is a joint publication of the Independent Feature Project and the Independent Feature Project/West.

    trib.com is a service of the Casper (Wyoming) Star-Tribune. This service is an Internet daily newspaper and a "jumping off point" for the Web. They also offer an inexpensive way for companies to have their own World Wide Web pages. They have complete design services as well as scanning and audio preparation. For more information visit their home page or contact Greg Kearney, Casper Star-Tribune, P.O. Box 80, Casper, Wy. 82602, [email protected]

    The U.S. Geological Survey's Cascades Volcano Observatory is proud to announce the availability of its WWW server. Some information on volcanically-induced geologic and hydrologic hazards as well as images of volcanoes and volcanic phenomena are available. This server is still under active construction; comments and suggestions are welcome.

    Hello Direct is a leading developer and marketer of high-quality telecommunications products. The company provides solutions-oriented products ranging from headsets and teleconferencing units to call controllers and cellular accessories. In addition, the proprietary line of unique headsets includes the world's first 900 MHz cordless headset, the HelloSet Cordless®. All the company's products are available direct through an in-depth, fully-illustrated catalog. Hello Direct is brought to you by Internet Distribution Services.

    Fractal Geometry, Feedback and Chaos are the themes of the exhibition Contours of the Mind at the Australian National University in Canberra. The event has brought together a unique blend of visual art, science and music from Australia and abroad. An online catalogue of submitted works is now available.

    Parachute into the Big Midsummer Garden Party at Web World!

    The Unicycling home page has a new URL. You can learn all you want to know about unicycling there. Learn how to ride, how to ride better, and where to buy one. You can even watch unicycling, if you need to get motivated.

    The first Vangelis Home Page is online. The page consists of many pictures, digitized music and animations. Vangelis is a famous synthisizer guru and he has made soundtracks for many movies. Also included in this page is a section specific to Bladerunner, the most discussed movie of the Internet.

    A completely free SNMP-based network management system is now available. HNMS, the Hierarchical Network Management System, may be used to monitor and manage a large routed IP network. The X-based GUI provides compact representations of LANs and various WAN architectures. Data collection is handled via SNMP, ICMP, and direct layer-2 monitoring. The diagrams are completely auto-configuring. A custom version of HNMS was used to generate the live, three-dimensional representation of the cross-country ATM network at Supercomputing '93 in Portland, Oregon. Complete source code is provided. HNMS was developed at the Numerical Aerodynamic Simulation facility at the NASA Ames Research Center.

    Elliotte Rusty Harold and the friendly folks at the Alternative Collegiate Computer Association of New Mexico State University are pleased to bring you The Well Connected Mac, a single entry point to all Macintosh resources on the Web. Needless to say this project may take some time. Nonetheless it is already quite full with software, information, online journals, product reviews, full hypertext versions of several Macintosh FAQ lists and much more. Check it out, and if there's something you think should be included there (but isn't) send mail to [email protected] It's very much a work in progress, and all feedback is appreciated.

    This week's issue of InfoWorld Magazine is now available at the Internet Shopping Network.

    The Texas Agricultural Extension Service (TAEX) humbly announces its first WWW server, leviathan. Leviathan features agriculturally oriented clipart, an interactive software catalog, and publication abstracts.

    Quadralay Corporation is proud to announce the latest addition to their Web server. They now carry "Earth & Sky", a syndicated radio program heard across the country each weekday. It deals with popular science subjects from astronomy and earth science to our environment. The show's scripts will be available each day on Quadralay's web server, as will an archive of older scripts. "Earth & Sky" originates in Austin, Texas.

    Rednet Ltd (UK) announce the launch of onLine, a new Internet provider service. The onLine W3 server contains information on joining and many other goodies.

    Glass Wings has now opened its doors onto the electronic frontier. This Australian site covers a wide range of interests including news, games, entertainment, humour, travel, books and magazines, the environment, human rights, food, health, the educational, sexuality, the arts and a writers forum. Also in the process of coming into being is an arcade with Australian based businesses. Glass Wings is a companion project of Xanadu Australia.

    September 7, 1994

    The National Science Foundation announces its WWW server. The NSF Home Page includes the Guide to Programs and the Grants Proposal Guide. These documents provide information on program initiatives at NSF, along with instructions for preparing and submitting proposals. The Home Page also includes biographies of NSF officials, and a feature on the Alan T. Waterman Award winners. Weekly "What's New" pages provide a summary of new items.

    Robert Denny would like to announce the production release of the Web Server V1.3 for Microsoft Windows. This HTTP/1.0 compliant server runs under Windows 3.1 or Windows for Workgroups 3.11 in native 16-bit mode, providing fully multi-threaded operation for up to 8 simultaneous connections at rates of over 8/sec on a 486/66. It incorporates the Windows CGI Specification as well as a DOS-VM based CGI interface. Features closely match those of the NCSA Web server "httpd" 1.3 for Unix systems, including the common log file format, automatic directory indexing, and access authorization.

    Announcing the AVHRR Land Pathfinder Data Set WWW Home page. These pages include sample images and important information about the AVHRR Land Pathfinder Data Set. The AVHRR Land Pathfinder Data Set is a long term terrestrial 8km resolution data set useful for studying global change derived from the AVHRR instrument.

    The 19th Hole (a.k.a. "The Clubhouse") has added The Rules of Golf Online. Answer all of your questions about the rules, settle your score and tell a few tall tales in the Clubhouse after a hard 18. The 19th Hole is a place for golfers to relax, share some stories and maybe even settle a bet or two (not that golfers bet!) Included is Headlines! with info on the latest scores, tournaments, and local happenings. The 1994 Golf Digest Record Book is the place to find out how your favorite golfer did in 1993 or who won the British Open in 1863. And the Scorecard Archive is the place to check out some courses before you play them. Also included are other good golf links.

    Intergraph Corporation, developer of the Technical Desktop -- the combination of compatible technical applications and personal productivity tools in a single desktop computer -- announces Intergraph Online, a new information resource about the company's products and services. Intergraph's hardware and software products are used for computer-aided engineering, design, analysis, manufacturing, publishing, and earth sciences such as mapping/geographical information systems.

    Lancaster University, UK, would like to announce the introduction of its WWW Server.

    The 1994 Commonwealth Games WWW Information System is now available on the Web. This system has static and dynamic (results) Commonwealth Games info as well as tourism related information for the province of British Columbia.

    The National Marine Fisheries Service announces it's home page. The server includes links to the NOAA home page as well as links to National Marine Fisheries Science Centers and NMFS related sites. In addition, the books Our Living Oceans Annual Report 1993 and Index for Fisheries of the U.S -1992 are available online. There are also home pages for certain NMFS office including The Office of Protected Resources which contains a brochure called Protecting the Nation's Marine Species which gives a listing of endangered and threatened species. This page also has various marine sounds and mpeg movies.

    The Management Information Systems Division of the Faculty of Commerce of the University of British Columbia now has a home page containing course information and professor's bios.

    The members of the Internet mailing list murmur and the newsgroup rec.music.rem would like to announce the availability of the R.E.M. Home Page.

    QuoteCom would like to announce free stock quotes on the Internet!. Up to 5 quotes per day are free to registered users. Many more services are available to paying customers, such as End-of-day portfolio reports, Standard & Poor's MarketScope, Standard & Poor's Stock Guide, Hoover Company Profiles, and much more. Especially cool for WWW fans might be our online charting capability.

    cookware announces it's various services have MOVED to a new URL. Please update your hotlists for the Virtual Contractor service as well as the Web World Home Page Authoring service. Virtual Contractor is a free service helping people who need computer help link up with contractors and consultants who can offer that help. Home Page Authoring is a service to help businesses and individuals create their own WWW home pages, as well as custom server software, remailer servers, and server and html maintanence.

    International Universities is now online. With study/travel programs in places like France, New Mexico, & Mexico, they provide Internet users with much needed respites from the stress of computer life.

    Experience Virtual reality for yourself with our hyperactive molecules at the departments of chemistry at Imperial College and Leeds.

    The Fairfax CALS Shared Resource Center sponsored by ARPA and operated by Dimensions International, Inc. and George Mason University is proud to announce the availability of its WWW server. The center provides a source of information and assistance to Government and industry, and in particular to small business, with regard to CALS, enterprise integration, electronic commerce and business process re-engineering.

    The Chez Rampart Gallery is pleased to announce an exhibition of works by internationally known painter and illustrator Julie Snyder. Chez Rampart is an Art Gallery featuring fine art works by some of todays most interesting and important artists, with an emphasis on analog (that is, non-computer produced) art.

    The Mayo Foundation's Biomedical Imaging Resource now has a home page. The page descibes some of our current research into medical image processing, analysis and manipulation, including information on Analyze (tm) and AVW.

    An introductory course in using the ARC-INFO GIS system is now available here. Those people not interested in geographical systems may still want to check out a beautiful 3-D rendering of the landscape of the Palestine area.

    The Orienteering and Rogaining WWW Server is now on-line with information on clubs and federations from around the world, including schedules, results, maps and people to contact for more information. Orienteering is the use of a highly detailed map and a compass to find one's way through unknown surroundings and, if done competitively, in the least possible time. Rogaining is the sport of long distance cross-country navigation in which teams of two to five members, on foot using map and compass, visit as many checkpoints as possible in up to twenty-four hours.

    pixelMotion Images Inc., located in Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada , is pleased to announce its Web server. A picture gallery illustrates pixelMotion's capabilities to help create film, video, multimedia and hypermedia entertainment, as well as edutainment and scientific visualization. The server also provides information about the distributed and visual computing services offered by pixelMotion's HYPERCOMP division .

    The Fairfax CALS Shared Resource Center sponsored by ARPA and operated by Dimensions International, Inc. and George Mason University is proud to announce the availability of its WWW server. The center provides a source of information and assistance to Government and industry, and in particular to small business, with regard to CALS, enterprise integration, electronic commerce and business process re-engineering.

    The Northwest Fisheries Science Center, located in Seattle, WA, has opened a WWW home page. NWFSC is a research facility of the Northwest Region of the National Marine Fisheries Service, NOAA, and is responsible for providing scientific and technical support for the management, conservation, and development of the Pacific Northwest region's anadromous and marine fishery resources.

    The Second Commercial Applications of Parallel Processing Conference is scheduled for 17-19 October 1994 in Austin, Texas. CAPP 94 features tutorials and invited speakers, panel sessions, and an old-fashioned Texas barbeque.

    Personal Bibliographic Software, Inc. announces a WWW site and a Gopher which provide information about PBS and its products, ProCite and BiblioLink II.

    The 1994 Dallas Video Festival will be presented at the Dallas Museum of Art, November 10-13, 1994. Now in its eighth year, The Dallas Video Festival provides a showcase for new works by national, international, and regional independent artists, hands-on workshops for children, screenings of ground-breaking work by television's pioneers, installations, and demonstrations of the latest technologies that are expanding the possibilities of video and electronic media for all independent artists. There are no thematic or content restrictions. Entries may be narrative, documentary, animation, experimental, computer graphics, works by children, children's programming, music videos, etc. The Festival is also accepting entries for the interActive Zone (CD-ROM, CD-I, 3DO, hypertext, etc.)

    The Software Engineering Laboratory (Laboratoire de génie logiciel) of the National Research Council of Canada's Institute for Information Technology is ready to "go public" with its WWWeb Server. The Laboratory performs research and development in software engineering, with the objective of developing tools and techniques that will assist Canadian companies, whose principal product is software, in improving their processes and products. The laboratory currently has three major program areas: Realtime and Embedded Systems (including the Harmony operating system project and publications on software configuration management), Commercial Software Products and Large-scale Systems. Additional publications, from all three research programs, will soon be available on the server.

    The Department of Art at Appalachian State University, Boone, North Carolina, is offering an on-line sculpture exhibit titled THE ROSEN OUTDOOR SCULPTURE EXHIBIT. The exhibition is made up of high resolution images, artist statements and a clickable map of campus, making this exhibition informative and user-friendly.

    Information about one of the nation's premier distance learning programs is now accessible on the WWW! The Video Instructional Program (VIP) at the University of Massachusetts Amherst has been providing quality continuing education for working engineers since 1974. Using distance education technology, professionals can enroll in the same classses as on-campus students - the same quality education without the sacrifice in time. Two master's degrees, as well as training and short courses in a variety of engineering-related disciplines, are available.

    There is a new WWW Linux Server located in Marseille, France, and maintained by some Resus Members that are also Linux users. It is intended to have as much information about Linux as possible. All the pages are both in English and French.

    September 6, 1994

    Vice President Al Gore's National Performance Review announces the test release of "Your ToolKit to help reinvent government." An inter-active World Wide Web home page. In the ToolKit users will find one of the best sources of reinvention information as well as important links to the people and places working to create a government that works better and costs less.

    September 2, 1994

    The 1994 Virtual DuQuoin State Fair is now on the Web, care of Southern Illinois University, on behalf of the Office of the Lieutenant Governor, Bob Kustra.

    The office of USA Vice President, Al Gore, announces FinanceNet, providing access to financial management documents and information pertaining to all levels of government: foreign, Federal, state and local.

    The World's Greatest Rock 'n' Roll Band is proud to announce their very own Web Server. They are the Rolling Stones and they are now giving you the best place in netland for the real Stones fan to hang out. Offerings include:

    All from their 94/95 Voodoo Lounge World Tour.

    A Post-Polio Syndrome Home Page is now online.

    The Internet Plaza is pleased to announce the opening of Lane and Lenge Florists. Lane and Lenge florists is a leader in the floral wire service industry. They now offer online ordering services on the Internet, giving Internet users an easy way to deliver flowers from and to anywhere in the world!

    The Image Processing Group at the United Medical and Dentals Schools, London, UK, have an online list of Biomedical Imaging Conferences

    The Telecommunications and Signal Theory Group at Politecnico di Torino (Torino, Italy) is starting a research project requiring the statistical analysis of a great amount of small paging messages. You can contribute by sending your own paging message! (form-supporting browser required)

    The Department of Computer Science at UC Santa Barbara announces its new home page.

    The Internet Multicasting Service is pleased to announce the availability of The Cliff Stoll Performance Art Theatre and Networking Revue, and The Tour de France.

    The Internet Plaza is pleased to announce the opening of the Where the Buffalo Roam home page. Where the Buffalo Roam is a cartoon feature uniquely suited to the World Wide Web's subversive technology. Its unique brand of pull-no-punches humor leaves some readers laughing, and others calling for the cartoonist's immediate execution. Be among the first to witness the carnage.

    The USENIX Association, the UNIX and advanced computing systems professional and technical association, announces the availability of its WWW server. The online resource center maintains information on current activities of SAGE and USENIX;how to join; calendar, conference announcements, programs and registration forms; sample articles from past publications; and access to the USENIX Online Library and Index. In the future, the association plans to make full papers and abstracts from recent conferences available to members.

    The Bureau of Indain Affairs, Division of Energy and Mineral Resources is pleased to announce its new World Wide Web server. The Division provides special services to the Indian mineral owner that are unique within the Department of Interior. A program overview of the Nation Indian Oil and Gas Evaluation and Management System currently being developed by the Division is now online.

    The High Performance and Communications office at NASA Ames Research Center is pleased to announce their World Wide Web server. The Ames HPCC office is the lead center for the NASA/HPCC Computational Aerosciences program, and is involved in interdisiplinary research for the aerospace and high performance computing communities. On the Ames HPCC server you will find information on research participation in various HPCC projects, as well as a comprehensive listing of educational computing resources designed to assist the K-12 online community.

    The Internet Society Executive Director's keynote address to the first Networld+Interop94-Tokyo conference is available on the Web. The presentation - entitled the Present and Future of the Internet - focuses on many facets of the Internet as Global Information Infrastructure, and contains several current Internet metrics graphs, including an interesting Internet evolution overview chart.

    The Plasma and Accelerator Physics Group at the University of Colorado has moved its WWW server.

    InfoSeek Corporation, in conjunction with Ziff Communications, is offering free access to the Computer Select database of over 140 computer publications for a limited time absolutely FREE to the first 5,000 users to request an account by sending e-mail to [email protected] Using plain English queries processed by a very powerful and accurate full-text search system, users can obtain information on a broad variety of computer related topics, such as stories on companies, products, people, and the latest computer technologies and trends.

    Jeffrey Friedl ([email protected]) announces the new version of his Japanese/English English/Japanese dictionary at the Carnegie Mellon University School of Computer Science. It works without the need for Japanese fonts (although they're supported if you have them), and features a particularly nifty interface which allows advanced user customization across all pages, with text pages being tailored to each user on the fly. It can only be described as subarashii <-- (try it! it's a direct link to a dictionary query with an unusually large font that you're supposed to be impressed with :-)

    The Internet Business Center is a new business information service from The Internet Group, The Internet Letter, and Internet Info. The IBC is a World-Wide Web center of regularly updated information important to companies conducting business on the Internet. The Center will provide Internet industry statistics, feature articles on Internet business issues, and references to sources of information concerning conducting business on the Internet. For more information, contact [email protected]

    The Lesbian Gay Transgendered Alliance (LBGTA) is the first student organization at The University of Colorado, Boulder to have a Web server, with information about the queer community in Boulder and Colorado.

    Announcing the establishment of the Journal of Buddhist Ethics to promote the study of Buddhist ethics through the publication of research papers, discussion articles, bulletins, and reviews. The Journal of Buddhist Ethics is the first academic journal dedicated entirely to Buddhist ethics, and is innovative in adopting a totally electronic mode of publication. In most other respects, however, it will function as a traditional scholarly journal. Research papers and discussion articles submitted to the journal will be subject to blind peer review.

    The School of Aeronautics, one of five schools and colleges at Florida Tech, is now accessible via the WWW. The five degree programs of the School of Aeronautics offer aviation management and aeronautical science curricula, each with flight and nonflight options, and aviation computer science. Both aeronautical science programs are FAA-approved Airway Science curricula, and all aeronautical science and aviation management programs are fully accredited by the Council on Aviation Accreditation.

    SunSITE is pleased to announce the Women's Resources Project! The project presents information on academic programs in Women's Studies and libraries with strong collections pertaining to the discipline, women and literature, community resources for women, and a gathering of women's resources found on the 'net.

    Last fall, Faber & Faber published The Death of Rock 'n' Roll by Jeff Pike. The book, a fascinating and witty compendium of dead rock stars from bluesman Robert Johnson to the present, is particularly suited to the hypertext medium. Hyperlinked excerpts from it -- including sections on Elvis Presley, John Lennon, Marvin Gaye, and Sid Vicious -- are now available on the Internet.

    The Puerto Rico WWW page is now online. It contains information about Puerto Rico: interesting facts, history, places to visit, hotel information and a large library of beautiful images from the island.

    Leeds University Music Department announces Rich ard Robinson's Tunebook, an on-line album of traditional tunes from Ireland, England, Scotland and the Northern Isles, Scandinavia and elsewhere :- jigs and reels, polskas and schottisches, waltzes, bourrees, horos and more. It contains a lot of gif files showing staff notation for these tunes, and indexes of these files sorted in various orders.

    Contents of the WWW server in the Circuit Theory Laboratory at the Helsinki University of Technology (Finland) have been updated:

    The Department of Journalism, Media and Communication - JMK at Stockholm University, Sweden is happy to announce that its experimental WWW server is now in place.

    The maintainer of PennMUSH would like to announce the creation of the Almost-Complete List of MUSHes, providing addresses, capsule summaries, MudWHO queries, and links to appropriate FTP sites and home pages for all known MUSHes. Those seeking information about MUDs in general should consult the new MUD Resource Collection, a comprehensive collection of FAQs and links to MUD information sources.

    SUNY Potsdam announces the opening of Through Lover's Eyes, a one-person faculty art exhibition. The twenty images in the show are derived from traditional drawing and printmaking skills, combined with new methods and technology.

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