What's New: August, 1993

August 30, 1993
Information and abstracts for the upcoming Astronomical Data Analysis Software and Systems '93 conference are now on the Web.

A new mail server for the World Wide Web is now online at CURIA in Ireland.

Information on the Institute for Computer Applications in Science and Engineering (ICASE) at NASA Langley Research Center is now online. (See also the LARC home page.)

A Web server is now up and running at the Iowa State University Department of Computer Science. This server provides information about the Department of Computer Science at ISU, the graduate program, access to technical reports, and a small archive of information about John Vincent Atanasoff. Also see information on the Iowa State University Computation Center.

A Web server is up at the Kansas State University Department of Computing and Information Sciences.

August 28, 1993
Information on the NCSA Virtual Reality Lab is now available.

A new Web server is up at the Canadian Astronomy Data Centre. It includes information on the Hubble Space Telescope, the Canada-France-Hawaii Telescope, and more.

A new Web server is up at the Space Telescope European Coordinating Facility.

A Web server is running at the National Radio Astronomy Observatory.

An actual live Web-based interface into the PALS library catalog system at St. Olaf Collage is now here; this is a great prototype for interfacing Mosaic/Web clients into existing library database systems.

August 27, 1993
A hypermedia exhibit featuring the University of Illinois's Krannert Art Museum is now here.
August 26, 1993
NASA Langley Research Center is running a Web server here; their intention is to collect as much NASA related information together as possible.
August 25, 1993
An extensive catalog of astronomical resources on the Internet is here.
August 24, 1993
A new hypermedia movie database browser is here. (No actual movie or audio clips yet, though.)
August 23, 1993
More hypertext'd FAQ's are here.

A hypermedia floorplan for the Institute for Theoretical Physics -- SUNY Stony Brook building is here -- click on an office to bring up the occupant's "hyper-plan" (or "hyplan") -- this is slick.

August 22, 1993
A Gopher list of subject lists is here, courtesy of Michigan State.
August 21, 1993
An apparent equivalent to this page for Gopherspace is here, courtesy of Washington & Lee University.
August 20, 1993
A Siggraph 93 Picturebook server is here.
August 19, 1993
O'Reilly and Associates today announced their intention to publish a Web-based magazine called Global Network Navigator; the announce notice is here.

The "EXPO" is now open; see here. The EXPO is intended to be a central site for hypermedia exhibits; current exhibits include the various Library of Congress exhibits in hypermedia form, including the newly hypermedia-ized 1492: An Ongoing Voyage and Scrolls from the Dead Sea: The Ancient Library of Qumran and Modern Scholarship exhibits. Also see the wonderful terrain map. Check 'em out!

New hypermedia information on the National Center for Supercomputing Applications is here.

A status page for Mosaic for Microsoft Windows is now here.

Feeling burned out? See here.

August 18, 1993
Virginia Tech now has a Web server; go here. See information on Blacksburg, Va. (and details on the Blacksburg Electronic Village project), info on their Visualization Lab, and more.

A hypermedia version of "Rules of Professional Conduct Governing Lawyers" for a typical state (Idaho) is being served by Cornell; go here. Also, the "Interim Report of the University of Dayton School of Law Mead Data Central Joint Committee to Study Computer Technology in Legal Education" is here.

A static hypermedia document demonstrating the features of a gateway between the Web and the PALS library catalog system used by St. Olaf College is here.

An in-progress new Mosaic demo page (or "guided tour") is here. I'm still working on it but feel free to look at it as it evolves.

Ever want to learn all about New Zealand? Go here. An illustrated tour of the country is here.

August 17, 1993
A new Web server is here for the Argonne National Laboratory, Advanced Photon Source, Controls and Computing Group Information Server, with information about EPICS (Experimental Physics and Industrial Control System), a set of software tools used to control and monitor the APS accelerator systems and Experimental Beamlines. (The service will be rapidly changing for the next month or so.)

A Mystery Science Theatre 3000 Web server is now up here.

August 16, 1993
Speeches from the first SIGWAIS are now online, thanks to Simon Spero; see here.

An interesting overview of articles relating to electronic distribution of journals is here.

August 14, 1993
A new mailbox to HTML converter is available here; it was written by Tom Georges at Harris. For more information, see here; for an example of a mailbox converted to HTML with this program see here.
August 12, 1993
The National Consortium for High Performance Computing is now running a Web server. Included is information about National Consortium activities and a member organizations list.
August 11, 1993
New Internet Talk Radio programs being served from the NCSA Web server include Steve Kille on OSI and ISODE and United Mine Workers President R. Trumka on labor in the 1990s.
August 10, 1993
The CUI (University of Geneva) has just switched its HTTP server to Plexus, and installed a couple of search engines for The Language List and an Object-Oriented Bibliography.

An Emacs lisp package that can be used to drive Mosaic's remote control feature is here. (Note that the latest html-mode.el uses the remote control feature also.)

Hypertext'd man pages for BSDI Unix are here.

August 9, 1993
As part of UCLA's ongoing prophecy Web, an I-Ching system has been implemented; see here for your personalized reading.
August 8, 1993
The ANU Bioinformatics Hypermedia Service continues to evolve. See information on the International Organization for Plant Information, the Firenet home page, more information on molecular biology than you can shake a virtual stick at, and more.

The Tasmanian Parks and Wildlife Service in Australia is developing a Web server.

The Australian National Bonatic Gardens Web server continues to evolve in new and wonderful directions.

August 7, 1993
A snapshot of the Mosaic documentation is now available via the NCSA ftp server; see here for more details.

A preliminary version of a document entitled "Starting Points for Internet Exploration", intended to serve as a replacement for the Mosaic 1.x Documents menu for Mosaic 2.0, is here.

A new version of Bill Perry's Emacs WWW mode has been announced; see here for info.

A new version of Rik Harris's man to HTML converter is here.

August 6, 1993
CWI (Centrum voor Wiskunde en Informatica, or Centre for Mathematics and Computer Science) in the Netherlands is running a Web server (well, actually, an FTP server, but close enough).

The RIPE Network Coordination Centre in Amsterdam is running a Web server.

A hypermedia exhibit of Amiga-generated art (images and movies) is now online as part of Michael Witbrock's Amiga page.

August 5, 1993
The University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill now has a Web server. Interesting documents include the UNC Virtual Museum (which currently contains a hypermedia version of the Library of Congress Soviet Archives Exhibit and a Mathematical Art Gallery) and more.

The European X User Group (EXUG) now has its own WWW server up and running here; you can find information on:

Information on an interesting LaTeX to HTML converter is here.

Information on the tools Ohio State is using to create and maintain their server is here.

Another newly formatted book, "The Adventures of Tom Sawyer", is now online here.

August 4, 1993
A hypermedia version of the Library of Congress Soviet Archives exhibit is now available here; it is still being tweaked but everything seems to work.

A formatted version of Stephen Crane's The Red Badge of Courage is now online. If you like seeing formatted versions of these types of texts online in the Web, send email to [email protected] telling him so.

New Internet Talk Radio programs being served from the NCSA Web server include Dr. Robert Sheets on hurricanes, L. Stuart Vance on TCP/IP, Jose Carreras on his fight against leukemia, and (a very good one, in which she absolutely excoriates the press) Janet Reno on life as Attorney General.

August 2, 1993
Beautiful hypermedia information on the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign is now here.

The MIT AI lab has a Web server here. Included is information on library catalogs and information, computing resources, lots of TeXinfo pages, fun stuff in Boston, and more.

The Army Research Laboratory's Web server continues to improve. Lots of new information is online. See also the Advanced Computing Division home page for information that was previously at the top level of the server.

Steve Putz of Xerox PARC has digitized photos taken at the WWW Developer's Conference last week and placed them online here. (If you're wondering why Marc's face isn't up there, it's because his photo is already available online here.)

UCB has announced the 1.0 release of its MPEG encoder (yup, encoder); see here for the announcement. This encoder allows a series of PPM-format images to be converted to an MPEG file, and as such should be very useful to lots of hypermedia hackers out there.

Mosaic 2.0 prerelease 1 is available here; information on the status of the prerelease is here.

August 1, 1993
A new hypermedia exhibit of Scientific Accomplishments at the National Science Foundation HPCC Centers is now available here.

An online guide to the Michigan Festival, a folklife/concert series starting August 6, is now online here. Learn interesting things about Arlo Guthrie, Terence Simien, and others.

An automatically maintained archive of Internet Talk Radio programs is here (courtesy NRL). This likely supersedes the NCSA archive.

Activity reports for the NCSA Web server are now online here.

A page displaying the Gopher bitmaps that will likely be used in the 2.0 release of Mosaic are here (courtesy Kevin Hughes of HCC).

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