What's New: July, 1994

July 26, 1994

The Orienteering and Rogaining WWW Server is now on-line with information on clubs and federations from around the world, including schedules, results, maps and people to contact for more information. Orienteering is the use of a highly detailed map and a compass to find one's way through unknown surroundings and, if done competitively, in the least possible time. Rogaining is the sport of long distance cross-country navigation in which teams of two to five members, on foot using map and compass, visit as many checkpoints as possible in up to twenty-four hours.

The Video Webalog (TM), your information source and product catalog for multimedia desktop video, is online! Brought to you by Webalog, Inc. of Austin TX, the Video Webalog contains informative tutorials on subjects such as compression, video components and terminology, as well as current desktop video product information.

Buning the Florist is now on the net offering roses and gourmet gift baskets.

Digital Dynamics is now on the net offering CD-ROM production services.

Burpco is pleased to offer a 1950's classic toy - the original BURP GUN.

The 23rd International Congress of Applied Psychology was held in Madrid from 17 to 22 July 1994. The final program and the book of abstracts is made available here to Departaments and Institutes that might be interested in Applied Psychology or in interdisciplinary research projects. The Complutense University of Madrid has been involved in the organization and technical support of this event and here makes available the Web Server.

Pittsburgh's largest commercial provider of dial-up Internet service is now on the Web. The Telerama Public Access Internet WWW Hotel is open for business.

ISDN - High Speed On-ramp to the Digital Highway is now on the Web. This joint presentation by Pacific Bell and AT&T Network Systems provides information on how to use ISDN (Integrated Services Digital Network) for key applications including Internet access, telecommuting, and video conferencing. ISDN service plans and rates within Pacific Bell service areas in California are detailed. Register online to attend the Pacific Bell and AT&T Network Systems ISDN Seminar in Northern California July 27th and 28th.

There is a new WWW server running at City University, London, UK at Electronic, Electrical and Information Engineering Dept . The server is continuously upgraded and updated, so please be patient.

The Cyberspace Report is pleased to announce three new shows! The shows feature interviews with Mark Poster on post modernism and the Internet, and Mark Bernstein on literary hypertext and the hypertext authoring tool StorySpace. Finally, Marc Smith discusses virtual communities on the Well. Don't miss these insightful interviews by leading experts! The Cyberspace Report is a public affairs radio show aired on KUCI, 88.9 FM in Irvine, California every Wednesday from 6:00 to 6:30 PM. The show explores social issues of computing using interview and topic shows.

The International Federation for Information Processing (IFIP announces its HomePage on the Web. Dr. Vinton G. Cerf will be a keynote speaker at IFIP's 13th World Computer Congress on the Computing and Communications Evolution.

Richard Smith has recently completed his PhD in applied science at Simon Fraser University. His resume and abstract are available on-line, as well as pointers to the research centre he is currently working with -- the Centre for Policy Research on Science and Technology (CPROST). Richard Smith's research was carried out as part of the Management of Technological Change (MOTC) project sponsored by Bell-Northern Research, Northern Telecom, BC Tel, National Science and Engineering Research Council, and Social Sciences Research Council of Canada.

MCA records is sponsoring a number of pages with information about Woodstock '94 This site will soon be it's own domain, for now space is being provided by metaverse.com

The United Kingdom's Information Technology Training Initiative has produced many products aimed at improving the availability of IT training materials (cbt, electronic and paper -based) to Universities in the UK. These products are also available to other institutions.

The William H. Welch Medical Library is pleased to announce the release of WelchWeb. WelchWeb is an information service providing information about and access to library resources and services available to affiliates of the Johns Hopkins Medical Institutions and, in many cases, the Internet community.

John December has reorganized and redesigned the hypertext interface to his lists of information sources about the Internet and Computer-Mediated Communication and Internet Tools. The hypertext interface for both lists now allows a user to retrieve just the desired section, sub-section, or sub-sub-section by using tables of contents at one, two, or three levels.

GolfData On-Line, has a new Home Page. They plan to constantly add golf information, including course descriptions, yardage guides, score cards, reviews, and more.

An unofficial International Aerobatics Club (IAC) WWW home page is now available. It informs about the IAC and a couple of its chapters. It provides access to competition schedules and selected competition results and other competition areobatics related information. It also has links to several documents that are of general interest to the aviation community. These include a weather page with links to over 20 weather related resources, the Federal Aviation Regulations in two versions and miscellaneous other resources and documents that might be interesting to general aviation.

The Department of Linguistics at the University of Rochester, in Rochester, NY announces its new World Wide Web server. The department handbook is available, providing information about all aspects of the department, including information about its faculty and course offerings. In addition, a hypertext version of the LINGUIST List, the electronic mailing list of the linguistics community, is available on the server.

John Pettitt Internet Consulting has an experimental Windows based HTTP server that features information on consulting services offered and an HTML version of 'The Day of the Barney ' a parody of the well know childrens program.

HobokenX is an electronic guide to Hoboken, NJ, as well as a magazine with articles and features that range from local to national. HobokenX, in its original form, was a Windows 3.1 .HLP file, but is now available in HTML format as part of the Stevens Institute of Technology WWW project.

Live and learn! International Universities invites you to experience and savor the fun and excitement when living in a foreign country while taking courses on foreign language and intercultural studies. They also provide you with the opportunity of becoming an au pair in the French Riviera!

Family Times of Wilmington, Delaware (USA), announces Family Times Online. Issue One is available now and includes links to other family-oriented resources, as well as an opportunity to share experiences and ideas with people around the world. This month, read about vacation plans, rainy-day activities for children, and the growing children's music industry.

The Daily News - Free Internet Sources is a catalog of those sites on the Internet that provide significant business and economic news on a daily basis, without charge. The catalog is collected by Sam Sternberg and converted to HTML by [email protected].

The Library of Congress is pleased to announce its new World Wide Web server, the first step in the Library's Electronic Digital Library project. Some of the first collections include approximately 4000 prints and photographs from the American Memory project, and Country Studies from the Federal Research Division. All collections are searchable through an advanced text retrieval system. Also available is an Online Exhibits Program of exhibits on display at the Library. The Library's Home Page also provides a connection to LC MARVEL(the Library's gopher-based campus-wide information system) and LOCIS (the Library's database retrieval system).

Have you ever wanted to learn what real and practical ideas there are out there on starships? Or do you have an idea of your own that you wish to share? The Starship Design Home Page is now on-line. Currently available are a number of information sheets on different aspects of science and engineering of starships. They are always looking for more information. Plus, a design project is planned, where anyone who wishes to contribute may do so. Finally, computer simulation contests similar to CoreWar-type games are planned for the fall. Click to join.

Quadralay Corporation, maker of GWHIS, one of the first commercialized version of NCSA Mosaic, is proud to announce the latest addition to their web server. They now carry "Earth & Sky", a syndicated radio program heard across the country each weekday. It deals with popular science subjects from astronomy and earth science to our environment. The show's scripts will be available each day on Quadralay's web server, as will an archive of older scripts. "Earth & Sky" originates in Austin, Texas.

QuoteCom would like to announce free stock quotes on the Internet! Up to 5 quotes per day are free to registered users. Many more services are available to paying customers, such as End-of-day portfolio reports, Standard & Poor's MarketScope, Standard & Poor's Stock Guide, Hoover Company Profiles, and much more. Especially cool for WWW fans might be their online charting capability.

The Faculty of Business Administration at Simon Fraser University near Vancouver, Canada has a new multimedia web server providing information on the various programs offered there. Also at this site is information on the individual faculty members and a quick summary of life in Vancouver.

The School of Information Science and Policy (SISP) at the State University of New York (SUNY) at Albany now has a home page developed by one of it's graduate students.

The Administrative Data Processing Department at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill announces the ADP Online Information Service. A WWW server providing information on the following:

Computer Professionals for Social Responsibility (CPSR) is pleased to announce the availability of its redesigned World-Wide Web (WWW) server, now with 60 new hypertext pages of timely and important information for Internet users and the general public.

July 21, 1994

The Web Self Publishing System, a publicly updatable database of resources on the Internet, has been developed at the University of Illinois. Users who have browsers which support forms may add URLs into a hierarchy of groups.

As of July 1, 1994, metaverse.com is alive! This is Adam Curry's new Internet address, formerly the very popular mtv.com. Major changes and improvements have been made to the speed and look of the site.

BioData is a San Mateo, California-based biotechnology computer system integrator who has a new home page on the World Wide Web. This web site points to information about BioData and other Internet resources via the BioData Cyberspace Launching Pad. Original materials on BioData's Web site include the BioData Report newsletter and the BioData Job Board.

CRS4 and the Italian newspaper "L'Unione Sarda" are pleased to announce "L'UNIONE SARDA ON-LINE", a WWW version of the newspaper. The system is being developed, on experimental basis, as a Master thesis project. A dynamic link, always pointing to an indexed first page of today's newspaper, is also available here.

A demonstration of the proposed chemical MIME standard in action is available via Imperial College and Leeds chemistry WWW servers. Rotate, zoom, or pan the molecules, proteins and enzymes in three dimensions and see what makes them tick. See for yourself if molecular biology and chemistry are good candidates for Virtual-Reality-Markup-Language! Instructions for acquiring visualising programs such as RasMol, XMol or Explorer EyeChem are also available.

More Information on MUDs is now available on the WEB, through a new collection of links pointing to various archives sites for server and client code, papers, and miscellaneous documentation. There is also a new Complete List of MUSHes available, classified by type, with addresses, commentary, links to home pages, and links to the MUDWHO service.

The ISEN (Institut Supirieur d'Electronique du Nord), located in France, is proud to announce the availability of its WWW server. This group of engineering schools teaches Electronics, Micro-electronics, Computer Sciences, Signal processing, Solid State Physics, Industrial Systems and Telecommunications during five years to future engineers (200/yr in 1995). Foreign students are welcome to join the school. The information is in French but the home page is also available in English, German, Italian and (soon) in Spanish. Some topics : the group, admission, syllabus, research labs, the engineers' association, internal services and some lab pictures.

The University of Virginia Library is now making the TEI Guidelines for Electronic Text Encoding and Interchange (P3) available via WWW. This fully validated TEI-conformant SGML version of the Guidelines is made browseable and searchable through PAT, and rendered as HTML on-the-fly. The process by which the interaction with PAT was done has been documented as the WWW-to-PAT Gateway. This facility augments several other text collections offered in conjunction with the Library's Electronic Text Center.

CALSOL, the Solar Vehicle Race Team of the University of California, Berkeley would like to announce the birth of The Calsol Page. They also invite you to check out Matt's Solar Car Page for general solar car information. Teams are invited to make their own submissions.

InterAccess, Chicagoland's Full Service Internet Provider is the home of NetBoy, a new weekly comic published only on the Internet by Stafford Huyler.

The Ada Project (TAP) at Yale University is now online and designed to serve as a clearinghouse for information and resources relating to women in computing. TAP includes information on conferences, projects, discussion groups and organizations, fellowships and grants, notable women in Computer Science, and other electronically accessible information sites. TAP also maintains a substantive bibliography of references. The goal of TAP is to provide a central location through which these resources can be "tapped."

The Neeley School of Business at Texas Christian University invites you to visit their new WWW server in Fort Worth, Texas.

The July flavor listing for Milwaukee's famous Kopp's frozen custard is available from MIX Communications (Milwaukee, WI, U.S.A.). Stop in Milwaukee for a cool, creamy taste not available elsewhere.

The July issue of Computer-Mediated Communication Magazine (ISSN 1076-027X) is now freely available from the Computer-Mediated Studies Center. This month's issue includes articles about the Computers and Writing '94 conference, MOO discourse, the Society of Electronic News Delivery, journalism practices in hypertext, the PLATO computer-based learning system, technology in the classroom, and the Beginning Teachers Computer Network.

The World Wide Web of Sports, available from the Telemedia, Networks and Systems group at MIT's Laboratory for Computer Science, now features daily highlights from World Cup Soccer. The World Wide Web of Sports page provides a customization feature where users can choose which links appear on their personalized sports page. The sports pages also feature daily highlights from Major League Baseball and links to other sports pages around the Web. In other news, the TNS group announces the development of the MapMaker program, a Mosaic-integrated assistant for building imagemaps on any image. Also be sure to check out our Cool Video Demos.

The Center for Global Communications, GLOCOM, International University of Japan, has opened an experimental WWW server. GLOCOM's research focuses on the global impact of computer-based communication on social, economic, political, cultural and technical issues. The server contains GLOCOM's original publications as well as information from partner organizations including The Institute for HyperNetwork Society.

The server is also home to INFORUM, a trial project to widen access to key information from Japan, supported by Japanese academia, business and government organizations. New policy documents on Japanese Information Infrastructure (JII) from MITI (Ministry of International Trade and Industry) and MPT (Ministry of Post and Telecommunications) are available via INFORUM.

A page devoted to Commercial Use (of the Net) Strategies is now being maintained by Andrew Dinsdale. This is a higher level resource list that hosts links to ftp, gopher and http sites. Included are sections on Internet growth (needed for any marketing proposal), how to get connected, marketing ethics and issues, security, computer-mediated interaction, the Government's role and other issues such as copyright considerations.

The Multiscale Experimental Ecosystem Research Center (MEERC) has been established to develop a rigorous and ecologically meaningful definition of the "health" or "vitality" of ecosystems. As an EPA Center for Exploratory Research, MEERC functions as nucleus for an ample mix of research projects concerned with environmental issues on the coastal zone. MEERC upholds multidisciplinary research evaluating the scale-dependence of ecosystem responses to pollutant inputs. General principles of ecosystem structure, function and dynamics are tested over a range of spatial, temporal and complexity scales. Simulation models are used, simultaneously along with experimental systems, to investigate ecosystem responses to pollutant perturbations. These experimental systems range from small-scale laboratory cosms (<1 sq. m) to large-scale watershed cosms (sq. km).

The European Molecular Biology Network (EMBnet) is pleased to announce the availability of its first issue of its quarterly published newsletter. A embnet.news online version is available, as well as the postscript version . Alternative sources for the postscript version are at various other servers. This newsletter is intended for all researchers who are interested in, or have a need to, work with molecular biology data on computers.

InfiNet, L.C., a regional Internet access provider located in Norfolk, Virginia, is pleased to announce the opening of their WWW site and the addition of The Virginia Diner to the World Wide Web. The Virginia Diner is offering an online Gourmet Peanut and Gift Catalog in addition to information on their restaurant.

ANSA is an Object-based Architecture for Distributed Computing. The ANSA WWW server offers abstracts of documents produced during the current, third phase of the ANSA work programme. There is also information about current activities, including one which is exploring how to combine CORBA based distributed objects and the World Wide Web.

Cloud Gallery and Mary and Michaels's Wedding Photography are the latest additions to Digital Equipment Corporation's Commercial Services Demonstration Server, which is maintained by the Network Systems Lab. Cloud Gallery presents 32 photographs of clouds from a CDROM of high quality stock photography, and provides an opportunity for interested persons to order the CDROM. Mary and Michaels's Wedding Photography presents sample photos, wedding information, rate information, etc... and an ability to submit an inquiry.

Announcing the establishment of the Journal of Buddhist Ethics, to promote the study of Buddhist ethics through the publication of research papers, discussion articles, bulletins, and reviews. The Journal of Buddhist Ethics is the first academic journal dedicated entirely to Buddhist ethics, and is innovative in adopting a totally electronic mode of publication. In most other respects, however, it will function as a traditional scholarly journal. Research papers and discussion articles submitted to the journal will be subject to blind peer review.

Confidential Assessment Services offers your company a proven way to assess the underlying personality and character traits of current and potential employees. They specialize in administering the most widely accepted clinical testing instrument and screening device used by American companies to screen their employees, The Minnesota Multiphasic Personality Inventory-2, a powerful psychological evaluation and assessment tool.

July 20, 1994

The University of Illinois College of Medicine at Urbana-Champaign is now on the Web, with college information and The Urbana Atlas of Pathogy.

Getting enough objects? Learn about Taligent, Inc. - Apple, IBM, and now HP's Operating System venture. In addition to general information, there is OO reference information, as well as a first look at Product Information.

Extensive information on undergraduate programs at the College of Earth and Mineral Sciences of the Pennsylvania State University is now available via the WWW. This new server contains interesting related information, extensive graphics and links to other PSU servers.

New South Network Services would like to announce the VeloNews Tour de FranceWeb Page. This page will cover the world's greatest bicycle race from June 30th until July 30th.

Cisco Systems, Inc. is proud to announce the launch of its Cisco Information Online (CIO) WWW server. Like its character-based predecessor, the WWW version of CIO lets Cisco customers and partners access value added services such as technical support databases, known problem reports, software updates, installation notes and configuration examples and gain access to Cisco Technical Assistance Centers. The general WWW public can also use CIO at a guest level to obtain information on Cisco's products and services, press releases and access to the Cisco Educational Catalog.

The Imaging and Distributed Computing Group of Lawrence Berkeley Laboratory announces its interactive frog dissection kit. Users can generate images depicting a frog from various views and in various stages of dissection of its major organs.

NOAA AND EPA LAUNCH EXPERIMENTAL ULTRAVIOLET EXPOSURE INDEX. An experimental program designed to provide the public with an important new addition to the daily weather forecast -- prediction of solar ultraviolet radiation levels -- was instituted on June 28, 1994 in 58 cities throughout the United States. The press documents provide information on this joint agency effort.

The Population Studies Center of the University of Michigan is a Demographic Research and Training Center with an interdisciplinary base of sociology, economics, public health, anthropology, political science, and social work. PSC is viewed as a leader in applying computing and information technology to research and training.

The Wood Wide Web (run by Andy Wood) is now officially open for business. It includes information on Interface Agents, Student Television and other such exciting things!

The APL-UW web provides general information about the people and projects of the Applied Physics Laboratory at the University of Washington. APL-UW conducts a university-based program of fundamental research, technology development, engineering, and education emphasizing Navy applications of ocean science, ocean acoustics, and ocean engineering.

Aaron Greenhouse is running a WWW page dedicated to FOX Broadcasting, with links to pages on Married with Children, The Simpsons, The X-Files, various Spelling Entertainment programs, and more, Including a semi-comprehensive list of FOX programs.

The Science Library of Loyola University of Chicago presents the Jesuits and the Sciences, 1600-1800, a collection of images and text from rare works on astronomy, cosmology, engineering, mathematics and natural history written by members of the Society of Jesus during the 17th and 18th centuries.

The University of Abertay Dundee is now on the Web.

The Comprehensive Approach to Reusable Defense Software (CARDS) program is pleased to announce the availability of their World Wide Web Server. The CARDS program is an Air Force program dedicated to furthering DoD and Government agency objectives of the widespread institution of systematic software reuse. The goals of the CARDS program include becoming a premier resource for reuse knowledge which can be applied to improving engineering practices along with policy, legal, acquisition to support software reuse; becoming a premier resource for Command Center Knowledge and components; investigating and developing "advanced" reuse tools and techniques; and performing technology transfer through a comprehensive reuse adoption strategy tailorable to an organization's needs.

The 37th IEEE Midwest Symposium on Circuits and Systems will be held in Lafayette, Louisiana during August 2-5th. Prof. Carver Mead from Caltech will be the symposium keynote speaker. 36 countries will be represented in this year's technical program. For more information on the technical program, pre-symposium workshops/tutorials and other interesting symposium information, click here. The symposium has been organized by the Center for Advanced Computer Studies, Lafayette, LA.

Performance Systems International, Inc. (PSI) is pleased to announce its Web server. PSI is the largest provider of commercial, value-added internetworking services in the United States and Japan. Their server contains information on PSI's complete suite of internetworking services including their newest service, InterRamp. InterRamp provides affordable Internet access for individuals using ISDN or V.32bis modems. The PSI Web server also includes information concerning PSINet network status and other current happenings at PSI.

National Technological University is a private, non-profit, accredited institution founded in 1984 to serve the advanced educational needs of today's busy, highly mobile engineers, scientists and technical managers. NTU offers a wide range of credit and non-credit instructional television courses via satellite. Courses are taught by the top faculty of leading engineering universities.

The UK MRC Human Genome Mapping Project Resource Centre now has a public WWW server.

The SCSI-2 Specification is now available on-line in the form of a transcription into HTML. This work is based on the draft ANSI specification, revision 10L.

HYPERCOMP's Tour of the Load Sharing Facility now offers direct access to the LSF Manual and to the original design White Papers for LSF and lsbatch.

The UMinfo World Wide Web service, the newest part of the UMinfo Campus-Wide Information System at the University of Manitoba (Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada), is now available. The UMinfo WWW server offers access to the UMinfo Gopher, information about the Microcomputer Resource Centre, the Faculty of Graduate Studies, and the Department of Physics, and links to WWW servers maintained by the Departments of Electrical and Computer Engineering, Civil and Geological Engineering, and Computer Science.

Myxa Corporation is pleased to announce the availability of its new WWW server. Myxa is an open systems consulting provider and highlighted on the WWW server are outlines of presentations that are available. In addition, since Myxa is the headquarters for Elm, there is also information on how to obtain Elm, its documentation and FAQ file.

Oxford Brookes University is pleased to announce the opening of their World Wide Web Server. It includes a link to The Departmemt Of Architecture Home Page as well as useful links to other sites.

Tor Books, the New York-based science fiction and fantasy publisher, is pleased to announce the debut of its Web home page, offering a wide variety of information about Tor SF and fantasy. Fans of Steven Brust's fantasy novels, for instance, will want to look at the "Preface" ruthlessly suppressed from the published version of his recent FIVE HUNDRED YEARS AFTER, while readers of Maureen F. McHugh's award-winning CHINA MOUNTAIN ZHANG may be drawn to the sample chapters from her forthcoming second novel HALF THE DAY IS NIGHT. Other resources available include publishing schedules, the Tor Books online newsletter, a Tor FAQ, and links to other SF resources on the Web.

July 16, 1994

Beginning today, pieces of an object designated as Comet P/Shoemaker-Levy will collide with Jupiter!

July 12, 1994

The registration process for the Second International WWW Conference '94: Mosaic and the Web is now in action on the OSF-RI web server.

The University of Connecticut UCINFO Husky Web, central Web server for the University, is now online.

INFOMART is a 1.6 million square foot market center for computer related products and services located in Dallas, Texas, USA. Its 100 tenants include Apple, AT&T, EDS, IBM, Novell, Toshiba and Xerox. Their current online offerings include:

The Commercial Internet eXchange (CIX®) Association is pleased to announce the immediate availability of its World Wide Web server. CIX is a non-profit trade association of Public Data Internetwork service providers promoting and encouraging development of the public data communications internetworking services industry in both national and international markets. The CIX server includes pointers to:

The University of Iowa hosted three sessions of the Geographic Information Systems Institute in June. Attendees travelled from all parts of the country to learn basic principles of digital spatial data, thematic map production, remote sensing and image data processing, and the use and sharing of spatial data. Underwritten by a DOE grant proposed by Dr. Marc Armstrong, University of Iowa, the sessions were a great success. A series of high-quality JPEG photos capture session highlights.

The Neeley School of Business at Texas Christian University invites you to visit their new WWW server in Fort Worth, Texas. It's still under construction.

Cray Research is now on the Web. Their new server contains a wide range of information about Cray Research and it's subsidiary Cray Research SUPERSERVERS Inc., including lots of product info, company announcements, contact info and more. There is also a page dedicated to CraySoft, a company initiative to oversee development and marketing of the company's software for other firms' systems.

Dainamic Consulting offers comprehensive marketing strategy and management services for high technology companies designed to augment and complement internal resources. Visit our new Web server if you need high quality assistance for your marketing projects.

The Maui High Performance Computing Center is pleased to announce it's WWW server. The primary purpose of this server is to provide information about the Maui High Performance Computing Center and its resources to MHPCC users and to the wider Internet community.

The Honors Division at Indiana University is proud to announce the unveiling of the Labyrinth Electronic Publishing Project, including:

Take a look and leave some comments on the art and poetry, or if you are feeling creative yourself, leave some noise on the Graffiti Wall.

Sparky's WWW site at CyberZine.ORG announces homepages for CyberZine. CyberZine is a quarterly printed Cyberspace guide and Internet traveler's aid. With CyberZine, Internet novices and more advanced users can discover the resources, tools and destinations in Cyberspace with CyberZine's user friendly, online, and in-print productions.

A Home Page Authoring service is being offered by cookware. This service provides custom HTML's (WWW documents), scanned and custom images, custom HTML management software for servers and ftp access, and help in picking inexpensive sites to house your pages.

Maxwell Laboratories and Caltrans announce the availibility of real-time traffic information for San Diego, California, USA freeways via the Internet World Wide Web. Current freeway speeds and flow rates, along with daily construction closures and updated freeway incident reports are available in both graphical and text formats. The information is normally updated about once a minute.

CareerMosaic is the first World Wide Web guide to in-depth information about exciting Employers: Where they are, what they're doing, why they may be important to you, and what's important to them. Premiere CareerMosaic employers include National Semiconductor, Read-Rite, Symantec, Tandem Computers, and US WEST. And, you'll find new employers on a regular basis. Content for some of the world's most innovative companies is being developed as you read this. CareerMosaic is developed and brought to you by Bernard Hodes Advertising and Internet Distribution Services.

The American South Internet Resource Center has just added The Academic South page, a comprehensive listing of information about Southern universities, with over 80 schools listed so far. To add information or comment on the site, please contact [email protected].

The Cocteau Twins Home Page, consisting of a complete discography, history, images and interesting tadbits about the Cocteau Twins, is now online.

The Milwaukee Marketplace, a listing of Milwaukee, Wisconsin, businesses and services, is available from MIX Communications.

The Academia Sinica is pleased to announce its WWW server and gopher server. Academia Sinica was founded on June 9, 1928, as the highest academic institution in Taiwan, Republic of China. The server is set up by the Computing Center and provides information both in English and in Chinese (Big-5). The purpose of this server is to introduce the Academia Sinica and to serve as the Academy-Wide Information System.

The international management team of Global Recycling Network is pleased to announce its WWW Home Page, and that the Internet-linked system of trade-lead exchanges for recycling is on-line and operational in July. GRN is an information service set up on the Internet to aid businesses around the world to recycle resources, surplus manufactured goods and outdated or used machinery.

Visit ANi's Cyber Sanctum. A new kind of virtual world...

Moe's Books, Berkeley, California, has made its catalogs available through the Internet Book Information Center. Moe's has 20 catalogs of new, remaindered, out-of-print, and rare books available, with more catalogs to come. For more information, please check out the Moe's home page or contact Moe's directly at [email protected]

The Computer-Integrated Manufacturing Research Center at Arizona State University would like to announce their WWW server. This server contains information about the various labs and projects at the Research Center. This server also describes the Electronic Commerce Network (ECNet) being setup in the Phoenix Metro area in Arizona.

The Learning Research and Development Center at the University of Pittsburgh is pleased to announce their WWW server. This server provides information about the center's programs, the researchers, and publications. Since its founding in 1963, LRDC has probed the nature of thinking, knowing, and understanding in and beyond school. Its twofold mission is to broaden scientific insights into all aspects of learning and to support the use of research in various instructional settings.

Through its new WWW server, Sword & Crown Mail-Order has begun selling fantasy role-playing game materials, including the popular Magic: The Gathering trading card game from Wizards of the Coast. Sword & Crown is now taking pre-orders for The Dark Limited Edition [a Magic expansion set] and Jyhad Limited Edition [based on Vampire: The Masquerade]. Sword & Crown also offers Revised Edition Magic cards at a significant discount. Also check out Spellfire from TSR and the weekly special. ORDER ONLINE!

Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University (ERAU) is an independent, non-sectarian, not-for-profit, coeducational university with a history dating back to the early days of aviation. The Embry-Riddle WWW servers support the needs of students and professionals in aviation, aerospace, engineering and related fields. For a look at the history of Embry-Riddle, or if you just like airplanes, check out their page of thumbnail aircraft pictures showing a few of the Embry-Riddle fleet over this century, each ready for a click and a download of a high-quality JPEG version.

ACADEME THIS WEEK, The Chronicle of Higher Education's information service on the Internet, is now available in the World-Wide Web format. Beginning every Tuesday at 12 noon, Eastern time, readers can see a guide to the contents of that week's issue of The Chronicle -- plus all of the "Positions Available" advertisements from that week's issue. Hundreds of new job openings are listed every week at colleges, universities, and other organizations. Among other features of ACADEME THIS WEEK: A calendar of events in academe and a list of important deadlines for grants, papers, and fellowships.

The "World's Greatest Neurozine," also commonly known as bOI NG bOING is now available for your memetic viewing pleasure! Learn about the Happy Mutant Handbook -a new bOING bOING book that is scheduled to be released in the spring of 1995!

A new fun site in Japan is online at Kyushu Institute of Design University (KID). It includes campus information and works (art, video...etc). YOUR ENTRY is always welcome at Foolish Hall "BAKADOUJYOU"!

The Accelerator Laboratory of the Ludwig Maximilians University and the Technical University of Munich would like to announce its WWW Server. Be patient, currently most of its information is in the German language, but it is planned to extend the bilingual pages.

This weeks issue of InfoWorld Magazine is now available at the Internet Shopping Network.

PreCom Strategic Planning (PSP) is pleased to announce its home page. PreCom is a global strategic planning firm that merges PreCompetitive Matching(tm) with the World Wide Web to provide access to a leading-edge transformational tool for executives, managers, HR and OD professionals wanting to maximize the performance of an entire company, division, department or project team.

Version 6.05 of the tcsh shell (an extended, portable version of csh, the Berkeley C shell) has a hypertext manual, kindly hosted by Yale Computing & Information Systems. You can make yourself a local copy for zippy reading using a Perl script included with the source code.

The Signal Processing Information Base (SPIB) is a project sponsored by the Signal Processing Society and the National Science Foundation. SPIB is a repository of data, papers, software, newsgroups, bibliographies, and addresses of interest to the signal processing community, as well as links to other relevant repositories.

A sensitive map of Switzerland is now available.

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