What's New: June, 1993

June 27, 1993
Digital Equipment Corporation is running a Web server from their anonymous FTP server. Included are pointers to DEC product information, Ultrix and OSF/1 FAQ's, DEC research reports, and more.

The Army Research Laboratory is now running a Web server. Included is information on the ARL Scientific Visualization effort, a picture of the arrival of a KSR-1 supercomputer at ARL, and more.

Information on the Front Range Consortium is now online -- here's their Web server. Members of the Front Range Consortium include CAPP, NCAR/SCD, and NOAA/FSL.

The Navy Research Laboratory Advanced Concepts Group is now online.

June 25, 1993
A Web server has been installed at the Centre Universitaire d'Informatique of the University of Geneva. Information about various research groups at the CUI is available, as well as a number of other experimental services.
June 24, 1993
The Institute for Theoretical Physics at State University of New York at Stony Brook is now running a Web server. Included is online Institute news bulletins, a directory of people, and local system documentation.

HyTelnet 6.5 is now online; see here.

If you haven't tried it yet, take a look at the Web server running inside JaysHouseMOO. See particularly the object browser. (For those unfamiliar with the term, a MOO is a "consensual text-based virtual reality", aka MUD or Multi-User Dungeon, wherein people interact with one other in a computer-enabled world. Since these systems commonly feature rich and extensible programming environments, it is possible to build Web, Gopher, and other servers (and clients!) directly into the online virtual world. Another example of this is the Gopher server running inside the Actuator MUD; more examples are here.)

June 23, 1993
A new server at Georgia Tech is here; see in particular resources by subject. Most of the stuff in there is off limits to off-site people -- bummer. But not a hypermedia version of The Whistle and information on their Graphics, Visualization, and Useability Lab.
June 22, 1993
A new and greatly improved HTML primer is now online, courtesy of the Publications group at NCSA. Comments to [email protected].

Carnegie Mellon has announced their Web server; here's the "Front Door"; here's the home page. ("Front door"... interesting metaphor, that.) Interesting things on their server include a hypermedia CMU technical reports archive, an index of online reference works, an index of online journals, some personal home pages, and more. Also, they're keeping us Mosaic developers in line with their own internal list of Mosaic bugs. (Bugs? Us?)

The Usenet University -- New Network Academy announces the beta test opening of its new Web server. This server includes a database of consultants willing to answer questions via email, a meta-library of Internet resources, and information on the UU-NNA virtual campus.

June 21, 1993
Xerox PARC is now running an experimental public WWW server here; it features a slick world map server.
June 20, 1993
NCSA Mosaic's developers humbly ask people who refer to NCSA Mosaic in their online or printed documents to refer to it by its given name -- "NCSA Mosaic" -- rather than "xmosaic" or "Xmosaic". This helps us in a couple different ways, including keeping our management happy.

Also, anyone who is using Mosaic in a real world project (education, research, commercial, etc.) is encouraged to drop us a line at [email protected]; details on how people are really using our software help us immensely, especially when it comes time to go for funding to let us build more and better software for you to use. Thanks in advance!

June 19, 1993
A new version of the public group/community annotation server running on hoohoo.ncsa.uiuc.edu:8001 has been put in place. Now, backlinks to the annotated documents are automatically provided in new annotations. (For information on the public annotation server, see here.)

A discussion of some design issues in group/community annotation systems, including the collision of WWW annotation systems and news, is now here; currently there are discussions of a Usenet approach to global annotations, and notification methods for tracking annotation activity.

June 18, 1993
New overviews of Mosaic's group annotation support and HDF/netCDF scientific data file browsing support are now available.

Beta version 0.4 of Cello, a Microsoft Windows WWW client from Tom Bruce at Cornell, and also beta version 0.55 of Bill Perry's Emacs WWW browser, have been released.

June 17, 1993
A new server at MIT, containing lots of interesting information, is now up and running.

CNIDR (the Clearinghouse for Networked Information Discovery and Retrieval) now has a Web server (as well as a Gopher server and a WAIS directory of servers).

Another interesting new server is up at the Superconducting Super Collider; it has information on topics like the Solenoidal Detector Collaboration project.

Frederick G.M. Roeber at CERN is maintaining and enhancing a central index of space science information.

June 16, 1993
A new overview of Mosaic's remote control capabilities is available. ("Remote control" means that Mosaic can be easily and flexibly controlled from other applications, e.g. to allow it to serve as an online help engine.)
June 15, 1993
The Mosaic demo document continues to evolve. Interesting new entries include a hypermedia art history exhibit from Michael Greenhalgh at Australian National University and an online version of the NCSA Digital Gallery.
June 14, 1993
An experimental WWW physics preprint server at Los Alamos is coming along nicely.
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