What's New: March, 1994

March 29, 1994

The College of Engineering at the University of Hawai`i at Manoa announces its WWW server. In addition to general information about the College, the server has clickable maps of Holmes Hall (where the College is located) and some interesting user contributions. One particular contribution which has gained recognition recently is the R.A.S Racer Archive, which is a collection of information about f1, indy and NASCAR races.

Educational Online Sources welcomes you to a web of education information, created for and by the K12 community. We encourage everyone to contribute to this shared space!

The University of Surrey's Dept of Electrical & Electronic Engineering is pleased to announce a new Web server. At present, this contains various information about the EE department, including it's expertise in research and teaching, the Web version of the Edupage IT newsletter, and new guides to several Science Fiction TV series, including ST:TNG and ST:DS9. More information is being added to the server frequently.

The 1.2 Meter Southern Columbia Millimeter Telescope (SCMT) at Cerro Tololo Interamerican Observatory (CTIO) proudly presents its new WWW server. Even though pages are still under construction, you are more than welcome to browse through them. You'll find information on one of the world's smallest radiotelescopes as well as access to some nice other sites.

The Clemson Computational Science and Engineering Resource is a collection of primarily educational resources in computational science and engineering. It contains pointers to servers such as Netlib, mailing lists on CSE, relevant news groups, and contacts for academic materials. The resource is expanding daily. Send additions to D. E. Stevenson, [email protected].

FINWeb is a new World Wide Web service that provides access to some of the best economics and finance-related gopher and World Wide Web that can be found on the Internet. FINWeb features links to, among other things, 1) various working paper archives, 2) Gopher and WWW services provided by leading economics departments, finance departments, business schools, and financial institutions throughout the world, 3) EDGAR (the Security and Exchange Commission's online database), and 4) the Financial Executive Journal. FINWeb is offered as an ancillary service of RISKWeb, a Risk and Insurance World Wide Web Server.

The Center for Geometry Analysis Numerics and Graphics (GANG) at the University of Massachusetts Amherst is pleased to announce its Web Service. This service will focus on the Center's research in Differential Geometry with particular emphasis on minimal surfaces, surfaces of constant mean curvature, surface and knot energies, along with applications of this research to materials science and quantum physics. The Center's Geometry Archive is an on-line library of papers, pictures, animations and software connected with this research.

The Andrew Consortium at Carnegie Mellon University now has a Web home page. Andrew is a an extensible compound document system for Unix systems running X windows. It includes: Our Web pages have more detailed descriptions of Andrew (including screen snapshots), and links to an FTP archive containing the source code for our new release, version 6.2.

Orange Alert! Syracuse University is pleased to announce its main HTTP server. This server provides links to all our WWW/Mosaic accessible resources, both existing and "under development".

March 28, 1994

Cisco Systems Inc. and UNC's SunSITE are pleased to announce the opening of the Cisco Educational Archive, a collection of educational web resources, including an imagemap of state and regional gophers.

The student chapter of the ACM at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign would like to announce the return of Rob's Multimedia Lab. The multimedia lab was originally on the What's New page for NSCA Mosaic in July '93 run from a machine at the National Institute of Health and went off the air at the beginning of January '94. Thanks to the U of IL's College of Engineering Workstation Labs for a drive to store the lab.

A Prugatory of Semiotics is an on-line chapbook of images and poetry by Michael Mollo. It is in no way associated with Sonoma State University.

Electrical and Electronics Engineering Department at Bogazici University in Istanbul,TURKEY is pleased to announce its WWW server. The server currenly provides the following information.

Clemson University College of Engineering has added a server for its Continuous Quality Improvement Project. This site has started with access to files from Tom Glenn's TQMBBS (which has mail and modem access only) and information about the local college continuous improvement program. The Clemson Department of Industrial Engineering provides information about the department and its faculty, and undergraduate and graduate program information.

March 26, 1994

The Johannes Kepler University Linz (Austria) announces its WWW server. The Department of Information Systems of the Computer Science Institute is the promotor of this WWW Server. One major interest is our literature page of Computer Science, because of faster research.

The School of Cognitive and Computing Sciences at the University of Sussex has now set up a WWW service. Highlights include an intereactive browser for the School's Technical Reports, some of which are available for FTP, and a Picture Gallery with colour pictures of various members of the School, and a sample of each of them saying "Hello" (in their native language, where appropriate).

The Center for the Study of the American South and SunSITE at UNC-Chapel Hill have recently set up the American South Internet Resource Center, a multimedia collection of resources for research and information about the south. This site will hopefully be expanding quickly over the next few weeks, and we welcome any suggestions for additional links and sources.

Bristol Technology Inc. announces their WWW server. The server contains access to Bristol product information and demos, and a very odd fun page. See if you can find the Bristol cult hero Mike Shields!

Fintronic USA, Inc. announces the availability of its online catalog of Linux workstations and notebooks. Linux is a freely available UNIX-like operating systems. For Linux information see here.

CSC Mathematical Topics provides information for mathematics-related subjects. This service has been expanded and reorganized for better access. CSC Mathematical Topics include links to WWW, FTP, and Gopher, various search services, and Usenet News. There are also pointers to answers for mathematics-related FAQ and announcements of conferences. You can also find information about books published by CSC, and contact CSC online help facilities (information on software etc.). CSC is the Finnish national supercomputer center located in Espoo, Finland.

The U.S. Department of Education, Office of Educational Research and Improvement (OERI) is pleased to announce a new Internet World Wide Web (WWW) server, which provides public access to education research, statistics, and information about the U.S. Department of Education and its programs.

The Boston Restaurant List is now available at OSF. In addition to detailed reviews of ~400 recommended restaurants in and around Boston, there's also an online form for submitting new or updated restaurant reviews. This resource is an web-oriented version of the list that has previously been distributed through the Usenet groups ne.food and rec.food.restaurants.

The Internet Book Information Center (IBIC) provides information for book-lovers, including: IBIC reviews of recently released and forthcoming books, such as Julian May's DIAMOND MASK, Bill Walton's NOTHING BUT NET, and (coming soon) Steven Covey's FIRST THINGS FIRST; links to Internet resources and metaresources related to books; and The Commonplace Book, an edited collection of striking passages maintained as a shared, updatable Internet resource. Server space for IBIC is provided courtesy of SunSITE, a joint project of Sun Microsystems and the University of North Carolina-Chapel Hill.

The Artificial Life Online service is intended to serve as a forum for the accumulation and dissemination of information about all aspects of the field of Artificial Life. Artificial Life Online, sponsored by the MIT Press and the Santa Fe Institute, combines the utilities of a WWW-server, a Gopher server, an FTP server, an interactive Bulletin Board, and Usenet News. Hence, there are a number of different access methods for coming into the system. Information available includes Alife software packages, a bibliographic database, suggestions for Alife course curricula, and a large collection of local Alife newsgroups dedicated to a wide variety of topics relevant to Alife research.

The University of Oregon's Computational Intelligence Research Lab (CIRL) is a laboratory affiliated with the CS department and doing research on basic questions in artificial intelligence: search, knowledge representation, and reasoning. CIRL is located at the Riverfront Research Park in Eugene, Oregon, and CIRL faculty participate in university and departmental activities including the supervision of graduate students.

The Web interface to the rec.arts.movies database is now being mirrored in the USA and in Australia.
There is information on over 30,000 titles, 75,000 actors and actresses, 6500 directors, 7900 writers... and much much more, all of which can be searched.
Whether you're a movies fan or just need answers to questions such as "where have I seen that face before ?", then this is for you.. Here are the servers; Other regional mirrors may follow depending on demand.

The National Information Infrastructure Public Interest Summit will take place in Washington, DC on March 29th, on National Public Radio and in ClarkNet webspace. Speakers and panelists include Vice President Al Gore, Dr. Benjamin Chavis of the NAACP, and Mitch Kapor of the Electronic Frontier Foundation. Send questions for the panelists to [email protected]tmn.com.

Do you develop software? Do need to develop or test on every type of UNIX, PC, Apple Macintosh, Pen based or Wireless System, printer or network available? The Center For Software Development can help you. The Center is a not-for-profit organization with a mission to promote the growth of software companies. The Software Entrepreneurs Forum, the City of San Jose, California and Novell, Inc. founded The Center. It acts as a catalyst between the key facets of the software industry...software developers, hardware and software vendors, and service providers. The Center provides self-service test labs, events, and an Industry Resource Library. This server is brought to you by Internet Distribution Services.

By popular demand, COSTA TRAVEL ON-LINE has added a 5 % rebate on ANY CRUISE or TOUR booked through this service. Rebates on air travel alone coming soon! COSTA TRAVEL ON-LINE offers discount travel packages and crui ses along with airfare special deals. Reservations can be made via FAX, EMAIL< /a>, or Intern ational TOLL FREE PHONE NUMBER. UCSD / SDSU / USD on-campus delivery FREE!

The Cypherpunks Home Page is where you can access various information related to security, cryptography, and privacy. The cypherpunks are interested in keeping strong cryptography publically available. A Cypherpunks's Manifesto is a good overview of the group's ideals. The Cypherpunks WWW is maintained by Sameer <[email protected]>.

The Amos Tuck School of Busniess Administration now has a home page on the Dartmouth College WWW server. It contains information about the school, including course descriptions, and links to other business schools.

Clockwork is an underground student-run WWW site at Carnegie Mellon Unversity.

Hot off the presses from a growing media avalanche, The Internet Underground Music Archive (IUMA) invites you to come browse our rapidly growing archive of underground and not-so-underground music from around the world. If you are in a band (especially unsigned) information on how to make your music available to the Internet can be found on the site.

March 22, 1994

CBCL, the MIT-based Center for Biological and Computational learning, announces its Web pages. We are an interdisciplinary center which promotes research collaboration in artificial intelligence, computer science, engineering, and the neurosciences. The Web pages include information on our research programs, our principal investigators, our seminar schedule, and a number of ongoing projects.

The University of Sheffield is pleased to announce a WWW server based at its Academic Computing Services. Currently there is information from:

Visit SurfNet, your window to the worlds' beaches. SurfNet provides live (or as close to live as possible) views of the worlds' beaches. In addition, SurfNet provides a worldwide audience for surfing photographers, writers and videoartists. "Let's go to the beach!"

The Decision Analysis Lab of Stevens Institute of Technology, in conjunction with SmartChoice Technologies Corporation, is undertaking a Computer Mediated Communication Survey to gauge the impact that CMC has had on the workplace. It will be accessible from Sunday, March 20 until Saturday, April 2. You need to be using a WWW Browser with forms support to take part in the survey.

We'd like to introduce the The Santa Cruz community and it's growing number of WWW sites.
Santa Cruz Geek Houses: Santa Cruz Web Services:

We would like to announce OncoLink, a WWW-server and gopher server oriented to CANCER. This resource is directed to physicians, health care personnel, social workers, patients and their supporters. This cancer information server is currently under development, with frequent additions. OncoLink is currently subdivided into areas covering: medical oncology, radiation oncology, pediatric oncology, surgical oncology, medical physics, psychosocial support for oncology patients & families, and other links to other cancer resources throughout the world.

The EXPO is pleased to announce the addition of the EXPO Post Office.
Also the EXPO Restaurant will soon be showing in color (due to popular request).

AskERIC announces a major upgrade to its WWW/Mosaic Server. The AskERIC Virtual Library is an ongoing project to build a digital library for educational information that educators can navigate as they would in a real library. Also on the site is a Slide Show explaining what AskERIC is and how to use it with narration (for Mosaic Only).

Some new clickable cards (mainly on planets & shuttles) have been added to the Rennes' CRI-CICB astronomy page (images, animations). Moreover, a Space Movie Archive is now available: it consists of about 90 anims, the biggest archive in the world i know.

A Fractal Movie Archive has been opened. You may also have a look at the Fractal Art Gallery of Mandelbrot sets at CNAM of Paris too.

The La Jolla Cancer Research Foundation made one more step into the internet. The new WWW server is still under construction, but come and visit!! Information about seminars and events at the Foundation and much more will be available soon.

Amdahl Corporation announces its WWW server. The server has gone public because of three press releases about new software products from Amdahl's Open Enterprise Systems Division. The server has actually been running for a couple months since Amdahl hosted February's Bay Area SIG-WEB meeting.

Venable, Baetjer, Howard & Civiletti, a major law firm in the Washington/Baltimore metropolitan area, has become perhaps the first legal services provider to establish its own World Wide Web server. In addition to information on the firm's services and attorneys, the Venable WWW Server provides timely and interesting materials on a variety of legal issues, including Information Law topics relating to the Information Superhighway. Venable also plans to set up FTP and Gopher servers with a library of publications on legal topics.

Macintosh websurfers will be interested in browsable hyperarchive which mirrors the contents of the SUMEX INFO-MAC archive of Macintosh software. Among its features is a reverse-chronological listing of recent contributions.

The Penn State Outing Club, Canoe Division announces a World Wide Web server with information on canoe and kayaking trips, races, and classes in central Pennsylvania. Entry forms for the April 10 Loyalsock Slalom are also available.

The MIT Student Information Processing Board Web Server announces a complete rewrite of their home page with some beautiful icons by Eri, our new WebArtîste. Recent additions and changes include many user home pages, a rapidly growing list of other servers at MIT, and numerous MIT Activities with useful stuff on the Web. A number of the existing gateways and services have undergone substantial changes. bert has added numerous spiffy icons to the discuss gateway. We have also added a new forms-based comment page.

Matthew has also come out with a new comprehensive list of web servers, version IV (more than 1200 sites!), produced by his World Wide Web Wanderer. Wow, it's big!

A home page for Computer Vision is now available at Carnegie Mellon University. It includes pointers to 20 research groups' home pages, image archives and source code related to Robot Vision and Image Processing.

The Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering at Carleton University in Ottawa has a slowly building web server. In addition to the usual stuff like program and faculty information and pointers to related servers, there is a small collection of recent theses, a slightly dated survey of commercial software for Civil Engineering, and an incomplete exhibit on the Quebec Bridge disasters, including a case study of the first.

The Hubble Space Telescope Astrometry Science Team announces a WWW home page. See how astrometry, one of the oldest branches of astronomy, uses the Hubble Space Telescope, one of the newest tools of astronomy. Interrogate our home page to find out what we do, who we are, and what we've done. Look over our shoulder as we search for planets around a nearby star.

The Internet Multicasting Service is now offering keyword searches to all 1994 SEC and Patent documents. You can also reach our services through Gopher and WAIS. Expect new developments over the next few months including the Red Sage restaurant on-line, access to Internet Talk Radio through a referal home page and a live cybercast to the Internet from INTEROP on May 4-6.

The Production and Operations Management Group at the Harvard Business School is running a WWW server that includes a searchable catalog of Harvard teaching cases.

The University of Texas at Austin Graduate School of Library and Information Science maintains a Mosaic homepage filled with information related to the program, library and information science resources, Internet tools and guides, and other miscellaneous information.

The Coombs Computing Unit, Research Schools of Social Sciences & Pacific and Asian Studies at the Australian National University, Canberra has became the moderator of the Asian Studies section of the CERN's WWW Virtual Library project. Please direct Asian Studies' registrations requests, announcements and inquiries to the Asian Studies WWW VL administrator: Dr T.Matthew Ciolek ([email protected]).

The United Nations Outer Space Office is pleased to announce an experimental home page focusing on United Nations activities in outer space matters, particularly on planetary exploration and astronomy (=basic space science).

The National Astronomy and Ionosphere Center (NAIC) Arecibo Observatory, the world's largest radio telescope, has a new WWW home page.

On March 24th, the INFACT Tobacco Industry Campaign against the marketing of tobacco to children will begin a 1-800 Call-In Blitz to the tobacco companies, to coincide with Surgeon General Jocelyn Elders' national town meeting on youth and smoking. All the information you need to participate is on the web now!

The Palo Alto Chamber of Commerce is pleased to announce a page that provides information about the World Cup soccer games that will be in Palo Alto this June.

The University of Rhode Island Department of Chemistry announces a new WWW server. Information about the University of Rhode Island, the Department of Chemistry and the graduate program in chemistry is provided. Also included are descriptions of faculty research projects and graduate school application information.

March 18, 1994

Explore Depth Probe, a crystalized mixture of book reviews, movie reviews, music reviews, thoughts, and dreams geared towards exploration of modern culture.

A brief report of the first astronomical WWWorkshop held in Padova (Italy) Friday March 11 is now available. Moreover an experimental page thought which to access the presently working servers of the Astronomical Observatories in Italy (Trieste, Padova, Milano, Arcetri (Florence) and Cagliari) is up and running.

The Rice Design Alliance presents the Virtual City lecture series on the Web. What new impact will new communication technologies have on the way we live in communities? Deyan Sudjic, Bruce Sterling, Howard Rheingold, Bruce Tomb and John Randolph and Sanford Kwinter examine the evolving nature of cities in the age of advaced technologies.

The Research Triangle Institute, a multidisciplinary not for profit research institute in Research Triangle Park, North Carolina is now on the web.

"Ladies and gentlemen, charge your batteries!"
The International Electric Grand Prix Association goes on-line with its Drive Clean '94 slate of events on a World-Wide Web server hosted, appropriately, by Electric Press, Inc. Events include the Exide Electric Grand Prix and the 1994 World Clean Air Road Rally to Disneyland. Photographs, sound bites, and video clips will shatter your myths about electric cars.

The rec.guns FAQ is now available in hypertextual form at the URL: http://sal.cs.uiuc.edu/rec.guns/ Information about sporting and defensive uses of firearms is provided, along with image and sound archives.

The University of Florida Chemical Engineering Department is pleased to announce a new WWW server. On-line course information services as well as an archive of Advanced System for Process ENgineering (ASPEN) examples are under construction. Links are also provided to the Computer-Aided Process Improvement Laboratory which is being developed as a shared educational resource under an NSF/SUCCEED undergraduate education improvement research project.

A home page for Animations and MPEGs is now available at the Towson State University in Maryland. This growing page contains short descriptions and links to various sites on theweb which serve animations and movies.

The University of Nevada Las Vegas now has a web server online. It offers a "UNLV in Pictures" hypermedia tour, a UNLV FAQ, various UNLV documents such as Undergraduate and Graduate catalogs (in progress), and information about the different colleges at UNLV, and student organizations. This server is being maintained at the National Supercomputing Center for Energy and the Environment Located on campus at UNLV.

A brief report of the first astronomical WWWorkshop held in Padova (Italy) Friday March 11 is now available. Moreover an experimental page thought which to access the presently working servers of the Astronomical Observatories in Italy (Trieste, Padova, Milano, Arcetri (Florence) and Cagliari) is up and running.

The University of Toronto's Division of the Environment has a new home page which contains a hypertext version of their handbook for undergraduates, as well as pointers to a number of other information providers at the University of Toronto.

The third anniversary issue (Vol. 4, No. 2) of Inter Text, an electronic magazine, has just been released.

The StanfordU.S.-Japan Technology Manageme nt Center is now public with its web server. Notable offerings include: The Stanford site maintains very comprehensive lists of Internet-connected organizations in Japan today.

The Department of Computing Science at the University of Newcastle upon Tyne now has a WWW server running.

Following an agreement with the Editors of Astronomy & Astrophysics, the CDS, Strasbourg provides access to the abstracts from the Astronomy and Astrophysics Supplement Series, starting January 1994. These abstracts are made available to the CDS, by the Publisher (Editions de Physique), approximately four weeks before the publication of the corresponding issue.
January to April 1994 issues of A&AS are currently available.
Access is by keyword, author's name, or chronological order.

The National Climatic Data Center has incorporated a number of new features into it's home page. For a complete listing of new features see what's new at NCDC. Here are a few of the recent additions to the NCDC home page...

The Genome Data Base (GDB) at Johns Hopkins University announces the availability of a new WWW server. The server features The GDB Browser, an HTML+ forms interface to a powerful SQL query engine, and OMIM, The Online Mendelian Inheritance in Man -- the comprehensive source on genetic disorders. The Muscular Dystrophy gene and a description of Tay-Sachs Disease are two examples of the data available from GDB.

Announcing the Fourth Intersociety Conference on Thermal Phenomena in Electronic Systems - ITHERM '94.

A new web server in the School of Computer Science at the University of Birmingham, U.K., provides information about their research activities, degree programmes and contact points. This service complements an existing gopher service and will shortly also offer a virtual tourist guide to Birmingham and the surrounding Midlands area (inc. Stratford-Upon-Avon, Ironbridge, etc.).

The United States Bureau of the Census has opened an information server on the internet. Please explore our service and tell us what you think. Connect to our beta WWW site by pointing your client software here. We will support many services, including gopher and ftp. We also plan to offer a majordomo mail server in the near future. If you have problems, questions, suggestions, etc, send email to [email protected].

The Computing Systems Technology Office (CSTO) at ARPA now provides World Wide Web, gopher, and ftp access to both current research and solicitation information. The research section describes the basic CSTO research areas and includes current summaries of funded projects. Some of these summaries themselves contain links out to project related Internet information sites. The solicitation information section provides complete information on current CSTO solicitations and selected information for other ARPA offices. Planned enhancements include publishing the upcoming proceedings of the High Performance Computing and Communications Symposium.

A list of nonprofits on the Internet is maintained by Ellen Spertus ([email protected]). Nonprofits with WWW pages include The Electronic Frontier Foundation, The Foundation for National Progress, The Global Fund for Women, INFACT, and The National Center for Missing and Exploited Children.

A new Web server on information relevant to educational technology in the health professions is now available. The server is maintained by the Educational Technology Branch (ETB) at the National Library of Medicine. The server features information about Branch research and personnel and provides links to other closely related Web and Gopher servers. ETB runs a Learning Center for Interactive Technology at the NLM in Bethesda, Maryland. Details about the Center and on how to arrange for an appointment to visit us are also provided.

The ITTI Gravigs project produced complete teaching packs on the use of computer graphics and scientific vizualisation for scientists, engineers and medics. Three packs have been released; you can read about the pack contents, scope, and prices: People interested in the forthcoming module Visualisation 2: graphical exploration may wish to look at the resource list which is currently being constructed.

A description the the 3D seismic finite difference code TRES is available on the S-Cubed WWW server. Use of recursive grid refinement sets Tres3D apart from any other finite difference code used for seismic modeling. This code is being used to model earthquake ground motions from the recent Northridge earthquake.

The Outdoor Action Program (OA) at Princeton University is now on the Web. OA is Princeton's outdoor education program that offers wilderness trips and leadership development for Princeton students, faculty, staff, and alumnae. A number of text files are up through the campus Gopher server. A range of useful outdoor and outdoor program related files will be making their way up to the Web as HTML documents.

The Coombs Computing Unit, Research Schools of Social Sciences & Pacific and Asian Studies at the Australian National University, Canberra has became the moderator of the Social Sciences section of the CERN's WWW Virtual Library project. Please direct social sciences' registrations requests, announcements and inquiries to the Soc.Sci. WWW VL administrator: Dr T.Matthew Ciolek ([email protected]).

The University of Warsaw, Poland has now launched the Institute for Social Studies Server . The WWW system offers bilingual (English/Polish) menus and links to the other web servers in Poland. Please direct inquiries to: Mr Jacek Szamrej ([email protected]), Center for Complex Systems, Institute for Social Studies, Univ. of Warsaw, Poland.

The National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) presents a pictoral guide to information and data resources available in NOAA. Connections to the various data and information services available in NOAA, including home pages, gophers, WAIS databases and other on-line services are available through the NOAA home page.

The National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) Environmental Information Services is pleased to introduce a home page which allows users to search for environmental data and information, access NOAA data, and see examples of how others are using data from NOAA.

The Naval Research Laboratory in Washington DC is now online with its World Wide Web server. There you will find descriptions of the various divisions of the Laboratory at its Washington, DC, Monterey, CA, and Stennis Space Center, MS sites, as well as information on many of the Lab's research and development activities. This information service is still under development and more information arrives daily, so expect to find new things often.

On Tuesday, March 15, sixth grade students at Hillside Elementary School began the construction of their own Web Server. This is part of a joint project of the University of Minnesota and Hillside Elementary School to integrate the use of the Internet into the curriculum of elementary level education. Our objective is to have students not just look at the Internet and take information from it, but to participate in building and shaping their own small part of the Information Superhighway.

The U.S. Patent and Trademark Office is pleased to announce a WWW server providing access to the transcripts of the recent public hearings on software patent protection. Browse the list of speakers from the San Jose or the Arlington hearings, or retrieve a full text copy.

A number of record labels have got there music on the net, but I think this is the first band on the net. The band Towhead has set up a home page complete with songs, upcoming shows, and general contact information.

U.S. Global Change Policy Symposium April 12-13, 1994, National Press Club, Washington, D.C. Now in its second year, this two-day symposium will review the most recent findings of the U.S. Global Change Research Program, explore the evolution of its satellite and data systems and examine how it will be used for developing federal environmental policies. Interactive workshops will tour on-line USGCRP databases. Participants include the White House, OSTP, NASA, NOAA, Congress, DoE, EPA, USGS, CIESIN, the Earth observation industry and global change universities. $395 lunch inclusive. Sponsored by the Earth Resources Association, TRW, Lockheed, Martin Marietta, Hughes, Core Systems, Odetics, NASA and NOAA.

The Interop Company has put the NetWorld+Interop 94 Las Vegas Program Guide on-line. You'll find descriptions of an incredibly rich educational program produced by the Interop Company, which has earned a mark of distinction in the industry as a leader in advancing multivendor internetworking and interoperability. Interop 94 will take place May 2-6, 1994. Internet Distribution Services is providing the creative services for this server.

Mother Jones Magazine has just released the March/April issue. The major package is on jobs and the economy: Where is our economy headed? What is the jobs outlook? John Kenneth Galbraith, Lester Thurow, and other experts try to answer these questions, and ordinary people tell their stories in several articles of varying length. We've also got pieces on Bob Maxwell, a banker who got sucked into a CIA nightmare, Chelsea, one of the poorest communities in the U.S., the right wing takeover of public schools, and all our usual columns and short bits including Paula Poundstone and a nasty letter from the EPA. Check it out on us!

The NCSA Relativity Group announces a home page. You can find out who we are, see special exhibits and projects, view movies, and retrieve scientific papers and numerical codes. We are also maintaining a General Relativity around the world page containing information about activities in relativity worldwide, including links to other servers related to physics, astrophysics, etc.

The University of Delaware, College of Marine Studies, would like to announce that OCEANIC, the Ocean Information Center, is now available through GOPHER and WWW.

The Geology department of Indiana University - Purdure University Indianapolis (IUPUI) presents DINO FEST. Dino Fest is a gathering of more then 30 of North America's great dinosaur hunters, Mesozoic paleoecologists, and molecular biologists who will dicuss the real science behind the movie Jurrassic Park. The Dino Fest information is provided online courtesy of the IUPUI Chemistry Department.

March 14, 1994

Well, in a fit of boredoom and as an attempt to learn the server side of forms (while avoiding working on my thesis), I have created a WWW pool for this year's NCAA Basketball Tournament. Needless to say, this is for fun only. It is not sanctioned by NCSA or anybody official and there is no prize other than being crowned the "WWW Basketball Wizard" or some such cheesy title...Please only enter once!

March 13, 1994

The Australian National University has established another specialist WWW server. The Demography & Population Studies Server (Coombsweb,ANU) is a part of the ANU Social Sciences WWW Server (Coombsweb). Its function is keep track of leading information facilities of value and/or significance to researchers in the field of demography.

The Department of Music of the University of Leeds announces the Leeds Csound Front Page which points to information about the MIT Media Labs Csound programme and to an almost completed, but already quite usable html version of the MIT Csound Manual. This material is served from a machine run by the University of Leeds Computing Service.

CU_HTML.DOT is a Microsoft Word for Windows 2.0 document template developed by the Computer Services Centre of The Chinese University of Hong Kong. The template allows users to create HTML documents inside Word in a WYSIWYG manner and generate a corresponding HTML file. You can assign different formatting tags to the paragraphs by simply pointing and clicking. You can also insert inline GIF images and specify hyperlinks by choosing the target file from a dialog box. The inline GIF images will also appear in the Word document. By using the template, you can create HTML documents with little knowledge on the HTML syntax. Existing word processor features such as spell checking, printing, cut & paste, macro automation, etc. can be used. The documentation is in HTML format (also generated by CU_HTML.DOT) and the ZIP file is here.

The American Nuclear Society of the University of Wisconsin's Nuclear Engineering Department is pleased to announce the release of the next issue of X-Section Magazine. Published by students for anyone who is interested, this magazine is aiming to increase energy awareness, especially nuclear energy, around the world.

We would like to announce the WWW Server of the Department of Medical Cybernetics and Artificial Intelligence at the University of Vienna (IMKAI) and the Austrian Research Institute for Artificial Intelligence (OFAI), located in Vienna, Austria. Apart from other services, our institute's library information system with some ten thousands of books, research papers, conference papers, journal articles from many subareas of Artificial Intelligence and Computational Linguistics may be of special interest to the AI community.

A home page for WUOT is now available on the World Wide Web. WUOT is the listener supported public radio station broadcasting from the University of Tennesse in Knoxville, Tennessee. This server for WUOT has been setup to gauge community interest in the WWW, in the East Tennessee Area.

The Ohio State University CIS Department offers Answers to a multitude of Frequently Asked Questions as posted to a wide variety of newsgroups. All FAQs which are posted to news.answers are automatically converted to hypertext to some extent, depending on content. Now there's no more excuse for being too lazy to find a given newsgroup's FAQ.

Luthor, an unofficial student-run server at Harvard University, is still under construction; our resources include a directory of some other Harvard home pages and a calendar of upcoming events (load time may be long - many pictures).

The Museum of Paleontology server introduces its new About The Museum section. Also, the UCMP Server Technology section, a set of fifteen or so pages describing our internet odyssey, is now complete.

The Information Science Research Institute is pleased to announce its addition to the World Wide Web. The ISRI server contains information about ISRI's research, publications and personnel.

Rinconada House, an all-freshmen dorm at Stanford University, has set up a WWW page. Check out the Rinconada House Page to learn more about events and residents of Rinconada.

Announcing the Chemical Physics Preprint Database: This database is a joint effort by the Department of Chemistry at Brown University and the Theoretical Chemistry and Molecular Physics Group at the Los Alamos National Laboratory. It has been made possible by funding from the Camille and Henry Dreyfus Foundation. We would like to acknowledge the assistance of Paul Ginsparg at Los Alamos National Laboratory, whose programming skills and generous cooperation have made this database possible.

The E-LAB is a teaching, research and archival facility for new media at the DEPARTMENT OF ANTHROPOLOGY at the UNIVERSITY OF SOUTHERN CALIFORNIA. The E-LAB was founded to promote the development of interactive media in anthropology. The audiovisual content of this server is constantly updated with IMAGES and FORECASTS FOR TOMORROW.

The University of Idaho Laboratory for Applied Logic is pleased to announce a WWW page dealing with Cyberspace, primarily with a local lecture series, but it should be of interest to everyone.

The Program on Communications and Media Policy (CMP) at MIT is proud to present The Digital Information Infrastructure Guide (DIIG) . DIIG is a resource to facilitate the development of the National Information Infrastructure (NII). It is a collection of information about projects and organizations working on the development of the NII. The information is WAIS-indexed and may be searched by keyword. It also contains links to gopher servers related to the NII.

MagNet magazine subscriptions are now available online. Most major magazines are available at guaranteed lowest prices. Just fill out the form to receive Time, Fortune, etc.

The Department of Chemical Engineering at Edinburgh University in Scotland are pleased to announce their new WWW server. This server provides information about the department, the people who work there, and also about the Ecosse computer aided process engineering research group.

McMaster University's Department of Physics and Astronomy has a new home page which contains information about their faculty, research, and graduate programme.

March 9, 1994

UNIX and Aixterm users may wish to download Dennis Horn's UNIX/Aixterm Quick Reference Card. A ps file produces two sheets suitable for printing back to back as a 6 panel brochure. Copyright allows for free distribution. Clarkson University.

The ElectroScience Home Page brings you access to the ElectroScience Laboratory, The Ohio State University, in Columbus Ohio. Our lab just celebrated our 50th anniversary in electromagnetics, and we are providing access to a wide range of information about our facility, services, people and university in general. Check us out!

Neural Computing Center in Shonan Fujisawa campus at Keio University is pleased to announce the new WWW server. It includes a variety of results of computer communications, VLSI-CAD, molecular biology, management science, operations research, medical imaging, and computer science using neural computing.

A group of 5th Graders at Grand River Elementary School in Lansing, Michigan have set up their own home pages with a little bit of infomation about themselves and some photos. They have been learning about how to use e-mail and they would love to get some from other students (any age) throughout the world (addrsses are on their home pages).

Welcom Software Technology, providers of high-quality integrated Project and Cost Management Software, would like to announce their WWW server. It currently contains an on-line copy of their latest newsletter, and the FAQ, Product Reviews and Glossary documents on Project Management software.

John December has created a hypertext guide to Internet resources, Internet Web Text, which links Internet information, guides, reference material, search tools, and communication methods. The text can be viewed in several versions: list , narrative , no-icons , icons-only , page-oriented list , and page-oriented narrative .

A new WWW page on Signal Processing is available.

The MFJ Task Force, an ad hoc committee of the several regional Bell operating companies, which is working on telecommunications issues in Washington, is now on the Internet through the MFJ Gopher server.

As part of the ongoing ICA series towards the Aesthetics of the Future, Seduced and Abandoned is a weekend conference (March 12 & 13) that examines how artists, technologists, theorists and fiction writers have focused on the changing meaning of gender, identity and the body in the new, computer generated worlds. For this conference at the Institute of Contemporary Art in London we are pleased to announce the CyberCafe pages. Full information is available here. These pages have been assembled by interSPACE Internet Information Publishers. More information is here.

The Center for Atmospheric and Space Sciences at Utah State University has a new home page containing information on ongoing research at the center.

The University of Washington Department of Computer Science & Engineering has created the Mathematics Experiences Through Image Processing (METIP) home page. The METIP project uses image processing techniques to create tools and activities for middle school students to motivate them in the subject of mathematics.

As part of an ongoing project on community networks, a set of surveys from over 30 community networks are now available. Community (computer) Networks are becoming increasingly important as people in communities all over the world begin developing them to address needs in their own community. Developers of community networks need to be able to find information and documents as well as people with whom they can discuss issues and concerns. These surveys are intended to help develop a "community memory" for community network developers. Feedback on the survey and new surveys are welcome, as part of an effort to keep the information current.

La Trobe University (Melbourne, Australia) is pleased to announce that their Web server is now online and contains information about the University, its courses and research. The server also hosts sites set up by theSchool of Zoology, and Glenn College. La Trobe's Art Museum is also online with its current exhibition of the personal collection of one of Australia's foremost artists, Clifton Pugh.

If you've ever described yourself as being tacho kichi, then check out Jason's Kite Site a collection of images, newsletters, plans and information devoted to kiting. The site covers single, dual and quadline kites, as well as kite buggying.

The Institute for Language Technology and AI (ITK) at Tilburg University, The Netherlands, is pleased to announce its WWW server, with information about the Institution, the projects currently under way, abstracts from ITK research reports, who's who, and on-line versions of our Quarterly magazine THINK. The index file also lists Infolab's (one of the ITK partners) WWW server, as well as Tilburg University's Gopher

There is now a page allowing simple keyword searches of the ACM SIGGRAPH Online Bibliography Database, a collection of over 16,000 unique computer graphics and computational geometry references.

A home page for the Simon Fraser University Department of Physics is currently growing in eclectic ways. It includes, inter alia, a schedule of weekly seminars and colloquia, information on graduate studies and Frequently Asked Questions about Air-cooled Volkswagens!

Dartmouth College is now on the World Wide Web. Its server provides access to the Dartmouth Name Directory, the Dante Project, and a variety of other services including a campus map (soon to be smaller and interactive), directions to the college, full information about the college and its history and much more.

An Interfaith Fast and Pilgrimage Effort is underway to help end the suffering in the former Yugoslavia. Use the Christian Resource List to find out more information and to see how you can help.

The University of Utah is pleased to announce it's new additon to the World Wide Web. The University of Utah server contains general information about the 'U', maps and directories, and links to all sorts of other internet resources at the 'U' including departmental Web servers, U of U gophers, FTP sites, and library catalog access.

WWWW - the World Wide Web Worm - has been crawling the web and found 100,000+ resources. WWWW provides access to the resources through sorted lists (huge!) and through a search engine. WWWW complements the Mother-of-all BBS which is accumulating organized catalogues of resources in all areas ( Add Something). The search engine allows resources to be located through keyword searches on the title strings of WWW Pages, or through the hypertext associated with objects. It also allows searching against the machine or file names. Requires Forms support (e.g. Mosaic 2.0). Examples are given that a) find all Home Pages in Finland, b) locate pages at or related to NASA and c) locate all MPEG movies on the WWW.

The North Carolina State University College of Textiles is the largest of its kind in the United States, offering one of only two accredited Textile Engineering programs in the country. Producing more than half of the textile graduates in the US each year, the NCSU College of Textils is at the forefront of every facet of the textile industry. Feel free to navigate our experimental World Wide Web server. Questions, comments, suggestions to [email protected]

ANNOUNCING the 1994 Symposium on Volume Visualization Call for Participation, sponsored by ACM-SIGGRAPH and the IEEE Computer Society Technical Committee on Computer Graphics. This Workshop will take place during the week of October 17-21, 1994 at the Sheraton Premiere at Tyson Center Hotel in Washington DC area, in conjunction with the Visualization '94 Conference.

ANNOUNCING the IEEE Visualization '94 Call for Participation, sponsored by IEEE Computer Society Technical Committee on Computer Graphics, in cooperation with ACM/SIGGRAPH. IEEE Visualization '94 is the fifth annual IEEE Visualization Conference Week and will be held in Tysons Corner, in the Washington, D.C. metropolitan area west of Arlington, on October 17-21, 1994. The Conference Week includes tutorials, symposium and mini-workshops Sunday through Tuesday, and three-way parallel tracks of papers, panels, and case studies Wednesday through Friday.

Instructional Development at the University of California, Santa Barbara now has a W3 server showcasing the Consulting, Technology and Production services it offers. As well they are maintaining a W3 gateway to Information Servers at UCSB.

COSTA TRAVEL ON-LINE offers discount travel packages and cruises along with airfare special deals. Reservations can be made via FAX, EMAIL, or PHONE. UCSD/SDSU/USD on-campus delivery FREE!

Peregrine Systems, Inc. recently added a server with corporate and product information. The server is also home to Virtual Inc., the virtual corporation bringing together companies from around the world via the Internet. Corporations with web servers can join Virtual Inc.

The Ada language WWW server. The server contains a wealth of information on the Ada83 and Ada9x programming languages, including: A Summary Introduction to Ada, lists of Books and Articles, information on Free Compilers

Trinity University Biological Imaging And Visualization Lab whishes to announce their new WEB server BioViz. Located here is an information server about Trinity University and the BioViz lab. Also here is online documentation to the popular Macintosh freeware Image Analysis software NIH IMAGE from the National Instutes of Health. The information on this server is growing day by day.

March 5, 1994

There is now a page dedicated to information on World Wide Web Wanderers, Spiders and Web Robots on NEXOR's server. It includes Guidelines for Robot Writers, and a List of Robots, among other things.

Students for the Exploration and Development of Space (SEDS) is now operating a WWW server. Currently available is information about Comet P/Shoemaker-Levy 9 and The Clementine Spacecraft as well as information about the organization itself. Also offered is a page on high-powered-rockets and related information.

SkyView, an astronomical image retrieval facility at NASA's Goddard Space Flight Center, is now on-line through the Web. SkyView lets astronomers see what the universe looks like at wavelengths running from the radio through the X-ray. Want to see what the sky looks like in the infrared? in radio? Come and find out.

The Synchrotron Radiation Center (SRC) has just joined the Web with a server providing information about SRC for users, potential users, and the general public. The SRC operates a 1 GeV synchrotron light source and provides beamtime to experimenters from university, government, and commercial laboratories. The SRC is operated by the University of Wisconsin-Madison with funding from the National Science Foundation.

A new server is available at the University of Strathclyde, Glasgow, Scotland.

The Space Astrophysics Laboratory (SAL) of the Institute for Space and Terrestrial Science (ISTS), an Ontario Centre of Excellence located in North York, Ontario, Canada, is pleased to announce its WWW server to the public. Our server contains a set of clickable maps of other Canadian WWW servers in addition to local information about the Space Astrophysics Laboratory.

The Department of Astronomy at New Mexico State University is now wired in to the World Wide Web. We are serving information about the Department's people, facilities, and research and educational activities to the Internet community.

More videos have been added to the video-on-demand demos provided by the the Telemedia, Networks, and Systems Group at the MIT Laboratory for Computer Science. Some files are updated daily. Descriptions of hardware and software developed by members of the group are included, as well as their recent publications. An index to relevant calls for papers is also provided.

The European Synchrotron Radiation Facility (ESRF), the home of the most intense synchrotron X-ray radiation source in the world, is pleased to announce the availability of their World Wide Server. Amongst many things on this server are descriptions of each scientific beam line.

The Learning Through Collaborative Visualization Project (CoVis) at Northwestern University is pleased to announce the debut of the CoVis Web Server. The CoVis Project is engaged in research and development of new approaches to high school science education through collaborative project work with advanced networking technologies, collaborative software, and visualization tools. CoVis is funded by the National Science Foundation and various industry partners and sponsors. Our goal in establishing this web server is to disseminate the progress and results of this project so that the widest audience may benefit from our experience.

The GNN Travel Resource Center is publishing the dispathes of travel writer Jeff Greenwald as he navigates his way around the world using every mode of transportation but airplanes. Jeff just sent his fifth dispatch from Senegal. Also soon appearing is Tony Wheeler, founder of Lonely Planet Publications, who will also be sending dispatches from the road. Tony, his wife Maureen, and their two children will be travling around the United States in a 1959 Cadillac Coupe de Ville. You can also see the Koblas Currency Converter, the first interactive currency converter on the internet which will convert over 52 of the worlds currencies against all others interactively.

Information for DominionI , a Science-Fiction/Fantasy Gaming convention to be hosted by the Old Dominion University S-F club, is now available via WWW.

The CRI-CICB Web server (Rennes' University of France) has opened an astronomical page of pictures & animations

The Circuit Theory laboratory at Helsinki University of Technology, Finland, has now a WWW site up and running. The main purpose of the site is to proceed information about APLAC circuit simulation program, that is developed in the laboratory. The demonstration versions of the program are available via FTP from nic.funet.fi:/pub/cae/aplac. See the readme file for details.

The Graduate Institute of International Studies is online through the Web.

More original science fiction is now available through the web. Author Charlie Stross has put a collection of his published short stories on the Web. The virtual collection is freely readable (subject to the copyright notice).

March 2, 1994

The Magnetic Resonance Imaging Group , at the University of Texas at Arlington has prepared an exhibit to demonstarte our latest advances related to acquisition, processing, and visualization of medical images generated using the Magnetic Resonance Imaging technology. The presented work is the result of a collaboration with the Department of Radiology, University of Texas Southwestern Medical Center at Dallas , which serves as our clinical facility.

Cornell Information Technologies' STOS Office is getting its foot in the door of the World Wide Web with its Cornell University (CIT) STOS Information Center. Primarily a bastion of frivolity, this server also contains information about computing and life in general at Cornell, along with the miscellaneous ramblings of the CIT STOS staff. Dedicated to the unrestricted propagation of worthless information across the Internet.

The February issue of International Teletimes is finally out! This issue features articles on TV and Film such as Sleeping With Elephants, a piece by Dr. Euan Taylor about the Canadian film industry. The February issue also brings with it some new icon graphics by our Art Director, Anand Mani. Also be sure to check out Kent Barrett's latest Keepers of Light column featuring an interview with Vancouver artist, Skai Fowler and some fantastic examples of her work with female nudes and classical paintings.

The Graduate School of Journalism at UC Berkeley now has a WWW site up and running, with general information about the school, as well as student photographs, and a page of journalism-related WWW sites.

The Center for Integrative Studies in the Arts and Humanities has set up a new WWW server at Michigan State University. We are trying to point to a variety of Arts & Humanities information so send your suggestions to [email protected] and we will add them to our list. We have also set up a new Gopher Server at gopher.cal.msu.edu on port 70, it mirrors some of the same info but is not an exact duplicate so look to both for information.

A Home Page for the High Performance Computing and Communications K-12 Program at the NASA Langley Research Center is now available. This is an educational outreach program involving 5 high schools in the Tidewater area of Virginia. It is a pilot program to investigate and develop curriculum integration of the computational sciences in the K-12 educational area.

The WWW server of the Physics Department of Naples University "Federico II" and the INFN, Naples (Italy) has now an on-line exhibition about its Museum of early instruments, with GIF images.

Students at The Department of Computing and Electrical Engineering - Heriot-Watt University in Edinburgh, Scotland are running a WWW server.

The Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam announces a TeleText to Gopher interface. Eindhoven University of Technology announces a graphical TeleText to WWW interface with clickable images of TeleText pages. This interface uses the TeleText to Gopher interface in Amsterdam. At this moment only NOS TeleTekst (the Netherlands) have given permission to distribute their NOS TeleTekst pages on the Internet.

NOS TeleTekst is being broadcast on Dutch Television and it contains world news, TV guides, consumer information, financial and (Olympic) sport news and weather and traffic information. The TeleText pages are (of course) in Dutch and may not be stored or redistributed by mail or news, see the copyright. The software for both interfaces will become available in the future.

The Department of Economics at the University of Michigan has an economics server. Items of interest include "economic FAQs about the Internet" and "economics of the Internet" pages.

The Backgrounds Data Center (BDC) at the Naval Research Laboratory (NRL) is pleased to announce its WWW server. The BDC is an archiver of Earth, atmospheric and celestial background scenes. The BDC server currently provides access to on-line Far Ultraviolet data (with more spectral regions soon to be available), links to real-time weather data, and "brochure-type" information about the BDC and its facilities.

The Engineering Technology Department of Texas A&M University now has a WWW server running on SERWEB software. This site will host information about the department including online images and student information.

A WWW information server for the 3 November 1994 Total Solar Eclipse is now available. Umbraphiles and eclipse chasers can find maps, charts, tables, meteorological information, ephemerides, local circumstances and other data related to the next total solar eclipse.

Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute (RPI) is pleased to announce RPInfo, its campuswide information system. RPInfo provides information about the Rensselaer campus and community and serves as a gateway to many other information sources on the Internet.

The Obituary Page which features information concerning recent deaths of famous, infamous or otherwise interesting people is now on the Web.

The Computer Services Centre of the Chinese University of Hong Kong is pleased to announce a new WWW server. This is the first one publicly available in Hong Kong. The server now contains information about the University, a Housing Design project by the Architecture department, several publications by the Computer Services Centre, and some nice photos of the Campus and Hong Kong. You can also access our existing gopher services and library catalog from the home page.

The Global Fund for Women (GFW) is now on-line. The GFW is an international grant-making organization supporting groups that are committed to women's well-being and full participation in society.

Verbiage Magazine is a new short fiction magazine on the World Wide Web which pays (modestly) for stories. Come read our full announcement and submit your best stuff for publication! The first issue will follow in one to two months.

The Centro di Ricerca, Sviluppo e Studi Superiori in Sardegna/ Center for Advanced Studies, Research and Development in Sardinia has put together a nice hypertext version of the Markoff article on Mosaic in the New York Times. See Markoff article.

The Infrared Processing and Analysis Center (IPAC) is now on the World-Wide Web. IPAC exists to carry out large, data-intensive processing tasks as part of NASA's infrared astronomy program and to provide scientific and technical expertise on those projects to the astronomical research community. IPAC is part of the California Institute of Technology and the Jet Propulsion Laboratory.

The New Sun Newspaper, investigating the positive. Check it out.

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