What's New: January, 1995

January 20, 1995
We are an unprecedented kind of record store. It features "harder to find" independent music of all kinds. Best thing about it is that you can sample and see the covers of most of the records in the store. Check it out at http://soundwire.com

California Flood Information
An Internet compendium on the recent California floods can be accessed through CERES, the California Environmental Resources Evaluation System. Of particular interest in CA: Preparing for a Flood from FEMA.

The Multimedia Newsstand
Hearst New Media presents this site, a resource for news and information at http://mmnewsstand.com.

Vermont Coffee Time
Vermont Coffee Time was founded by Amy Berger in Burlington, Vermont in 1983. Soon, her firm offered the largest selection of premium and gourmet coffees to the entire state. Now, the growing company offers FRESH ROASTED, delivered DAILY coffee service, featuring vast selection of unique and freshly ground coffees from around the world. Another member of the growing CyberMont community.

1995 Hawaii Calendars
Calendars of the Hawaii Islands of Kauai, Oahu, Maui, The Big Island of Hawaii, waterfalls, surf scenes, lava flowing volcanos, beaches, women wearing flower leis on the beach; Herb Kawainui Kane historical drawings showing Hawaiian royalty, King Kamehameha, The Battle at Nu'uanu Pali, The Petroglyph Maker, Captain Cook; Anthuriums, Plumeria, Protea and Ginger; Haleakala Crater, Lahaina, windsurfers, snow covered Mauna Loa, Black Sand Beaches, Napali Coast, and Taro Patch. Excellent ideas for gift, collectors item - http://www.aloha. com:80/~petemart/HwnResources/HawaiianResources.html

AM/FM Web TwinSite Hawaii
Hi... Wanted to let you know about my "AM/FM" Telefinder/Web TwinSite that's all about Hawaii from the local perspective. Please check us out -

International Film Festival Rotterdam
The International Film Festival Rotterdam announces its official WWW server located at - http://www.fbk.eur.nl/FFR. This server contains the complete program of the '95 Film Festival Rotterdam. Almost 400 films in a specially designed user interface, with daily updates of main events on the film festival and a selection of movieclips. This Festival will be held from 25 January to 5 February 1995.

National Computer Tectonics magazine
National Computer Tectonics magazine is now available on the World Wide Web, featuring over 400 pages of news and reviews. With in depth articles and reviews of software, hardware, and books, NCT is a "must read" information source for small and home business computer users as well as anyone interested in the latest information about new computer products.

The Macmillan USA Information SuperLibrary
Macmillan Publishing USA, a division of Simon & Schuster, the publishing operation of Viacom Inc. is pleased to announce the opening of their new WWW site, the Macmillan USA Information SuperLibrary (http://www.mcp.com). The first phase of the Information SuperLibrary will include over 1000 titles (with sample chapters, graphics, tables of contents, and covers for many books), Macmillan software, and special online book offers from Macmillan Computer Publishing, home of Sams Publishing, Que, Que College, New Riders Publishing, Brady Games Alpha Books, Hayden Books, and Adobe Press. Coming this spring the Information SuperLibrary will include Macmillan Library Reference and Macmillan General Reference which currently has the number one best-seller, Politically Correct Bedtime Stories, by James Finn Garner. All books at the Information SuperLibrary are offered at a 20% discount.

Cafe Gourmet Coffees
Cafe Gourmet Coffees is a third-generation specialty coffee roaster providing the highest quality exotic whole bean and ground coffees to consumers exclusively through the Internet. Its Cafe Gourmet brand coffees are available in 2oz. sample sizes, 12 oz. and 5 lb. bulk packages. Member of the Specialty Coffee Association.

Tech Pubs Hal, Inc.
TPH prepares and publishes technical manuals and training programs for electronics, equipment, aerospace, hardware and software applications. Capabilities include research, study, original writing, translation, updating, drafting, illustrated parts breakdowns, production of camera-ready art, printing and binding.

ArtNetWeb, the web version of ArtNetBBS in New York City, is now up and online at Downtown Anywhere. To reach the site go to http://www.awa.com

The Concord Coalition
This site is the official location for The Concord Coalition -- a nonprofit, nonpartisan group dedicated to reducing the deficit through voter education.

Texas Agricultural Extension Service's Leviathan.
The Texas Agricultural Extension Service (TAEX) humbly announces its first WWW server, Leviathan. Leviathan features thousands of agriculturally oriented clipart images, an interactive agricultural software catalog, and Texas Extension publication abstracts. The "Master Gardener" series is very popular with users. The clipart image files are accessable via a graphical "point-and-click" user interface, and are available in multiple file types for your edification and delight. All InterNet RFC's (Requests for Information), FYI's (For Your Information) and STD's (STandards Documents) are accessible. A link is also provided to SWAMI, the South West Agricultural Meteorological Information system.

Tera Computer Company
Tera Computer Company, located in Seattle, Washington, is building a radical new Shared Memory Super Computer. Check out our new web page. A System Overview and a number of technical papers are available. The URL is http://www.tera.com/tera.html

A new online service and Web site oriented toward book publishing professionals and avid readers. The home page indicates that it aims to be a comprehensive source of book info, gathering as many online bookstores, publishing houses, libraries etc. into a single Web site as possible. Of course it's not possible to be totally comprehensive, but this site takes a pretty good stab at it, hence maybe useful to Web novices in search of "meta" resources on a given subject.

CyberSight, an interactive WWW arcade by Internet Marketing Inc., announces the release of their World Wide Web Realtime Conversations. There, users can chat with other CyberSighters anytime of the day or night.

What's Newt
What's Newt is an irreverent look at Newt Gingrich-related public events. It will be an ongoing chronicle of newsworthy events Newt spawns. Events covered so far range from Newts orphanages to his firing of his new House Historian. The URL is: http://www.cyberquest.com/users/dans/newt.html

Dirty Linen
Home page for Dirty Linen, the magazine of folk, electric folk, traditional and world music. Celtic, Cajun, blues, bluegrass, from Australian to Zydeco, Dirty Linen covers the world.... The web page features excerpts from the current issue, photos, sound clips, record company info, and more.

Disability Mall
Announcing the first Web site devoted to people with disabilities. You'll find Disability Resources, Products and Services at - http://disability.com. Stop by for the disability information tip of the month and get a free issue of the One Step Ahead Newsletter. Check out the Disability Mall for the latest products and link to other cool disability sites. The site is sponsored by Evan Kemp Associates (EKA), a company managed by people with disabilities which provides information, products and services to people with disabilities. Find out more about EKA's Disability Marketing group. To include your products or services on the Disability Mall contact [email protected]

Surety Technologies
New on the World Wide Web: Protect Electronic Records in Cyberspace! Surety Technologies' new Web home page (http://www.surety.com/) offers information about the company and its new Digital Notary (tm) System. The Digital Notary System is an Internet-accessible system that detects if any electronic record has been altered or backdated. Right from your own computer, the Digital Notary System lets you freeze the contents of any digital document -- text, audio or video -- in time by affixing a secure digital timestamp, all without revealing the document's contents to a third party. The Digital Notary System Personal Edition for Windows software and account setup package are available for downloading. The Digital Notary System provides an easy, inexpensive and secure way to certify the contents of digital documents and electronic records, including those created by electronic commerce.

V2 Centre
The site contains information on the activities of the V2 Centre (presentations, production and distribution on actual developments in art & technology) and a platform to develop art projects that use the characteristics of the network. All information can be accessed through 3 `sensitive maps' which look like photocollages. The information available on the site is interdisciplanary which means that you will find information on theory, architecture, music, visual arts and science. Beside information on the above mentioned topics you will also find a catalog on information carriers (books, videotapes, CD-ROMs, magazines, etc.) that we distribute and that can be seen as background information of our activities. URL - http://www.vpro.nl/www/grid/V2onW3/Icons/V2Page.html

The Tech Classics Archive
The Tech, Cambridge, MA, US presents this archive of classics. Browse 93 works by 15 classical authors, attractively formatted and logically segmented by section, book, etc. Each individual work (and the entire archive) is also searchable. Check out Homer's Iliad, Herodotus' History, Aristophanes' The Frogs, and 90 other poems, plays, and books.

Wichita, Kansas
Most of the information here is demographic and of interest to business, but we are now working on the cultural and lifestyle info.

New CRS4 "Animation Gallery" Page
CRS4 is pleased to announce a new "Animation Gallery" page, where all MPEG animations are grouped by category and shown as a matrix of icons.

Silicon Studio.
The Studio is both a real place and a virtual one. A subsidiary of Silicon Graphics, Silicon Studio has its own specialized focus---Technology for Entertainment. All of its resources are committed to the development of tools and applications to enhance the creation and delivery of content; in animation,3D graphics, special effects and more---for films, games, rides, interactive television and whatever's next. This Web is brought to you by DataWay Design ([email protected] ).

A full-service discount bookstore. We offer 200,000 books of all types from current best-sellers to obscure and hard-to-find titles. We sell Hardcover, Softcover, and Audiobooks. You can search by title and author and browse by subject. Our site is constantly being improved and enhanced. We welcome user suggestions and offer $$$ for suggestions we use.

BRETTnews, a zine of humor and entertainment, of trash and trivia, of rants, raves and reviews, is now accessible via the World Wide Web. Joe Bob Briggs writes: "Brett Leveridge proves himself a delightful writer...a great phrasemaker. (BRETTnews is) a great little zine." What's more, Brett Leveridge has been named the first recipient of Time Inc.'s VIBE Magazine Artist-in-Residency. His installation is now up and running at the VIBEOnline site. To see what the fuss is about, point your WWW browser towards http://www.timeinc.com/vibe/vibeart

Introducing the The Real Beer Page(TM)
The Real Beer Page focuses on the burgeoning industry of craft brewing. Within these pages you can find archived issues ofThe Celebrator beeriodical; learn about microbreweries like Buffalo Bill's Brewing Company, Marin Brewing Company, Triple Rock Brewing Company, Twenty Tank Brewing Company, and Santa Rosa Brewing Company; searchable brew tour information and links to public transportation for the route deep notes about brewing from opening a microbrewery to beer in famous artworks; events recaps such as the Great American Beer Festival; and much more. And Communications also hosts the Bukowski Page and creates WWW communications context models for companies interested in more than simple web business cards.

The First Millenial Foundation
The First Millennial Foundation has just put up it's URLs on CSN. http://www.csn.net/~mtsavage

Live from Antartica
What could be "cooler" than a trip to Antarctic? You might want to take a look and see for cool things in January - http://quest.arc.nasa.gov/lifefrom/livefrom.html

TreasureNet, an online treasure magazine, is a place for treasure hunters to swap information, advertise their products, or just browse the stories - http://www.halcyon.com/Treasure/TreasureNet.html

Free Classified ads in Sweden
You can now place an ad for free in the Swedish paper for classified ads Lila Tidningen Skane. The homepage is - http://www.algonet.se/~lilan or mail the ad directly to [email protected] For more info, write info-e in the subject-line.

Mark Twain on the Philippines
This includes two visual introductions to his writings on the Philippine-American War, texts of two of his anti-imperialist essays, and two articles about his involvement with the Anti-Imperialist League - http://mothra.syr.edu:8000/~fjzwick/mtpage1.html

Canadian Museum of Civilization
Have you seen the Canadian Museum of Civilization? http://www.cmcc.muse.digital.ca/

Europe's leading manufacturer of parallel computers for industrial and research applications is on the Internet. Server-Address:

Loebner Contest
The Loebner Contest was hosted by Cal State University San Marcos on December 16, 1994. The competition is named after benefactor Dr. Hugh G. Loebner of New York City and was inspired by computer pioneer Alan Turing, who in 1950 proposed a test like the Loebner contest as a way to answer the question: Can computers think?

Alzheimer's Disease home page
A home page devoted to research developments in the field of Alzheimer's disease is located at: http://werple.mira.net.au/~dhs/ad.html This should be of great interest to many people, because of the high frequency of Alzheimer's disease in the population.

Eastern Illinois University Newspaper
Here at Eastern Illinois University we are producing a full format newspaper over the web. What makes this neat is that, unlike many places, we are doing it full format. We take our QuarkXpress news pages, produce them into Acrobat, and put them on our WWW server. This is a unique project not being done elsewhere. Try http://www.eiu.edu

Global-X-Change Communications Inc.
The leading provider of World Wide Web publishing and electronic commerce solutions in Canada's national capital region is pleased to announce its new Internet secure transaction processing capability. Using Netscape Communications Corporation's Netsite Commerce Server software, Global-X-Change provides secure purchasing and payment applications. Global-X-Change is already working with over 30 clients to help them market and distribute their products and services over the Internet, some of which are located in the Global-X-Change Digital Business Park. For more information, contact our electronic commerce group.

Internet de Mexico
We are Mexico City's first Internet access providers. We would like to be listed in your what's new section. Among other things, we offer a big catalog of interesting sites, the first in Spanish, we believe. Our URL is http://www.internet.com.mx

"Ski it if you can" has been seen in Austria and Aspen, Switzerland and Squaw Valley, Italy and Tahoe. Mad River Glen has become an unparalleled skiing area- cherished by its community and applauded by its athletes, experienced and not. Another member of the growing CyberMont community.

United Nations links
UNDCP is pleased to offer this collection of links to United Nations on-line services.

Timex World Map
Ever wonder what's on the other side of the globe? Ever had the urge to just pickup and go to a far-off country? The Timex World map will let you do just that with a simple click of your mouse. Featuring a HUGE selection of links to webservers from India to Indiana, The Timex World Map even shows you the local time in analog format generated on-the-fly as a watchface GIF. Come visit us before wanderlust overtakes your life!

Mideastern Michigan Library Cooperative
Information about local libraries in a tri-county area of Michigan, including Flint and Lapeer. Various connections to on-line library catalogs. These allow searching the holdings of member libraries, placing of holds and searching of on-line magazine indexes.

TEN-IO (Travel and Entertainment Network - Internet Operations)
TEN-IO is a premier content provider of services and systems involving the Internet and its technologies specifically for the travel, tourism and entertainment industries. At TEN-IO we can provide marketing, advertising and informational material on the Internet using text, graphic and audio applications. TEN-IO has been developed to be the benchmark for presence on the Internet for all segments of the travel and entertainment industries. For additional information please send e-mail to [email protected] - http://ten-io.com

The only conference and exposition that focuses solely on Macintosh networking and connectivity. Mactivity'95 -- March 14-16 in Boston, MA -- is the place to discover Internet, groupware, file transfer, cross-platform, software and hardware solutions for Macintosh. At the Mactivity Web Site, you can browse through the listings of techninal conference sessions, check out the online database of Mac networking vendors and register for a FREE pass to the show.

Hidden Water
Hidden Water is dedicated to the promotion and positive representation of independent artists. As a company, we represent artists in all aspects ofpromoting their craft, from graphic design to hounding radio stations, to setting up tours. We are currently featuring several quality artists and recordings, not the least of which is the music extravaganza: "Jesus Christ Superstar: A Resurrection." We provide our artists with full audio and visual representation on the WWW at URL http://www.ipac.net/HW

Rainy Day Records & Distribution
Rainy Day Records & Distribution, located in Atlanta GA, is pleased to announce it's on-line site for information and ordering of merchandise from some of Atlanta's finest acoustic musicians. Full audio and visual representation of artists like Gerard McHugh, Millan and Kenzie, and Wendy Bucklew can be found at URL http://www.ipac.net/HW/RDR

Krishnamurti Information Homepage Berlin
This server provides an information resource on Jiddu Krishnamurti (1895-1986) who is known as a world teacher who rejected organisations, religions and beliefs. He had numerous talks and conversations for over sixty years all over the world and wrote several books concerned with deep investigation on the nature of humanity and the self covering e.g., love, religion, belief, relationship, death, thought, time, fear, meditation, beauty.

The University of North Dakota Energy and Environmental Research Center
We are one of the world's leading energy and environmental facilities. The Center conducts research on all ranks of coal and is recognized as an international leader in low-rank coal research and technology. EERC researchers are in high demand in the national and international marketplace, with a growing list of customers. The premier research and development center on the Great Plains, the EERC also has the leading groundwater protection program in the Upper Midwest. Other major and expanding programs include the areas of advanced power systems, waste disposal, waste reuse, air emmissions control, biomass fuels, energy policy, contaminant cleanup, and mine land reclamation. Web address is http://www.eerc.und.nodak.edu

1996 Summer Olympic Games Merchandise
1996 Summer Olympic Games Merchandise is available through mail order. Shop our electronic catalog for T-shirts, Shorts, Nightshirts, Coffee Mugs and more - http://www.mindspring.com/~royal/merch/cathome.html

Curious Pictures
Please list the new Curious Pictures Web page in any directories of Web sites. The pertinent categories are: Animation, Computer Graphics, Design, Graphics, Commercials, Film Production, Special Effects, TV Graphics, Entertainment, etc. http://found.cs.nyu.edu/CAT/affiliates/curious/curioushp:html

Aikido Kokikai Penn State
The WWW server for Aikido Kokikai Penn State (the Penn State Aikido Club) is now available at http://milkman.cac.psu.edu/~santoro/aikido.html this server has information about the Penn State Aikido Club as well as pointers to other Internet servers dealing with the Japanese martial art of Aikido.

University of Oklahoma School of Chemical Engineering and Materials Science
I would like to announce a new WWW home page describing the research and graduate studies at the University of Oklahoma School of Chemical Engineering and Materials Science in Norman, Oklahoma. The URL is http://www.uoknor.edu.cems

January 12, 1995
Web World
DCI is hosting Web World: Multimedia Applications On The Internet. January 30 - February 1, 1995 at the Disney World Dolphin in Orlando, FL. Keynote presentations by industry leaders including Marc Andreessen. Product demonstrations showcasing the latest technological advances. Three comprehensive conferences focusing on: Building Webs: Access and Information Providers; Living In The Web: User Perspectives; Weaving In Information Space: Developing Web Environments. Our brochure is available for browsing at URL - http://www.ocm.com/dci/

Virtual Tour of Las Vegas
This is a "virtual tour" of Las Vegas and lots of useful information for tourists - http://www.ocf.berkeley.edu/~iew/index.html

Fisher Scientific On-Line Catalog
Fisher Scientific, International is proud to announce the debut of the Fisher Scientific On-Line Catalog with URL and complete html references - http://www.fisher1.com/ This initial version of the Fisher Scientific On-Line Catalog provides the complete listing of all chemicals from the famous Fisher Catalog.

World-wide Internet Live Music Archive (WILMA)
Here is a new site titled the World-wide Internet Live Music Archive (WILMA). It contains information on over 800 live music venues, over 120 artist tour itineraries and an area for people to write their own concert reviews. The URL is "http://underground.net/Wilma/".

IEEE home page
We've just prepared our WWW point-of-presence, consisting of an IEEE home page (http://www.ieee.org/) and a separate page and complete issue of THE INSTITUTE, a news supplement to our general readership magazine, SPECTRUM (http://www.ieee.org/ti.html).

Urban Desires Magazine Issue 1.1
The first magazine of it's kind published exclusively on the WWW. Contains a broad range of well-written, witty content. Come check it out - http://desires.com/

NeoLogic Systems
NeoLogic Systems develops and markets professional quality cross-platform object-oriented development tools for use in applications running under Windows, Macintosh, DOS or other operating systems. We focus on providing top quality tools for the professional programmer that are reliable, lightweight, feature-complete and faster than lightning. Our flagship product is NeoAccess, a cross-platform object database engine. All of our products are very competitively priced, come with full source code and can be used without paying runtime licensing fees. Our URL is - http://www.dnai.com:80/~neologic/

The eGG
The electronic Gourmet Guide (the eGG), is a World Wide Web magazine devoted exclusively to food and cooking. Includes feature articles and links to other food-related information resources.

1994 Report of the Auditor General of Canada
The 1994 Report of the Auditor General of Canada is now available on the Phoenix Systems Gopher site http://www.phoenix.ca or gopher://gopher.phoenix.ca:70/11/.auditor). This 17 volume report contains 1,000 pages organized into 34 chapters of government wide audits and studies and specific audits of federal departments. It includes reports of audits of such areas as: Science and Technology; Food Safety; Nuclear Regulation; Correctional Services and Parole; Environment; Foreign Affairs and International Trade; Indian Affairs; National Defense, Revenue and ,Customs and Tax Incentives and Assistance.

Precious in HIS Sight
Announcing Precious in HIS Sight - Internet Adoption Photolisting is now open to the public. The URL is http://www.gems.com/adoption/ The photolisting includes photos and bios of children available for only international adoption. This is because I already know of 2 other people working on a domestic photolisting. I've sent letters to all of the US adoption agencies with international programs inviting them to participate.

Web Communications
Web Communications provides self-service accounts on high-performance WWW, FTP, and mailing list servers. Our customers can set up a WWW home page using only their web browser with our introduction of the world's first browser based file and directory management application. Extensive online tutorials guide the beginner every step of the way in creating a home page. Unlimited mailing lists are also included in the single low monthly fee. URL: http://www.webcom.com/

The Practice Hall
Written by former Black Belt magazine columnist Darryl Caldwell, The Practice Hall is a refreshing blend of myth and martial philosophy. Caldwell draws from his years training in the esoteric arts of ninjutsu and a Vedic martial tradition from ancient India. The focus is on the mythic image of the hero as it pertains to someone pursuing a martial path. The online magazine has been enjoyed by people from all walks of life.

Beyond Productions
Beyond Productions is now on the Internet, providing access to musicians and artists in the Inland Northwest. Here, you can see who's releasing albums, where the bands are playing, and order cool merchandise from Northwest bands. The URL is http://www.ior.com/davem

Captain Sarcastic
Check out Captain Sarcastic's Home Page. In addition to randomness, there is also much information about the band WEEN.

Super Bowl Visitors Guide
The South Florida Super Bowl XXIX Host Committee has published their Super Bowl Visitors Guide on-line at http://superbowl.com/superbowl Get up to the minute info on Super Bowl XXIX and enter a free drawing for two tickets to Super Bowl XXIX in Miami on January 29th.

Pages Software
Pages Software Inc is pleased to announce a premier solution for creating WYSIWYG HTML documents. Pages allows you to create linked HTML documents easily and effectively, with little or no knowledge of HTML; further, you can create styled headlines and tables readable by standard Web browsers. Pages Design Models[TM] let you create a look that stands out from the sea of homogenous HTML documents; our custom design services can even give you a unique and recognizable look on the Web without tedious editing of bitmapped graphics. Please explore our home page at - http://www.pages.com/

The Rome Lab Snowball Cam (RLSBC)
Check it out here - http://www.rl.af.mil:8001/Odds-n-Ends/sbcam/rlsbcam.html

I operate the first and ONLY commercial legal WEBsite. We advertise lawyers and law related businesses on the 'net in a "correct" fashion. Unlike those "other" folks. Although we have only been up a little over a month, we have been hit by over 3,000 people from around 2000 different domains. We are listed in all major directories including the WWW Virtual Library. We have also been featured in several newspaper articles (SF Daily Journal and SF Recorder). My URL is http://tsw.ingress.com/tsw

Division of Biology at the University of Kansas
The Division of Biology at the University of Kansas HomePage is now up and running. The Division of Biology consists of six different departments, including, Biochemistry, Botany, Entomology, Microbiology, Physiology and Cell Biology, and, Systematics and Ecology. There are 71 faculty members, 230 graduate students, and 1,200 undergraduate majors within the Division. There will soon be information which concerns degree programs, research, and, other items of interest.

A new site has been set up by the LIKUD at http://iia.org/~steinbj/likud/likud.html - Please feel free to check it out!

Software Museum in Amsterdam
Visit the Software Museum in Amsterdam - http://www.xs4all.nl/~rvtol/softmus.html

CES Virtula photo tour
Virtual photo tour of The Consumer Electronics Show (CES) made through the lens of an Apple QuickTake 100 digital camera - http://www.halcyon.com/ces/welcome.html

Harmony Music List
The M KB Music Studio (first studio on the WWW) is proud to announce that the Harmony Music List now contains over 1000 links to music-related Internet resources.

America's Cup On-Line
Announcing America's Cup On-Line (http://www.ac95.org), an exciting page containing complete information about the America's Cup races in San Diego, California.

The Chicago Animate Agent lab
Take a look at http://vision.uchicago.edu/cgi-bin/labcam It's a teleoperated, motorized, color camera.

Blue Chip Designs
Blue Chip Designs is a small jewelry designer/manufacturer located in Burlington, Vermont. We rescue computer chips from cluttering our land fill and turn them into earrings, tie tacks and pins. The chips were designed to be sold as valuable computer chips but they failed the final testing phase due to minute imperfections and are now available to us for interesting jewelry. Another member of the growing CyberMont community.

Joan and Annie's Brownie's
In1988, my sister and I started baking our luscious brownies in our kitchens and selling them at fairs and festivals around Vermont. Today, we still make them ourselves but in a modern bakery. Our brownies are famous here in Vermont for their rich and fudgy taste. Need a quick & delicious GIFT? Send a Joan & Annie's Brownie-Gram, a 1 1/2 pound box of Joan & Annie's gourmet brownies. Another member of the growing CyberMont community.

The Green Cart
The Green Cart is a multimedia art magazine. We are dedicated to networking artists, musicians, writers, and performance groups around the world, while supporting Vancouver's own local talents. We encourage our ezine viewers to use Netscape, as we have written our pages to utilize Nescape's special features. We have included a direct link to the Netscape ftp folder on Wimsey Information Services - our server. You can find us at - http://www.wimsey.com/~leahf/greencart.html

Internet Ideas
Internet Ideas - a new Web site: http://www.pacificrim.net Some interesting products not found elsewhere on the net.

Real Goods
Real Goods, the premier provider of renewable energy devices and tools has begun making waves on the Net, so check us out at - http://www/.well.com/www/re/realgood

Biology at the University of Oregon
Provides information about the faculty, programs and facilities of the Department of Biology at the University of Oregon, including programs for undergraduate and graduate students - http://macarthur.uoregon.edu/

Virtually Reality
I publish an on-line comic titled Virtually Reality, using 3D rendered imaging. The comic is similar to the Far Side with sick references to pop culture in addition to the graphics. Check out my web page sometime - http://www.onramp.net/~scroger/vreality.html

Vermont AudioBooks
Vermont AudioBooks is dedicated to serve your needs for entertainment, education, inspiration and enrichment through the audio medium. Our on-line catalog describes current "AUDIO BESTSELLERS" compiled by "Publishers Weekly" magazine. We stock 100's of additional titles. Another member of the growing CyberMont community.

NASA/JPL Imaging Radar
The NASA/JPL imaging radar home page at http://southport.jpl.nasa.gov/ has made a substantial change in its look, and has added many new features, including a bulletin board that users can post questions to, coverage maps from the space shuttle missions, illustrated descriptions of how we make radar images, and much much more.

Mindshare Marketing Group
For Canadian high tech marketing connections, check out Mindshare Marketing Group's home page. You can sign up for a free Internet marketing newsletter, discover the Global Presence (TM) Internet Marketing Program, download a series of Canadian technology application articles, and try "Canuck clicks" -- Mindshare's guide to interesting Canadian Internet resources.

Martha's Exchange Restaurant and Brewing Company
Martha's Exchange is a brewpub located in downtown Nashua, New Hampshire that offers fine food and handcrafted ales and lagers. The pub has a prohibition era atmosphere, a seven barrel brew system, and five beers on tap. It has grown from a turn-of-the-century candy shop to a regional attraction! -- http://www.Destek.Net/Marthas

Cyrano Server
For the romantically impaired -- Let the Cyrano Server help you say just the right thing to that special (or not so special) person.

Loebner Contest
The Loebner Contest was hosted by Cal State University San Marcos on December 16, 1994. The competition is named after benefactor Dr. Hugh G. Loebner of New York City and was inspired by computer pioneer Alan Turing, who in 1950 proposed a test like the Loebner contest as a way to answer the question: Can computers think?

Made in America!
Made in America! is a new storefront in the Access Market Square, showcasing handmade articles and related services initially from the Adirondack Mountains of New York. Soon to be followed by products and services from the Green Mountains of Vermont, the area is growing briskly. Included are prints by Nathan Farb, stained glass panels by Kip Trienens and Successful Adirondack Cookbooks by Sue Schildge. Stop by and select a gift from the many offerings to brighten the day of a favorite friend or relative! Made in America! can be found via Mosaic or Netscape - http://www.icw.com/america.made.html

We are proud to announce the availability of a powerful scientific data retrieval and visualization system for accessing NSSDC's OMNI data. NSSDC's OMNIWeb includes an interactive data browser and data retrieval tool. The National Space Science Data Center, located at NASA's Goddard Space Flight Center, and has a large WWW site containing astrophysics, space physics, solar physics, planetary, and other data and information.

Our magazine is called Ideas DIGest ONLINE, focusing on the development of creative ideas and the business of innovation, thus we cover topics from creating new ideas, intellectual property, patents, trademarks, licensing, small business through to commercialization of new products and services. It's located at http://www.wimsey.com/~idig

J.P. Resources
J.P. Resources, consultants on human resource management, offers you access to expertise with personnel-related issues without the cost of hiring full-time human resource staff.

FiX Magazine
FiX is a brand new lifestyle and culture magazine for anyone who's a few features short of an interface. Coming at you from the Cafe Cyberia in London, the world's widest magazine is packed with news, reviews and features. Check Issue 1 now and find out why the future is funky! http://www.easynet.co.uk/fix/fix.htm

The Career Development Network
The Career Development Network provides a program of testing and support information to assist individuals with making their career choices. Whether you're at college age or midcareer, CDN offers a straightforward approach to effective CareerPath planning.

January 4, 1995
Apple MacWorld Expo/San Francisco Examiner Home Page
We're proud to present the Apple MacWorld Expo Home Page! Located in our booth, we're adding content continually through the show. The pages are up during MacWorld Expo Jan 4-7. We are running some of our online material on Netsite(TM) servers.

The Children Page
Get an exclusive Christmas Card individually created for each visitor of the Children Page! The page is part of the Give Children a Chance action, kindly supported by the Padova Astronomical Observatory.

Aquatic Technology
Aquatic Technology is a pet store specializing in reef aquariums. We have quality equipment, books, and chemicals for maintaining your tank.

TransAmerica Sports Clothing
TransAmerica is delighted to bring sports fans its first on-line sports clothing catalog, containing insignia wear from all your favorite pro and college teams.

The Free On-line Dictionary of Computing
FOLDOC is a searchable dictionary of acronyms, jargon, programming languages, tools, architectures, operating systems, networking, theory, mathematics, telecoms, institutions, companies, projects, products, history, in fact anything to do with computing. If you would like to know more about how the dictionary works, you can have a look at the code, which is heavily commented. Send questions or contributions to FOLDOC's editor, Denis Howe <[email protected]>.

M&S Interactive Calendar of Events
This is a program that creates a calendar on the fly which contains Modeling and Simulation meetings and events, although it could be used for other purposes. It uses many of the extended HTML tags from Netscape. Some examples are no border on graphic links, blink when something is not found on a search, and the long needed ability to center things.

Nettwerk Productions
Nettwerk Productions, home of Sarah McLachlan, Delerium, Ginger, Single Gun Theory, and a host of others, has completely overhauled their World Wide Web site with an entirely new interface including beautiful new graphics and more information than you can shake a stick at. Available for your browsing pleasure: audio samples (some unreleased), videos, bios, discographies, behind the scenes photos, tour dates, mail order catalogs, and pictures of all your favorite nettwerkers . Point your web browser to: http://www. wimsey.com/nettwerk/

GetNet International,Inc
GetNet International,Inc is proud to be the online home of the Phoenix Police Department's Silent Witness Program. Silent Witness has received international recognition for its success in protecting witnesses and is one of the fastest growing Police Department programs in the nation - http://www.getnet.com/silent

ArtVark Gallery
A nice, virtual exposition room in Amsterdam, Holland. It currently borrows its hardware resources from the private domain of the University of Amsterdam (UvA). However, The ArtVark Gallery is an independent entity, for whose contents the UvA is not responsible. The ArtVark is non-commercial.

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