What's New: February, 1995

February 16th, 1995
The Monkeys Home Page
Hey hey! It's The Monkees home page! This page includes numerous photos, articles, stories, discographies and TV show episode guides from one of the most popular music groups of the 60's. This TV show band, an american tribute to the Beatles, was a modest success on TV, but took the music world by storm with multiple platinum albums and number 1 singles, outselling The Beatles and The Rolling Stones combined, and creating the concepts of the pre-teen consumer market, multi-media, and music videos(later MTV) to promote music.

Gravitational Fluid Mechanics Laboratory
The Gravitational Fluid Mechanics Laboratory (GFL) in the Department of Aerospace Engineering Sciences at the University of Colorado specializes in research related to fluid mechanics of materials processing situation. A prime interest exists in low-gravity fluid mechanics and materials processing in space.

Astarte Gallery
Astarte Gallery is a London shop specializing in Classical Antiquities such as Roman, Greek, Egyptian and Sumerian pieces, and these Web pages show colour images of a selection of items in stock.

Electronic Safari
Electronic Safari is an Home Electronics Store specializing in high quality audio and video equiptment as well as multimedia computer related items. Orders placed with the online order form are sent completely encrypted using a SECURE SERVER!

UCSF School of Nursing
The University of California at San Francisco School of Nursing has established a new web server for information about our programs and course offering. UCSF School of Nursing offers graduate level (M.S., Ph.D.) programs in Nursing including nurse practitioner, clinical specialist, and academic research.

NOAA/NASA AVHRR Ocean Pathfinder Project
The NOAA/NASA AVHRR Ocean Pathfinder Project at Jet Propulsion Laboratory, Pasadena, California is proud to announce its WWW server. The NOAA/NASA AVHRR Pathfinder Home Page includes information of data set products for studies of Global Sea Surface Temperature. The data sets are derived from the Advanced Very High Resolution Radiometer (AVHRR) on the NOAA/TIROS (-7, -9 and -11) which provide continuous daily, composite data sets from 1981 through the present.

Round Table Groups
Imagine the ability to have your questions answered instantly and personally by professors and other experts. Imagine a group of 1000 professors from the world's most respected universities working together to advise business, government and individuals. Round Table Group of Chicago, IL makes it reality. A true virtual corporation, Round Table Group retains hundreds of scholars in economics, history, political science, management, sociology and law who are available for paid consulting work. Visit our web site for more details.

Communication and Education Resources
Provides links to hundreds of online resources on communication, education, and networks, as well as a listing of between 100 and 200 periodicals. The site hosts a Directory of Communication Programs in universities; a Communication Scholars Directory that you may join if you are a teacher, student, or practitioner in a communications-related area and are interested in networking with others; and a service that lets you display your syllabus if you teach a communications course and would like to publicize it. You may also collaborate in designing tutorials to teach communications topics on the Web.

USISL - US third division soccer league
This new website contains results, standings and other information on the USISL, the US third division soccer league.

Live chat via the Web has arrived and is quickly evolving! WebChat lets you see pictures of who you are chatting with, and soon sound and video will be added. Webchat is free, and is being developed as an open collaborative project.

All demo freaks out there... Let it be known, DemoWorld is finally up and running. If the names Avalanche, Future Crew, EMF, Cascada, Triton ring a bell and even if they don't, come check us out!

The Children's Software Company
The Children's Software Company in cooperation with MECC Software is pleased to announce a creative writing contest on the Internet. Children around the world are invited to compete. The winners in each age group will have their stories published on our Internet Site and win free MECC software.

Kite Flier's Site
A Comprehensive Kite Flying Resource, including an indexed version of Anne Rock's rec.kites FAQ, an extensive list of kite reviews, a compendium of the postings of Ron Reich, "Buggies Boats and Peels" by Peter Lynn, the complete set of "Buggy Newz" by Corey Benson, the immortal words of the Kite Oracle, comparisons between different spars and fabrics, assorted scribblings by Andrew Beattie, and integrated links more kite info, more kite pictures, and all the kite stores.

Houssen's Dogs World
Darr Houssen's Dog Obedience School offers a free dog obedience training manual that can is downloaded formatable for either Word/WordPerfect/Write for Windows or just plain text. Very nice when printed. A promotion of a series of Dog Obedience Video tapes called "Training You to Train Your Dog is also included.

The Toaster
This location boasts a new invention that has recently taken the portable heating market by storm. This unit called the Toaster creates 30,000-75,000 BTU of hot air heat that you can feel even standing 20 feet away from it without a visible flame and with as low as 12 volt of DC power or A standard electrical input.

This page is dedicated to MIDI/Music with many help files for the beginner, as well as listing of thousands of midi songs, programs, samples, sounds, etc., for all professional music platforms.

GORP - Great Outdoor Recreation Pages
GORP features descriptions of most of the US National Parks, Forests and Wilderness Areas. GORP also includes information on outdoor activities such as biking, birding, climbing, hiking/backpacking, canoeing/kayaking/rafting, fishing, skiing, etc. Pages for each US state include tourist center contact info and links to other Internet resources containing travel/outdoor information for the state.

This is Northern Nevada's largest Internet Access Provider SLIP/PPP and ISDN Access for Reno, Carson, and North and South Lake Tahoe.

This web page provides information about the Lake Tahoe area.

Texas A&M Poultry Science WWW
The Poultry Science Department offers a HTTP/Gopher server for those interested in Poultry. This covers the usual subjects of Eggs, Chickens, & Turkeys... But incudes information on Ratites (Ostrich & Emu), Poultry Pictures and other great ideas. We also include information on the department, its faculty and its activities. We also serve as the Poultry Science Virtual Library at CERN, giving other sites offering poultry and bird related info.

The most comprehensive international guide to communities around the world. City.Net provides easy and timely access to information on travel, entertainment, and local business, plus government and community services for all regions of the world.

Western Digital Corporation
Visit the company that manufactures the award-winning Caviar hard disk drives, Paradise graphics accelerator cards and an array of integrated circuits that perform and enhance graphics, storage, communications, battery management and logic functions. Get the latest product information and learn about Enhanced IDE, a new technology pioneered by Western Digital designed to enhance the capability and performance of traditional IDE.

VivaTexte for Windows is a new hypertext authoring package to produce multi-media applications for viewing in Windows. Using a simple point and click interface, you can produce professional-looking ads, training packages, catalogs, presentations, etc., even if you're not a programmer or a computer whiz.

Medical Imaging at CRS4
CRS4 is pleased to announce a "Medical Imaging" page with links to the activity of the SciViz group in that field. Several images and MPEG movies are accessible, as well as links to other medical imaging resources on WWW.

You'll have to check this one out for yourself.

The Olympic Peninsula
Here you will find information about the Olympic Peninsula.

Universal Aviation Image Archives
UAIA provides an image archive of 275+ aircraft images of various types. All images are indexed as civil, military, airship, etc. Also included are previews of the images to minimize repeat loading of images.

The Bas van Reek Art Building
In this building you will find a gallery, a museum and a lot more....

Festival is a friendly cooperative of film- and new media-makers whose goal is to experience, document and communicate some of the more idiosyncratic aspects of art and culture in a way that will not supplant conventional media, but will complement it with impressions and experiences that new media forms make possible.

From National Instruments, this contains product descriptions of all National Instruments products, technical support resources, information on developer programs, company information, and content of interest to the test and measurement community.

Gruntal & CO., Inc.
View on-line research reports, weekly financial market information (coming earning announcements, index averages, money rates, and more), learn about individual account executives, request information, plus links to other related areas. Add this one to your bookmarks. Keywords for catalog : Investments, stocks, bonds, brokerage.

The Internet Mall
A central spot for shopping, this free shopping mall features over 750 different shops, ranging from bookstores to fine clothing, automobiles to overseas travel, sculpture to tea.

The Multimedia Newsstand
The Newsstand of the future. The best prices on more than 500 magazines, and videotapes on the Internet. Read selected articles from Esquire and Popular Mechanics. Check out the Featured Magazines. Follow the "Secret Agent X" comic strip, play the Trivia Challenge, or swap baseball cards in our Swap Shop. Start a discussion thread and leave us a comment.

Global Commerce Link
This is a professional network business applications and service company with offices in Boulder, Colorado and Hollywood, California. Our focus is on providing, operating, and managing on-line business communications services that support operational business functions. Specifically sales transaction, marketing and advertising, customer service, and internal and external business communications functions. We put businesses on-line.

Milne Jewelry
Jewelry of the American Southwest - the perfect gift sure to "thrill" even the most discriminating woman on any gift-giving occasion. You will find an exquisite collection of classic earrings or delicate neckwear in traditional Navajo, Zuni and Hopi designs as you browse through our World Wide Web catalog. Each piece is individually created by an unparalleled team of artists and craftspeople from genuine stones and sterling silver. An informative "Guide to Southwest Indian Jewelry" is on-line for your reading enjoyment.

Find A Friend
If you have currently exhausted all current Internet resources to find your friend, try Find A Friend. Find A Friend uses multiple databases to locate an individual. We can conduct maiden name searches, last known address searches, surname searches, and other searches. All searches are confidential and you are not charged if we can not find a match.

The Electric Gallery
In addition to its collections of naive and primitive art, southwestern art, and original works by Peruvian artists of the Usko-Ayar Amazonian School of Painting, The Electric Gallery now has a downloadable catalog, with many great features, including a searchable index, a print function, and a screen saver (for Windows users only). It will also have soon limited edition prints of some of its artists. The gallery is now at its new address - http://www.egallery.com/egallery/ - please note that it has moved to its own domain.

This is an alternative guide to Amsterdam.

Lark In The Morning
You will find lots of interesting interviews with musicians, articles about traditional music, tips on maintaining and playing musical instruments, historical information, Summer Camp, new Lark items and much more.

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